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Contempt of Congress
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Encyclopedia results for Contempt of Congress

Contempt of Congress

Encyclopedia results for Contempt of Congress

  1. Contempt of Congress

    Contempt of Congress is the act of obstructing the work of the United States United States Congress Congress ... contempt of Congress. In modern times, contempt of Congress has generally applied to the refusal ... In the late 1790s, contempt of Congress was considered an implied power of the legislature . Early Congresses issued contempt citations against numerous individuals for a variety of actions. Some early instances of contempt of Congress included citations against Robert Randal , for an attempt to bribe ... case.html ref which held that Congress power to hold someone in contempt was essential to ensure that Congress ... of a senator or representative was considered contempt of Congress has long since been abandoned in favor of criminal statutes. In 1857, Congress enacted a law which made contempt of Congress a criminal ... the matter to a grand jury for action. The criminal offense of contempt of Congress sets the penalty ... e.g. Congress, in the case of statutory contempt says it is and the Executive Branch cannot either ... to Congress prior to full Committee consideration of the contempt citation. James G. Watt Republican ... Seeger Dalton Trumbo External links http sgp crs misc RL34097.pdf Congress s Contempt ... Contempt of Congress, University of Chicago Law Review, vol. 76, pp.  1083 1156 2009 . Michael A. Zuckerman ... Contempt Of Congress Category Legislative branch of the United States government Category United ... not need to involve legislation and does not need to specify the ultimate intent of Congress and third ... is entitled to report a resolution of contempt to its parent chamber. A Committee may also cite a person for contempt but not immediately report the resolution to the floor. In the case of subcommittees, they report the resolution of contempt to the full Committee, which then has the option ... is considered privileged and, if the resolution of contempt is passed, the chamber has several options to enforce its mandate. Inherent contempt Under this process, the procedure for holding a person ...   more details

  1. Contempt

    Contempt is a secondary emotion not among the original six emotions and is a mix of the primary emotions .... Contemptuous appeared in 1529. ref Contempt. n.d. . Online Etymology Dictionary . Retrieved April 20, 2008, from website http browse contempt ref Robert C. Solomon places contempt on the same continuum as resentment and anger , and he argues that the differences ... toward an equal status individual and contempt is directed toward a lower status individual. ref ... in ten different cultures, both Western and non Western, agreed signaled contempt. In this study .... Their ability to classify some facial expressions as contempt versus the primary emotions of anger, disgust, happiness, sadness, fear, or surprise showed that across cultures, generall contempt is universally ... of Contempt Expression A Replication. Motivation and Emotion, 12, 303 308. ref An expression ... more strongly on one side than the other signaled contempt. This study showed that contempt, as well as the outward expression of contempt, can be pointed out across Western and Non Western peoples .... Findings on contempt are less clear, though there is at least some preliminary evidence that this emotion .... ref Defining Features of Contempt Contempt has five features. ref Bell, M. 2005 . A Woman s Scorn Toward a Feminist Defense of Contempt as a Moral Emotion. Hypatia , 20.4, 80 93. ref Contempt requires a judgment concerning the appearance or standing of the object of contempt. In particular, contempt ... may cause the contemptuous to classify the object of contempt as utterly worthless, or as not fully meeting a particular interpersonal standard. Therefore, contempt is a response to a perceived failure to meet an interpersonal standard. Contempt is also a particular way of regarding or attending to the object of contempt, and this form of regard has an unpleasant effective element. However, contempt may be experienced as a highly visceral emotion similar to disgust, or as cool disregard. Contempt ...   more details

  1. Contempt (disambiguation)

    wiktionary contempt contemptible Contempt is an intense feeling or attitude of regarding someone or something as inferior, base, or worthless. Contempt or contemptible may also refer to Contempt album Contempt album , a 1999 EBM album by Assemblage 23 Contempt film Contempt film , a 1963 drama film Contempt of Congress , the act of obstructing the work of the United States Congress or one of its committees Contempt of court , a court ruling Contempt of Parliament , the crime of obstructing the parliament in the carrying out of its functions The Old Contemptibles , the British Expeditionary Force in World War I disambiguation fr M pris pl Pogarda ...   more details

  1. Contempt of court

    . ref Near v. Minnesota , 283 U.S. 697 1931 ref See also Portal Law Contempt of Congress Contempt ...pp move indef Refimprove date September 2010 Contempt of court is a court order which, in the context ... or been disrespectful of the court s authority. Often referred to simply as contempt, such as a person held in contempt, it is the judge s strongest power to impose sanctions law sanctions for acts which disrupt the court s normal process. A finding of contempt of court may result from a failure ... may impose sanctions such as a Fine penalty fine or jail for someone found guilty of contempt of court. Judges in common law systems usually have more extensive power to declare someone in contempt ... directly. A person found in contempt of court is called a contemnor. To prove contempt, the prosecutor or complainant must prove the four elements of contempt Existence of a lawful order The potential ... contemnor s failure to comply In use today Contempt of court is essentially seen as a form of disturbance ... upon any person committing contempt of court. The person is usually let out upon his agreement to fulfill the wishes of the court. ref Hill, G. 2008 . Contempt of Court. Retrieved April 12, 2008 from ... 0&submit1.y 0&submit1 Look up ref Civil contempt can involve acts of omission. The judge will make use of warnings in most situations that may lead to a person being charged with contempt. It is relatively rare that a person is charged for contempt without first receiving at least one warning from the judge. ref Hill, G. 2008 . Contempt of Court. Retrieved April 12, 2008 from , ... Look up ref Constructive contempt, also called consequential contempt is when a person fails to fulfill ... contempt is considered to be in the realm of civil contempt because of its passive nature. Indirect contempt is something that is associated with civil and constructive contempt and involves a failure to follow court orders. Criminal contempt includes anything that could be called a disturbance ...   more details

  1. Contempt of Parliament

    imprisonment for a term of years. See also Contempt of Congress , United States Contempt of court References ...In some countries, contempt of parliament is the offence of obstructing the legislature in the carrying ... . Actions that may constitute contempt of parliament include Deliberately misleading a house .... In some jurisdictions, a house of parliament may declare any act to constitute contempt, and this is not subject to judicial review. In others, contempt of parliament is defined by statute while parliament makes the initial decision of whether to punish for contempt, the person or organisation in contempt may appeal to the court s. Some jurisdictions consider contempt of parliament to be a criminal offence. ref http contempt of parl.html Contempt of Parliament, by Kieron Wood ... Act 1987 defines contempt of Parliament as follows Conduct including the use of words ... which amounts ... s duties as a member. Contempt decisions by the Australian House of Representatives House of Representatives ..., or for corporations a fine of 25,000. In the Senate, allegations of contempt are heard by the Privileges Committee, which decides whether or not contempt was committed, and if so, what punishment ... was in contempt, and on no occasions has anyone been punished beyond a warning, with an apology ... to find a person in contempt of Parliament stemmed from Section 18 of the Constitution Act ... in Canada Parliamentary privilege in Canada . Contempt citation cases for individuals Rarely has the Parliament of Canada Canadian federal parliament invoked its power to find an individual in contempt There were contempt citation cases in 1913, ref name rare cite web url http topics news story.html?id 42920e1a 7f36 4dbc 902b 8b6cf9ae96bb title Examples of rare contempt of Parliament ... commissioner Barbara George deputy commissioner Barbara George who was cited for contempt for deliberately ... trust file income trust scandal . She was ultimately found in contempt but was not punished further ...   more details

  1. Contempt (album)

    Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Contempt Type Album Artist Assemblage 23 Cover Contempt album cover.jpg Released 1999 Recorded Genre Industrial music br Electro music br Electronic Body Music Length 61 26 Language English language English Label Gash Producer Reviews This album Contempt br 1999 Next album Failure Assemblage 23 album Failure br 2001 Contempt is the first album by Assemblage 23 . In 1998, the Canadian label, Gashed Records signed Assemblage 23 and released their first album, Contempt in 1999. Shortly after it was re released by Metropolis Records. Track listing Anthem 5 53 Surface 5 04 Coward 5 49 Bi Polar 5 57 Pages 4 45 Purgatory 5 48 Sun 4 26 Skyquake 6 29 Never Forgive 4 28 7 Days 3 12 Coward Melting Mix by Pain Station 7 12 Skyquake Voice of God Mix by Manhole Vortex Protocol X 6 17 The Drowning Season DSO2K Mix by Ed Vargo of THD 6 06 Assemblage 23 DEFAULTSORT Contempt Album Category Assemblage 23 albums Category 1999 albums 1990s electronic album stub ...   more details

  1. Contempt of the sovereign

    Contempt of the Sovereign also called contempt of statute was an ancient doctrine in English law dating from medieval times, and now obsolete. It referred to the notion that if somebody disobeyed an Act of Parliament , but the Act did not say what the penalty was or how the Act was to be enforced, then that person was guilty of a criminal offence under common law although the crime itself was not called contempt . This doctrine was based on the idea that an Act of Parliament was an expression of the Sovereign s will, enacted with the advice and consent of Parliament. In modern legislation and jurisprudence it has become the rule that contravening a statute is not a crime unless the statute expressly says so in clear terms, and so the doctrine has long since lapsed. However the law does still exist, and the last time it was used was in 1840. ref Halsbury s Laws of England , 5th edition, volume 25, paragraph 362 ref Contempt of the Sovereign is not to be confused with l se majest . References reflist Archbold Criminal Pleading, Evidence and Practice 2010 1 6 Category English law ...   more details

  1. Times of Contempt

    refimprove date February 2011 Infobox Book See Wikipedia WikiProject Novels or Wikipedia WikiProject Books name Times of Contempt title orig Czas pogardy translator image image caption author Andrzej Sapkowski illustrator cover artist country Poland language Polish language Polish series genre Fantasy publisher superNOWA pub date 1995 english pub date 2012 media type Print Hardcover Hardback & Paperback pages isbn oclc preceded by Blood of Elves Krew elf w Blood of Elves followed by Baptism of Fire novel Chrzest ognia Baptism of Fire Times of Contempt Polish language Polish original title Czas pogardy , early title was translated less literally as Time of Anger is the second novel in the Witcher Saga written by Poland Polish fiction fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski , first published in Poland in 1995 English translation to be published in April 2012 . It is a sequel to the first Witcher novel Blood of Elves Krew elf w and is followed by Baptism of Fire novel Baptism of Fire Chrzest ognia . Plot summary A coup in the Mages Guild ends with the Guild being weakened, and Geralt being badly wounded. Ciri is teleported to a remote desert in Nilfgaard dominion. The war between Nilfgaard and the Northern Kingdoms begins, resulting in a series of quick and stunning victories for Nilfgaard. Within weeks, Aedirn, Rivia and Lyria all fall to Nilfgaard, the Redanian king Visimir is killed, which removes Redania from the battlefield and Temeria and Kaedwen agree to an armistice with Nilfgaard. Translations It was published in Czech Leonardo, 1996 , Russian AST, 1997 , Spanish Bibliopolis, 2004 , Lithuanian Eridanas, 2006 , in Bulgarian InfoDar, 2009 German dtv, 2009 . English UK translation was delayed several times initially planned for 2009, as of March 2012 lists December 2012 for hardcover edition Gollancz, ISBN 0575084952 . External links http wiki Czas pogardy Times of Contempt on Witcher Wiki Witcher series DEFAULTSORT Times Of Contempt Categ ...   more details

  1. Contempt of cop

    Contempt of cop is law enforcement agency law enforcement jargon in the United States for behavior by citizens ...&pg PA51 51 ref Arrests for contempt of cop may stem from a type of occupational arrogance when ... Police Review Team date 1999 07 02 accessdate 2009 07 27 ref From such officers perspective, contempt ... considered a variant of contempt of cop . ref Walker, http books?id pjdeQTU7th0C&pg PA153 153 . ref Contempt of cop situations may be exacerbated if other officers witness the allegedly ... police civilian etiquette, that s contempt of cop. You disrespect the police officer, the officer ... , resisting arrest , and assault ing an officer may be cited as official reasons for a contempt of cop ... in contempt of cop arrests in some jurisdictions, particularly as a stand alone charge without any ... first Bonnie last Rochman work TIME date 2009 07 26 accessdate 2009 07 26 quote   In contempt ... of criminal justice at John Jay who specializes in police policy and practice. With contempt ... title Blacks are arrested on contempt of cop charge at higher rate first1 Eric last1 Nalder ... General also found a significant number of contempt of cop cases while investigating racial profiling ... the public was a nationwide problem. ref name NJ Contempt of cop is a form of interactional discrimination ... pU h7wulivMC&pg PA136 136 . ref Terminology Contempt of cop has been in use since the 1960s. ref name ... is derived by analogy from the word cop , which is slang for police officer , and the phrase contempt of court , which unlike contempt of cop , is an offense in many jurisdictions see, e.g., California Penal Code section 166, making contempt of court a misdemeanor . Similar to this is the phrase ... refer to contempt of cop as the worst possible crime. ref See, e.g., Jeffrey Goldberg reviewing ... police officer, that contempt of cop , as it is called, is the worst crime of all Coady et al. at http ... for failing the attitude test and committing the worst crime of all contempt of cop or Barbara ...   more details

  1. Contempt (film)

    Infobox Film name Contempt image 1963 Le mepris 1.jpg image size caption original film poster director Jean Luc Godard producer Carlo Ponti br Georges de Beauregard br Joseph E. Levine writer Alberto Moravia novel br Jean Luc Godard starring Brigitte Bardot br Michel Piccoli br Jack Palance br Giorgia Moll br Fritz Lang music Georges Delerue br French and US release br Piero Piccioni br Italian release cinematography Raoul Coutard editing Agn s Guillemot br Lila Lakshmanan distributor Embassy Pictures US released October 29, 1963 Italy br 20 December 1963 France br October 1964 US ltd br 18 December US wide runtime 103 minutes language French, English, German, Italian budget 900,000 est. Contempt lang fr Le M pris links no is a 1963 film directed by Jean Luc Godard , based on the Italian novel Il disprezzo 1954 by Alberto Moravia . It stars Brigitte Bardot . Plot American film producer Jeremy Prokosch Jack Palance hires respected Austrian director Fritz Lang playing himself to direct a film adaptation of Homer Homer s Odyssey . Dissatisfied with Lang s treatment of the material as an art film , Prokosch hires Paul Javal Michel Piccoli , a novelist and playwright, to rework the script ... about the making of the film, Le Parti Des Choses . Contempt was filmed in and occurs entirely in Italy ... Contempt the greatest work of art produced in postwar Europe. ref Phillip Lopate http ... York Times 22 June 1997 ref Antoine de Gaudemar made a 1 hour documentary in 2009 about Contempt , Il tait une fois... Le M pris A Film and its Era Contempt ref IMDb title 1386634 Il tait une fois ... Lang et Jean Luc Godard ref Notes reflist External links IMDb title id 0057345 title Contempt Amg movie 10869 Contempt http asp release.asp?id 171&eid 260§ion essay Criterion Collection ... about the filming of Contempt at Web of Stories http 2008 03 09 movies 09raff.html? r 1&scp 1&sq contempt 2B rafferty&st nyt&oref slogin Rafferty on 40th anniversary http ...   more details

  1. Contempt toward officials

    Contempt towards officials is addressed in the Punitive articles, specifically Article 88 of the U.S. Uniform Code of Military Justice in the Manual for Courts Martial MCM , United States 2008 Edition as follows cquote Any commissioned officer who uses contempt uous words against the President of the United States President , the Vice President of the United States Vice President , United States Congress Congress , the United States Secretary of Defense Secretary of Defense , the Secretary of a military department, the United States Secretary of Transportation Secretary of Transportation , or the Governor United States Governor or legislature of any State United States State , Territories of the United States Territory , Commonwealth United States insular area Commonwealth , or possession in which he is on duty or present shall be punished as a court martial may direct. cquote Elements That the accused was a commissioned officer of the United States armed forces That the accused used certain words against an official or legislature named in the article That by an act of the accused these words came to the knowledge of a person other than the accused and That the words used were contemptuous, either in themselves or by virtue of the circumstances under which they were used. br Note If the words were against a Governor or legislature, add the following element That the accused was then present in the State, Territory, Commonwealth, or possession of the Governor or legislature concerned. Explanation The official or legislature against whom the words are used must be occupying one of the offices or be one of the legislatures named in Article 88 at the time of the offense. Neither Congress nor legislature includes its members individually. Governor does not include lieutenant governor. It is immaterial whether the words are used against the official in an official or private capacity. If not personally contemptuous, adverse criticism of one of the officials or legislatures ...   more details

  1. Congress

    Dablink This article is about the forum. For other uses, see Congress disambiguation . For systems of government similar to the U.S. federal government, see presidential system . A font color 33ccff congress ... congress Dictionary Definition ref The term was chosen for the United States Congress to emphasize the status of each state represented there as a self governing unit. Subsequent to the use of congress ... nation states in the Americas , to refer to their legislatures. Political congress Congresses of nations The following congresses were formal meetings of representatives of different nations The Congress of Berlin 1878 The Congress of Gniezno 1000 The Congress of Panama , an 1826 meeting organized by Simon Bolivar . The Congress of Tucum n 1816 The Congress of Vienna 1815 The Congress of the Council of Europe . Congresses within nations Countries with Congresses and presidential system s The Congress .... The Congress of Honduras Spanish Congreso nacional is the legislative branch of the government of Honduras . The Congress of Mexico lang es Congreso de la Uni n is the legislative branch of Mexico Mexican government. The Congress of Paraguay is the bicameral legislature of Paraguay . The National Congress of Albania Peoples Congress of Albania is the legislature of Albania . The National Congress of Kosovo is the legislature of Kosovo . The Argentine National Congress Congress of the Argentine ... . The Congress of the Dominican Republic is the bicameral legislature of the Dominican Republic . The Palau National Congress Palauan language Palauan Olbiil era Kelulau is the bicameral legislative branch of the Republic of Palau . The Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia is the unicameral legislature of the Federated States of Micronesia . The Congress of the Philippines Filipino language .... The Congress of Peru Congress of the Republic of Peru Spanish Congreso de la Rep blica is the unicameral legislature of Peru . The United States Congress Congress of the United States is the bicameral ...   more details

  1. Congress (A)

    Congress A was a political party founded by A. K. Antony when he split from the Indian National Congress Urs a splinter group of the Indian National Congress . The party was primarily active in Kerala . The party merged with the Congress I in 1982. External links 1. http knowkerala political.htm See also List of Indian National Congress breakaway parties India party stub Category Defunct political parties in Kerala Category Article Feedback 5 ...   more details

  1. World Congress

    World Congress may refer to Bah World Congress Ukrainian World Congress World Congress of Cardiology World Congress of Esperanto World Congress of Ethnic Religions World Congress of Families World Congress of Intellectuals for Peace World Congress of Philosophy World Islamic Congress World Jewish Congress World Universities Congress 2010 World Uyghur Congress See also Congress de Weltkongress Disambig ...   more details

  1. National Congress

    National Congress is a term used by various political parties and legislatures. Parties Ethiopia Oromo National Congress India Indian National Congress Guyana People s National Congress Papua New Guinea People s National Congress Party South Africa African National Congress Sudan National Congress Sudan National Congress Iraq Iraqi National Congress Legislatures National Congress of American Indians Argentine National Congress National Congress of Argentina National Congress of Belgium National Congress of Bolivia National Congress of Brazil National Congress of Chile National Congress of Ecuador National Congress of Guatemala National Congress of Honduras National Congress of Paraguay National Congress of Vietnamese Americans National Congress of Vietnamese Americans NCVA National People s Congress of the People s Republic of China Party Congress National Congress of the Communist Party of China disambig Category Political party disambiguation pages bg es Congreso Nacional fr Congr s national ko lt Nacionalinis Kongresas nl Nationaal Congres ja pl Kongres Narodowy ...   more details

  1. Citizens' Congress

    Citizens Congress can either refer to Citizens Congress of the Republic of Latvia Congress of Estonia disambig ...   more details

  1. Congress (disambiguation)

    Wiktionary Congress congress Congress may refer to Congress , a formal meeting of representatives from different countries, states, or organizations, notably United States Congress , the national legislature of the United States Indian National Congress , commonly known as Congress, one of the two major political parties in India Congress Poland , created in 1815 by the Congress of Vienna, a personal union of the Russian parcel of Poland with the Russian Empire The Congress film The Congress film , a 1989 documentary film directed by Ken Burns Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas Congress , an instrumental track on Casualties of Retail , the 2005 album by Enter the Haggis See also SS Congress SS Congress , a List of shipwrecks in 1909 ship wrecked in 1909 off St Ives, Cornwall USS Congress USS Congress , various ships of the US Navy Category National legislatures , various national bodies, some of which are named Congress disambiguation ca Congr s desambiguaci de Kongress fr Congr s it Congress nl Congres no Kongress pl Congress ru fi Kongressi sv Kongress uk vo Congress ...   more details

  1. Congress Theatre

    Congress Theatre may refer to Congress Theatre Torfaen Congress Theatre Eastbourne Congress Theater , Chicago Disambig Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

  1. Congress of the Republic

    National legislatures that formally style themselves Congress of the Republic Congress of Colombia Congreso de la Rep blica Congress of Guatemala Congreso de la Rep blica Congress of Peru Congreso de la Rep blica See also Congress disambig ...   more details

  1. President of Congress

    President of Congress may refer to Colombia President of the Congress of Colombia India President of the All India Congress Committee Spain President of the Congress of Deputies United States President of the Continental Congress See also Speaker politics List of legislatures by country disambig ...   more details

  1. Congress Party

    Congress Party may refer to Botswana Congress Party , a political party in Botswana Congress Party Barbados Congress Party , a minor defunct political party in Barbados Congress Party for the Independence of Madagascar , a communist political party in Madagascar Indian National Congress , a major political party in India disambiguation fi Kongressipuolue ...   more details

  1. 10th Congress

    10th Congress may refer to 10th Congress of the Philippines 10th Congress of the Russian Communist Party Bolsheviks , held during March 8 16, 1921 in Moscow 10th United States Congress , 1807 1809 Tenth National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam disambiguation DEFAULTSORT 10 th congress ...   more details

  1. 18th Congress

    18th Congress may refer to 18th United States Congress , which sat from 1823 to 1825 18th Congress of the All Union Communist Party Bolsheviks , held in 1939 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China , to be held in 2012 disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Congress Park

    Congress Park could refer to Canfield Casino and Congress Park , in Saratoga Springs, New York Congress Park, Denver , a neighborhood in Denver, Colorado Congress Park Metra , a train station in Brookfield, Illinois a park in Gothenburg, Sweden disambig ...   more details

  1. Hague Congress

    There have been two events called as the Hague Congress Hague Congress 1948 Hague Congress 1872 disambig cs Haagsk kongres it Congresso dell Aia ...   more details

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