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Card server

Encyclopedia results for Card server

  1. Card server

    mergeto Card sharing discuss Talk Card Sharing Merger proposal date February 2010 Card server is software which acts as a key host for card clients. Card server usually has one or more smartcard readers and ethernet interface. Card server emulates conditional access module CAM for accessing smartcard and offers virtual common interface to the clients. Operation principle When the user switches on an encrypted channel, the receiver uses Common Interface common interface to read the decryption key from smartcard. In this case, the common interface is being emulated by client software which contacts the server requesting a valid key for the selected channel. If the card server has the ability to decode the selected channel, it responds with a valid key to client. The client then becomes able to decode encrypted video transmissions realtime with valid key acquired from the card. Intended use A card server is often used to allow multiple cable receivers to share a single card. Some hardware based card server client modules have built in wireless connection, which allows them to be used on receivers which lack network interface. On such devices, the client module usually connects into the CI slot. What date June 2009 Controversy Cable companies forbid using card servers and clients since it allows untraceable Pirate decryption . Card serving doesn t tamper with the actual card, as card cloning did. It uses the card as a normal receiver would use it to operate. Any authentication requests made against the card would validate authentic, since the emulator would pass all requests to the card in the server. This technique is often used with the help of a FTA Receiver . References Reflist See also Card sharing Pirate decryption Smart card broadcast encryption Category Digital television Category Cable television technology Category Digital cable mk ...   more details

  1. Server

    wiktionary server Server may refer to TOCright Computing Server computing , an application, operating system, computer, or appliance Apache HTTP Server HTTP computing an application, mthll system, computer, or appliance Apache HTTP Server Operating system Role Waiting staff , those who work at a restaurant or a bar attending customers and supplying them with food and drink as requested A sport player who makes a serve, for example a serve tennis tennis serve Other Server Djeparov , an Uzbekistani professional football player Server Sundaram , is a 1964 Indian comedy film See also Serve disambiguation Service disambiguation lookfrom intitle disambiguation af Bediener ar da Server flertydig fa fr Serveur ja no Server ru te th tg tr Sunucu ...   more details

  1. Card

    wiktionarypar card Card from Greek language Greek chart s , paper, papyrus primarily refers to an entire or piece of card stock . Card may refer to Small flat objects col begin col break ATM card Business card Charge card Cigarette card Debit card Computer expansion card Flashcard Gift card col break Greeting card Identity document or card Index card Intertitle or title card in films Keycard lock Library card Magnetic stripe card col break Membership card Memory card Passport card Place card Playing card Proximity card Punched card col break Rebate card Subscriber Identity Module card Smart card Stored value card Telephone card Trading card Visiting card col end As a surname Andrew Card , politician, Secretary of Transportation under George H.W. Bush and White House Chief of Staff under George W. Bush Orson Scott Card , science fiction author David Card , Canadian labour economist and professor at the University of California, Berkeley Michael Card , American Christian singer songwriter, author, and radio host In sports Card sports , the lineup of the matches in an event Arizona ... Baseball team nicknamed the Cards Other math card math , in mathematical notation, a function that returns the cardinality of a set A tool for carding Apple IIe Card , a compatibility card Cards iOS , a card making application on iOS As an acronym Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development ... Balkans Caspase recruitment domain or CARD domain , an interaction motif found in a wide array of proteins Wolfson Centre for Age Related Diseases Credit CARD Act of 2009 Credit Card Accountability ... Deployment , FBI Team The Card The Card may refer to The Card , Arnold Bennett s 1911 novel The Card 1922 film The Card 1922 film , based on the novel The Card 1952 film The Card 1952 film , based on the novel The Card musical The Card musical , based on the novel The Card , an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants season 6 SpongeBob SquarePants season 6 See also lookfrom intitle Card game Carding disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Key server

    Key server can mean Key server cryptographic , a server on which public key s are stored for others to use Key server software licensing , a server that distributes software license keys disambig ...   more details

  1. Home server

    Refimprove date January 2009 A home server is a Server computing server located in a private residence ... PC media center serving, web server web serving , web caching , account authentication and backup services. Because of the relatively low number of computers on a typical home network, a home server ... be used. Large, preferably fast hard drives ATA 100 or Serial ATA SATA and a network interface card ... used in case of power outage s that can possibly corrupt data. Commercial home server products A common type of home server is the plug computer form factor. Most of these are small ARM architecture ... pre loaded with various server applications. Operating systems Home servers run many different operating ... servers Administration and configuration Home servers often run headless server headless , and can ... home server operating systems, such as Windows Home Server include a consumer focused graphical user ... Server products Windows Home Server excluded can provide domain control, custom logon scripts, and roaming ... server from any room in the house. Windows XP Media Center Edition , Windows Vista , and Windows 7 can act as a home server, supporting a particular type of media serving that streams the interactive ... MythTV main menu.png right thumb 150px A typical MythTV menu. Windows Home Server supports media ... technology. Some Windows Home Server device manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard HP extend this functionality with a full DLNA implementation such as PacketVideo TwonkyMedia server. On a Linux server ... on the server, allowing them to become appliances such as set top box es. http Amahi is a free Linux Home Server that provides shared storage, automated backups, secure VPN, and shared ... home theater automation telephony experience. Because a server is typically always on, it is often a more logical choice to put a TV tuner or radio tuner for recording broadcasts into a server ... time. On an Apple Inc. Apple Macintosh server, options include iTunes , PS3 Media Server , http ...   more details

  1. Terminal server

    server. Some terminal servers could act as load hosts for each other one would hold the code on a PCMCIA flash card and serve it to another... Modern usage A terminal server is used many ways but from ...Distinguish Terminal Services Remote Access Service Merge from Console server discuss Talk Console server Merger proposal round 3 date May 2011 Unreferenced date December 2009 A terminal server also referred to as a serial server or network access server enables organizations to connect devices with an RS ... devices to access network server applications, or vice versa, where security of the data on the LAN ... which need a terminal server with these advanced functions want to remotely control, monitor ... server was a device that attached to serial RS 232 devices, such as green screen text terminal ... version of this product, known as the DECSA Terminal Server was actually a test bed or proof ... terminal server products also included much larger flash memory and full support for the Telnet part of the TCP IP protocol suite. Many other companies entered the terminal server market with devices ... specifically they had emulated Digital s terminal server management command set. Besides retaining ... the terminal server or from the remote host server. This can be point to point or shared, where serial devices like card readers, scanners, bar code readers, weight scales, etc. can be shared amongst multiple devices. TCP sessions can be initiated from the TCP server application or from the terminal server. Raw UDP socket connection For use with UDP based applications, terminal servers can convert ... on their client PC and attach to the terminal server, then connect to the serial device. In this application, terminal servers are also called console server s because they are used to connect to console ... that are directly connected to a server s serial COM hardware interface COM ports robotic assembly machines, scanners, card readers, sensors, blood analyzers, etc. . Companies may want to network these applications ...   more details

  1. Media server

    in digital format to be stored on the Media server. This encoding can be done with software running on the Media server computer or by hardware on the TV tuner card. Digital TV tuner cards take input ...A media server refers either to a dedicated computer appliance or to a specialized application software , ranging from an server computing enterprise class machine providing video on demand , to, more ... files . Purpose By definition a media server is a device that simply stores and shares media ... Edition Windows XP Media Center Edition , MediaPortal or MythTV , or a commercial web server that hosts media for a large web site. In a home setting, a media server acts as an aggregator of information ... server s hard drive . Access to these is then available from a central location. It may also be used ... the internet. Hardware The only requirement for a media server is a method of storing media and a network ... that it runs, a media server may require large amounts of RAM , or a powerful, Multi core ... not necessary in a home media server to use a RAID that gives a performance increase because .... HTPC packages with server capabilities Cisco Video Portal http en US products ... TV Engine 0.3 MediaPortal TV Server MythTV Orb software Orb Plex software Plex XBMC Media Center Xtream Media Servers http Shifra Media Center Server http ... show control technologies to control the playback of video content. Thus, a media server system ... of telephony, a media server is the computing component that processes the audio and or video ... of a media server. With telephony networks moving more towards VoIP technology, and using Session Initiation ... the application server has the controlling logic, and controls a remote media server or multiple ..., defines a component called the MRF Media Resource Function , which is a kind of media server. In the case ... above constitutes an application server . Although the MRF has been associated largely with the legacy ...   more details

  1. Sound server

    A sound server is software that manages the use of and access to sound reproduction audio devices, most notably, the soundcard . It usually runs as a background process . The term could also apply to a complete computer which is in a Server computing server role, dedicated to audio Streaming media streaming or a computer network networked or standalone software stand alone appliance for playing sound s and sound Computer file files . Sound server in an operating system File Soundserver eng.png thumb right 240px Description of layers that uses a Sound Server Unreferenced section date March 2010 In a Unix like operating system, the main task of a sound server is performing the mix of different data streams and send out a single unified audio output device of system. This mixture is usually done by software, or hardware if there is a supported sound card . Layers The sound stack can be visualized as follows, with programs in the upper layers calling elements in the lower layers Applications e.g. mp3 player, web video Sound server e.g. aRts, ESD, JACK Audio Connection Kit JACK , PulseAudio Sound subsystem described as kernel modules or drivers e.g. Open Sound System OSS , ALSA Operating system kernel e.g. Linux , Unix Motivation Sound servers appeared in Unix like operating systems after limitations in Open Sound System were recognized. OSS is a basic sound interface that was incapable of playing multiple streams simultaneously, dealing with multiple sound cards, or streaming sound over the network. A sound server can provide these features by running as a daemon computer software daemon . It receives calls from different programs and sound flows, mixes the streams, and sends raw audio out to the audio device. With a sound server, users can also configure global and per application ... Server ref http pape sw bergen ref Enlightened Sound Daemon JACK Audio ...?query sndiod ref OpenBSD audio and MIDI server Streaming Icecast SHOUTcast References references ...   more details

  1. SQL Server

    SQL Server may refer to Microsoft SQL Server , a relational database server from Microsoft Sybase SQL Server , a relational database server developed by Sybase SQL Server magazine SQL Server magazine , a trade publication and web site owned by Penton Media Any database server that implements the SQL Structured Query Language disambig Category Servers computing cs SQL Server hr SQL Server it SQL Server nl SQL Server ja SQL Server ro SQL Server ru SQL Server uk SQL Server ...   more details

  1. SLAMD Server

    A SLAMD Server is a Server computing server supported by an application server that services SLAMD clients and SLAMD jobs. Category Computer benchmarks Category Computer performance Category Java programming language ...   more details

  1. Standalone server

    A Standalone server is a type of Server computing server that is not part of a larger network infrastructure such as an Active Directory domain. In a general sense, a standalone server provides services to clients without relying on any external resources, including authentication. However, in the Windows Server System , a server can either be a Domain Controller , a Member server joined to a Windows Server domain domain , or a Standalone server joined to a Workgroup computer networking workgroup . Therefore, a single server that is hosting an Active Directory domain would be considered a Domain Controller and not a standalone server. See also Server computing Domain Controller Windows Server domain External links http en us library cc736903.aspx Using RRAS on a stand alone server http en us library cc781697.aspx Using DHCP on a stand alone server Category Servers computing ...   more details

  1. Server-side

    Unreferenced date October 2007 Server side refers to operations that are performed by the Server computing server in a client server relationship in computer networking . Typically, a server is a software program, such as a web server, that runs on a remote server computing server , reachable from a user s local computer or workstation . Operations may be performed server side because they require access to information or functionality that is not available on the client computing client , or require typical behaviour that is unreliable when it is done client side . Server side operations also include processing and storage of data from a client to a server, which can be viewed by a group of clients. Advantage This lightens the work of your client. Examples of server side processing include the creation & adaptation of a database using MySQL See also Client side Server side scripting Server Side Includes SSI Category Servers computing network software stub da Server side it Lato server ko pl Server side pt Server side ...   more details

  1. Web server

    PowerEdge Web server Web server can refer to either the computer hardware hardware the computer ... title What is web server? work webdevelopersnotes date 2010 11 23 accessdate 2010 11 23 ref ... function of a web server is to deliver web page s on the request to Client computing client s using ... for a specific resource using HTTP and the server responds with the content of that resource or an List ... a real file on the server s secondary memory , but this is not necessarily the case and depends on how the web server is Implementation implemented . While the primary function is to serve content ... also support server side scripting using Active Server Pages ASP , PHP , or other scripting language s. This means that the behaviour of the web server can be scripted in separate files, while the actual server software remains unchanged. Usually, this function is used to create HTML documents Dynamic ... . The web server may then be used as a part of a system for monitoring and or administering the device ... File First Web Server.jpg thumb The world s first web server In 1989 Tim Berners Lee proposed ... A Web browser browser called WorldWideWeb The world s first web server, later known as CERN httpd ... to serve more clients Server side scripting to generate dynamic Web page s, still keeping web server and website implementations separate from each other Path translation Web servers are able ... path specified by the client is relative to the web server s root directory. Consider the following ... HTTP 1.1 request GET path file.html HTTP 1.1 nowiki Host nowiki The web server .... On an Apache server , this is commonly tt home www tt On Unix machines, usually tt var www tt . The result is the local file system resource home www path file.html The web server then reads the file ... does not exist or is unavailable. Kernel mode and user mode web servers A web server can be either ... applications . An in kernel web server like TUX web server TUX on GNU Linux or Microsoft Internet ...   more details

  1. Windows Server

    Windows Server is a brand name for a group of server operating system operating systems released by Microsoft ... software ref cite web title Windows Server url http en us server cloud windows server default.aspx work Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform publisher Microsoft Corporation accessdate 26 September 2011 ref ref cite web title Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform url http ... 2011 ref Windows 2000 Server family features Windows 2000 Server Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2008 Windows HPC Server 2008 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2012 Microsoft has also produced Windows Small Business Server and Windows Essential Business Server discontinued , software bundles which includes a Windows Server operating system and some other Microsoft Servers products. ref cite web title Windows Essential Business Server url http en us ebs work ... Windows Small Business Server 2008 Technical FAQ url http en us sbs cc817589.aspx ... web last Thurrotts first Paul title Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials url http article windows server windows small business server 2011 essentials 140451 work Supersite ... Other server operating systems The following operating systems are not part of Windows Server family but are designed for operating on server computers. Windows Home Server , a home server operating system for file sharing and streaming, automated backups, and remote access Windows Home Server 2011 Windows MultiPoint Server , an operating system for computers having multiple simultaneous local users ... family Microsoft Category Windows Server bg Windows Server da Windows Server es Windows Server fa fr Windows Server ko id Windows Server ms Windows Server ja Windows Server pl Windows Server pt Windows Server ro Windows Server ru Windows Server sk Windows Server tl Windows Server tr Windows Server vi Windows Server yi Windows Server zh Windows Server ...   more details

  1. Tcat Server

    Notability date October 2009 Tcat Server is an enterprise Apache Tomcat Server from MuleSoft . Tcat Server was released in http mulesoft formerly mulesource launches public beta tcat server September, 2009 . External links http tcat server enterprise tomcat application server Tcat Server Category Servers computing compu hardware stub ...   more details

  1. Server proxy

    Orphan date November 2006 A server proxy is a type of reverse proxy server that is used to Tunneling protocol tunnel communications through another Protocol computing protocol . Server proxy is an experimental idea centered around lack of resources, such as why pay for a server when you can use your own computer as a server. Why Often a server cannot be reached by normal means and the obstruction the Firewall computing firewall or router computing router cannot be removed. By allowing presence of the Server computing server be known through another service, many more people can run servers. Examples HTTP server HTTP to IRC server proxy router or firewall IRC server IRC to HTTP client proxy web browser This illustrates how a server can be access even if it is behind a router or firewall. Overload on central server PUSH requests similar to those used in peer to peer application can be used to bypass the central server. External links http staff M.Rogers irc tunnel.html http staff M.Rogers irc tunnel.html Category Servers computing ...   more details

  1. Server administrator

    about the Mac OS X application Server Admin This article concentrates on server administration in the context of computer gaming. For generic server administration, see system administrator . For the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator product see OpenManage . Refimprove date August 2007 A server administrator , or admin has the overall control of a Server computing server . This can be in the context of a business organization, where often a server administrator oversees the performance and condition of multiple servers in the business, or it can be in the context of a single person running a game server . The admin for a server typically represents the owners and financiers of the server. Alternatively, an owner can grant administrator rights to a regular player or Clan computer gaming clan member on the server. You can also work as an Server Admin and be the brain of a company. The Server Administrator s role is to design, install, administer, and optimize company servers and related components to achieve high performance of the various business applications supported by tuning the servers as necessary. This includes ensuring the availability of client server applications, configuring all new implementations, and developing processes and procedures for ongoing management of the server environment. Where applicable, the Server Administrator will assist in overseeing the physical security, integrity, and safety of the data center server farm. ref http research server administrator ref reflist Category Administration Category Servers computing ko ...   more details

  1. Server Assistant

    Infobox Software name Server Assistant logo Deleted image removed Image Mac OS X Server Assistant.png 48px Server Assistant icon screenshot Image Server Assistant first user window.png 300px Server Assistant s first window on Mac OS X. caption Server Assistant s first window on Mac OS X. developer Apple Computer latest release version 10.4.5 latest release date latest preview version latest preview date operating system Mac OS X & Mac OS X Server genre license website http server server Server Assistant is the first program that is run after an install of Mac OS X Server . It can be run again to execute further configuration on a remote or local server. It is also capable of executing remote installation of software onto the server as well. Server Assistant is a software Wizard software wizard that guides the administrator through setting up functions of Mac OS X Server. It is accessible from Finder software Finder Applications Server Server Assistant Mac OS X Category Mac OS X Server mac stub ...   more details

  1. ICal Server

    Infobox Software name iCal Server logo screenshot caption developer Apple Computer latest release version latest release date latest preview version latest preview date operating system Mac OS X v10.6 genre CalDAV server license Proprietary software Proprietary website http server macosx features ical server.html server ical server.html lowercase title iCal Server iCal Server is a service included in Mac OS X Server v10.5. iCal Server is based on the CalDAV calendar standard. The iCal Server is a CalDAV standards compliant server that allows multiple users to collaboratively share calendaring information. iCal Server was announced during Apple s Worldwide Developers Conference on August 7, 2006. It uses an open source open source webserver, Darwin Calendar Server , which was initiated by Apple at the same time, and has the flexibility to run on different platforms without the iCal Server GUI . iCal Server was the first proprietary calendar server to support the open CalDAV standard. Apple has released an opensource calendar server ref Calendar and Contacts Server on MacOS Forge http ref iCal Server is based on on the HTTP , WebDAV , iCalendar and iTIP standards ref iCal Server Administration v10.6 http en US iCalServer v10.6.pdf ref . See also iCal CalDAV References Reflist External links http server macosx features ical server.html Apple s iCal Server page Mac OS X Server DEFAULTSORT Ical Server Category 2007 software Category Apple Inc. software Category Calendaring software Category Mac OS X Server Category Mac OS X only software made by Apple Inc. mac stub ...   more details

  1. IChat Server

    lowercase Infobox Software name iChat Server logo screenshot caption developer Apple Inc. latest release version latest release date operating system Mac OS X genre XMPP server license GNU General Public License GPL website http macosx server features all.html ichatserver iChat Server iChat Server is a component of Mac OS X Server from Apple Inc. It was first introduced with the release of Mac OS X Server Mac OS X Server 10.4 Tiger version 10.4 of the Server computing server software, and was upgraded to version 2 with the release of Mac OS X Server 10.5 in October 2007. ref http server macosx leopard more.html Leopard features ref iChat Server was originally based on jabberd14 jabberd 1.4.3 and is named after Apple s iChat online chat client software. ref http source ChatServer ChatServer 37.4 jabberd src README jabberd14 copyright and version number from source ref Version 2 of the software is based on jabberd2 jabberd2 2.0s9 and supports server federation ref http source ChatServer ChatServer 260 jabberd2 README jabberd2 copyright and version number from source ref , which allows chat clients to talk directly with other systems that support Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol XMPP , such as Google Talk . It also supports server based chat archiving. ref http news software showArticle.jhtml?articleID 198700215&pgno 3 Inside Apple s Leopard Server OS on InformationWeek , March 27, 2007. ref See also List of XMPP server software Comparison of XMPP server software References references External links http macosx server features all.html ichatserver iChat Server on Apple s Mac OS X Server website http source ChatServer Source code on Apple s Open Source website. mac stub Mac OS X Server Category Instant messaging server software Category Online chat Category Mac OS X Category Mac OS X Server nl iChat Server ...   more details

  1. Sambar Server

    Sambar server was a multi threaded , extensible application server , web server and multi protocol proxy server with highly programmable application programming interface API . It has virtual domain support currently name based with independent document CGI directories, log files, and error templates. Its main competitor was Apache HTTP Server by times the software was maintained. Sambar Server came for Windows initially and Linux in later versions. Sambar Server was programmed by Tod Sambar. As of January 3, 2007 Sambar Server was at version 7.0 Beta 4 and allowed for extended features such as Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol XMPP , ejabberd and Google Talk . The last stable variant was 7.0p. As of December 31, 2007 Tod Sambar announced that the development and support of Sambar Server would be discontinued. The website no longer exists as of 2009. Server Licensing Sambar Server is closed source and was licensed in two different ways Sambar Server Basic This was the free version of the server and had a limited feature set compared to the Pro version he administrator to use several features such as Mail Server, WebDAV, Document Manager, DNS, SOCKs, IRC and Throttling Services and other enhanced features. References reflist http web 20071225163117 http Archive of former Sambar website http The Sambar Webmaster Community Category Servers computing network software stub fr Sambar Server ru Sambar Server ...   more details

  1. Server Pages

    Expert subject Technology reason needs expansion, title shouldn t be plural, incomplete and not up to date, removal and or combination with other pages about the same subject, redundant? date April 2012 Server Pages are scripts that are embedded in HTML and processed on the server before the page is sent to the client s web browser. This concept is explained generally at server side scripting . Examples of server pages implementations are Active Server Pages ASP InterSystems Cach C3 A9 Cach Server Pages CSP Dylan Server Pages DSP Java Server Pages JSP Webware for Python server pages The same concept is also used by PHP ColdFusion disambig ...   more details

  1. Server sunset

    dicdef Server sunset refers to the shutting down of a server hosting an online service such as an MMORPG , Bulletin board system BBS , or email server, usually representing the irreversible termination of the service being hosted. In the context of online games, server sunset represents the death of a world. Category Servers computing ...   more details

  1. Blade server

    of IBM blade server platforms. The name blade server appeared when a card included the processor ...Image IBM HS20 blade server.jpg 300px thumb IBM BladeCenter HS20 IBM HS20 blade server. Two bays for 2.5 6.4  cm SCSI hard drives appear in the upper left area of the image. A blade server is a stripped down server computer with a modular design optimized to minimize the use of physical space and energy. Whereas a standard 19 inch rack rack mount server can function with at least a power cord and network ... itself, and in the blade system altogether. In a standard server rack configuration, rack unit 1U ... hp server web,1943.html accessdate 2011 08 09 ref Blade enclosure The enclosure or chassis performs ... requirements. At the same time, the increased density of blade server configurations can still result ... NOB and extra interfaces can be added using mezzanine card s. A blade enclosure can provide individual ... enclosure or in Blade server Other blades networking blades . ref name sunindependentio http ... the server, though not all are used in enterprise level installations. Implementing these connection ... individually or aggregated either on the chassis or through Blade Server Other blades other blades ..., an example of which implementation is the Intel Modular Server System . This allows more board space ... power, memory and I O bandwidth to blade servers. Although blade server technology in theory ... computing problem. One can view them as a form of productized server farm server farm that borrows ... tasks may still require server farms of blade servers, and because of blade servers high power density, can suffer even more acutely from the HVAC problems that affect large conventional server ... the first open architecture for a multi server chassis. PICMG followed with the larger and more ... server architecture Citation needed date July 2009 was invented by Christopher Hipp and David Kirkeby ... patent country US number 6411506 status patent title High density web server chassis system and method ...   more details

  1. Virtual server

    Virtual server may refer to Virtual private server , a method of server hosting using virtual machine s. Virtual hosting , a method that servers such as webservers use to host more than one domain name on the same computer. Virtual hosting service , a form of web hosting service where more than one instance of the same web server is hosted on a single physical server. Another name for port forwarding used by some routers. Microsoft Virtual Server , a virtualization product produced by Microsoft based on Connectix technology. disambig de Virtueller Server it Virtual server ...   more details

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