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Encyclopedia results for Calculator


Encyclopedia results for Calculator

  1. Calculator

    about mechanical precursors to the modern calculator mechanical calculator other uses Refimprove date ... calculator with a Liquid crystal display LCD seven segment display , that can perform basic arithmetic operations Image Casio fx115ES 5564.jpg thumb A modern scientific calculator with a dot matrix LCD display An electronic calculator is a small, portable, usually inexpensive electronic device used .... The first Solid state electronics solid state electronic calculator was created in the 1960s, building on the history of tools such as the abacus, developed around 2000 BC and the mechanical calculator ... of the microprocessor developed serendipitously by Intel for a Busicom calculator. Modern electronic ... small. By the end of that decade, calculator prices had reduced to a point where a basic calculator ... UNIX Systems early Unix have included interactive calculator programs such as dc Unix dc and hoc programming language hoc , and calculator functions are included in almost all Personal digital ... calculator s which include trigonometry trigonometric and statistics statistical calculations. Some calculators even have the ability to do computer algebra . Graphing calculator s can be used ... 5550x.jpg thumb Scientific calculator displays of fractions and decimal equivalents Modern ... calculations in the head , with some curricula restricting calculator use until a certain level ... ref Others have argued by whom date December 2011 that calculator use can even cause core mathematical ... calculators Scratch papers are new alternatives when calculator sales decreased in 2007. Internal working ref John Lewis, The Pocket Calculator Book . London Usborne, 1982 ref In general, a basic electronic calculator consists of the following components Power source battery or solar cell Keypad consists .... Processor chip microprocessor contains Scanning unit when a calculator is powered on, it scans the keypad ... here until the calculator needs it. Permanent Memory computers memory Read only memory ROM The instructions ...   more details

  1. Calculator (disambiguation)

    wiktionary calculator A calculator in the current usage of the word is an electronic hand held device that performs mathematical computations. Calculator can also refer to Software calculator , a calculator implemented as a software program Mechanical calculator , a calculating device used from the 1700s to the mid 1900s Mental calculator , a person who performs calculations in their head Calculator comics , DC Comics villain Pocket Calculator , a song from the Kraftwerk album Computer World Calculator Applications , a test given at academic Texas Math and Science Coaches Association Oxford Calculators , a group of 14th century philosophers disambig ko nl Calculator ru ...   more details

  1. Graphing Calculator

    wiktionary graphing calculator Graphing Calculator may refer to Graphing calculator s, calculators that are able to display and or analyze mathematical function graphs. NuCalc , a computer software program able to perform many graphing calculator functions. Grapher , the Mac OS X successor to NuCalc. disambig ...   more details

  1. Machinist calculator

    Unreferenced date December 2009 A machinist calculator is a hand held calculator programmed with built in formulas making it easy and quick for machinist s to establish Speeds and feeds speeds, feeds and time without guesswork or conversion charts. Formulas may include revolutions per minute RPM , surface feet per minute SFM , inches per minute IPM , feed per tooth FPT . A cut time CT function takes the user, step by step, through a calculation to determine cycle time execution time for a given tool motion. Other features may include a metric system metric English conversion function, a stop watch timer function and a standard math calculator. This type of calculator is useful for machinists, programmer s, inspector s, estimator s, supervisors, and students. DEFAULTSORT Machinist Calculator Category Calculators Category Metalworking tools ...   more details

  1. Calculator watch

    . Several watch manufacturers have made calculator watches over the years, but the Japan ese electronics ... in CWs. In the mid 1980s, Casio created the Data Bank calculator watch, which not only performed calculator functions, but also stored appointments, names, addresses, and phone numbers. Currently, Casio sells only a few pure CWs e.g. CA 53W and considers a calculator as merely a function on their Data ... calculator watches appeared in the early 1980s with the most being produced in the middle of the decade ... e.g. the Casio scientific calculator watch CFX 400 in 1985 and were considered fashionable ..., proudly sporting a black plastic Casio calculator watch. However, as the novelty of this new electronic ... with nerd s and today are no longer considered to be in vogue. Depictions of calculator watches in today ... Data Bank watch. Current users of calculator watches are more common among the trades and technical fields. Heavy metal music Heavy Metal lead singer Rob Halford of Judas Priest wears calculator watches as seen in interviews possibly insuring the watches popularity. Future The future of the calculator ... and hard to use miniature buttons. Both of these input output bottlenecks further alienate calculator ... format a Wrist PDA or more complex wearable computer just as the Data Bank absorbed the calculator function, TV controller, and camera in some CW models. offered a PC PDA calculator ... descendants of the calculator watch and were patented under calculator watch patents. References refs External links http Build your own scientific calculator watch http ...   more details

  1. Salary calculator

    multiple issues unreferenced November2008 orphan October 2008 A salary calculator is an online application that provides salary information to the user. The majority of websites offering salary information utilize a salary calculator function to present this data. The salary calculator will request a search term, city, and state or zip code as an input. Then, present a list of job titles that most closely match your search terms. Once the user selects one of these job titles, the application will present the salary information typically in the form of a graph. DEFAULTSORT Salary Calculator Category Employment compensation business software stub ...   more details

  1. Euro calculator

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Image EuroCalc.jpg thumb Simple euro calculator Germany A euro calculator is a very popular type of calculator in European countries see eurozone that adopted the euro as their official monetary unit. It functions like any other normal calculator, but it also includes a special function which allows one to convert a value expressed in the previously official unit the Spanish peseta peseta in Spain , for example to the new value in euros, or vice versa. Its use became very popular within the population and commerce of these countries especially during the first few months after adopting the euro. As so many were produced, they are also found outside the eurozone to help staff with conversions at airports or railway stations where the euro has a strong presence. References reflist Euro topics DEFAULTSORT Euro Calculator Category Calculators Category Eurozone fiscal matters Category Foreign exchange market Econ stub bg es Eurocalculadora sk Eurokalkula ka ...   more details

  1. Talent calculator

    A talent calculator , or skill calculator , is usually a website or rarely a computer program that can be used to Calculator calculate the effects of different routes of Experience point character advancement , each of which is often referred to as a talent build , skill build , or simply a build . Some websites may provide information about preset builds, such as the calculator with the build already set, or guides about how to use the build. Talent calculators are most often dedicated to role playing video game s, as a key element of such games is the development of characters through talent or skill systems. Typically these skill systems are divided into trees that focus on different aspects of the character, such as group roles like Healer gaming healing , Tank gaming tanking , or Damage per second dealing damage , or simply different stylistic aspects, such as different classical element s. See also Talent tree External links wowpedia Talent calculator World of Warcraft mmorpg videogame stub Category Calculators ...   more details

  1. Software calculator

    File Jscicalc.png thumb Software calculator Java applet File Gcalctool scientific.png thumb Gnome built in calculator File Orpie.png thumb Orpie , a reverse Polish notation calculator A software calculator is a calculator that has been implemented as a Computer program software program , rather than ..., features of the calculator, rather than being secondary features that support other functionality that is not normally known simply as calculation. As a calculator , rather than a computer , they usually ... or multiple operating system s. An on line calculator, implemented on a web page, where it is run ... that is an independent part of a bigger package, such as an operating system, including the Calculator Windows Windows calculator and the Calculator Mac OS Mac os calculator . Embedded in a hand held device such as a mobile phone or Personal digital assistant PDA . Embedded in a calculator watch . Also complex software may have calculator like dialogs, sometimes with the full calculator functionality, to enter data into the system. Also Web search engine Search engines can be used as a calculator. Web browsers can be used as a calculator. History Early years Computers as we know them today first ... 24, 2002. ref This was VisiCalc and it was called an interactive visible calculator , but it was actually ... released in 1979, V7 Unix, contained a Command line interface command line accessible calculator ... like the calculator, and by providing the same functionality. Software calculators on the internet ... of calculator. Examples Numerical calculators Every type of hardware calculator has been implemented in software, including conversion, financial, Graphing calculator graphing , Programmable calculator programmable and scientific calculator scientific calculators. Other numerical calculators that don t imitate hardware calculators include Formula calculator s Windows based calculators Specialised ... calculators Love Calculator The input is two names , and there is a button to work out the compatibility ...   more details

  1. Wheel calculator

    A wheel calculator is made of concentric paper or plastic discs, used to make calculations involving time periods. They have applications in pregnancy to calculate the Pregnant Duration due date ref cite journal doi 10.1080 14767050412331312200 ref and insurance . Online wheel calculator An Internet web site ref http www.wheel Online Wheel Calculator ref that may be used for insurance cancellation calculations providing an alternative to the manual paper wheel calculators . The online wheel calculator can be used to calculate all three cancellation methods including pro rata cancellation pro rata , short rate cancellation short rate and 90 pro rata short rate 90 pro rata . Also provided is the earned and unearned premium. Paper wheel calculator A circular calculator made out of paper and plastic disks that works similar to a circular slide rule . It has a base line that is aligned with the inception date of the insurance policy . An arm on the wheel is then aligned with the Cancellation insurance cancellation date of the policy. The number of elapsed days, 90 pro rata Insurance Cancellation Method pro rata and short rate cancellation short rate factors, both earned and unearned, are indicated by the arm in proper column. The policy premium is multiplied by the factor to calculate either the earned or unearned premium. References reflist Category Insurance terms ...   more details

  1. Calculator (Windows)

    Refimprove date December 2008 Infobox Windows component name Calculator logo Calculator Vista Icon.png screenshot Calculator on Windows 7.png screenshot size 200px caption Calculator in Windows 7 type Software calculator included with All Microsoft Windows versions replaces replaced by related components Windows Calculator , commonly known as Calculator from the application s title bar, is a calculator ... included with Windows 1.0 as a simple arithmetic calculator. ref http photos nda 5193450552 Windows 1.0 Calculator nda Flickr stream ref In Windows 3.0 , a Scientific mode was added ... , and Worksheets modes were added. Tooltips were removed. Furthermore, Calculator s interface ... behaves as a simple checkbook calculator entering the sequence 6 4 12 4 4 5 gives the answer 25. In Scientific ... mode. On the right of the main Calculator, one can add a panel with Date Calculation , Unit ... 7, Calculator also provided a Wages template. Features Windows Vista and earlier File Windows 95 XP Calculator.png thumb The standard calculator introduced with Windows 95, and discontinued with Windows Vista In Windows versions before Windows 7, Calculator has a simplified user interface interface ... calculator. More advanced functions are available in Scientific mode, including logarithm s, numerical ... tasks. Calculator is not able to do constant calculations . Using common stand alone calculator ... 28 etc.. Some versions of Calculator have a way to automate long calculations. Writing a text file ... and other numbers and operators following it and pasting the resultant content to Calculator ... versions of Calculator, and depends on precise text formatting. Some keyboards have a calculator key, which launches Windows Calculator by default. Most of Calculator s functions can be accessed with a specific letter or symbol or other keystroke sequence. A full list of Calculator functions and explanations of the functions can be found in Calculator s help file. Hex Mode Limitation and Behavior ...   more details

  1. Scientific calculator

    Image FX 77.JPG thumb Casio FX 77, a solar power ed scientific calculator from the 1980s using a single line display File Casio fx 991ES Calculator New.jpg thumb Casio FX 991ES , a scientific calculator ... graphing calculator by Texas Instruments Image Pythagoras.gif thumb practical use of a calculator Image Sine ratio.gif thumb practical use of a calculator A scientific calculator is a type of Electronics electronic calculator , usually but not always handheld, designed to calculate problems in science ... contexts such as higher education, scientific calculators have been superseded by graphing calculator s, which offer a superset of scientific calculator functionality along with the ability to graph ... calculator market. Functions Modern scientific calculators generally have many more features than a standard four or five function calculator, and the feature set differs between manufacturers and models however, the defining features of a scientific calculator include scientific notation floating ... calculator equation solving calculus conversion of units physical constants While most scientific ... similar to those found on graphing calculator s. Uses Scientific calculators are used widely in any ... on a textbook page into calculator input, from allowing explicit operator precedence using parentheses ... simple formatting tools. History The first scientific calculator that included all of the basic features ... LOCI 2 and the Mathatronics Mathatron had some features later identified with scientific calculator ... computing device, as well as the first calculator based on reverse Polish notation entry. HP ... calculators particularly the long lived HP 12C financial calculator and the HP 48 series of graphing .... The HP 35 , introduced on February 1, 1972, was Hewlett Packard s first pocket calculator and the world s first handheld scientific calculator. ref http about news 2009 14april 1.html HP 35 Scientific Calculator Awarded IEEE Milestone ref Like some of HP s desktop calculators it used ...   more details

  1. Programmable calculator

    Programmable calculators are calculator s that can automatically carry out a sequence of operations under ... to the class of graphing calculator s. Before the mass manufacture of inexpensive dot matrix LCD .... For earlier devices, see History of computing hardware Calculator programming Programmable calculators allow the user to write and store Computer program programs in the calculator in order to solve ... capability appears most commonly although not exclusively in graphing calculator s, as the larger screen ... scroll to the next previous display line . Originally, calculator programming had to be done in the calculator s own command language, but as calculator Hacker hobbyist hackers discovered ways to bypass the main interface of the calculators and write assembly language programs, calculator companies particularly Texas Instruments began to support native mode programming on their calculator hardware ... them to the calculator using a specialized cable link cable , infrared wireless link or through ... programs for calculators include everything from math science related problem solvers to calculator ... card in the holder on the front of the calculator and another being inserted into the card reader in the side ... Nspire TI Nspire CAS Calculator Image Hp50.png HP 49 HP 50g HP 50g graphing calculator, with the Equation Editor being used Image CasioClassPad300.JPG Casio ClassPad 300 touch screen calculator gallery ... for calculator use combining the advantages of BASIC and keystroke programming. Those dialects ... available. It is put on the calculator via a cable or IrDA connexion with a computer. RPL main RPL ... calculator was the HP 28C released in 1987 ref Description of the HP 28C in http The Museum ... discouraged on early calculator models however, dedicated platform hackers discovered ways to bypass the built in interpreters on some models and program the calculator directly in assembly language ... HP 50g , its current top of the line calculator model. Programmes and toolkits to allow on board ...   more details

  1. Calculator (comics)

    name The Calculator publisher DC Comics debut Detective Comics 463 September 1976 creators ... aliases powers Genius intelligence, Skilled manipulator and strategist The Calculator is a fictional ... Dan author link contribution Calculator editor last Dougall editor first Alastair title The DC Comics ... pocket calculator . His costume had a large numerical Numeric keypad keypad on the front and a flashlight ... into victory . After months of appearances, the Calculator s scheme is revealed. The button somehow ... unable to touch or otherwise affect The Calculator. This of course meant he could only be defeated by a new hero fortunately the heroes had many allies to drawn upon. The Calculator could also be defeated when his own weaponry was turned against him. The Calculator made intermittent appearances ... s deepest desire. This is all part of a successful plan to conquer the Earth and the Calculator is left a groveling witness to various Libra headed executions. Calculator is there because he is accused ... Birds of Prey 126, the Calculator copies Kilg re s programinng into himself, gaining the ability .... In the Oracle The Cure miniseries, the Calculator seeks out the remnants of the Anti Life Equation , hoping to use it to save Wendy. As the Calculator arrives at the hospital, Wendy recovers from her ... to prevent him from using the Anti Life equation on Wendy tells Calculator that he has Anti Life residue on him. The residue makes him traceable if he uses the internet. Calculator is then thrown out of the hospital by guards. Calculator later gathers together a new version of the Fearsome Five ... the metahuman above the city, sacrificing himself in the process. Calculator also has the Fearsome ... fatal for the hero. ref Teen Titans vol. 3 74 ref Later, the Calculator creates robotic duplicates ... the Calculator s hideout. Once inside the team is captured by the Calculator, who reveals that he killed ... Calculator, who is revealed to be another robot double. ref Teen Titans vol. 3 92 February 2011 ...   more details

  1. Formula calculator

    external links date August 2011 linkrot date August 2011 A formula calculator is a software calculator ... 2010. Available from http freeware ref ref name MPC MagicPlot Calculator ... Line Calculator home page on the Internet 2010. Available from http jjhalme clcmain.htm freeware ref ref name FC Formula Calculator Pty Ltd home page on the Internet 2009. Available from http ref ref name MO Moisey Oysgelt JavaScript Formula Calculator ... Pty Ltd calculator products page on the Internet 2001. Available from http products calculator ref This is unlike button operated calculators , such as the Windows calculator or the Calculator Mac OS Mac OS X calculator , which require the user to perform one step for each operation ... Microsoft s Windows Operating System Calculator Accessory 2001. Available on a Windows PC at Start All Programs Accessories Calculator ref ref MotionNET calculator product page on the Internet 2006. Available from http calculator ref ref Flow Simulation Ltd Virtual Calc98 page on the Internet .... ref Hot 1st Calculator page on the Internet 2009. Available from http home education 1st calculator ref Also in this context, calculation is known as evaluation ... . ref The Code Project Dynamic Formula Calculator Evaluator in VB.NET page on the Internet ... is entered, a formula calculator follows the above rules to produce the final result by automatically .... For example, see the formulas in Amortization calculator , Heron s formula and Law of cosines . Multiplication ... in a formula calculator, and this calculation should be entered using a different symbol, as above. Division Printed formulas often use a horizontal line for division, but in a formula calculator that uses ... calculator that uses the caret for exponentiation as sin 3.25 2 Square roots Square roots ..., it could be entered into a formula calculator as 1 2 2.5 2 1.9 2 2.5 2 1.9 2 3.6 2 2 0.5 Types of calculator ...   more details

  1. Calculator spelling

    Refimprove date January 2009 Original research date March 2010 Calculator spelling also known as beghilos ... character s upside down from calculator s equipped with certain kinds of seven segment display ... a lowercase q when turned upside down, and 9 appears as a lowercase b . Other variants of calculator ... notation generally available on lower end scientific calculator s, though not on basic models , b and d ... calculator spelling. LCD , Vacuum fluorescent display VFD , LED , and Panaplex displays are best ... with a limited alphabet. If the calculator is instead rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise from ... Aside from novelty and amusement, calculator spelling has limited utility. The popularity of pager ... The original attributed example of calculator spelling, which dates from the 1970s, ref The New ... Breasts BOOBIES . Another early example of calculator spelling offered the sequence font face OCR ... be written on a calculator url http title Words that can be written on a calculator ... 5304511351 spells I SEll ShOES. Scientific and programmer calculators Scientific calculator ... calculator with hex capability, the earlier boobies example can be improved with the A F keys ... 100px Digital manometer error code. Programmable devices When accessed through calculator programming programming , calculator spelling can provide a form of textual feedback in embedded system devices ... a reader to turn the device upside down. ref name E2 Other languages Calculator spelling is also used ... 1414 font . In calculator spelling this is LOL LOL hIhI. The word LOL means fun in Dutch, it is also ... language German , common words in calculator spelling are font face OCR A Extended, OCR A II 7353 ... BOOB on a calculator, Chris Griffin then has an idea to put two calculators together to make ... from the calculator spelling of the word Loose . The Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton has a song ... Bob types 07734 on the calculator during the song Where is the Fun? , which when turned upside ...   more details

  1. Financial calculator

    Unreferenced date August 2010 A financial calculators is an electronic calculator that performs financial functions commonly needed in business and commerce communities. It has standalone keys for many financial calculations and functions, making such calculations more direct than on standard calculators. It may be user programmable, allowing the user to add functions that the manufacturer has not provided by default. Major manufacturers of financial calculators include Casio , Hewlett Packard , and Texas Instruments . Other manufacturers serve further niche areas in the financial calculator space. Financial calculators are also referred to as business calculators. Examples of financial calculators are the HP 12C , and the TI BA II . Category Calculators ...   more details

  1. Marchant Calculator

    Image Marchant Odhner clone 1950.png thumb Marchant XLA calculator, based on Friden s design The Marchant Calculating Machine Co. was founded in 1911 by Rodney and Alfred Marchant in Oakland, California . The company built mechanical, and then electromechanical calculator s which had a reputation for reliability. First models were similar to the Odhner Arithmometer Odhner arithmometer . In 1918, employee Carl Friden designed a new model in response to patent challenges. It was a great success, and Friden became the chief designer until he left in 1934 to found his own company. In 1958 the company was acquired by the Smith Corona typewriter company in a diversification move that proved unsound the company, which was now known as SCM, tried to stay competitive by introducing the SCM Cogito 240SR electronic calculator designed by Manhattan Project veteran Stan Frankel in 1965. Within a few years a tidal wave of cheaper electronic calculators had devastated their business, and by the mid 1980s, SCM s typewriter business, too, had been ruined by the advent of inexpensive personal computer s used as word processor s. Calculator design File Marchant EB9.jpg thumb right 1920s EB 9 Marchant calculator The first Marchant calculators differed greatly from their later Silent Speed Proportional ... unique in a calculator. While running consecutive add cycles to develop a product in multiplication ..., or so. Such misalignment would be intolerable in a calculator s dials, so each of the Marchant ... SCM Marchant calculator.jpg thumb right 1960s SCM Marchant calculator The calculator was very complicated ... calculators had only one. Any other mechanical calculator capable of fully automatic Division mathematics ... http scm240sr.html SCM Marchant Cogito 240SR calculator Stanley Frankel ... wolff calculators Tech MarchantDRX Intro.htm Marchant Figurematic calculator Detailed technical ... Museum at St.Gertrude in Cottonwood, Idaho Category Calculators Category Mechanical calculator companies ...   more details

  1. OK Calculator

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name OK Calculator Type studio Artist TV on the Radio Cover OK Calculator.jpg Released 2002 Recorded Genre Indie rock , art rock , funk Length 74 58 Label Self released Producer David Andrew Sitek Reviews Last album This album OK Calculator br 2002 Next album Young Liars br 2003 OK Calculator is a demo collection from TV on the Radio which they self released in 2002. The album s title alludes to Radiohead s album OK Computer . Track listing Freeway 2 19 Say You Do Samples Raymond Scott s Night and Day 5 19 Pulse of Pete 3 36 Me I 3 20 Buffalo Girls 2 58 Ending of a Show 1 09 Hurt You 6 28 Netti Fritti 5 14 Yr God 2 35 On a Train 16 07 Sheba Baby 3 56 Y King 2 43 Aim to Please 3 07 Bicycles Are Red Hot 3 57 Los Mataban 3 00 Robots 3 10 Doing My Duty 5 52 Untitled 0 06 The tracks Freeway and On a Train later re appeared on the 2004 7 and CD single for Staring at the Sun TV on the Radio song Staring at the Sun . Origins quote We made this disc OK Calculator and left it in cafes and just different places. Just 24 tracks of four track stuff. And that s on line now. We sold a few of them on our first tour, a couple, but then the CD burner broke, etc. That s on line and someone wrote about it as the extremely rare but superb OK Calculator and I m sitting there going, Are you kidding me? Rare, yeah, rare because we re making them ourselves, and superb, that s not up to us, but it s not superb. laughs I d be the first person to tell you. There s more hiss on some of those songs than there are songs. And it s fun, and I love it, but I wouldn t call it superb. Tunde Adebimpe in a 2004 Downhill Battle interview External links http interviews tvotr.php Downhill Battle Interview TV on the Radio DEFAULTSORT Ok Calculator Category 2002 debut albums Category TV on the Radio albums Category Self released albums Category Albums produced by David Andrew Sitek 2000s rock album stub fr OK Calculator ...   more details

  1. Medical calculator

    orphan date December 2007 A medical calculator is a type of medical computer software , which purpose is to allow easy calculation of various scores and indices, presenting the user with a friendly interface that hides the complexity of the formulas. Most offer further helpful information such as result interpretation guides and medical literature references. ref http MDCalc ref ref http www.medical Medical Calculator ref ref http www spon picu calc medcalc.htm?name1 Medical Calculators&type1 2Active Cornell Medical Calculators ref Generally, such calculators are intended for use by health care professionals, and use by the general public is discouraged. Medical calculators arose because modern medicine makes frequent use of scores and indices that put physician s memory and calculation skills to the test. ref name Lee 2009 cite journal author Lee P. title Design of infusion rate calculator tools for intravenous therapy journal Nurs Stand. year 2009 issue 23 pages 43 48 ref The advent of personal computers, the Internet and Web, and more recently personal digital assistant s PDAs have formed an environment conducive to their development, spread and use. Types of calculators Hardware devices Purpose built devices for specific medical calculations are available from various commercial sources. PDA Software based medical calculators are available for various PDA platforms, including the iPhone , ref http 2008 12 iphone medical calculator throwdown.html Comparison of four commercial medical calculators for iPhone ref Palm OS Palm and Pocket PC . ref http software free.shtml List of freeware medical calculators for Pocket PC ref References reflist medical equipment stub software type stub Category Medical equipment Category Medical software ru ...   more details

  1. The Millionaire Calculator

    Image MillionaireCalculatorTopView.jpg thumb right upright 2 center div align center The Millionaire Calculator built by Egli around 1910 div The Millionaire calculator was the first commercially successful mechanical calculator that could perform a direct multiplication. It was in production from 1893 to 1935 with a total of about five thousand machines manufactured. ref De Brabandere, L Calculus , page 166, Mardaga, 1995 ref History Designed by Otto Steiger, a Swiss engineer, it was first patented in Germany in 1892. Patents were issued in France, Switzerland, Canada and the USA in 1893. The production which started in 1893 was handled by Hans W. Egli of Z rich . Competition All mechanical calculators commercialized prior to the Millionaire, like the arithmometer , the Odhner Arithmometer Odhner arithmometer or the comptometer were adding machines and they implemented multiplication by continued addition under operator control. This machine required only one turn of the crank handle to multiply the number entered on the sliders by a multiplier number. This was accomplished by creating a mechanical representation of the multiplication table which could be read and used by the machine. ref Martin, E The Calculating Machines , page 119, Charles Babbage Institute, 1992 ref This machine was very big and heavy and occupied an entire desk. Its size made it awkward to operate. It was commercialized as The Millionaire in English speaking countries, La Millionnaire in French and Million r in German speaking countries. Image DesktopMechanicalCalculators inProduction intheXIXCentury.svg thumbnail upright 3 center div align center Desktop Mechanical Calculators in production during the 19th century div Notes references External links http wolff calculators Tech Millionaire Intro.htm John Wolff s Web Museum An in depth technical description of The Millionaire calculator. http indexEnglish.html Arithmetical Machines & Instruments 19th Century Cat ...   more details

  1. Graphing calculator

    Image TI 84 Plus graphing.jpg thumb A typical graphing calculator by Texas Instruments A graphing calculator also graphics graphic calculator typically refers to a class of handheld calculator s that are capable ... a presence even in high school courses where they were formerly disallowed. Some calculator ... authorities as it might incite unfair calculator use during standardized high school and college ... and speedy numerical non CAS graphing or scientific calculator for tests and exams. History File Casio fx 7000G Box&Manual.JPG 220px thumb Casio fx 7000G The world s first graphing calculator Casio produced the world s first graphics calculator, the Casio fx 7000G fx 7000G , in 1985. After Casio, Hewlett ... solving. An unusual and powerful CAS calculator is the now obsolete year 2001 Casio Cassiopeia ... with computer algebra systems on its exams. United Kingdom a graphics calculator is allowed ... are designed to be broadly calculator neutral . Similarly, for some GCSE maths exams, students are permitted ... exams. For Further Mathematics an approved graphics calculator for example TI 83 TI 84 84 ... calculator is the assumed technology for Mathematical Methods and a CAS for Mathematical Methods ... either an approved graphics calculator or CAS may be used. Calculator memories are not required to be cleared ... calculator. Western Australia all tertiary entrance examination s in Mathematics involve a calculator section which assume the student has a graphics calculator CAS enabled calculators are also permitted ... 2010 pdf.pdf Calculator use in the 2011 WACE examinations ref . New South Wales graphics calculators ... such as the TI 89 series http ncea acrp secondary 4 47.html . Turkey any type of calculator ... calculators are sometimes used for Calculator gaming gaming . Most graphing calculators, as well ... for this include the PC link cable and software for the given calculator, configurable text editors ... increased memory capacity has made storage on the calculator the most common implementation. Some ...   more details

  1. Dowry Calculator

    title Dowry calculator pokes fun at Indian marriage tradition url http blogs blogpost post dowry calculator pokes fun at indian marriage tradition 2011 05 12 AF9SkI1G blog.html ... ians, skin color, salary.etc ref cite web url http mumbai life behold dowry calculator 872055 title Dowry Calculator app How much for an arranged marriage? author Wadhwani, Sita date June 2, 2011 work CNN ref Dowry Calculator also comments on how certain professions have been linked .... ref http watch?v RkxY eVlTDI TV9 Dowry calculator pokes fun at Indian marriage tradition ref ref http watch?v RkxY eVlTDI TV9 Dowry calculator pokes fun at Indian ... Calculator Website http Indian Dowry Calculator Category Satirical websites ...   more details

  1. Mechanical calculator

    Image Gosremprom.jpg thumb An old Russian mechanical calculator. br Description of the illustrated calculator ... the quotient from division. Butterfly knobs clear the dials to zeros when rotated. A mechanical calculator ... obsolete by the advent of the electronic calculator . The mechanical calculator was invented in 1642 ref name INVENT MARG Jean Marguin 1994 , p. 48 ref by Blaise Pascal , it was called Pascal s Calculator ... half of the 20th century. In 1961, A full keyboard machine, the Sumlock ANITA calculator Anita from Sumlock comptometer Ltd., became the first desktop mechanical calculator to receive an all electronic calculator engine, creating the link in between these two industries and marking the beginning ... ref which made it the first programmable calculator. ref The introduction of punched cards into the new ... Further2 Arithmetic Abacus Pascal s calculator Precursors Precursors to Pascal s calculator ... Schickard ref followed by the invention of the first four operation calculator by Gottfried Leibniz ... Invention of the mechanical calculator Blaise Pascal invented the mechanical calculator in 1642. After ... C3 A9tique fr La Machine d arithm tique, Blaise Pascal , Wikisource ref he introduced his calculator ... by repetition. Pascal chose the most demanding Pascal s calculator Resetting the machine method of nowrap ..., that his calculator was fully functional. This is a testament to the quality of the Pascaline because ... to the Pascaline. He invented the first calculator that could perform all four arithmetic ... s which, a century and a half later, will be at the heart of the arithmometer , the first calculator to be successfully commercialized. Leibniz was also the first person to describe a pinwheel calculator ... time as a long lost mechanical calculator by Dr. Franz Hammer. The building of the first replica ... calculators ref t198 Ren Taton, p. 81 1969 ref Pascal s Calculator Pascal versus Schickard ... his calculator as soon as he heard of the news. ref The appearance of this small avorton disturbed ...   more details

  1. Curta calculator

    refimprove date December 2011 Image Curta01.JPG thumb upright Curta Type I mechanical calculator shown in the operational position left hand . The crank is turned with the right hand. The Curta is a small, hand cranked mechanical calculator introduced in 1948. It has an extremely compact design a small cylinder that fits in the palm of the hand. It can be used to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication ... would prove to be the key to the small, hand held mechanical calculator the Curta would become. His work on the pocket calculator stopped in 1938 when the Nazi s forced him and his company to concentrate ..., and walk away with three working models of the calculator. The Russia ns had arrived in July, and Herzstark ... Stoll, Cliff authorlink Cliff Stoll title The Curious History of the First Pocket Calculator journal ... bckup.htm 11 Curt Herzstark and his Pocket Calculator, Peter Kradolfer, backup 6 88 pp. 5 9 ref Description ... computer img 1651.jpg Image Curtadsasm.JPG A partially disassembled Curta calculator, showing the digit slides and the stepped drum behind them. Image Curta02.JPG.JPG Curta Type I calculator showing view from top. Image Curta03.JPG Curta Type I calculator showing view from bottom. gallery Use ..., 1970s and into the 1980s. Even after the introduction of the electronic calculator for other .... Citation needed date May 2011 In current activity The Curta calculator was chosen to be a high ... Savage of Mythbusters fame s wish list items. References reflist External links commons Curta calculator http Curta.Org, Your Complete Curta Calculator Site http kr34 curta simulator en.htm A Flash simulation of the calculator http curt herzstark curta rechenmaschine curta calculator curta calculateur http curtaman.html strt Curta Operating ... stunningly intricate curta mechanical.html Stunningly Intricate Curta Mechanical Calculator DEFAULTSORT Curta Calculator Category 1948 introductions Category 1948 in Austria Category Mechanical calculators ...   more details

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