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Encyclopedia results for Computers

  1. Computers for Africa

    disambig Computers for Africa may refer to Computer technology for developing areas Computers for African Schools Plockton High School Computers for Africa Plockton High School Computers for Africa Tesco Corporate social responsibility ...   more details

  1. Computers for Schools

    disambig Computers for Schools may refer to Computer technology for developing areas Computers for African Schools UK Plockton High School Computers for Africa Tesco Corporate social responsibility ...   more details

  1. Lists of computers

    List of computers may refer to List of home computers List of home computers by category List of home computers by video hardware List of early microcomputers List of transistorized computers List of vacuum tube computers List of fictional computers List of VAX computers List of fastest computers Regional List of computer systems from Croatia List of computer systems from Serbia List of computer systems from Slovenia List of computer systems from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia List of Soviet computer systems See also Lists of microcomputers Category Computing lists Category Lists of lists computers ...   more details

  1. Classes of computers

    . Some common classifications are summarized below. For others see Category Classes of computers . Classes by Size Microcomputers Personal computers Microcomputer s are the most common type of computers ... is now practically an anachronism . These computers include Desktop computers A case and a display, put under and on a desk. In car computers carputer s Built into a car, for In car entertainment entertainment , Automotive navigation system navigation , etc. Game console s Fixed computers specialized ... computers and Palmtop computers Portable and all in one case. Varying sizes, but other than smartbooks expected to be full computers without limitations. Tablet computer Like laptops, but with a touch ... s personal digital assistants Small handheld computers with limited hardware. Programmable calculator ... as game consoles, but small and portable. Minicomputers Midrange computers A minicomputer colloquially ... microcomputer s or personal computers . The contemporary term for this class of system is midrange ... , IBM and Hewlett Packard . Mainframe computers Unsourced image removed File JABIL.jpg thumb .... These computers are capable of handling and processing very large amounts of data quickly. Mainframe computers are used in large institutions such as government, banks and large corporations ... powerful computers such as server computers or mainframes. Classes by function Servers computer ... are actually personal computers that have been dedicated to providing services for other computers. Workstations Workstation s are computers that are intended to serve one user and may contain special ... vendors dropped support for these machines, as personal computers reached the processing capabilities of Mini computers and Workstations. Also, with the release of Windows NT and Linux, the operating systems of personal computers could do the job of this class of machines. Very few machines today are made in this class. Information appliances Information appliance s are computers specially designed ...   more details

  1. Computers in Education

    Multiple issues unreferenced October 2010 orphan February 2009 notability November 2011 Italic title This article is about the academic journal. For use of computers in education, see Electronic learning . Computers in Education is an academic journal which publishes articles relevant to analog, hybrid, and digital computation in education . It is published by the Northeast Consortium for Engineering Education on behalf of the Computers in Education Division of the American Society for Engineering Education . journal stub Category Education journals ...   more details

  1. Imtel Computers

    Imtel Computers is a Belgrade Serbia based computer company. The history of Imtel Computers dates back to 1973 when a division of Institute of Physics in Belgrade became a separate company named Institute of Applied Physics short IPF . Later in 1990, when the activities moved to the field of elecronics, the company changed its name to Institute of Microwave Technology and ELectronics short IMTEL . In 1994 Imtel split into two companies Imtel Computers and Imtel Microwaves. Today, Imtel Computers is a corporation having 50 employees located in its own office building of approximately 1,500 square meters in the center of New Belgrade Novi Beograd . Its main business is Import and wholesale of computer components Manufacturing, sales and service of personal computers and computer equipment Sales, design, installation and maintenance of computer networks and systems Computer communications and electronic business systems. Military tehnologies External links http i2.php?p en Imtel Computers http www.imtel eng indexe.htm Imtel Microwaves Category Computer companies of Serbia Category Companies established in 1973 ...   more details

  1. Tiny Computers

    Infobox company name Tiny Computers logo File tiny logo.gif type Private foundation 1990 defunct 2002 brand used until 2005 locations 150 UK slogan Think big about your PC think Tiny parent OT Computers 1990 2002 br Granville Technology Group 2002 2005 homepage now defunct Tiny Computers Ltd. was a United Kingdom British computer company based in Redhill Business Park in Salfords , Redhill, Surrey Redhill in Surrey , England . The company used the advertising slogan Think big about your PC think Tiny . During the late 1990s they were a highly successful firm having units throughout the major retail stores of the UK as well as launching in the USA and the Far East, but their profits eventually began to fall and in 2002 they went into Administration law administration and were subsequently purchased by rival Granville Technology Group TIME . External links http 1 hi business 4719833.stm BBC NEWS Business Tiny PCs goes into administration http 1 hi business 1791873.stm Tiny Computers swallowed up http podcast tiny computers the tiny computer brand t10014240 CNET Detailed company and product discussion Dead link date June 2011 Category Defunct companies of the United Kingdom Category Computer companies of the United Kingdom Category Companies based in Surrey ict company stub ca Tiny Computers ...   more details

  1. Mesh Computers

    Infobox company name MESH Computers logo Image Mesh Computers.png 140px MESH Logo type Private location city Staples Corner, London location country United Kingdom key people Mehdi Sherafati , founder industry Computer hardware products Desktop computer Desktops br Media centre s br Laptops revenue 33,000,000 United States dollar USD 2008 num employees 147 homepage http Advert date February 2012 MESH Computers is a computer Company law company based in London , England , owned by Mehdi Sherafati. As well as being a PC manufacturer, the company also sells a number of peripherals and components through their website. During its first 20 years of business, MESH Computers could only be purchased direct from the manufacturer however, after 2006, MESH began to expand its operations, selling through major retailers like Comet Group Comet . ref http personal computer world news 2167958 comet sell mesh computers Comet to sell MESH Computers ref MESH Computers has recently When date March 2011 opened up a number of new routes to market, including resellers in the UK like eBuyer. ref http search?page 1&q mesh&mfr 1243 eBuyer ref Most recently, MESH has started to expand its product offerings, including products like the MESH Cute, which offers HD hub features in a variety of colours for the living room. ref http ... systems. In the summer of 2010, MESH Computers was voted PC Manufacturer of the Year by both Computer ... misc systems mesh computers 1 1542296 Doo Yoo Administration On 1 June, 2011 it was announced that MESH Computers had gone into administration and that key assets had been bought by components firm PC Peripherals. ref cite web title Mesh Computers in administration url http news 367738 mesh computers in administration accessdate 1 June 2011 ref . References reflist External links http Mesh Computers Category Computer companies of the United ...   more details

  1. Individual Computers

    Individual Computers is a Germany German computer hardware company specializing in retrocomputing accessories for the Commodore 64 , Commodore Amiga Amiga , and IBM PC compatible PC platforms. Individual Computers produced the C One reconfigurable computing reconfigurable computer in 2003. The company is owned and run by Jens Sch nfeld . Individual Computers Ltd is also a separate company in the United Kingdom . Products CatWeasel Universal format floppy disk drive controller card Retro Replay Improved version of the C64 Action Replay cartridge Clone A Amiga in FPGA http website coming soon? See the http files TA25 JensIviewExtract.pdf PDF extract of http issue25.html Total Amiga Magazine issue 25 MMC64 MultiMediaCard MMC and Secure Digital card SD Card reader cartridge MMC Replay MMC64 and Retro Replay combined in one cartridge, with some improvements Micromys An adapter that allows connecting PS 2 compatible mice including wheel support to C64 and Amiga joystick ports and all other computers that share the same pin configuration . Amiga clock port compatible addons for MMC64, Retro Replay and MMC Replay RR Net A C64 compatible Network Interface. Comes in 2 shapes, the old long RR Net fits Retro Replay and MMC64 though partly blocking the latter s passthrough expansionport , the new L shaped RR Net2 fits MMC64 and MMC Replay and was built with MMC Replay in mind. Silver Surfer Highspeed RS232 Interface for the C64. Fits onto Retro Replay, MMC64 Replay compatibility unknown. mp3 c64 hardware mp3 decoding from SD card. Made for MMC64, Retro Replay and MMC Replay compatibility unnkown. Keyrah An interface that allows the connection of Commodore keyboards to USB capable computers C One reconfigurable computer External links http Individual Computers official website http Individual Computers Ltd tech company stub compu hardware stub Category Home computer hardware companies Category ...   more details

  1. Computers In Personnel

    Orphan date February 2009 Unreferenced date November 2008 Infobox Company company name Computers In Personnel Ltd company logo Image Computers in personnel.jpg 160px foundation Marlow, Buckinghamshire Marlow , England , UK 1982 location Marlow, Buckinghamshire Marlow , England , UK key people Peter Watsham, Chairman br Chris Berry, Managing Director industry Software num employees 70 homepage http Computers In Personnel CIP is a real estate developers developer , distributor and supporter of human resources management software and wikt service service s, supplying over 700 businesses from a variety of sectors internationally. Founded in 1982 and with head offices in Marlow, Buckinghamshire Marlow , United Kingdom, CIP develops a range of software in house and in partnership with other software providers. CIP has regional training centres throughout the UK. History Computers In Personnel was founded by Peter Watsham in 1982 in Marlow, to develop computer based human resources software and providing consultancy in the use of personal computers in personnel departments. Computers In Personnel was one of the first software suppliers in the UK to make their entire sales cycle more environmentally friendly, through the use of technology such as WebEx. WebEx allows Computers In Personnel to undertake sales demonstrations and product implementations via desktop sharing and control, removing the requirement for site to site travelling. http articles 2008 01 15 43956 computers in personnel takes green approach to software sales and support.html Products Computers In Personnel s products are designed for an organisation s human resources , personnel , training and recruitment departments. Initially, the first products were DOS based systems, designed for each client. However, soon a mass market solution ... Computers In Personnel Ltd Software Homepage Category Companies established ...   more details

  1. Producers with Computers

    cite web url http title Producers With Computers Home publisher ... with Computers disbanded and continued as dubstep act WhoAmI . ref cite web author UK url http producerswithcomputers title Producers With Computers & 124 Gratis muziek, tourneedata, foto ... of The Best of Producers with Computers , a compilation of favourite songs, as a parting gift. Discography Mixtapes Volume 1 ABC Compilations The Best of Producers with Computers 2009 Singles Girlies ...   more details

  1. Computers and writing

    Computers and Writing is the name of a sub field of college English studies whose members are dedicated to the academic study of how personal computer computers , as well as other, related digital technologies, affect literacy and the writing process. The range of inquiry in this field is quite broad and can include studies as diverse as works of videogame theory to a quantitative study of first year college students using Microsoft Word . Some frequently addressed topics include hypertext theory, visual rhetoric , multimedia authoring, distance learning , digital rhetoric or eRhetoric , usability studies, the formation and lifecycles of online communities, and how various media change reading and writing practices, textual conventions, and genres. Other topics examine social or critical issues in computer technology and literacy, such as the issues of the digital divide , equitable access to computer writing resources, and critical technological literacies. The field, which in the United ... are Computers & Composition , http cconline home.htm Computers & Composition Online ... and Communication has a committee, known as the 7Cs committee CCCC Committee on Computers in Composition and Communication , that selects onsite and online hosts for the Computers & Writing conference and coordinates the Technology Innovator Award presented at that annual conference. Computers and writing ... to the production and consumption of digital, multimodal, and new media texts. Computers and writing pedagogy also considers students previous knowledge of computers and technological skills as an asset. The majority of computers and writing scholars seem to agree that engaging students in the production ... moment, but how best to do this is somewhat controversial. Computers and writing pedagogies must ... by these teachers and scholars continues to be relatively traditional. While a computers and writing ... an achievable goal. In the pedagogical paradigm shift that computers and composition ...   more details

  1. Computers and Blues

    Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Computers and Blues Type studio Artist The Streets Cover Computers and Blues Cover.jpg Released 7 February 2011 UK Recorded 2009 2010 Genre UK garage ... Mike Skinner Producer Mike Skinner Last album Cyberspace and Reds br 2011 This album Computers and Blues br 2011 Next album Misc Singles Name Computers and Blues Type studio Single 1 Going Through ... ref cite web url http music computers blues title Computers & Blues Reviews, Ratings ... rev1Score Rating 4 5 ref cite web last O Brien first Jon url http album computers and blues r2127667 title Computers and Blues The Streets publisher AllMusic date 2011 02 07 accessdate ... music 2011 feb 03 streets computers and blues review Review ref rev4 Consequence of Sound rev4Score ... computers and blues title Album Review The Streets Computers and Blues Consequence of Sound publisher ... Rating 4 5 ref http culture music rockandpopreviews 8304147 The Streets Computers ... computers and blues.php title The Streets Computers And Blues Album Review Reviews Music publisher ... music reviews album the streets computers and blues 679 2203484.html Review ref rev10 musicOMH ... Computers And Blues & 124 album reviews publisher musicOMH date accessdate 2012 02 10 ref ... the streets computers and blues,51831 title The Streets Computers And Blues & 124 Music & 124 Music ... 5.7 10.0 ref cite web url http reviews albums 15099 computers and blues title The Streets Computers and Blues & 124 Album Reviews publisher Pitchfork date 2011 02 28 accessdate 2012 ... the streets computers and blues title The Streets Computers And Blues & 124 Clash Music Latest Album ... Rating 7 10 ref http pm review 136854 the streets computers and blues Review ref Computers and Blues is the fifth album by The Streets and the final one Mike Skinner plans to release ... Maguire length14 3 08 Chart performance On 10 February 2011, Computers and Blues debuted at number ...   more details

  1. Computers and Structures

    Infobox company company name Computers and Structures, Inc. company logo Image Fair use image of CSI circular logo.PNG 200px foundation Berkeley, California , U.S. 1975 br small headquarters small br key people Ashraf Habibullah, Structural Engineer S.E. br small Founder , President , and CEO small br industry Structural Engineering br Earthquake Engineering br Software products SAP2000 br CSiBridge br ETABS br SAFE br PERFORM 3D br CSiCOL homepage http Computers and Structures, Inc. CSI is a structural engineering structural and earthquake engineering earthquake engineering software company founded in 1975 ref cite web url http title Computers and Structures, Inc. official website author Computers and Structures, Inc. year 2011 work Official website summary publisher Computers and Structures, Inc. accessdate December 4, 2011 ref and based in Berkeley, California . Additional office locations include New York City New York , Houston , Madrid , New Delhi , and the Caribbean . ref Google maps url http maps?q computers and structures inc. office locations&hl en&sll 36.879621,169.453125&sspn 155.459218,316.054688&vpsrc 0&hq computers and structures inc. office&t m&z 2 title Computers and Structures, Inc. office locations accessdate December 5, 2011 ref The structural structural analysis analysis and structural design design software CSI produce include SAP2000, CSiBridge, ETABS, SAFE, PERFORM 3D, and CSiCOL. One of Computer and Structure, Inc. s software, ETABS, was used to create the mathematical model of the Burj Khalifa , currently the world s tallest building, designed by Chicago, Illinois based Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP SOM . ref name baker Citation last Baker, S.E. first William F. last2 Pawlikowski, S.E. first2 James J. year 2009 title Design and construction of the world s tallest building .... ref name baker References Reflist External links http Computers and Structures ...   more details

  1. MDG Computers

    Infobox company company name MDG Computers Canada Inc. company logo File MDG logo.png 200px MDG Logo company type Private company Private company slogan The Best Selling Canadian PC Brand foundation Oakville, ON 1991 location Oakville, ON , Canada key people Goran Varaklic , CEO products Desktop computer Desktops br Laptops br LCD TV homepage http MDG Computers Canada Inc. is a Canadian owned manufacturer, distributor and retailer of personal computers PCs , notebooks and related products and accessories. The company was founded in 1991 with a single location, and now has 18 franchised locations across Canada , with headquarters located in Oakville, Ontario . History Citations broken date November 2011 MDG was founded in 1991 in Oakville, Ontario and grew to be the largest domestic PC company in Canada. Citation needed date October 2007 They are particularly known for television advertisements for MDG Direct, a division that provides financing towards purchase of select desktops, laptops and televisions. They have launched large scale campaigns with Canadian Tire Financial Services , American Express , ref http amex MDG AMEX Promotion ref Visa International Visa , ref http visaperks MDG VISA Perks ref Blockbuster Inc. Blockbuster Canada ... http TD MDG TD Visa Campaign ref MDG Computers launched an online retail store called MDG ... unreferenced section date November 2011 MDG is a manufacturer of desktop and laptop computers running ... strategy of using name brand parts for all major components of their computers. The goal was to differentiate ... desktops, laptops and LCD HDTVs to Canadian customers MDG also sells desktop computers on the NMSO ..., including their factory. On average MDG s computers cost more than most other brands. Mass retail In 2009 MDG Computers has begun to sell netbooks through mass retailers and online retailers including ... London Drugs nowrap MDG Computers nowrap The Source retailer The Source DEFAULTSORT Mdg Computers Category ...   more details

  1. GEC Computers

    File GEC Computers logo.png right File GEC4000computerRoom.png thumb 400px GEC 4000 series computers, GEC Computers Dunstable Development Centre, 1979 1991 GEC Computers Limited was the computer manufacturing ... to International Computers Limited ICT ICL and non computing products to English Electric ... retained the real time computing systems, the Elliott 900 series computers, and set about designing ... in industrial and military applications, and development of many new computers in the series continued ... 900 series for existing 900 series customers. GEC Computers also found that some of the software .... In the mid 1970s, GEC Computers was working on OS4000 , a more advanced operating system for the GEC 4000 series. This opened up the GEC 4000 series computers to more customers, including many ... in applications which GEC Computers developed further and sold, in addition to the sales of the computers .... ref cite web url http geccl 4000series Queens Award.pdf title GEC Computers ... systems around the UK by now meant that GEC Computers had built up a widespread field service organisation ... when required to provide this type of service, and GEC Computers started taking on 3rd party field service support for many other companies, including some which competed with GEC Computers own products. GEC Computers field service operations is still identifiable in 2009 in Telent . Throughout the 1980s, GEC Computers expanded from its Borehamwood offices into 3 large purpose built factory units ... Computers extensive presence in UK academic and research organisations, and the UK field service organisation, led Sun Microsystems to choose GEC Computers to be its presence in the UK for the UK launch of its Sun 2 product range in the early 1980s, which GEC Computers sold under the name of GEC Series 42. GEC Computers developed some reduced cost workstations called the GEC Series 21 based on Atari ST Atari 520ST and 1040ST systems with replaced PROM operating system code. GEC Computers was not particularly ...   more details

  1. Computers and Cognition

    Infobox Book name Computers and Cognition Why Minds are Not Machines title orig translator image Image Fetzer Computer and Cognition.jpg right thumb image caption author James H. Fetzer illustrator cover artist country United States language English language English series subject Psychology genre publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers release date 2001 in literature 2001 english release date media type Print pages isbn preceded by followed by notability date March 2009 Orphan date February 2009 Computers and Cognition Why Minds are Not Machines is a scholar ly book, authored by James H. Fetzer ref http jfetzer computerscience.html Computer Science Bot generated title ref . References References psych book stub Category Cognition ...   more details

  1. Sakhr Computers

    Multiple issues orphan September 2010 unreferenced May 2009 notability May 2009 File Yamaha msx ax120 1.jpg thumb right 200px This is a Sakhr made in Kuwait, it was used in Egypt and the Persian Gulf States. It s a copy of the Yamaha AX120. Citation needed date November 2009 Sakhr Computers , developed by Kuwaiti company, AlAlamiah produced an Arabic language version of MSX computers in the 1980s. Their products included the MSX2, MSX2 and the Yamaha AX100 models, the latter known as Sakhr MSX AX170. The company was also the first to convert the BASIC computer language to Arabic. External links Sakhr Official website http default.aspx Category MSX Microcompu stub AfroAsiatic lang stub ...   more details

  1. Zepto Computers

    Notability companies date October 2008 Infobox Company company name Zepto Computers A S company logo Image Zeptologo.png 200px Zepto Logo company type Public company Public foundation Denmark 2002 location city Hedehusene location country Denmark location industry Electronics products Notebooks and TV s slogan Moving People homepage http Zepto Computers A S was a Denmark Danish computer company founded in 2002. They specialized in customizable laptop s and TVs, rebadging and branding notebook computer barebone computer barebones of Original equipment manufacturer OEMs Original Design Manufacturer ODMs like Compal Electronics Compal for sale. Zepto operated in Denmark and Sweden , and throughout the rest of Europe and in Australia via their partners. In Europe, they were one of the few companies where Microsoft Windows was optional and a naked computer could consequently be bought at a reduced price, a practice popular among users of Linux and other alternative operating systems . Zepto s main business was selling highly customisable laptops. The customer would select a series of laptop, and then select which specific parts, like CPU , Random access memory RAM and Hard disk drive HDD they wanted to have and Zepto would integrate it for them. Their machines were designed with this in mind for example, the single chassis common to all models in the A15 series could accommodate a large range of combinations of CPU, graphics card, RAM, wireless, TV tuner ... traded on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange as Zepto Computers A S. On 17 November 2009 Zepto Computer was declared ... Default.aspx?informationid 84 About Zepto Computers. External links http Zepto ... Computers A S on Copenhagen Stock exchange. Category Companies established in 2002 Category Companies ... Category Electronics companies of Denmark Tech company stub Denmark company stub da Zepto Computers sv Zepto Computers ...   more details

  1. Pravetz computers

    Pravetz series 8 and series 16 were Bulgarian people Bulgarian computers, manufactured mainly in the town of Pravetz but also components and software were produced in Stara Zagora , Plovdiv and other. History First Bulgarian personal computer IMKO 1 , protopype of Pravetz computers was developed by Ivan Vassilev Marangozov , ref bg icon ,, 54889, 9 2007 ref often accused of cloning Apple II family Apple II . Few first models were produced in ITKR pronounced i t k r Institute of technical cybernetics and robotics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences BAS and later started industrial production. ref bg icon http about pravetz.html The history... Factology surrounding Bulgarian microcomputers ref Pravetz computers were of major importance in Comecon . Model line 8 bit architecture IMKO 1 First Bulgarian personal computer. Has a Intel 8080A 2  MHz CPU, and 16 4 Kb RAM ROM. The storage media is a cassette recorder. Pravetz 82 IMKO 2 82 is model year. BASIC interpreter, RAM ROM 48 12 Kb CPU Synertek 6502 1  MHz. The storage is improved due to one or optional two 5.25 floppy disk drive s . Pravetz 8 Integrated second CPU Zilog Z80 Z80A at 4  MHz can work with CP M . The military version features integrated terminal design. Pravetz 8E Industrial model based on the original Pravetz 82 architecture plus some memory extensions Pravetz 8 Uses Bulgarian made chipset 630, memory could be expanded up to 1 Mb, accessible in 64Kb windows. Tangerine Computer Systems Clones Pravetz 8D 8 bit home computer ... from the Tangerine Computer Systems Oric home computers and compatible with their software Pravetz ... computers Bulgarian computers References reflist External links http Website about Pravetz computers Category Science and technology in Bulgaria Category Economy of Bulgaria Category Personal computers Category Home computers Category Apple II clones bg it Pravetz ...   more details

  1. Tulip Computers

    Infobox Company company name Tulip Computers NV up to 2008 , Nedfield NV 2008 2009 company type Public company company logo slogan foundation 1979 location city Amersfoort location country Netherlands industry Computers products Computers , Information and communication technologies ICT revenue profit 215 million 2006 net income profit Euro 6.7 1000000 number million 2006 operating income profit 8.6 million 2006 num employees key people Mark Elbertse , CEO br Franz Hetzenauer , Founder br Rob Romein , Founder parent subsid homepage http foot notes History Tulip Computers NV ref http trader companyprofile companyprofilev2 18661 EN NL0006327322.html?selectedMep 2 Euronext ref was a Netherlands Dutch computer manufacturer that manufactured PC clone s. It was founded in 1979 as Compudata , as an importer of American microcomputers . Compudata was the distributor for Europe for the Exidy Sorcerer , a Zilog Z80 based home computer. When Exidy gave up on the Sorcerer in 1979, Compudata licensed the design and manufactured them locally for several years. In 1983 it launched its own personal computer PC , the Tulip PC. To achieve 100 compatibility it simply copied the IBM PC, including the BIOS. IBM sued, and after years of litigation Tulip and IBM settled out of court for an undisclosed amount in 1989. It was listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange in 1984. In 1987 Compudata changed its name to Tulip Computers. Tulip made headlines among Commodore International Commodore computer enthusiasts when it acquired the Commodore brand name in September 1997, and made headlines again in 2003 and 2004 when it tried to grab a share of the games and entertainment markets with Commodore branded products. After supposedly making some headway in the market, it sold the Commodore name to Yeahronimo Media Ventures for 22 million. ref http 2004 ... of the Netherlands es Tulip Computers nl Tulip Computers pt Tulip Computers ...   more details

  1. Torch Computers

    Torch Computers Ltd was a computer hardware company formed in 1982 in Great Shelford , near Cambridge , UK and became well known for its computer peripheral s for the BBC Micro . Torch produced several BBC Micro expansion units Second processors second processor units for the BBC Micro with integrated floppy disk or hard disk drives, including the Z80 Disc Pack ZDP , Graduate and Unicorn , with Z80 , Intel 8088 8088 and 68000 processors respectively. The ZDP ran the CPN operating system , a clone of CP M , the Graduate, MS DOS 2.11 and the Unicorn UNIX . Torch also sold the Communicator , a system based on the BBC Micro with a Z80 second processor and integral modem , intended as a viewdata terminal. Torch later developed the Torch Triple X Triple X workstation , based on the Motorola 68010 processor running Uniplus Unix System V . Launched in 1986, a number of these were sold but never reached critical mass, and the Triple X was overshadowed in the market by other vendors such as Sun Microsystems . Torch later developed an upgraded system, the Quad X, based around the 68020 , but few were sold. In 1989 Torch were developing a further enhancement, codenamed Quad Y, based on the 68030 , but ran out of money and went into receivership. In 1990, parts of the company were sold to various buyers, including Unipalm and Control Universal Ltd. In 1991, Control Universal also went into receivership, and its Torch assets were bought by Worldmark Computers Ltd, which then started to trade under the name Torch Computers, changing its name to Torch Computers Ltd. in 1999. Some Quad X boards obtained by Worldmark were sold but the company concentrated on PC technology and began to specialise in small Small form factor form factor computers. The main emphasis is now on enclosure products and large LCD displays for digital signage and art installations. The Torch 300 series featured in the episode ... Torch Computers website cite web url http Companies.html Torch title Chris ...   more details

  1. Harvard Computers

    computer computers , Pickering published in 1890 the first Henry Draper Catalog , a catalog with more ... gmarcy cswa history pick.html The Harvard Computers http harvard computers.htm The Woman Astronomer The Harvard Computers http departments PHAS ... reflist Category Women astronomers Harvard Computers Category American astronomers Category Harvard Computers Category Harvard University staff ...   more details

  1. Computers in the classroom

    computer labs which different classes share for studying and research. Computers in the classroom ... curriculum. As computers have become more accessible, inexpensive, and powerful, the demand for this technology ... the initial development of computers. The earliest known large scale study of educational ... concluded that 13 of the nation s public high schools used computers for instruction, although non users still outnumbered users at a ratio of 2 to 1. The study also concluded that computers proved to be very ... Apple 1 model computers to schools, and mainframes began to lose their former dominance over .... In 1977, it was estimated that over 90 of students at Dartmouth College had used computers at some ... computer manufacturers they were willing to support, with grade schools generally using Apple computers ... issue, leaving many teachers unable to provide enough computers for students to use. ref name Johnstone2003 ... whiteboard at CeBIT 2007.jpg 300px left thumb The interactive whiteboard is an example of computers ... computers in other colleges as well. ref name Johnstone2003 In 1996, Bill Clinton made over 2 billion ... Fund , a program which challenged schools to make computers available to every student, connected ... to Multimedia computer multimedia computers decreased from 21 students per machine to less than ... computers with audio and video equipment designed to capture detailed recordings of lectures ... school would be provided with a personal laptop. ref name Brownjinkins2010 Computers have significantly ... learners communicate, have impacted the ways that classroom computers are utilized. Currently, teachers ... computers due to their positive effects upon students. These online journals are primarily used to support ... and criticize their words. By using classroom computers for such means, students become increasingly ... accessed on classroom computers due to their positive impacts. The collaborative environment that wikis ... are also commonly accessed on classroom computers. These downloadable, portable files allow listeners ...   more details

  1. Military computers

    This article specifically addresses US armed forces military computers and their use. MIL standards and specifications The Armed Forces have many numerical designations for computers or other equipment, to guide the military buyer s choice of appropriate technology for their application. For instance, Mil S 901D ref http www.chassis PDF MIL S 901D.pdf MIL Std 901D ref would indicate that the computer passed shock and vibration requirements of specific tests for Navy installation. Some of these tests are specific to application usage, such as barge explosion testing, which simulates a torpedo hit and subsequent high peak shock to a ship on which the computer is installed. 901D is divided into Grade A for Items which are essential to the safety and continued combat capability of the ship and Grade B for items whose operation is not essential to the safety and combat capability of the ship but which could become a hazard to personnel, to Grade A items, of the ship as a whole as a result of exposure to shock . In this way, a computer may have a rating of MIL Std 901D Grade A, which would tell a buyer which shock tests the computer survived, what level of shock resistance the unit has, and that this piece of equipment will continue to normally operate in the event of a specific shock level. Other MIL Standards and MIL Specs Specifications include testing for resistance to EMI ... type There are many types of small computers used in the military. Recently there has been ... more complex computers in rugged situations. Embedded computers are being integrated into more applications. These computers are generally fixed function computers that are robust and bring additional ... since the turn of the century, and more portable computers are being placed into warfighter s hands .... Some thin clients and portable computers employ these recent advances. Future computer use in the military ... technology Category Military computers ...   more details

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