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Encyclopedia results for DHTML

  1. DOM scripting

    Unreferenced date January 2009 The term DOM scripting refers to programmatically accessing the Document Object Model DOM . In common usage, DOM scripting implies JavaScript . DOM scripting has its roots in Dynamic HTML DHTML , but is more structured. It is the third pillar Clarify date August 2011 in the web standards movement. DHTML vs. DOM scripting Traditional DHTML nowiki nowiki Uses a scripting language and valid markup HTML XHTML XML etc. May be browser specific May require code forking Is web only Was used with non standardized markup DOM scripting nowiki nowiki Uses a scripting language and valid markup HTML XHTML XML etc. Can be used with any programming scripting language Aims to be browser independent, is browser independent among standards compliant browsers Is web only May degrade gracefully External links http WaSP DOM Scripting Task Force DEFAULTSORT Dom Scripting Category Web design Category World Wide Web Consortium standards ...   more details

  1. Dynamic HTML

    Manual date December 2008 Html series Dynamic HTML , or DHTML , is an umbrella term for a collection ... Object Model . ref http Style dynamic ref DHTML allows scripting languages ... and during the viewing process. Thus the dynamic characteristic of DHTML is the way it functions while ... the web server generates content before sending it to the client. Uses DHTML allows authors to add effects to their pages that are otherwise difficult to achieve. For example, DHTML allows the page ... DHTML Citation needed date October 2008 , but differences between browsers made this difficult many ... browsers have been converging towards the web standards , which has made the design of DHTML games ... for Mac OS X and Gadgets for Windows Vista , which are based on DHTML code. The term DHTML has fallen ... well between various web browsers. DHTML may now be referred to as unobtrusive JavaScript coding ... Enhancement allowing similar effects in an accessible, standards compliant way . Basic DHTML support ... among web browsers for the technologies involved made DHTML style techniques difficult to develop ... DHTML is set up in the following way source lang html5 doctype html html lang en head meta charset utf 8 title DHTML example title head body div id navigation div script var init function myObj document.getElementById ... HTML DHTML is a set of innovative features originally introduced in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 ... with it, DHTML enables authors to create visually compelling Web sites without the overhead of server side programs or complicated sets of controls to achieve special effects. With DHTML, you ... process and respond to that data. DHTML achieves these effects by modifying the in memory ... the results. Furthermore, DHTML does not require additional support from applications or embedded controls to make changes. Typically, DHTML documents are self contained, using styles and a script to process .... In short, DHTML eliminates the shortcomings of static pages. You can create innovative Web sites ...   more details

  1. DHTMLEdit

    Orphan date February 2009 DHTMLEdit is an ActiveX for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and later. It allows Web authors and application developers to add WYSIWYG DHTML editing capabilities to their Web sites and applications. The editing component uses Microsoft s Component Object Model COM technology to provide access to editing services such as basic HTML formatting, tables, undo and redo, and absolute positioning. Because of several security issues with this ActiveX, Microsoft decided to discontinue shipping it with Windows Vista . Also Internet Explorer has continued to evolve, incorporating WYSIWYG editing features of its own in Internet Explorer 5.5 and Internet Explorer 6. The control was present in the Beta 1 version of Windows Vista, but is absent in subsequent Windows releases. However, because several programs and websites require this control to function correctly, it is still available as a separate download from Microsoft Download Center. More information can be found http EN US library aa663363.aspx here . References reflist 2 External links http archive en us dnaredcom html cncpt.asp?frame true DHTML Editing Component Overview http download 6 f 9 6f92d5c3 ef1c 496f b066 0698280ed4f1 DhtmlEd.msi DHTML ActiveX for Vista Category Component based software engineering Category Editing software Category Windows software Windows software stub ...   more details

  1. HTML Components

    HTML Components HTCs are a nonstandard mechanism to implement components in script computing script as Dynamic HTML DHTML behaviors ref http en us library ms531018.aspx Introduction to DHTML Behaviors ref in the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser . Such files typically use an .htc filename extension extension . An HTC is typically an HTML file with JScript VBScript and a set of elements that define the component. This helps to organize behavior encapsulated script modules that can be attached to parts of a Webpage DOM . Example source lang xml body ul li style behavior url Foo Foo Foo li ul body source In this example, the li element is given the behavior defined by a file that contains JScript code defining highlight lowlight actions on mouse over . The same can then be given to any element in the HTML page thus encapsulating the behavior defined by this file. References references External links http en us library ms532146.aspx Using HTML Components to Implement DHTML Behaviors in Script http TR NOTE HTMLComponents W3C Note on HTML Components http moz behaviors Using cross browser HTML Components Internet Explorer Category Internet Explorer software type stub ...   more details

  1. JS/UIX

    Orphan date October 2006 att March 2012 JS UIX is a Unix clone by mass werk that runs in a Web browser and is written entirely in Javascript. The terminal is implemented in DHTML , and most of the basic Unix tools are implemented. According to the website, POSIX compatibility is not a priority. External links http jsuix JS UIX Category Unix Category JavaScript operating system stub pl JS UIX ...   more details

  1. IAmaze

    lowercase Infobox Company name iAmaze type Subsidiary of AOL foundation San Francisco, California , United States location San Francisco, California , United States area served Worldwide industry Internet products DHTML platform services Web application creation parent AOL homepage http iAmaze iAmaze is an Internet company that specializes in web application s created in DHTML dynamic HTML . Applications created by the company are designed to run on all browsers and operating systems, without downloads or plug ins. AOL purchased the company on September 5, 2000, and commented that iAmaze will help further strengthen its services by providing Web based applications from this platform with the speed and functionality of traditional client side desktop applications. ref cite web accessdate 2008 04 15 url http dev news article.php 452971 title AOL Acquires iAmaze publisher InterNetNews date 2000 09 05 ref References Reflist tech company stub Category Development software companies ...   more details

  1. Scott Isaacs

    . MSN Hotmail , MSN Spaces , Windows Live, etc., all being built around his DHTML based Gadget Widget ...   more details

  1. Epoch Javascript Calendar

    Orphan date February 2009 Infobox Software name Epoch Javascript Calendar screenshot caption developer MeanFreePath latest release version 2.0.1 latest release date September 18. 2006 operating system cross platform genre DHTML license GNU Lesser General Public License LGPL website http javascript calendar index.html Epoch Javascript Calendar is an open source only 1.0.x versions , GNU Lesser General Public License LGPL calendar component for use in web pages. It is written in JavaScript and compatible with almost all modern browsers. External links http javascript calendar index.html Project homepage Category JavaScript based calendar components ...   more details

  1. Waldemar Rezmer

    Waldemar Rezmer born 1949 is a Polish historian. A professor at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toru , he specializes in the modern military history, particularly Polish, Lithuanian and Soviet. ref name nauk Nauka Polska, Reporty, Ludzie, Waldemar Rezmer, http nauka dhtml raporty ludzieNauki?rtype opis&objectId 33333&lang pl ref References reflist http torun 1,48723,6555466,Litewskie honory dla prof Rezmera z UMK.html Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Rezmer, Waldemar ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1949 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Rezmer, Waldemar Category 1949 births Category Living people Category Polish historians poland historian stub pl Waldemar Rezmer ...   more details

  1. Stefan Zawadzki

    orphan date July 2009 Stefan Zawadzki born 1946 in Jasieniec , Poland is a Polish historian, a researcher of Ancient Near East history. He is a professor ay Adam Mickiewicz University . ref cite web url http nauka dhtml raporty ludzieNauki?rtype opis&objectId 18940&lang pl title Nauka Polska accessdate 5 December 2010 ref He has written a great number of monographs. References reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Zawadzki, Stefan ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Polish historian DATE OF BIRTH 1946 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Zawadzki, Stefan Category Polish historians Category 1946 births Category Living people pl Stefan Zawadzki ...   more details

  1. Laszlo Mail

    Infobox Software name Laszlo Mail logo screenshot Deleted image removed Image Lzmail screenshoot section sm.png caption Laszlo Mail Interface developer Laszlo Systems latest release version 1.3 latest release date Dec, 2006 latest preview version latest preview date operating system Linux , Solaris operating system Solaris , Mac OS X , Microsoft Windows platform genre Webmail license Commercial website http software laszlomail Laszlo Systems Laszlo Mail is a commercial webmail product developed by Laszlo Systems , located in San Mateo, CA. The Laszlo Mail software may be purchased for installation and deployment on a company s webserver, or individuals may sign up for a free account at http . The commercial product was initially introduced in Nov 2004 ref http news pressreleases 93 Laszlo Mail previewed at Fall 2004 ISPCON Conference ref . Laszlo Systems launched http as a free service in Nov 2005 ref http drupal node 114 LaszloMail Free Demo is Now Online Don Hopkins Bot generated title ref , running in parallel to its commercial offering. Laszlo Mail requires a Adobe Flash Flash player compatible with Flash version 8 or later ref cite web title Laszlo Webtop Frequently Asked Questions What are the client side requirements for Mail? url http products webtop faq faq 51 accessdate 2008 11 29 ref . A Dynamic HTML DHTML version of Laszlo Mail is currently under development ref cite web title Laszlo Webtop Frequently Asked Questions Will a DHTML version of Webtop be available. If so, when? url http products webtop faq faq 446 accessdate 2008 11 29 ref . Laszlo Mail is developed using OpenLaszlo . References references External links http software laszlomail Laszlo Mail product overview Category Email clients ...   more details

  1. Windows DNA

    Windows DNA is short for Windows Distributed interNet Applications Architecture , a marketing name for a collection of Microsoft technologies that enable the Microsoft Windows Windows platform and the Internet to work together. Some of the principal technologies comprising DNA include ActiveX , Dynamic HTML DHTML and Component Object Model COM . Windows DNA has been largely superseded by the Microsoft .NET Framework , and Microsoft no longer uses the term. To support web based application Microsoft has tried to add internet features into the operating system using COM. But developing a web based application using COM based Windows DNA is quite complex. The complexity is due to the simple fact that Windows DNA requires the use of numerous technologies and languages. These technologies are completely unrelated from a syntactic point of view. External links http editorial dictionary detail.asp?&searchtype 1&reftype Encyclopedia&DicID 19618 Windows DNA at Smart Computing Encyclopedia microsoft stub Category Windows communication and services ru Windows DNA zh Windows DNA ...   more details

  1. Jan Prins

    Jan Prins was a Dutch newspaper editor and journalist. Prins, born in Zaanstad into a communist family his uncle was Marcus Bakker , began his journalistic career in the early 1960 as an apprentice reporter at De Zaanlander , after which he went on to work for Luitingh Sijthoff Sijthoff in The Hague, and to become editor in chief of the Algemeen Dagblad Rotterdams Dagblad . ref cite news url http tr nl 4324 Nieuws article detail 1245086 2008 03 08 Oud hoofdredacteur Jan Prins overleden.dhtml title Oud hoofdredacteur Jan Prins overleden date 8 March 2008 work Trouw accessdate 13 March 2012 ref ref cite news url http tr nl 4324 Nieuws archief article detail 1635522 2008 03 19 Jan Prins 1944 2008.dhtml title Jan Prins 1944 2008 last Pekelder first Willem date 19 March 2008 work Trouw accessdate 13 March 2012 ref References Reflist Category Dutch journalists Category Dutch newspaper editors Category 2008 deaths ...   more details

  1. Hover ad

    http popup hover ads examples Hover Ad Examples http DHTML ...   more details

  1. J�zef Borzyszkowski

    Notability date October 2011 J zef Borzyszkowski born February 6, 1946, Karsin is a Polish historian ref name nasz Marcin Pacyno, Borowy M yn. Mieszka cy daj zwrotu Piety , 2004 12 21, http wydarzenia 431180.html ref and Kashubians Kashubian activist, who served as chairman of the Kashubian Pomeranian Association from 1986 92. ref name portal Portal Wojedodztwa Pomorskiego Portal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship , http pl edukacja aktualnosci borzyszkowski ref References reflist Sources http nauka dhtml raporty ludzieNauki?rtype opis&objectId 34028&lang pl Nauka Polska http k2 senat Senator Borzyszk.htm Senate of Poland http download GZ.pdf German language website Bibliography Obracht Prondzy ski, C. The Kashubs today culture, language, identity translated by Tomasz Wicherkiewicz .Gda sk Instytut Kaszubski, 2007 ISBN 978 83 89079 78 7 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Borzyszkowski, Jozef ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Kashubian Polish historian, writer, politician and activist DATE OF BIRTH February 6, 1946 PLACE OF BIRTH Karsin, Poland DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Borzyszkowski, Jozef Category 1946 births Category Living people Category People from Ko cierzyna County Category Polish politicians Category Polish historians Category Members of Polish Senate 1991 1993 Poland politician stub pl J zef Borzyszkowski ...   more details

  1. Lech Trzeciakowski

    Image Lech Trzeciakowski.jpg Lech Trzeciakowski thumb right 150px Lech Trzeciakowski born 24 December 1931 in Pozna , Poland is a Polish historian who served as director of the Western Institute Instytut Zachodni in Pozna from 1974 to 1978. ref Instytut Zachodni, http index.php?p historia&lang pl ref Selected publications Lech Trzeciakowski, Kulturkampf w zaborze pruskim , Pozna 1970 Lech Trzeciakowski, Pod pruskim zaborem 1850 1914 , Warszawa 1973 Lech Trzeciakowski, Walka o polsko miast Pozna skiego na prze omie XIX i XX wieku , Pozna 1964 Lech Trzeciakowski, W dziewi tnastowiecznym Poznaniu , Pozna 1987 References reflist Nauka Polska http nauka dhtml raporty ludzieNauki?rtype opis&objectId 31616&lang pl Herder Instytut, Bibliography, http cgi bin litdok?lang pl&t multi x&v 0 PER&q 0 Trzeciakowski 2C Lech Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Trzeciakowski, Lech ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 24 December 1931 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Trzeciakowski, Lech Category 1931 births Category Living people Category Polish historians Category Pozna Poland historian stub pl Lech Trzeciakowski ...   more details

  1. Active Channel

    Deleted image removed Image Active Channels.png thumb Active Channels overview in IE4 Active Channel is a website type which was introduced by Internet Explorer 4 Internet Explorer 4.0 in 1997. It allows synchronizing website content and viewing it offline. It makes use of the Channel Definition Format , which is a way of defining a website s content and structure. Most Active Channels were provided by bigger entertainment companies like The Walt Disney Company Disney , Warner Bros. WB or AOL and also made heavy use of Dynamic HTML DHTML Dynamic HTML . Each country had different channels, so picking a country during the installation of Internet Explorer 4 and therefore Windows 98 was important. Channels could be displayed in a Channel Bar. Active Channel support has been removed from Internet Explorer as of version 7 as it had been superseded by the more popular and standards based RSS format. See also Active Desktop External links http 20050207185019 http workshop delivery channel overview overview.asp MSDN Introduction to Active Channel Technology Internet Explorer Category American websites Category Microsoft websites Category Discontinued Microsoft software Category Windows 98 Category Internet Explorer ko it Active Channel ...   more details

  1. Rialto Toolkit

    Otheruses Rialto disambiguation Rialto Rich Internet Application Toolkit is a cross browser Ajax programming ajax based JavaScript Widget toolkit widgets library . Because it is technology agnostic it can be encapsulated in JavaServer Pages JSP , JavaServer Faces JSF , Python programming language Python , .NET Framework .Net or PHP graphic components. The purpose of Rialto is to ease the access to Rich Internet application development to corporate developers. Ideally a Rialto developer have neither need to write or understand DHTML , Ajax programming Ajax , Document Object Model DOM code or Rich Internet application RIA concepts. Widgets library includes forms, drag & drop, tree, data list with fix header and resizable columns, pop up, splitter and so on. Rialto enables Single Page Application development, and is available under open source Apache License . External links http rialto.improve wiki rialto Rialto , Rich Internet Application Toolkit http rialto.improve rialto Demo ECMAScript Application frameworks Widget toolkits Category JavaScript libraries Category Rich Internet application frameworks ...   more details

  1. Rally Speedway

    Infobox VG title Rally Speedway image Image Rally Speedway.gif 230px Rally Speedway screenshot developer John Anderson publisher Adventure International designer engine released vgrelease NA 1984 EU 1984 genre Racing video game Racing modes Single player , Two player ratings platforms Atari 8 bit family Atari 8 bit , Commodore 64 media requirements input Joystick Rally Speedway known also as John Anderson s Rally Speedway is an early racing game for the Atari 8 bit family . It was originally developed by John Anderson and marketed by Adventure International in 1983. It was later ported to the Commodore 64 , and marketed by Commodore International . The concept for Rally Speedway was inspired by the Mattel Intellivision Auto Racing video game Auto Racing game. Rally Speedway is a graphical enhancement that also allows the user to create and save their own race tracks. See also Micro Machines video games Micro Machines External links moby game id john andersons rally speedway name Rally Speedway http detail soft.php?MENU 8&VERSION ID 4280 Rally Speedway at Atarimania http computer c64 data 579691.html Rally Speedway at GameFAQs http rally speedway.tin DHTML Rally Speedway at tin Category 1984 video games Category Atari 8 bit family games Category Commodore 64 games Category Racing video games racing videogame stub ...   more details

  1. WebWM

    Unreferenced date September 2009 software infobox name WebWM screenshot caption Web Window Manager collapsible yes name developer status Active latest release version latest release date genre JavaScript library license BSD license website http WebWM Web Window Manager is a web window manager API in PHP , which helps developers to create and manage dynamic windows inside their web applications. The whole window framework uses JavaScript making it light and versatile DHTML . In that way web applications can turn into a modern graphical environment, in which users are presented with a series of windows which have web processes running in them. This means that they can be running many different things at the same time and have the output displayed simultaneously to the screen. Managing these windows is the role of the window manager. It has to keep track of which window the user is currently interested in, allow the user to change windows and create or destroy windows. It also controls the way the windows look, their shape and control features. Having these WEB windows inside the same browser window, gives the possibility of discarding the use of popup s . License BSD license Authors http Jorge Torres Maldonado http Jorge Eduardo Cardona See also Windowing system External links http WebWM http projects webwm WebWM Sourceforge DEFAULTSORT Webwm Category Windowing systems Category PHP programming language es WebWM ...   more details

  1. Flinders Island (South Australia)

    Flinders Island is an island in the Investigator Group off the coast of South Australia . It was named by Matthew Flinders after his younger brother Samuel Flinders, a midshipman on HMS Investigator 1798 HMS Investigator in 1801. ref gutenberg no 7304 name The Life of Captain Matthew Flinders author Ernest Scott ref It is part of the Investigator Group Important Bird Area . ref name bli BirdLife International. 2011 . Important Bird Areas factsheet Investigator Islands. Downloaded from http on 12 07 2011. ref The island has been subject to diamond exploration following the discovery of a wide range of kimberlite indicator minerals there. ref Cooper, S.A., 2004. New diamond field discovered in SA. MESA Journal 24, 6 9. http dhtml ss section.php?sectID 972 Primary Industries & Resources South Australia publication. ref These minerals include chromite, pyrope, diopside, picroilmenite, forsterite, orthopyroxene, as well as small diamonds. References reflist Eyre Peninsula coord 33 43 S 134 29 E display title Category Important Bird Areas of South Australia Category Eyre Peninsula Category Islands of South Australia SouthAustralia geo stub fr Flinders Island Investigator zh classical ...   more details

  1. Full Sunken Breaks

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Full Sunken Breaks Type studio Longtype Artist Kid Spatula Cover Released April 17, 2000 Recorded Genre Electronica Length Label Planet Mu Producer Reviews Allmusic Rating 4 5 Allmusic class album id r485570 pure url yes link Playlouder http dhtml content 10958 full sunken breaks link Last album Spatula Freak br 1995 This album Full Sunken Breaks br 2000 Next album Meast br 2004 Full Sunken Breaks is an album by Mike Paradinas released in 2000 under his moniker Kid Spatula. Track listing Dirtwah 3 57 Come on Board 3 02 Nordy 3 36 Hard Love 5 42 New School Bikes 4 50 Epic Blusta 2 28 Otdok 1 38 XXX 2 43 Dancing Demons 3 18 Milk Bottle Tops 4 16 Another Fresh Style 2 27 Manfright 1 01 Beaver 3 43 Snorkmaiden 3 21 Jar Jar Binx 4 20 Qisope 2 29 Not The Fear 4 33 Kid Spatulet 4 56 Hill Street Blues 1 31 Full Sunken Breaks 5 03 2000s electronic album stub Category Mike Paradinas albums Category 2000 albums Category Planet Mu albums ...   more details

  1. Cabin Fever Media

    Infobox Company company name Cabin Fever Media company logo company type private company genre foundation 1999 founder Niklas Sundin location city location country location Sweden origins key people Niklas Sundin Entrepreneur founder and artist area served worldwide industry graphic design br web design products album artwork and design, br t shirt design, br logo design, br web design, br photography services revenue operating income net income num employees parent divisions subsid owner company slogan homepage http dissolved footnotes Cabin Fever Media is a design studio founded in 1999 by the Dark Tranquillity guitarist , Niklas Sundin . Cabin Fever Media specializes in graphic design of album artwork, however, Cabin Fever Media also does various other commissioned work that involves illustration and design such as t shirt design, logo creation, image editing and retouching, typesetting , photography , web design HTML and DHTML , Adobe Flash Flash , and multimedia presentations. Cabin Fever Media has designed artwork for many notable bands, including Arch Enemy , In Flames , Nightrage , and Sentenced . Also, ever since its creation, Cabin Fever Media has designed all the artwork for Niklas Sundin s own band Dark Tranquillity . External links http Cabin Fever Media official website Category Companies established in 1999 Category Companies of Sweden ...   more details

  1. Jorge Cervantes

    cannabis magazines. ref cite web url http dhtml books 5.php title marijuana ..., and Livestream. References Reflist External links http dhtml home.php http dhtml media articles en 2.php ...   more details

  1. Communaut� de communes du Petit Caux

    French communate nom Communaut de communes du Petit Caux images r g Haute Normandie Image Blason region fr Normandie.svg 20px d pt Seine Maritime           Image Blason76.svg 20px cr ation 24 ao t 1982 nbcomm 18 si ge Saint Martin en Campagne pr s Daniel Joffroy pop datepop superf hectares dens budget siteweb http petit dhtml home.php?id 354 imagesfin The Communaut de communes du Petit Caux was created on August 24, 1982 and is located in the Seine Maritime departments of France d partement of the Haute Normandie region of northern France . Participants The Communaut de communes comprises the following 18 communes Assigny, Seine Maritime Assigny Auquemesnil Belleville sur Mer Berneval le Grand Biville sur Mer Bracquemont Brunville Derchigny Glicourt Gouchaupre Greny Guilm court Intraville Penly Saint Martin en Campagne Saint Quentin au Bosc Tocqueville sur Eu Tourville la Chapelle See also Communes of the Seine Maritime department Notes This article is based on the fr Communaut de communes du Petit Caux equivalent article from the French Wikipedia , consulted on October 16, 2008. coord missing France Category Commune communities in France Petit Caux SeineMaritime geo stub de Communaut de communes du Petit Caux fr Communaut de communes du Petit Caux ...   more details

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