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Encyclopedia results for Data cluster

Data cluster

Encyclopedia results for Data cluster

  1. Data cluster

    logically contiguous. The term cluster was changed to allocation unit in DOS 4.0. However the term cluster is still widely used. ref Mueller, Scott 2002 . Upgrading and repairing PCs , p. 1354. ISBN 0789727455. ref references See also Block data storage External links http hard disk ... File system management bg cs Cluster pevn disk de Cluster Datentr ger es Cl ster sistema de archivos fr Bloc disque dur id Cluster sistem berkas hu Helyfoglal si egys g mk nl Cluster bestandssysteem ja mhr pl Klaster dyskowy pt Unidade de aloca o ...   more details

  1. Cluster

    wiktionary cluster A cluster is a small group or bunch of something. In science Cluster physics , a small group of atoms or molecules Cluster chemistry , an array of bound atoms intermediate in character between a molecule and a solid Cluster sampling , a sampling technique used when natural groupings are evident in a statistical population Cluster analysis , a technique for statistical data analysis Consonant cluster , in linguistics In astrophysics Star cluster , referring to both open and globular clusters Open cluster , a spherical collection of stars that orbits a galaxy in the galactic plane Globular cluster , a spherical collection of stars whose orbit is either partially or completely ..., composed of many galaxy clusters Cluster mission , a European Space Agency mission to study the magnetosphere In biology and health sciences Cancer cluster , in biomedicine, an occurrence of a greater than expected number of cancer cases Cluster headache , a neurological disease that involves an immense degree of pain Cluster of differentiation , protocol used for the identification and investigation of cell surface molecules present on white blood cells. Winter cluster , in beekeeping, a well defined cluster of honey bees in cold temperatures Cluster epidemiology , a grouping of cases of disease Genetic cluster , a group of genes or proteins, or metabolites whose expression or concentration is similar across a range of conditions In computing Cluster computing , a group of loosely coupled computers that work together closely Data cluster , a group of disk sectors used in a File Allocation Table In music Tone cluster , a musical chord comprising at least three consecutive tones in a scale Cluster band , a German rock band Cluster Italian musical group , an a cappella jazz fusion group from Genoa, Italy Cluster album Cluster album , the 1971 eponymous album by the band Cluster Cluster , a track from the album Ben Bu Sarkiyi Sana Yazdim by Cem Adrian Cluster One , the first track ...   more details

  1. NDB Cluster

    Ndb Cluster is the distributed database system underlying MySQL Cluster . It can be used independently of a MySQL Server. From the MySQL Server perspective the Ndb Cluster is a Database engine Storage engine for storing tables of rows. From the Ndb Cluster perspective, a MySQL Server instance is an API process connected to the Cluster. Ndb Cluster can concurrently support access from other types of API processes. All API processes can operate on the same tables and data stored in the Ndb Cluster. Standalone Ndb Cluster Ndb Cluster has the following capabilities independent of any attached MySQL ... with pushed down filters Row locks, transactional updates Synchronous data replication within the cluster, automatic failover recovery Automatic connection failover for API processes Standard SQL datatypes including Blobs etc. Storage of data on disk Asynchronous data change triggers mechanism Data Definition Language DDL operations although independent DDL will not currently be recognised ... Online backup Online upgrade MySQL Cluster Ndb Cluster MySQL Server s MySQL Cluster currently uses the MySQL Server to provide the following capabilities on top of Ndb Cluster SQL parsing optimising ... mechanism User authentication and authorisation Asynchronous data replication to other systems Usage Ndb Cluster is often configured as a MySQL Cluster An Ndb Cluster with attached MySQL Server processes ... Server use the NDBAPI ref name NdbApiDocs http doc ndbapi en index.html The MySQL Cluster API Developer Guide ref C client library to connect to the Ndb Cluster and perform operations. It is currently recommended that at least one MySQL Server is connected to an Ndb Cluster to perform Data Definition Language DDL operations. Limitations Ndb cluster introduces certain limitations ref http doc refman 5.5 en mysql cluster limitations.html Known Limitations of MySQL Cluster ... migration to NDB Cluster need to plan for these limitations Does not support prefix indexes only entire ...   more details

  1. Solaris Cluster

    Solaris Cluster sometimes Sun Cluster or SunCluster is a high availability cluster software product for the Solaris ... on a network, electronic commerce websites , or other applications. Sun Cluster operates by having redundant .... Nodes may be located in the same data center or on different continents. File Sun Microsystems Solaris computer cluster.jpg thumb Sun Microsystems Solaris Cluster Background Solaris Cluster provides services that remain available even when individual nodes or components of the cluster fail. Solaris Cluster provides two types of HA services failover services and scalable services . To eliminate single points of failure, a Solaris Cluster configuration has redundant components, including multiple network connections and data storage which is multiply connected via a storage area network . Clustering software such as Solaris Cluster is a key component in a Business Continuity solution, and the Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition was created specifically to address that requirement. Solaris Cluster ... code to Solaris Cluster via the OpenSolaris HA Clusters community. ref cite web url http news 2007 062707 sun to donate cluster code.html title Sun offers up Solaris clustering ... ref Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition SCGE is a management framework that was introduced in August 2005. It enables two Solaris Cluster installations to be managed as a unit, in conjunction with one or more Data replication products, to provide Disaster Recovery for a computer installation. By ensuring that data updates are continuously replicated to a remote site in near real time, that site can ... Oracle Data Guard and MySQL is planned for early 2009. Proxy file system PxFS Proxy file system is a distributed, high availability , POSIX compliant filesystem internal to Solaris Cluster nodes. Global devices in Sun Cluster are made possible by PxFS. ref cite web url https SC entry ... 2008 07 15 publisher Sun Microsystems date 2008 07 11 ref Supported applications Solaris Cluster ...   more details

  1. MySQL Cluster

    to disk for all data changes as well as check pointing data to disk regularly. This allows the cluster ... to the synchronous data replication within the cluster. When a MySQL Cluster table is maintained ... are also supported. Implementation MySQL Cluster uses three different types of nodes processes Data ... can belong to a single MySQL Cluster with up to 48 of those being data nodes. In the 5.0 release ... Design and Modelling of a Parallel Data Server for Telecom Applications 1997 Original MySQL Cluster ...refimprove date February 2008 Infobox software name MySQL Cluster title logo Image MySQL.svg 180px logo ... br http MySQL Cluster is a technology which provides Shared nothing architecture ... January 2011 MySQL Cluster is implemented through an additional storage engine available within MySQL called Ndb Cluster NDB or Ndb Cluster NDBCLUSTER NDB stands for N etwork D ata b ase . Architecture MySQL Cluster has a few important concepts behind its design, which add both benefits and burdens. Replication MySQL Cluster uses synchronous replication through a two phase commit mechanism in order to guarantee that data is written to multiple nodes upon committing the data. This is in contrast ... is asynchronous . Two copies known as replicas of the data are required to guarantee availability however, the cluster can be configured to store between one and four copies at any single time. Starting ... referred to as MySQL Cluster Replication or geographical replication . See http doc refman 5.1 en mysql cluster replication.html MySQL Cluster Replication . Horizontal data partitioning Data within NDB tables is automatically Partition database partitioned across all of the data ... release, users can define their own partitioning schemes. Hybrid Storage MySQL Cluster allows .... MySQL Cluster maintains all Index database indexed columns in distributed memory. Non indexed ... page cache . Storing non indexed columns on disk allows MySQL Cluster to store datasets ...   more details

  1. Cluster manager

    A Cluster manager usually is a backend GUI or command line software that runs on one or all cluster nodes in some cases it runs on a different server or cluster of management servers. The cluster manager works together with a cluster management agent. These agents run on each node of the cluster to manage and configure services, a set of services, or to manage and configure the complete Cluster computing cluster server itself see super computing . In some cases the cluster manager is mostly used to dispatch work for the cluster or cloud computing cloud to perform. In this last case a subset of the cluster ... to send work and get back work results from a cluster. In other cases the cluster is more related to high ... Some Proprietary solutions http go cmu Insight Cluster Management Utility CMU , from http HP Microsoft Cluster Server Cluster Server , from Microsoft http Bright Cluster Manager.php Bright Cluster Manager , from http ... Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms , from IBM See also Grid network Hypercube Cluster Management ... on Management of data. http cache papers cs 30567 http ... Institutional Grids Springer Journal Cluster Computing Volume 5, Number 3 July, 2002 http ... Cluster Computing, 2003. Proceedings. 2003 IEEE International Conference on http ... Cluster Computing IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing Cluster 00 , 2000. http ... Cluster Management Systems within a Wide Area Network Computing Environment ACM IEEE Supercomputing ... Pubs TechRpts 2010 EECS 2010 87.pdf Mesos A Platform for Fine Grained Resource Sharing in the Data ... Cluster Computing Autonomic Computing, 2006. ICAC 06. IEEE International Conference on. http ... conference on Management of data. http Papers USAN papers 01CHA01.pdf ... site.pdf Job Site Level Fault Tolerance for Cluster and Grid environments IEEE International Conference ...   more details

  1. Cluster assumption

    Orphan date October 2011 Refimprove date November 2011 The cluster assumption is a type of data modeling used in machine learning specifically in Supervised learning and Semi supervised learning . It states that if points are in the same cluster, they are likely to be of the same class. ref O. Chapelle and B. Sch lkopf and A. Zien, Semi Supervised Learning, MIT Press, 2006 ref There may be multiple clusters forming a single class. Introduction The cluster assumption is implicitly assumed in many machine learning algorithms such as the K nearest neighbor algorithm K nearest neighbor classification algorithm and the K means clustering K means clustering algorithm . As the word likely appears in the definition, there is no clear border differentiating whether the assumption does hold or does not hold. In contrast the amount of adherence of data to this assumption can be quantitatively measured. Properties The cluster assumption is equivalent to the Low density separation assumption which states that the decision boundary should lie on a low density region. To prove this, suppose the decision boundary crosses one of the clusters. Then this cluster will contain points from two different classes, therefore it is violated on this cluster. Notes Reflist Category Data modeling ...   more details

  1. Cluster Exploratory

    Orphan date February 2009 Cluster Exploratory CluE is a National Science Foundation funded program that will use Google IBM cluster technology to analyze massive amounts of data to search for patterns. The cluster will consist of 1,600 processors, several terabytes of memory, and hundreds of terabytes of storage, along with the software, including IBM s IBM Tivoli Framework Tivoli and open source versions of Google File System and MapReduce ref http science discoveries magazine 16 07 pb theory The End of Theory The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete by Chris Anderson ref . The time limit deadline for project proposals is July 17, 2008. ref http pubs 2008 nsf08560 nsf08560.htm Program Solicitation NSF 08 560 ref References Reflist Category National Science Foundation sci stub ...   more details

  1. GPU cluster

    Refimprove date December 2006 A GPU cluster is a computer cluster in which each node is equipped with a Graphics Processing Unit GPU . By harnessing the computational power of modern GPUs via General Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units GPGPU , very fast calculations can be performed with a GPU cluster. Hardware GPU The hardware classification of GPU clusters fall into two categories Heterogeneous and Homogeneous. Heterogeneous Hardware from both of the major Independent hardware vendor IHV s can be used ATi and nVidia . Even if different models of the same GPU are used e.g. 8800GT mixed with 8800GTX the gpu cluster is considered heterogeneous. Homogeneous Every single GPU is of the same hardware class, make, and model. i.e. a homogeneous cluster comprising 100 8800GTs, all with the same amount of VRAM Classifying a GPU cluster according to the above semantics largely directs software development on the cluster, as different GPUs have different capabilities that can be utilized ... interconnect is needed in order to shuttle data amongst the nodes. The type of interconnect largely ... of building and delivering a fully configured GPU cluster using the NVIDIA Tesla 20 series ... cluster node. Clustering API such as the Message Passing Interface , MPI . Virtual OpenCL VCL cluster platform http txt vcl.html . Algorithm mapping Mapping an algorithm to run a GPU cluster is somewhat similar to mapping an algorithm to run on a traditional computer cluster . Example ... of the GPU cluster. References and external links cite book author Are Magnus Bruaset, Aslak Tveito ... year 2006 isbn 3 540 29076 1 http resources cluster NCSA s Accelerator Cluster ... http disco cseht cseht.shtml GPU cluster at STFC Daresbury Laboratory http GPU Cores Temperature Monitoring Reflist Category Cluster computing Category Graphics hardware nl GPU cluster ...   more details

  1. Cluster genealogy

    Cluster genealogy is a research technique employed by genealogy genealogists to learn more about an ancestor by examining records left by the ancestor s cluster . A person s cluster consists of the extended family , friendship friend s, neighbourhood neighbor s, and other associates such as business partners. ref Croom, Emily Anne. The Sleuth Book for Genealogists . Cincinnati Betterway Books, 2000. ISBN 1 55870 532 5. See chapter 3, Broadening the Scope Cluster Genealogy. ref Researching the lives of an ancestor s cluster leads to a more complete and more accurate picture of the ancestor s life. Background genealogy Genealogical research begins with a question of identity, relationship, event, or situation. To answer the question, a genealogist gathers and analyzes data from Primary source source documents and formulates an answer to the question based on the resulting evidence . The basic method of research is to gather data from records left by the target ancestor and his or her immediate family. There are several situations, however, where a genealogist wants or needs to use alternate research methods. One such method is cluster genealogy, in which the records left by members of the ancestor s cluster are examined for evidence with which to resolve the question at hand. Purpose Cluster genealogy is most often used for the following reasons. To break through a brick wall . In genealogy, a brick wall is a question for which a genealogist has not been able to formulate a satisfactory answer based on the evidence thus far collected. Using cluster genealogy, additional evidence is sought in data gathered from the records left by persons in the ancestor s cluster. For example ... ancestor s cluster. To develop context for an ancestor s life. The facts of an ancestor s life are often meaningful only in the context of his cluster. For example, the fact that an ancestor was a Catholic ... the use of the cluster genealogy technique. Category Genealogy ...   more details

  1. Lost cluster

    Lost clusters occur when a file is deleted from the directory listing, but the file allocation table FAT still shows the clusters allocated to the file. ref http kb 71609 ref See also http wiki Data cluster References references Category File system management ...   more details

  1. Virgo Cluster

    Galaxy cluster name Virgo Cluster image Image Virgngc.jpg 250 px epoch J2000 ra RA 12 27 ref name ned cite web title NASA IPAC Extragalactic Database work Results for Virgo Cluster url http ... Cluster is a galaxy cluster cluster of galaxies whose center is 1 E22 m 53.8 0.3 light year Mly 16.5 ..., Davi title The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey. XIII. SBF Distance Catalog and the Three dimensional Structure of the Virgo Cluster journal The Astrophysical Journal year 2007 volume 655 issue 1 pages 144 162 ..., ref See http cosmos V Virgo Cluster Virgo Cluster . ref the cluster forms the heart ... that its mass is 1.2 e 15 solar mass M sub sub out to 8 degrees of the cluster s center or a radius ..., T. Balkowski, C. title Structure, mass and distance of the Virgo cluster from a Tolman Bondi model .....770F doi 10.1051 0004 6361 20010833 arxiv astro ph 0106261 ref Many of the brighter galaxies in this cluster ... pointed to me by Mr. M chain. see http messier Mdes dm091.html M91 . ref The cluster ... galaxies of the cluster are visible with a small telescope. The cluster is a fairly heterogeneous mixture of spirals and ellipticals. ref Cite journal unused data first10 Michael J. doi 10.1086 ... Cluster Survey journal The Astrophysical Journal volume 153 issue 1 pages 223 242 origyear year ... , it is believed that the spirals of the cluster are distributed in an oblong prolate spheroid prolate ... distribution of spiral galaxies in the Virgo Cluster from the Tully Fisher relation journal Astrophysical ... The elliptical galaxies are more centrally concentrated than the spiral galaxies. The cluster is an aggregrate ... level5 Binggeli frames.html The Virgo Super Cluster home of M87 with frames ref The large mass of the cluster is indicated by the high peculiar velocity peculiar velocities of many of its galaxies, sometimes as high as 1,600 kilometre km second s with respect to the cluster s center. The Virgo cluster lies within the Virgo Supercluster , and its gravitational effects slow down the nearby galaxies ...   more details

  1. Cluster II

    Cluster II may refer to Cluster II spacecraft , a European Space Agency mission Cluster II album , an album by German electronic music group Cluster disambig ...   more details

  1. Cluster labeling

    orphan date July 2010 Cluster labeling is closely related to the concept of text clustering . This process ... Clustering and Hierarchical Clustering . For example, a cluster of documents that talks about ... by examining the contents of the documents in a cluster. A good label not only summarizes the central concept of a cluster but also uniquely differentiates it from other clusters in the collection. Differential Cluster Labeling Differential cluster labeling labels a cluster by comparing the terms in one cluster with the terms occurring in other clusters. The techniques used for feature ... feature selection , can also be applied to differential cluster labeling. Terms having very low frequency are not the best in representing the whole cluster and can be omitted in labeling a cluster ... cluster labeling ref Manning, Christopher D., Prabhakar Raghavan, and Hinrich Schutze. Introduction to Information Retrieval . Cambridge Cambridge UP, 2008. Cluster Labeling . Stanford ... cluster labeling 1.html . ref . Mutual Information Main Mutual information In the fields of probability ... of X, and p sub 2 sub y is the probability distribution of Y. In the case of cluster labeling, the variable X is associated with membership in a cluster, and the variable Y is associated with the presence ... of a particular cluster, and p C 0 represents the probability that it isn t. Similarly, p T 1 represents ... that a document isn t a member of cluster c and doesn t contain term t p 0, 1 is the probability that a document isn t a member of cluster c and does contain term t and so on. Example The following example calculates the mutual information between the cluster commerce and the term tariff class ... C 1 of documents in the cluster total number of documents 60 200 510,260 260 510,260 P C 0 of documents not in the cluster total number of documents 10,000 500,000 510,260 510,000 510,260 P T 1 of documents ... Therefore, the mutual information between the cluster commerce and the term tariff is 0.000280655 ...   more details

  1. Cluster effect

    Merge to Business cluster discuss Talk Business cluster Proposed merger from Cluster effect date June 2010 The cluster effect is the effect of buyers and sellers of a particular good or service congregating in a certain place and hence inducing other buyers and sellers to relocate there as well. The Silicon Valley case For example in the mid to late 1990s, several successful computer technology related companies emerged in Silicon Valley in California . This led anyone who wished to create a startup company to do so in Silicon Valley. The surge in the number of Silicon Valley startups led to a number of venture capital firms relocating to or expanding their Valley offices. This in turn encouraged more entrepreneurs to locate their startups there. In other words, venture capital ists sellers of finance and dot com startup s buyers of finance clustered in and around a geographical area. The cluster effect in the capital market also led to a cluster effect in the labor market . As an increasing number of companies started up in Silicon Valley, programmers, engineers etc. realized that they would ... to move there. This in turn led to more high tech workers moving there. Generalization The cluster ... in that specific region. The cluster effect is similar to but not the same as the network ... the sum of its causes, and as it occurs spontaneously, the cluster effect is a usually cited example of emergence . Governments and companies often try to use the cluster effect to promote a particular ... the cluster effect in order to convince a number of high tech companies to set up shop there. Similarly, the city of Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas has benefitted through the cluster effect of the gambling industry. The cluster effect does not continue forever though. Its relative influence is also ... different authors citing numerous characteristics of a cluster. Other examples of the cluster effect ... Sector Concentrations of Economic Activity A Comparative Analysis of Welsh Data Conference paper ...   more details

  1. Coma Cluster

    about the cluster of galaxies named the Coma Cluster the star cluster Coma star cluster Galaxy cluster name Coma Cluster image Image Ssc2007 10a1.jpg 290px caption A Sloan Digital Sky Survey Spitzer Space Telescope mosaic of the Coma Cluster in long wavelength infrared red , short wavelength infrared green , and Visible spectrum visible light. The many faint green smudges are dwarf galaxies in the cluster ... Field Guide to X ray Sources work Coma Cluster url http xray sources coma accessdate ... sources coma title Chandra Field Guide to X ray Sources Coma Cluster date 20080221112444 ref ref name nasafocuscoma cite web title NASA Focus on the Coma Cluster url http docs ... from the Intracluster Medium of the Coma Cluster journal Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan ... 2009 month May title A weak lensing study of the Coma cluster journal Astronomy and Astrophysics volume ... Abell 1656 ref name NED The Coma Cluster List of Abell clusters Abell 1656 is a large galaxy cluster cluster of galaxies that contains over 1,000 identified galaxies. ref name chandra ref name nasafocuscoma Along with the Leo Cluster Abell 1367 , it is one of the two major clusters comprising the Coma ... superc com.html ref It is located in and takes its name from the constellation Coma Berenices . The cluster ... of Astronomy and Astrophysics title Coma Cluster url http abstract 0333750888 2600 ..., John S., III title Galaxy aggregates in the Coma cluster journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical ... cgi bin nph iarticle query?1998MNRAS.297L..34C& data type PDF HIGH& whole ... astro ph 9801160 bibcode 1998MNRAS.297L..34C ref The cluster is within a few degrees of the north galactic pole on the sky. Most of the galaxies that inhabit the central portion of the Coma Cluster are ellipticals. Both dwarf and giant ellipticals are found in abundance in the Coma Cluster. ref http articles view 541574 Newswise Hubble s Sweeping View of the Coma Cluster of Galaxies ...   more details

  1. Bullet Cluster

    pages proving the existence of Dark Matter from Bullet cluster data NASA http centers ...Galaxy cluster name Bullet Cluster image Image Bullet cluster.jpg 300px caption X ray photo by Chandra ... for the Hottest Known Cluster of Galaxies journal Astrophysical Journal Letters volume 496 pages ...?objname Bullet Cluster title NED results for object Bullet Cluster publisher NASA Extragalactic ... . ref name Tucker1998 other names 1E 0657 56, 1E 0657 558 The Bullet Cluster 1E 0657 558 consists of two ... Cluster refers to the smaller subcluster, moving away from the larger one. It is at a co moving radial ... Cluster are claimed to provide the best evidence to date for the existence of dark matter ... matter self interaction cross section from the merging galaxy cluster 1E0657 56 issue 2 pages ... of the gravitational lensing results is disputed, see Bullet Cluster Alternative interpretations below . Observations of other galaxy cluster collisions, such as MACS J0025.4 1222 , also show significant ... The major components of the cluster pair star s, gas and the putative dark matter behave differently ..., seen in X ray s, represents most of the mass of the ordinary baryon ic matter in the cluster pair. The gases .... This provides support for the idea that most of the mass in the cluster pair is in the form of collisionless dark matter. The Bullet Cluster is one of the Temperature hottest known galaxy groups ..., which may diverge at temperatures beyond their predicted critical cluster temperature. ref name Tucker1998 Observed from Earth, the subcluster passed through the cluster center 150 Mya unit million years ago creating a bow shaped shock wave located near the right side of the cluster formed as 70 million degree Celsius gas in the sub cluster plowed through 1 E6 K 100 million degree Celsius gas in the main cluster at a speed of about 6 million miles per hour . ref http photo ... ref http edpsciences articles aa abs 2002 18 aah3368 aah3368.html The dynamical status of the cluster ...   more details

  1. Cluster headache

    Infobox disease Image Clusterhead.jpg Caption The Cluster Headache by JD Fletcher DiseasesDB 2850 Name Cluster headache ICD10 ICD10 G 44 0 g 40 ICD9 ICD9 339.00 , ICD9 339.01 , ICD9 339.02 , ICDO OMIM ... Cluster headache is a neurological condition that involves, as its most prominent feature, an immense degree of pain that is almost always on only one side of the head. Cluster headaches occur periodically ... duplicated below under other symptoms , in an easier to read form. Signs and symptoms Cluster headaches ... author Beck E, Sieber WJ, Trejo R title Management of cluster headache journal Am Fam Physician ..., Dodick DW title Diagnosis and treatment of cluster headache journal Semin Neurol volume 26 issue 2 ... exclusively unilateral, there are some documented as cases of side shifting between cluster periods, or, even rarer, simultaneously within the same cluster period bilateral headache. ref Cite journal ... RM, Hagen K title Lateralization in cluster headache a Nordic multicenter study journal J Headache Pain ... url http blog wp content uploads 2009 09 meyer 2009 lateralization in cluster headache ... of the eye. The pain of cluster headaches is markedly greater than in other headache conditions, including ... author Matharu M, Goadsby P title Cluster Headache Update on a Common Neurological Problem journal ... researcher on the condition has commented blockquote Cluster headache is probably the worst pain that humans experience. I know that s quite a strong remark to make, but if you ask a cluster headache patient if they ve had a worse experience, they ll universally say they haven t. Women with cluster ... Horton s 1939 paper on cluster headache blockquote Our patients were disabled by the disorder and suffered .... Proc Staff Meet, Mayo Clinic 1939 14 257 ref blockquote Thus, cluster headaches are also known by the nickname suicide headaches . ref Cite web title Cluster Headaches Can Make Life Unbearable ... 2010 02 05 ref Other symptoms The cardinal symptoms of the cluster headache attack are the severe ...   more details

  1. Computer cluster

    distinguish data cluster File MEGWARE.CLIC.jpg thumb 300px Technicians working on a large Linux cluster at the Chemnitz University of Technology , Germany A computer cluster consists of a set of loosely ... Data sharing File Nec cluster.jpg thumb A NEC Nehalem Nehalem cluster As the early computer clusters ... multi user cluster needs to access very large amounts of data, task scheduling becomes a challenge ... of California, Berkeley Berkley NOW Network of Workstations system gathers cluster data .... The components of a cluster are usually connected to each other through fast local area network ... bader papers ijhpca.html title Cluster Computing Applications publisher Georgia Institute of Technology ... computer . Basic concepts File Beowulf.jpg thumb 150px A simple, home built Beowulf cluster The desire ... layer that sits atop the nodes and allows the users to treat the cluster as by and large one cohesive ..., but with a far more distributed computing distributed nature . ref name nbis A computer cluster ... . A basic approach to building a cluster is that of a Beowulf computing Beowulf cluster ... low cost. ref name extreme Cite news title Cluster Computing Linux Taken to the Extreme ... forrest linux magazine 1999 accessdate October 18, 2011 ref Although a cluster may consist of just a few personal computers connected by a simple network, the cluster architecture may also be used ... computer which has a distributed memory , cluster architecture. ref http sublist TOP500 list To view all clusters on the TOP500 select cluster as architecture from the sublist menu ..., to computation intensive scientific calculations. In either case, the cluster may use a high availability cluster high availability approach. Note that the attributes described below are not exclusive and a compute cluster may also use a high availability approach, etc. File Balanceamento de carga NAT .jpg thumb A load balancing cluster with two servers and 4 user stations Load balancing computing ...   more details

  1. Business cluster

    statistical data on clusters and industry agglomeration include The Cluster Mapping Project for the USA ...No footnotes article date November 2007 A business cluster is a geographic concentration of interconnected ... of strategic management . Concept The term business cluster, also known as an industry cluster , competitive cluster , or Porterian cluster , was introduced and popularized by Michael Porter in The Competitive ... Krugman, P. 1991 . Geography and Trade . MIT Press. 1 142pg. ref Cluster development has since become ... of the companies in the cluster, by driving innovation in the field, and by stimulating new businesses ... Put in another way, a business cluster is a geographical location where enough resources and competences ... Kingdom many perceive there to be four methods by which a cluster can be identified Geographical cluster as stated above Sectoral clusters a cluster of businesses operating together from within ... Science Park , Birmingham Horizontal cluster interconnections between businesses at a sharing of resources level e.g. knowledge management Vertical cluster i.e. a supply chain cluster It is also expected ... clusters in Mexico e.g. Guadalajara and Argentina e.g. Cordoba . Cluster firms typically serve clients in developed countries. Drivers of cluster emergence include availability of low cost labor ... 45, Forthcoming. ref Process The process of identifying, defining, and describing a cluster is not standardized .... All cluster analysis relies on evaluation of local and regional employment patterns, based on industrial ... Cluster Observatory for Europe , managed by the Center for Strategy and Competitiveness at the Stockholm ... of finance clustered in and around a geographical area. The cluster effect in the capital market also led to a cluster effect in the labor market . As an increasing number of companies started up in Silicon ... to more high tech workers moving there. Similar effects have also been found in the Cambridge IT Cluster ... s central business district in the Sangam dong district. With Seoul s rapidly growing cluster ...   more details

  1. Cluster analysis

    distances among the cluster members, dense areas of the data space, intervals or particular statistical ... data set and intended use of the results. Cluster analysis as such is not an automatic task, but an iterative ... data the cluster borders produced by these algorithms will often look arbitrary, because the cluster ... research Cluster analysis is widely used in market research when working with multivariate data from ... resources more effectively. Educational data mining Cluster analysis is for example used to identify ... Data mining Category Data analysis Category Cluster analysis Category Geostatistics Category Machine ...Image Cluster 2.svg thumb The result of a cluster analysis shown as the coloring of the squares into three clusters. Cluster analysis or clustering is the task of assigning a set of objects into groups called clusters so that the objects in the same cluster are more similar in some sense or another to each other than to those in other clusters. Clustering is a main task of explorative data mining , and a common technique for statistics statistical data analysis used in many fields, including machine learning , pattern recognition , image analysis , information retrieval , and bioinformatics . Cluster ... by various algorithms that differ significantly in their notion of what constitutes a cluster ... of the results while in data mining, the resulting groups are the matter of interest, in automatic ... between researchers coming from the fields of data mining and machine learning, since ... of a cluster varies between algorithms and is one of the many decisions to take when choosing the appropriate algorithm for a particular problem. At first the terminology of a cluster seems obvious a group of data objects. However, the clusters found by different algorithms vary significantly in their properties, and understanding these cluster models is key to understanding the differences between the various algorithms. Typical cluster models include Connectivity models for example hierarchical ...   more details

  1. Cancer cluster

    Cancer cluster is a term used by Epidemiology epidemiologists , statistics statisticians , and public health workers to define an occurrence of a greater than expected number of cancer cases within a group of people in a geographic area over a period. ref name CDC http nceh clusters faq.htm Cancer Cluster FAQ . Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Environmental Health, Division of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects. ref Historical examples of work related cancer clusters are well documented in the medical literature. Notable examples include scrotal cancer among chimney sweep s in 18th century London , osteosarcoma among Radium Girls female watch dial painters in the 20th century, skin cancer in farmers, bladder cancer in dye workers exposed to aniline ... of Health. ref Cancer cluster suspicions usually arise when members of the general public report that their family ... cancers. State or local health departments will investigate the possibility of a cancer cluster when ..., health departments conduct a preliminary review. Data will be collected and verified regarding ... history. At this point, a committee of medical professionals will examine the data and determine ... each year. It is possible that a suspected cancer cluster may be due to chance alone however, only clusters ... of these are due to chance alone. A cluster is more likely to be genuine if the case consists of one ... . ref name Thun Examples In 2007 the Associated Press reported a confirmed cancer cluster ... plant long suspected there is a cluster of cancer cases near the Indian River Power Plant. The News ..... ref Citation last Associated first Press title Cancer cluster found near power plant newspaper ... were reported elsewhere. ref http doc 1P2 10934832.html Cancer cluster found near ... http austory content 2007 s1870108.htm Australian Story about a cluster of breast ... de Krebscluster fr Cluster de cancer ...   more details

  1. Brocchi's Cluster

    within the cluster easily viewed in one small location of the sky. Catalogue Data Name Collinder ...Image Collinder 399.jpg frame right Brocchi s Cluster , also known as the Coathanger a conspicuous asterism easily seen with binoculars in the constellation Vulpecula . Collinder 399 Cr ref http messier xtra supp cats.html Cr List of Common Deep Sky Catalogs SEDS ref 399 is a random grouping of stars located in the constellation Vulpecula near the border with Sagitta . Collinder catalog Collinder 399 is known as Al Sufi s Cluster or Brocchi s Cluster . The brighter members of this star cluster form an asterism astronomy asterism also known as the Coathanger . History Before 964, it was first discovered by the Persia n Astronomy astronomer Al Sufi , and described in his Book of Fixed Stars in 964. In the 17th century, it was independently rediscovered by Italian astronomer Giovanni Batista Hodierna Hodierna . In the 1920s, Dalmero Francis Brocchi Brocchi , an amateur astronomer and chart maker for the American Association of Variable Star Observers AAVSO , created a map of this object for use in calibrating photometers. In 1931, Swedish astronomer Per Collinder Collinder listed it in his Collinder catalog catalogue of open clusters . Status The status of this group as a star cluster has changed in recent years. The group was considered to be a cluster for most of the 20th century. Looking at a variety of criteria, however, a study in 1970 concluded that only 6 of the brightest stars formed an actual cluster. Several independent studies since 1998 have now determined that this object is not a true cluster at all, but rather just a chance alignment of stars. These recent ... links http messier xtra ngc brocchi.html Brocchi s Cluster, Collinder 399 SEDS ...& db key AST The Nearby Poor Cluster Collinder 399 . Pub. of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 82 487 , p. 640 652 Skiff, Brian January, 1998 . Brocchi s Cluster Revealed . Sky and Telescope ...   more details

  1. Open cluster

    dablink Galactic cluster redirects here. See also galaxy groups and clusters File NGC265.jpg right thumb NGC 265 , an open star cluster in the Small Magellanic Cloud An open cluster is a star cluster group ... as well as a loss of cluster members through internal close encounters. ref name Karttunen et al 03 ... cluster s of stars exert a stronger gravitational attraction on their members, and can survive ... it to create an H II region . ref name apj62 Over time, radiation pressure from the cluster ... of stellar evolution . Because the cluster members are of similar age and chemical element ... stars. ref name seds A number of open clusters, such as the Pleiades star cluster Pleiades , Hyades star cluster Hyades or the Alpha Persei Cluster are visible with the naked eye. Some others, such as the Double Cluster , are barely perceptible without instruments, while many more can be seen using binoculars or optical telescope telescopes . The Wild Duck Cluster , M11, is an example ... of 30 open clusters discovered from VISTA telescope VISTA s data. The open clusters were hidden by the dust ... ESO . The prominent open cluster Pleiades has been recognized as a group of stars since antiquity ... Ptolemy mentions the Beehive Cluster Praesepe , the Double Cluster in Perseus constellation Perseus , and the Ptolemy Cluster , while the Persian astronomer Al Sufi wrote of the IC 2391 Omicron Velorum cluster . ref name moore rees2011 However, it would require the invention of the telescope ... ref name basu03 Astronomers dubbed the former globular cluster s, and the latter open clusters ... van Maanen was able to measure the proper motion of stars in part of the Pleiades cluster by comparing ..., cluster stars were found to share a common proper motion through space. By comparing the photographic plates of the Pleiades cluster taken in 1918 with images taken in 1943, van Maanen was able to identify those stars that had a proper motion similar to the mean motion of the cluster, and were ...   more details

  1. Globular cluster

    Image A Swarm of Ancient Stars GPN 2000 000930.jpg thumb right 300px The Messier 80 globular cluster ... A globular cluster is a sphere spherical collection of star s that orbits a Galactic Center galactic ... of star cluster is derived from the Latin globulus a small sphere. A globular cluster is sometimes ..., contain considerably more stars and are much older than the less dense open cluster galactic, or open cluster s, which are found in the disk. Globular clusters are fairly common there are about .... I. Cluster Detection and Completeleness journal The Astronomical Journal year 2001 volume 122 issue ... of the M87 globular cluster system journal Astrophysical Journal year 1994 volume 422 issue 2 pages ... of globular clusters. ref cite journal last Harris first William E. title Globular cluster systems ... W. Ferguson, Henry C. title The Colors of Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy Globular Cluster Systems, Nuclei ... class wikitable align right Early Globular Cluster Discoveries Cluster name Discovered by Year style ... The first globular cluster discovered was Messier 22 M22 in 1665 by Abraham Ihle, a German amateur ... aperture of early telescope s, individual stars within a globular cluster were not Angular resolution ... the first to use the name globular cluster as their description. ref name boyd2008 The number of globular ... book author Ashman, Keith M. Zepf, Stephen E. title Globular cluster systems year 1998 volume 30 series ... File NGC 7006 HST .jpg left thumb NGC 7006 is a highly concentrated, Class I globular cluster. Of the globular ... dust in the Milky Way diminished the amount of light from a globular cluster that reached the earth ... cite journal author Piotto, G. coauthors et al. title A Triple Main Sequence in the Globular Cluster ... whether the stars in a globular cluster form in a single generation, or are spawned across multiple ... the same time. ref name chaboyer2001 cite conference author Chaboyer, B. title Globular Cluster Age ... bibcode 2001ASPC..245..162C ref However, the star formation history varies from cluster to cluster ...   more details

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