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Encyclopedia results for Cape Baba

Cape Baba

Encyclopedia results for Cape Baba

  1. Baba Thakur

    Infobox Mandir Article added by SAJJAN SINGH 9717064793 name Baba Thakur image Baba Thakur ji on holi.jpg 250px caption Baba Thakur latd 28.38 longd 76.33 coordinates region IN coordinates display title other names proper name Baba Thakur Ji devanagari sanskrit translit tamil marathi bengali country India state Harayana district Rewari location Karoli, India Karoli elevation m primary deity Krishana important festivals architecture number of temples number of monuments inscriptions date built About before 150 year creator website The temple is dedicated to lord Krishana. Thakur is another name of lord Krishana. It is to be believed that the temple is established by the people kaksh gotra about before 150 years on the time of the establishment of the village.But there is exact proof of the establishment of the temple. File Baba Thakur Main Entrance Gate.jpg Baba Thakur Main Entrance Gate thumb right 200px Main entrance to the Baba Thakur Ji temple view from outside the temple . Design There was an old building of the temple but in 1997 villagers renewal the temple.It took two years of work and a total expenditure of Rs 50 lack for the magnificent Baba Thakur Ji temple to take its present form. Gallery gallery File Baba Thakur Mandir Burz.jpg Baba Thakur Mandir Burz File MAin Gate & Burz.jpg Baba Thakur Main gate & burz File Baba Thakur Mandir Court Yard.jpg Baba Thakur Mandir Court Yard File Main Gate View In Night.jpg Main Gate view in the night of Holi File The Main Worship Place 1.jpg The Main Worship Place 1 File The Main Worship Place 2.jpg The Main Worship Place 2 gallery See also Karoli, Rewari Yaduvanshi Ahirs Lookhi Kosli Kanina khas Rewari Mahendragarh Yadav caste Category Hindu temples in Haryana Category Hindu temples in India Category Temples in India ...   more details

  1. Baba Adinni

    Baba Adinni is a Yoruba chiefly title. It is often conferred by local oba ruler oba s in Nigeria s Yorubaland region, usually to muslim men who have contributed to society or government in some fashion. List of Baba Adinni Baba Adinni of Lagos formerly held by Wahab Iyanda Folawiyo , now held by Oba ruler Aristocratic titles among the Yoruba Oloye Dr. S.O.B. Babalola Baba Adinni of Epe Baba Adinni of Badagry See also Oba ruler Nigerian traditional rulers Category Yoruba history Category Nigerian traditional rulers ...   more details

  1. Hariakhan Baba

    About the yogi who taught from 1861 to 1924 the yogi who taught from 1970 to 1984 Haidakhan Babaji Hariakhan Baba was a teacher who taught throughout northern India near the Himalayas between 1861 and 1924. Babaji, as he is referred to, is discussed in the book Hariakhan Baba Known and Unknown by Baba Hari Dass . Several additional accounts were also written about his guru by an Indian holy man named Mahendra Baba a long term disciple, who identified him as being the same person as Mahavatar Babaji , the immortal master who initiated Lahiri Mahasaya into Kriya Yoga in 1861. ref The Encyclopedia of Cults, Sects, and New Religions, pp. 368 369, ISBN 1573922226 ref Roy Eugene Davis , a direct personal disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda and former minister of the Self Realization Fellowship Phoenix Temple ref Surrendered Love, Redeeming Grace ISBN 0877072353 ref , professed a similar belief in his book Life Surrendered in God The Philosophy and Practices of Kriya Yoga by recounting Baba Haridass story of Hariakhan Baba as recorded in Hariakhan Baba Known and Unknown and including a full page photograph of Hariakhan Baba, lifted from the same book, with the label Mahavatar Babaji. ref Life Surrendered in God The Philosophy and Practices of Kriya Yoga ISBN 0877072469 ref See also Mahavatar Babaji Hariakhan Baba was identified as the same as Mahavatar Babaji by Mahendra Baba Haidakhan Babaji a teacher who appeared in northern India and taught publicly from 1970 to 1984 Notes Reflist External links http web 20050308120506 http Sp Babaji Babaji.htm About Babaji from Hariakhan s Autobiography of a Yogi Chapter 33 Mahavatar Babaji , Chapter 33 of Paramhansa Yogananda s wikisource Autobiography of a Yogi Autobiography of a Yogi . Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Baba, Hariakhan ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Baba, Hariakhan Category Hindu religious ...   more details

  1. Baba Nobushige

    refimprove date February 2008 Baba Nobushige ? ? was a retainer beneath the clan of Takeda clan Takeda throughout the latter Sengoku Period of Feudal Japan . Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Baba, Nobushige ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Baba, Nobushige Category Year of birth missing Category Samurai Category Takeda retainers Category Year of death unknown samurai stub ...   more details

  1. Baba Khani

    Baba Khani lang fa may refer to Baba Khani, Dorud Baba Khani, Selseleh geodis Short pages monitor This long comment was added to the page to prevent it from being listed on Special Shortpages. It and the accompanying monitoring template were generated via Template Long comment. Please do not remove the monitor template without removing the comment as well. ...   more details

  1. Herochroma baba

    italic title Taxobox name Herochroma baba image image width 240px regnum Animal ia phylum Arthropod a classis Insect a ordo Lepidoptera familia Geometridae tribus Pseudoterpnini genus Herochroma species H. baba binomial Herochroma baba binomial authority Swinhoe, 1893 synonyms Pseudoterpna baba small Meyrick, 1895 small Actenochroma baba small Swinhoe, 1900 small Herochroma baibarana is a species of moth of the Geometridae family. It is found in China Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi , north eastern India , Nepal , northern Vietnam and Peninsular Malaysia . External links http temp 7BA03EB45F D145 446E 868D 6D7B2555F116 7D.pdf A study on the genus Herochroma Swinhoe in China, with descriptions of four new species Lepidoptera Geometridae Geometrinae . Acta Entomologica Sinica Category Animals described in 1893 Category Pseudoterpnini Geometrinae stub vi Herochroma baba ...   more details

  1. Baba Keenaram

    Multiple issues no footnotes October 2010 refimprove October 2010 cleanup December 2011 Baba Keenaram was a great saint . According to Research Scholars and Historians, Baba Keenaram is the founding father of the ancient Aghora and supposed to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva . Aghoracharya Baba Keenaram was born on Aghor Chaturdashi Bhadrapad in 1601 A.D at Ramgarh village of Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh state of India . The entire region became overjyoed when the childless couple Shree Akbar ... celebrated in Hindu religion after five days of birth of Maharaj Shree Baba Kinaram . With the bless of Hinglaj Mata Chief Goddess of Aghora at Lyari district of Balochistan Pakistan , Baba Keenaram started his spiritual journey with the message of social welfare and humanity. Baba Kaluram known to be Guru spiritual teacher awakened the consciousness of Aghor in Baba Keenaram. Later on baba Keenaram ... and Unmuniram . The book called Viveksar written by Baba Keenaram is said to be the most authentic ... Saint , Baba Shiva Das for few days. Baba Shiva Das observed Baba Kinarm activities very minutely .... One day while on way to bath in river Ganges, Baba Shiva Das handed over his entire belongings ... only after touching the feet of Baba Keenaram. Baba Kinaram was known as the biggest saint of the Era of Aghor tradition also known as Lord Shiva tradition. He was the first Founder Peethadheswar of Baba ... geometrical shape to represent the presence of goddess s form, at Baba Keenaram Sthal , he conveyed ... to devotees and scholars, Present, 11th, Peethadheeswer Mahant Abbot of Baba Keenaram Sthal Baba Siddharth Gautam Ram is the reincarnation of Baba Keenaram Himself. See also Aghori References http ... hindu devot aghoris.html Aghoris http baba kina ram sthal.html Baba Kina Ram Sthal Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Keenaram, Baba ALTERNATIVE NAMES ..., Baba Category 1601 births Category Hindu saints ...   more details

  1. The Cape

    The Cape may refer to Places Cape Canaveral Air Force Station , an installation of the United States Air Force Space Command s 45th Space Wing Cape Cod , a cape in the easternmost portion of the state of Massachusetts Cape of Good Hope , a rocky headland on the Atlantic coast of the Cape Peninsula, South Africa Television The Cape 1996 TV series The Cape 1996 TV series , an American dramatic TV series The Cape 2011 TV series The Cape 2011 TV series , an American superhero drama TV series disambiguation es The cape pt The Cape ...   more details

  1. Aglar Baba

    Unreferenced date September 2007 Aglar Baba 1880 1958 was a grandson of Irsadi Baba , who was one of the prominent mysticism mystics of his time in North Eastern Anatolia . Citation needed date December 2007 Aglar Baba s original name was Irsadi, but he used Aglar Baba as an appellation. Unlike his grandfather, he studied at Madrassas and learned Arabic as well as several other traditional Islamic Sciences. He finished his grandfather s Stories of Prophets Kissas ul Embiya . However he lost the only manuscript of the book during the World War I . Citation needed date December 2007 He became the Master of his grandfather s Sufi Order after the War and held the position until his death. He received many visitors from the neighboring cities like Gumushane and Erzincan. Citation needed date December 2007 He taught his pupils the Sufi way of abstaining from the evil of World theology worldliness . The themes of his poems shows many similarities with other Anatolia n mysticism mystics like Yunus Emre. His poems were published by his son Ahmet Battal under the title of Mystical Poems of Aglar Baba Ebyat i Aglar Baba . Citation needed date December 2007 Aglar Baba had 4 sons, Necati Battal, Ahmet Battal Ahmet Baba , Selim Battal and Halil Baba Battal. Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Baba, Aglar ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1880 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1958 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Baba, Aglar Category 1880 births Category 1958 deaths Category Sufi poets Category Sufi teachers Category Turkish religious leaders Sufism stub Turkey bio stub ...   more details

  1. Ali Baba

    Other uses Ali Baba disambiguation File Ali Baba.jpg thumb 260px Ali Baba by Maxfield Parrish 1909 Ali Baba lang ar Ali B ba is a fictional character from medieval Arabic literature . He is described in the adventure tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves . This story has been used as a popular ... the more familiar bowdlerised versions. Popular perception of Ali Baba, and the way he is treated in popular ... at the Bodleian Library ref Duncan Black MacDonald , http stable 25189681 Ali Baba and the forty ... 386. ref however, this was later found to be a counterfeit. Story Ali Baba and his elder brother ... woman and becomes well to do, building on their father s business but Ali Baba marries a poor woman and settles into the trade of a woodcutter . One day Ali Baba is at work collecting and cutting ... Close, Simsim Close Sesame . When the thieves are gone, Ali Baba enters the cave himself, and takes some of the treasure home. Ali Baba borrows his sister in law s Weighing scale scales to weigh ..., Ali Baba s rich and greedy brother, Cassim. Under pressure from his brother, Ali Baba is forced ... find him there, and kill him. When his brother does not come back, Ali Baba goes to the cave to look ... to discourage any similar attempts in the future. Ali Baba brings the body home, where he ... finds an old tailor known as Baba Mustafa whom she pays, blindfolds, and leads to Cassim s house. There, overnight ..., and set out to track him down. One of the thieves goes down to the town and comes across Baba ... man must have been the thieves victim, the thief asks Baba Mustafa to lead the way to the house where ... and the head thief kills the lesser thief. The next day, another thief revisits Baba Mustafa and tries again, only this time, a chunk is chipped out of the stone step at Ali Baba s front door. Again Morgiana ... every detail he can of the exterior of Ali Baba s house. The chief of the thieves pretends to be an oil merchant in need of Ali Baba s hospitality, bringing with him mules loaded with thirty eight ...   more details

  1. Rum baba

    Image Rum baba.jpg thumb right 250px Rum baba This article is about the pastry for the cartoon character Rum Baa Baa, see Henry s Cat . A rum baba or baba au rhum is a small yeast cake saturated in liquor ... forms similar to those used for Bundt cake s. The batter for baba is even richer than that for brioche ... modern savarine . The original form of the baba was similar to the babka food babka , a tall ... means old woman or grandmother in the Slavic languages babka is a diminutive of baba . The modern Baba au Rhum Rum Baba , with dried fruit and soaking in rum, was invented in rue Montorgueil Paris , France in 1835 or before. Today, the word Baba in France and almost everywhere else outside eastern Europe usually refers specifically to the rum baba. The original Baba was introduced into France ... reports that Stanislas had the idea of soaking a dried Kugelhopf a cake roughly similar to the baba and common in Alsace Lorraine when he arrived there or a baba with distilled beverage alcoholic spirit . Another version ref History of the Baba according to the P tisserie Stohrer possibly biased http historique index.html ref is that when Stanislas brought back a baba from ... the baba with a sauci re containing sweet malaga wine mixed with one sixth of Tanaisie Licquor. Nicolas ... right out of the mold , it is a common practice today to let the baba dry a little so that it soaks ... Brothers , Parisian p tissiers, invented the Savarin which is strongly inspired by the Baba ... of the simple round cylindrical form. The ring form is nowadays often associated with the Baba au ... rum baba.jpg thumb 200px Neapolitan Bab The baba was later brought to Naples by French cooks ...&e w Haan s Ladies and Gentlemen s Restaurant, New York, menu dated December 9, 1899 Dessert ... Baba ... wiki Alain Ducasse ref , uses Rhum Baba as his signature dessert in his Michelin starred restaurants. ref http recipes 11180 alain ducasses signature dish baba au rhum ref ...   more details

  1. Baba Gurditta

    Unreferenced auto yes date December 2009 Baba Gurditta Lang pa was the son of Guru Hargobind and the father of Guru Har Rai of Sikhism . There is a gurudwara in Anandpur Sahib, Punjab which is in remembrance of Baba Gurditta. See also Udasi Sikhism Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Gurditta, Baba ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Gurditta, Baba Category Year of birth missing Category Year of death missing Category Punjabi people Category Family members of the Sikh gurus Sikh bio stub ...   more details

  1. Baba Laouissi

    Baba Laouissi born October 6, 1943 . Is a former football referee from the African state of Morocco . He is known for having officiated the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul , South Korea . References http tournaments archive tournament 512 edition 3351 matches match 14367 report.html http site copy.php?linkID 2414&linkType referee&contextType stats http en comp refereedetails 0,2466,22542 OLY 1988 10,00.html FIFA Profile Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Laouissi, Baba ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH October 6, 1943 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Laouissi, Baba Category 1943 births Category Moroccan football referees Category Living people Morocco footy bio stub fr Baba Laouissi ...   more details

  1. Baba Ranadhir

    unreferenced date January 2012 Baba Ranadhir is a religious place situated in Bhuna, in the district of Fatehabad, Haryana , India . India stub Category Fatehabad district ...   more details

  1. Baba Christdas

    Orphan date February 2012 notability Biographies date January 2012 Baba Christdas 1937 2011 was the founder of Little Flower Leprosy Hospital at Sunderpur Raxaul , Bihar . Baba started the hospital in the 1981. He was named man of the year by The Week in 2009. References 2011 07 28 leprosy patients lose their messiah watch?v zEQu9 mA9Dk English index.php press news chief minister shri ashok chavan f... Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Christdas, Baba ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1937 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 2011 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Christdas, Baba Category Bihar Category 1937 births Category 2011 deaths India bio stub ...   more details

  1. Baba Budangiri

    Infobox Indian Jurisdiction native name Baba Budangiri type taluk locator position right latd 13.52 longd ... Kuriniji Flowers at Baba Budan Hill Ranges, Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka Dattagiri Baba Budangiri or Bababudangiri or Baba Budan Giri is a mountain in the Dattagiri Hill Range Baba Budan Giri Range of the Western Ghats of India . Located in the Chikkamagaluru District of Karnataka , Dattagiri Baba Budangiri ... in the Dattagiri Baba Budan Giri Range are the Mullayanagiri and Dattagiri Baba Budangiri height 1895 ... is the highest peak in the Baba Budan Giri Range. With a height of 1930  m 6317  ft. , it is the highest ... ref Mullayangiri can be reached around 15 km distance from the Chikmagalur town on the way to Baba ... shrine Dattapeeta Dattagiri Baba Budangiri is the location of a small Sufism Sufi shrine devoted to the saint Baba Budan and Guru Dattatreya . They were revered by both Muslim s and Hinduism ..., Dada Hayath Abdul Azeez Macci for the 17th century Sufi Baba Budan, said to have brought coffee ... tension over its status as a syncretic shrine. Baba Budan main Baba Budan Baba Budan was a 17th century Sufi , revered by Muslims, whose shrine is at Baba Budangiri, Karnataka, India. According ... Baba Budan an Indian Sufi whose real name was Hazrat Shah Jamer Allah Mazarabi Allen with breaking ... , he brought out seven live coffee beans, via Yemen back to India to plant in the Baba Budangiri ... of Chikmagalur district . It is located on the Baba Budan Giri HIlls, which is a sacred place for both Muslims and Hindus. It is one of the main attractions of Baba Budan Giri or Dattapeeta. Location It is located approximately 40  km from the chickmagalur town. Baba Budan Giri Range Dattagiri Hills or Baba Budan Giri Range is a range of mountains in the Western Ghats of Karnataka , India ... Cave and 17th century Sufi saint Baba Budan . The Dattagiri or Baba Budan Giri Range includes the highest ... Hills Baba Budan Giri Range include Mullayanagiri height 1930 m Dattagiri Baba Budan Giri height ...   more details

  1. Shigeru Baba

    BLP sources date January 2009 Infobox go player name Shigeru Baba image fullname Shigeru Baba kanji birth date birth date and age 1948 1 1 birth place Nagoya , Japan residence flagicon Japan Nagoya , Japan teacher Toshio Sakai Go Toshio Sakai rank 9 dan affiliation Nihon Ki in Nihongo Shigeru Baba Baba Shigeru born January 1, 1948 in Nagoya , Japan is a professional Go board game Go Go players player . Biography Shigeru was a disciple of Toshio Sakai Go Toshio Sakai . He plays in the Nagoya branch of the Nihon Ki in , where he would come close to winning the Okan title in 1980. Runners up class wikitable Title Years Held align center Current align center 1 flagicon Japan Okan 1980 References http player htm ki000059.htm Nihon Ki in profile ja Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Baba, Shigeru ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH January 1, 1948 PLACE OF BIRTH Nagoya , Japan DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Baba, Shigeru Category Japanese Go players Category People from Nagoya Category 1948 births Category Living people Japan Go bio stub cs igeru Baba ja ...   more details

  1. ?r?adi Baba

    Unreferenced date December 2006 r adi Baba 1806 1877 was one of the most famous Sufi masters of his time in Northeast Anatolia . He was born in Bayburt in modern day Turkey . He worked as an imam and he was affiliated with one of the Uwaysi lineages of Naqshbandi Tariqa . He wrote sufi poem s. He also started writing Stories of Prophets Kisas ul Enbiya in a poetical form. His grandson Aglar Baba completed these series of poems. However, he lost the only copy of this book during World War I . Other poems of r adi Baba are well preserved and published in the Turkish language . Unlike his grandson Aglar Baba , r adi Baba used a simple language in his poems. He was more of a folkloric poet and he rarely referred to the Scripture and Tradition. Some of the major themes he was preoccupied were divine love Ilah i Ask , Reality Hakikat and Asceticism Zuhd . Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Baba, Irsadi ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1806 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1877 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Baba, Irsadi Category 1806 births Category 1877 deaths Poet stub ...   more details

  1. Baba Ishak

    Alevism Baba Ishak , also spelled Baba Ishaq , Baba , or B b , a charismatic preacher, led an Kaykhusraw II The Baba Ishak Rebellion uprising of the Turkmen of Anatolia against the Seljuk Sultanate of R m Seljuq Sultanate of R m c. 1239 until he was hanged in 1241. ref Cambridge Illustrated History of the Middle Ages, 1250 1520 , p. 279 ref Notes reflist Sources Claude Cahen, B b , Encyclopaedia of Islam , edited by P. Bearman, et al. Brill, 2007 . Claude Cahen, Pre Ottoman Turkey a general survey of the material and spiritual culture and history , trans. J. Jones Williams New York Taplinger, 1968 , 136 7. Speros Vryonis, The Decline of Medieval Hellenism in Asia Minor and the Process of Islamization from the Eleventh through the Fifteenth Century University of California Press, 1971 , 134. Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Ishak, Baba ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1241 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Ishak, Baba Category Seljuq dynasty Category 1241 deaths Category Year of birth unknown Category People of the Sultanate of Rum Turkey bio stub fr Baba Turquie tr Baba shak zh ...   more details

  1. Sumie Baba

    nihongo Sumie Baba Baba Sumie is a seiy who was born December 12, 1967, in Tokyo , Japan . She is affiliated with 81 Produce . Notable voice roles Shimarisu kun in Bonobono first film Chisa Tsukamoto in Comic Party TV , Comic Party Revolution TV & OAV Kirei in Cool Devices OAV Nami in Jungle de Ikou OAV Anna in Master Keaton TV ep.6 Mei Fah in Vampire Princess Miyu TV ep.16 External links ann people id 16314 name Sumie Baba Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Baba, Sumie ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1967 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Baba, Sumie Category 81 Produce Category 1967 births Category Living people Japan voice actor stub ja ...   more details

  1. Baba Bakala

    Infobox Indian jurisdiction type town native name br Baba Bakala other name nickname region Punjab region Punjab state name Punjab skyline skyline alt skyline caption latd 31 latm 33 lats 18 longd 75 longm 15 longs 56 locator position area total area magnitude altitude climate temp annual temp winter temp summer nearest city Amritsar district Amritsar district Amritsar taluk names Baba Bakala tehsil Baba Bakala population total 6,996 population as of 2001 population density sex ratio 1000 930 literacy literacy rank literacy male literacy female official languages Gurmukhi Punjabi Gurmukhi regional languages Punjabi language Punjabi languages leader title 1 leader name 1 parliament const assembly const 25 area telephone postal code 143201 ref cite web url http amritsar baba bakala area pin code.htm title Baba Bakala PIN code author date work publisher accessdate 08 January, 2012 ref ref cite web url http india villages Amritsar Rayya 1a6 Baba Bakala title Baba Bakala PIN code author date work publisher accessdate 08 January, 2012 ref vehicle code range website coord title yes Baba Bakala lang pa is a historical town and Tehsil in the Amritsar district in Punjab, India East Punjab India . ref cite web url http india punjab amritsar baba bakala title Baba Bakala, Amritsar, Punjab author date work publisher accessdate 08 January, 2012 ref History Baba Bakala is closely associated with the 9th Guru of Sikh s, Guru Tegh Bahadur Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib ... name Baba Bakala cite web url http html cities towns.htm Bakala title Baba Bakala ... accessdate January, 2012 ref Geography Baba Bakala is located at coord 31 33 18 N 75 15 56 E , on Jalandhar ... the Amritsar Amritsar city . ref name Baba Bakala Demographics According to the 2001 census, the town ... 02 title Baba Bakala census data Sr. No. 3 author year 2001 work Government of India publisher ...   more details

  1. Otman Baba

    Alevism Otman Baba c. 1378 8 Rajab Receb 1478 was a 15th century dervish who traveled throughout the Ottoman ... developed into his veneration as a saint. After Otman Baba s death, a pilgrimage complex grew around .... The hagiography of Otman Baba, written by his disciple K k Abdal and regarded by his followers as a canonical text, maintains that Otman Baba performed miracles that proved his superiority to other ... tenets, Otman Baba asserted his unity with God and his mastery of divine secrets as the embodiment ... Baba provides the most thorough if biased depiction of the mystic s life. ref name gram71 2 Gramatikova ... historical information during Otman Baba s lifetime. Written by a direct disciple of Otman Baba ... i Vil yet name i Sultan Baba, kaddes Allahu s rruh l aziz This book is a book with description of the miracles of Sultan Baba, let Allah consecrate his tomb . Known manuscripts of the vil yetname ... the vil yetname of Otman Baba s successor Demir Baba, which refers to Otman Baba as the pole of poles ... Otman Baba s ability to instantly appear and disappear. ref name gram77 Gramatikova, p. 77 ref Another source is the work of Evliya elebi , which cites Otman Baba as a leader of ascetic dervishes ... to the vil yetname , Otman Baba was born in 1378 or 1379. ref name gram83 Gramatikova, p. 83. ref Gramatikova proposes that Otman Baba came from Iran ian, Azeri , or Central Asian territories and spoke ... Otman Baba spiritually as a saint and prophet ref name gram82 Gramatikova, p. 82. ref and physically ... inner circle knew him as Otman Baba, ref name gram84 other dervishes and the aristocratic sayyids called ... name Otman Baba to Ottoman ruler Mehmed II. When the sultan disguised himself as a commoner ... Otman Baba recognized him. Convinced of the dervish s sainthood, Mehmed addressed him as my beloved father, Otman ref name gram84 father translating in Turkish as Baba honorific baba . Relationship ... government s policies. ref name gram97 Gramatikova, p. 97. ref Otman Baba s proselytizing in the Eastern ...   more details

  1. Baba Suwe

    wikify date October 2011 Orphan date February 2009 Baba Suwe is a Yoruba people Yoruba actor in Nollywood , known for his comedy roles in Yoruba movies. Alhaji King Babatunde Ayinla Nurudeen Olasunkanmi Omidina, aka Baba Suwe. He was married to an actress Late Monsurat Omidina, a.k.a. Omoladun Kenkelewu. He is fluent in English and Yoruba The 53 year old Omidina who lost his wife Monsura, on September 3, 2009 was born on August 22, 1958. Little is known about his education but he began plying his comic trade late in the 1980s and has succeeded in establishing himself as one of the leading Yoruba comedians, for this he has won many laurels. ref http stories 201110311487.html ref In January 2005, he received an award from the African Artists and Entertainers Afro Hollywood Award in New York it is like the African Grammy . He was arrested on October 12, 2011 on suspicion of cocaine trafficking in a case that drew a lot of media attention worldwide. He was however released after 25 days in detention as a court ordered Nigeria s narcotic agency to release him after nothing suspicious was found in him. External link reference Reflist http name nm2100102 Babatunde Omidina at IMDB br http baba suwe biography a nigerian yoruba comedian actor Baba Suwe, a Nigerian Yoruba Comedian Actor on NigeriaTrends br http news local news 20626 Actor Baba Suwe arrested for cocaine trafficking.html Ascology News Baba Suwe arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking br http news entertainment 21124 Baba Suwe released from detention.html Ascology News Baba Suwe released from detention br Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Suwe, Baba ALTERNATIVE NAMES Adimeru SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1958 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Suwe, Baba Category Nigerian actors Category 1958 births Category Yoruba people Category Living people Nigeria bio stub Africa actor stub ...   more details

  1. Baba Lybeck

    File Baba Lybeck.jpg thumb right Baba Lybeck. Barbara Baba Lybeck born 1966 is a Finland Finnish journalist. She has a Master s degree in Philosophy, majoring in General Literature. She has worked as a news presenter for the Finnish TV channel Nelonen from 1998. Lybeck quit presenting news in 2009 and moved to Yleisradio to work as a journalist. She has worked as the presenter and chief judge of the quiz show Uutisvuoto since autumn 2010 after Peter Nyman moved to MTV3 to work as a news presenter. ref http kulttuuri artikkeli Baba Lybeck Uutisvuotoon Peter Nymanin tilalle 1135256668361 , Helsingin Sanomat 7 May 2010. Accessed on 11 August 2010. ref Previously Lybeck has worked at Radio City Finland Radio City and presented the NO TV show on MTV3, as well as the Finnish Top 40 music show on YLE and the Swedish language shows Bosses Bio and Talking Heads on Finlands Svenska Television FST . Lybeck was also present in the TV show Viem ri TV . Baba Lybeck s grandparents were author Tito Colliander and artist Ina Colliander . ref 7 P iv 43 2010, p. 63. ref ref http artikkeli baba lybeck henkinen paaoma tarkein ref References references Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Lybeck, Baba ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Journalist and television personality DATE OF BIRTH 1966 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Lybeck, Baba Category 1966 births Category Living people Category Finnish television presenters Category Finnish journalists finland bio stub fi Baba Lybeck ...   more details

  1. Ganesh Baba

    was http www.yogananda tmp meditation.aspx?id 116 Kriya Yoga . Ganesh Baba stated that he ... Baba s teachings incorporated Western scientific concepts. He taught that there is a cyclic cosmic ... and updated as The Crazy Wisdom of Ganesh Baba , by Eve Neuhaus 2010 . In 1979 he had developed .... External links http Ganesh Baba http baba gb art.html Ganesh Baba a Memoir http ganeshbaba.html Ganesh Baba , in French translated into English ... Baba http baba neuhaus.htm Twenty Years in the Cycle of Synthesis Reflections on the Teachings of Ganesh Baba http ganesh.htm The philosophy of Ganesh Baba http watch?v 5u5ehMjdDjc&feature channel page YouTube Ganesh Baba On Death And Reincarnation http photos kusula 506062153 Flickr photo of Ganesh Baba http index.php?title Ganesh Baba The Flower Raj Wiki http v people in memoriam ganesh baba The Flower Raj Photos Kriya Yoga Persondata name Baba, Ganesh alternative names short ... November 1987 place of death Nainital , Uttar Pradesh , India DEFAULTSORT Baba, Ganesh Category 1890 ...   more details

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