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Encyclopedia results for Buoyancy


Encyclopedia results for Buoyancy

  1. Buoyancy

    Image Buoyancy.svg thumb right 250px The forces at work in buoyancy In physics , buoyancy IPAc en icon ... reference frame . In a situation of fluid statics, the net upward buoyancy force is equal to the magnitude ... of the object. More tersely Buoyancy weight of displaced fluid. Archimedes principle does not consider ... that Buoyancy weight of displaced fluid remains valid. The weight of the displaced fluid is directly ... terms, the principle states that the buoyancy force on an object is going to be equal to the weight ... masses, objects with greater volume have greater buoyancy. Suppose a rock s weight is measured ... on the string from which it hangs would be 10 newtons minus the 3 newtons of buoyancy force 10    3 7 newtons. Buoyancy reduces the apparent weight of objects that have sunk completely ... of a dasymeter and of hydrostatic weighing . Example If you drop wood into water, buoyancy will keep ... to buoyancy out of the way by the air, and will actually drift in the same direction as the car s acceleration ..., with the pressure on the bottom being greater. This difference in pressure causes the upward buoyancy forces. The buoyancy force exerted on a body can now be calculated easily, since the internal pressure ... force on the part of the body which is outside of it. The magnitude of buoyancy force may be appreciated ... as above. In other words the buoyancy force on a submerged body is directed in the opposite direction ..., and is thus the sum of the buoyancy force and the object s weight math F text net 0 m g rho f V text disp g , math If the buoyancy of an unrestrained and unpowered object exceeds its weight, it tends to rise. An object whose weight exceeds its buoyancy tends to sink. Calculation of the upwards ... buoyancy . Once it fully sinks to the floor of the fluid or rises to the surface and settles ... a Waterline Load line Plimsoll line . It can be the case that forces other than just buoyancy and gravity ... m g rho f V g . , math It is common to define a buoyancy mass m sub b sub that represents the effective ...   more details

  1. Buoyancy compensator

    Buoyancy compensator may refer to Buoyancy compensator diving Buoyancy compensator aviation disambig Short pages monitor This long comment was added to the page to prevent it being listed on Special Shortpages. It and the accompanying monitoring template were generated via Template Longcomment. Please do not remove the monitor template without removing the comment as well. ...   more details

  1. Neutral buoyancy

    Neutral buoyancy is a condition in which a physical body s mass equals the mass it displaces in a surrounding ... sink . An object that has neutral buoyancy will neither sink nor rise. In scuba diving , the ability to maintain neutral buoyancy through controlled breathing is an important skill. History The mathematician Archimedes discovered much of how buoyancy works more than 2000 years ago. In his research ... buoyancy and developed equipment such as the life jacket , which is filled with compressed air ... s to regulate depth. Uses Buoyancy is important in a surprising number of fields. Designers and engineers .... Many objects were developed with buoyancy in mind, such as life preservers and pontoons. ref http table gasses archem.htm ref Additionally, buoyancy is very important in a number of water ... on one s back or holding a full breath. Buoyancy becomes noticeable when a swimmer tries to dive to the bottom of the pool, which can take effort. Scuba divers work with many buoyancy issues, as divers ... to counteract the positive buoyancy of their bodies and gear. Microgravity simulation main Neutral buoyancy simulation as a training aid Neutral buoyancy is used extensively in training astronaut ... s Space Systems Laboratory , a neutral buoyancy tank is similarly used to evaluate the performance of prototype space robots. Characteristics When neutral buoyancy is taking place, it appears ... and the surface. Appearance in nature A fish s swim bladder manipulates neutral buoyancy by controlling ..., we all deal intimately with the phenomenon of neutral buoyancy every day with our brains, which exhibit neutral buoyancy as a result of their suspension in cerebrospinal fluid. The actual mass of the human ... to a mass of 25  grams. The brain therefore exists in neutral buoyancy, which allows ... supply and kill neurons in the lower sections. Creating neutral buoyancy Creating neutral buoyancy ... the force of buoyancy on the relative density of the object, causing it to land in the middle of the fluid ...   more details

  1. Buoyancy aid

    Unreferenced date February 2007 File Buoyancy aid.jpg thumb A person wearing a buoyancy aid with a reflective strip Buoyancy aids are a specialist form of personal flotation device PFD used most commonly .... Canoeing and kayaking buoyancy aids are designed with mobility in mind. A buoyancy aid that doesn t fit ... them from paddling properly. They typically have front and back foam buoyancy, with none or very little around the sides to allow for better arm movements. Types of Buoyancy Aid Canoeing and Kayaking All canoeing kayaking buoyancy aids are made with a Personal flotation device Foam core foam ..., but more modern designs typically feature front and rear slabs of foam buoyancy, with the sides left clear to allow unrestricted rotation and arm movement. Most buoyancy aids are one of three basic ... the buoyancy aid is worn like a regular jacket , zipped up at the front. This design limits the front buoyancy as it requires two separate blocks of foam and a gap for the zipper zip . Side zip ... in one side makes it easier to get the vest on, and means that the front buoyancy can be one whole piece. All buoyancy aids include some form of strap for tightening the buoyancy aid, preventing it from ... to ensure the buoyancy aid can not be swept off in fast water. They may also include pockets for storing ... to have a buoyancy aid that fits comfortably, allowing freedom of movement. It is also .... Each discipline has different requirements and although one buoyancy aid can be used for multiple ... These are designed with high maneuverability as a key feature, often at the expense of buoyancy. Minimalistic ... paddling where additional buoyancy is required due to the higher flow of water. canoe polo rules specify that the buoyancy aids must have protective buoyancy at the sides of the garment, resulting in a garment that is has more overall coverage Sea and touring Buoyancy aids for sea and long ... to lean forward easily. Whitewater Whitewater buoyancy aids are designed to provide enough buoyancy ...   more details

  1. Electromagnetic buoyancy

    Orphan date February 2009 Electromagnetic buoyancy EMB is a force that opposes Lorentz force EMW during electromagnetic phoresis of small particles or droplets in an aqueous medium. Though this force is still being researched, it has been clearly observed in experimental procedures. Category Electromagnetism electromagnetism stub ...   more details

  1. Buoyancy compensator (aviation)

    The static buoyancy of airship s in flight is not constant. It is therefore necessary to to control the altitude of an airship by controlling its buoyancy buoyancy compensation . Changes which have an effect on buoyancy Changes in air temperature and thus the density of air Changes in lifting gas temperature for example, the heating of the hull by the sun . Accumulation of additional ballast for example, precipitation or icing on the envelope Changes in ballast for example, during a flight maneuver or the dropping of ballast Changes in weight of fuel on board, due to fuel consumption. This was a challenge ... Frankfurt am Main to Lakehurst consumed approximately 54 tonne s of diesel with a buoyancy equivalent ... with new hydrogen. Compensation measures Particular use of the dynamic buoyancy, see Lift force lift and Drag physics drag . Increasing buoyancy by dropping ballast . This is done mostly by the jettisoning ... of buoyancy by jettisoning lift gas or adding ballast. Changing the density of the lifting gas by heating more buoyancy or cooling less buoyancy . The use of vacuum air buoyancy compensator ... or propellers. The Zeppelin NT has no special facilities to offset the extra buoyancy by fuel consumption. Compensation takes place by using a start weight that is higher than the buoyancy lifting level at the start and during the flight, the extra dynamic buoyancy needed for lift off and flight ... of a ballast extraction device. Buoyancy compensation With a Zeppelin two main strategies are pursued ... no increase in buoyancy caused by consumption. 2. Adding water as ballast by extraction during ... gas temperature in relation to the surrounding air have an effect on the buoyancy balance higher temperatures increase buoyancy lower temperatures decrease buoyancy. Artificially changing the lifting ... air on the lifting gas storage cells with the aim to gain buoyancy for launch. See also Aerostat Blimp ... durch Kondensation und Verdampfung von Wasserdampf German DEFAULTSORT Buoyancy Compensator ...   more details

  1. Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

    File NBL logo.jpg thumb NBL Logo Image NASA Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory Astronaut Training.jpg thumb right An astronaut training in the NBL Image NASA Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory control area.jpg thumb Simulation control area The Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory NBL is an astronaut training facility maintained by and located at the Sonny Carter Training Facility on NASA s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas . ref name pmid18619137 cite journal author Strauss S title Space medicine at the NASA JSC, neutral buoyancy laboratory journal Aviat Space Environ Med volume 79 issue 7 pages 732 3 year 2008 month July pmid 18619137 doi url accessdate ref The NBL consists of a large indoor pool of water, the largest in the world, ref cite web url http shuttle support training nbl facilities.html title Behind the scenes training publisher NASA date May 30, 2003 accessdate March 22, 2011 ... The principle of neutral buoyancy is used to simulate the weightless environment of space. ref name ... no buoyancy buoyant force and no Moment physics rotational moment about their center of mass ... 2008 08 27 ref One downside of using neutral buoyancy to simulate microgravity is the significant amount ... by doing tasks slowly in the water. Another downside of neutral buoyancy simulation is that astronauts ..., non US government neutral buoyancy facilities The Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility at the University ... techniques and robotic interaction using neutral buoyancy as a basis for weightless simulation. ref cite web url http facilities index.shtml NBRF title Space Systems Lab Neutral Buoyancy ... it space training astronauts.html accessdate July 17, 2009 ref Image NASA Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory Panorama.jpg center thumb 500px Panorama of the NBL in Houston, Texas See also Neutral Buoyancy ... US TX type landmark display title Category Neutral buoyancy facilities Category Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Category Human spaceflight fr Laboratoire de flottabilit neutre sv Neutral Buoyancy ...   more details

  1. Neutral Buoyancy Simulator

    Infobox nrhp name Neutral Buoyancy Simulator nrhp type nhl image Neutral Buoyancy Simulator tank from ... Structure title Neutral Buoyancy Space Simulator accessdate 2007 10 28 work National Historic ... and Space Administration The Neutral Buoyancy Simulator offered an environment similar to the zero ... three successively larger tanks for the purpose. The Neutral Buoyancy Simulator contributed significantly ... Space Station have all benefited from the Neutral Buoyancy Simulator. Until Lyndon ..., was NASA s first Neutral Buoyancy Simulator. ref The water within the simulator was temperature control ... Neutral buoyancy simulates the weightless environment of space. ref name pmid18619137 First equipment ... divers add weight to the astronauts so that they experience no buoyancy buoyant force and no Moment ... Strauss S title Space medicine at the NASA JSC, neutral buoyancy laboratory journal Aviat Space Environ ... downside of using neutral buoyancy to simulate microgravity is the significant amount of Drag physics ... tasks slowly in the water. Another downside of neutral buoyancy simulation is that astronauts are not weightless ... also Neutral buoyancy simulation as a training aid NASA has flown zero g flights on various aircraft ... the possibility of underwater neutral buoyancy simulations and began testing its efficacy. NASA engaged Environmental Research Associates of Baltimore to try neutral buoyancy simulations first .... Charlie Cooper at MSFC theorized that neutral buoyancy exercises could help with EVA planning while ... buoyancy testing. The larger pool was convert 25 ft m diameter, convert 15 ft m deep. A convert ... 17 1 ref rp p.189 90 ref name notes rp 1966 01 p.35 File Neutral Buoyancy Simulator Gantt chart ... which made it possible to maintain neutral buoyancy at any depth. Divers first tried the Mark IV ... on September 6, 1966. Bean was quite enthusiastic and outspoken about neutral buoyancy as one ... p. 79 ref name 50 years rp p. 190 File Von Braun gets in the 25 foot diameter Neutral Buoyancy Simulator.jpg ...   more details

  1. Boussinesq approximation (buoyancy)

    About the Boussinesq approximation in buoyancy driven flows Boussinesq approximation disambiguation In fluid dynamics , the Boussinesq approximation IPA fr busin sk pron , named for Joseph Valentin Boussinesq is used in the field of buoyancy driven flow also known as natural convection . It states that density differences are sufficiently small to be neglected, except where they appear in terms multiplied by g , the acceleration due to gravity. The essence of the Valentin Joseph Boussinesq Boussinesq approximation is that the difference in inertia is negligible but gravity is sufficiently strong to make the specific weight appreciably different between the two fluids. sound Sound waves are impossible neglected when the Boussinesq approximation is used since sound waves move via density variations. Boussinesq flows are common in nature such as surface weather analysis atmospheric front s, oceanic circulation, katabatic wind s , industry Air pollution dispersion terminology dense gas dispersion , fume cupboard ventilation , and the built environment natural ventilation, central heating . The approximation is extremely accurate for many such flows, and makes the mathematics and physics simpler. The approximation s advantage arises because when considering a flow of, say, warm and cold water of density math rho 1 math and math rho 2 math one needs only consider a single density math rho math the difference math Delta rho rho 1 rho 2 math is negligible. Dimensional analysis shows that, under these circumstances, the only sensible way that acceleration due to gravity g should enter into the equations of motion is in the reduced gravity math g math where math g g rho 1 rho 2 over rho . math Note that the denominator may be either density without affecting the result because the change would be of order math g Delta rho rho 2 math . The most generally used dimensionless number would be the Richardson number and Rayleigh number . The mathematics of the flow is therefore simpler ...   more details

  1. Neutral buoyancy simulation as a training aid

    Neutral buoyancy simulation with astronauts immersed in a tank of water, in pressure suits, can help to prepare astronauts for the difficult task of working while outside a spacecraft in an apparently weightless environment. Preparations for spacewalking Extra vehicular activity EVA , working outside the space vehicle, was one of the goals of the Project Gemini Gemini Program during the 1960s. The astronaut s were trained in the zero gravity condition by flying a parabolic trajectory in an Reduced gravity aircraft aircraft that caused reduced gravity for thirty second intervals. File Carpenter Wet Workshop.jpg thumb Astronaut Scott Carpenter performs Wet Workshop bolt removal task File Cernan Gemini IX 1.jpg thumb Astronaut Gene Cernan explains his Gemini IX A EVA difficulties from the deck of the McDonogh School pool facility Pioneers without sufficient training The Russian Astronaut cosmonaut Alexey Leonov was the first to egress his vehicle while travelling in orbit above the earth. Shortly after, Edward Higgins White Ed White , Gemini 4 Gemini IV , was the first American astronaut ... tasks required further development. citation needed date December 2011 Origins of neutral buoyancy ... Associates of Randallstown, Maryland Randallstown MD had already developed a neutral buoyancy simulation ... docking components to facilitate further development of EVA capabilities via neutral buoyancy ... of using neutral buoyancy simulation training before attempting all of the EVA tasks while wearing ... EVAs in the Gemini XII mission, NASA constructed tanks for neutral buoyancy simulation The Neutral Buoyancy Simulator at Marshall Space Flight Center followed by the Weightless Environment Training ... the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory , where Space Shuttle Shuttle and International Space Station Space Station astronauts are trained in neutral buoyancy. Astronauts and cosmonauts also train at the Yuri ... . References reflist External links http Gemini XLV Symposium Category Neutral buoyancy ...   more details

  1. Archimedean principle

    Archimedean principle may refer to Archimedes principle , a principle relating buoyancy with displacement. Archimedean property , a mathematical property of numbers and other algebraic structures. disambig ...   more details

  1. Boussinesq approximation

    Boussinesq approximation may refer to several modelling concepts as introduced by Joseph Valentin Boussinesq 1842 1929 , a French mathematician and physicist known for advances in fluid dynamics Boussinesq approximation buoyancy for buoyancy driven flows for small density differences in the fluid Boussinesq approximation water waves for long waves propagating on the surface of a fluid layer under the action of gravity Turbulence modeling and Viscosity Eddy viscosity eddy viscosity in modelling the turbulence Reynolds stresses , the Boussinesq approximation results in the use of an eddy viscosity concept disambig ...   more details

  1. Mark (dinghy)

    Orphan date February 2009 The Mark is a single hander sailing racing dinghy class. The design probably first appeared in the 1970s, at about the same time as the Laser dinghy Laser , but never took off as a popular racing class. The Mark is 12 feet in length, with forward and side buoyancy compartments. A 19 foot free standing rotating mast stepped far forward in the front buoyancy compartment supports a mainsail. Sailing Dinghies and Skiffs Category Dinghies ship type stub ...   more details

  1. Static lift

    Static lift can refer to For an aerostat Buoyancy the lifting force of the gas For an aerodyne Lift force the lifting force generated by the wings Lift soaring rising air used by soaring birds and gliders See also Dynamic soaring disambig ...   more details

  1. Controlled buoyant lift

    The controlled buoyant lift is an underwater diver rescue technique used by Scuba diving scuba divers to safely raise an incapacitated diver to the surface from depth. It is the primary technique for rescuing an underwater and Unconsciousness unconscious diver. It can also be used where the casualty has lost or damaged his or her diving mask and cannot safely ascend without help. The standard Professional Association of Diving Instructors PADI trained technique is for the rescuer to approach the face down unconscious diver victim from above and kneel with one knee either side of his or her diving cylinder . Then, with the victim s diving regulator held in place, the tank is gripped firmly between the knees and the rescuer s Buoyancy compensator diving buoyancy compensator is used to control a slow ascent to the surface. In the technique taught by BSAC , the rescuer faces the casualty and uses the casualty s buoyancy compensator to provide buoyancy for both divers as the rescuer makes a controlled ascent. If the casualty is not breathing, the ascent will be urgent. If the two divers separate during the ascent, the use of the casualty s buoyancy is intended as a failsafe causing the casualty to continue to the surface where there is air and other rescuers can help. Unreferenced date January 2008 Category Underwater diving emergency procedures Category Underwater diving safety underwater diving stub ...   more details

  1. Gasbag

    Gasbag may refer to Balloon , a bag filled with gas A hot air balloon for manned flight uses a fabric gas bag or lifting envelope . Windbag , a person who talks too much Gas bladder , contributes to the ability of a fish to control its buoyancy disambig Long comment to avoid being listed on short pages ...   more details

  1. Fenzy

    Fenzy is a scuba diving and industrial breathing equipment design and manufacturing firm. It started in or before 1920. In 1961 the company s founder and owner, Maurice Fenzy, invented a divers adjustable buoyancy life jacket ABLJ European terminology or buoyancy compensator diving buoyancy compensator BC North American terminology ref url http images BCD.pdf McLean, David History of Buoyancy Compensators see Slide 21 ref that became so well known that the company name has became synonymous with the item, although FENZY also manufactured rebreather s and other items. References Reflist External links Fenzy rebreathers http Zuurstofrebreathers French photos fenzy fernez.htm Patent for an industrial rebreather designed in 1920 http Zuurstofrebreathers French photos fenzy escape.htm Fenzy Escape http Zuurstofrebreathers French photos fenzy orm 55.htm Fenzy ORM 55 http Zuurstofrebreathers French photos fenzy 55.htm Fenzy 55 http Zuurstofrebreathers French photos fenzy 67J.htm Fenzy 67 J http Zuurstofrebreathers French photos fenzy po68.htm Fenzy PO68 Category Diving engineering Category Rebreather makers Category Diving equipment manufacturers ...   more details

  1. Camstrap

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Orphan date December 2009 A camstrap is a piece of webbing with a buckle that is used to secure a cylinder or scuba tank to a Buoyancy compensator diving buoyancy compensator or backplate. The name is derived from the cam action of the buckle to tighten and secure the strap. Also known as a cam band or tank strap. Cam straps are also typically used in whitewater rafting to tie rowing frames to the rafts. However, the cam buckle used in rafting cam straps is very different than one used in diving. The rafting cam strap has a self locking cam lever that cannot be accidentally released. A thumb released cam locks the webbing in place and its locking action even allows tightening one handed. Category Diving harness Underwater diving stub ...   more details

  1. Camera (cephalopod)

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Image NautilusCutawayLogarithmicSpiral.jpg thumb Cutaway of a nautilus shell showing the chambers Camerae singular camera are the spaces or chambers enclosed between two adjacent Septa biology septa in the phragmocone of a nautiloid or Ammonoidea ammonoid cephalopod . These can be seen in cross sections of a nautilus shell and in the polished cross sections of ammonites. In life these chambers are filled with gas, mediated by the siphuncle , and used to control buoyancy . Some Palaeozoic nautiloid genera, especially those with Orthocone long, straight shells , are distinguished by Cameral Deposits . These were accumulations of calcium carbonate secreted in the empty chambers of the shell, used for Ballast tanks ballast and control of buoyancy. The nature and form of these deposits are very useful in nautiloid classification. Cephalopod anatomy DEFAULTSORT Camera Anatomy Category Cephalopod zootomy ...   more details

  1. Line holder

    Image Avvolgisagola.jpg thumb A stainless steel line holder with a 20 metre line A line holder is an H shaped piece of wood , plastic or stainless steel used to wrap a small rope such as a Rope Line line . Usage It is usually used in conjunction with a surface marker buoy or a delayed surface marker buoy by divers. In this case negative buoyancy is important in order to safely unwind the line underwater the scuba diver can drop the line holder and wait from a safe distance for the partial or complete unwinding a negative buoyancy line holder will greatly reduce the risk of losing it. See also Dive reel Underwater diving Underwater diving stub Category Diving equipment it avvolgisagola ...   more details

  1. Hybrid moored balloon

    Unreferenced date July 2011 File Helikite Lifting Gyro Stabilised Camera.jpeg thumb A Helikite aerostat lifting a gyro stabilised camera A hybrid moored balloon is a system that remains aloft using both buoyancy buoyant lighter than air gases and lift force aerodynamic lift . An example of a hybrid moored balloon is the Helikite . See also Kytoon , a similar device Aerostat Kite Airship Balloon aircraft Buoyancy Lighter than air Moored balloon External links http Helikites http Air Foil Aerostat Aircraft types by method of thrust and lift Category Balloons aircraft Category Ballooning Category Airship technology Category Hydrogen technologies aero stub ...   more details

  1. Pontoon effect

    whenever the vessel s entire weight exceeds the buoyancy of the pontoon s on either side. However, the pontoon ... the center of buoyancy. This is the opposite of the case in a traditional or displacement hull vessel, which derives positive stability from having its center of buoyancy above the center of gravity. If the pontoon ... to the side than the center of buoyancy is moved by the change in the depth and displacement of each ..., the lateral movement of the center of buoyancy will be restricted. Even a relatively small lateral force can move the center of gravity further to the side than the center of buoyancy can go. At this point ... twin lateral pontoons, each pontoon should have enough buoyancy to bear the load of the entire vessel ... pontoon will provide no further buoyancy to right the vessel. As the center of buoyancy cannot move ... like wind , the center of gravity cannot move transversely beyond the center of buoyancy at the most ...   more details

  1. Ballast

    Ballast may refer to Objects wiktionary ballast Ballast tank , a device used on ships and submarines and other submersibles to control buoyancy and stability Ballast weight s, metallic plates used to bring auto racing vehicles up to the minimum mandated weight Electrical ballast , used to stabilize the current flow in lamps Sailing ballast , ship s ballast, used to weigh a ship down Track ballast , the layer of crushed rock or gravel upon which railway track is laid Ballast carried aboard an aircraft, for example in Gliding Maximizing average speed gliding to increase speed and or adjust the aircraft s center of gravity in a balloon as a Buoyancy compensator aviation buoyancy compensator Ballast tractor , a heavy haulage road vehicle designed to pull or push heavy or exceptionally large loads Places Ballast, Coevorden , a village in the northeastern Netherlands Ballast Point Tampa Ballast Point , a neighborhood in Tampa, Florida, United States Other Ballast film Ballast film , a 2008 film about the effect of one man s suicide on three people disambig eo Balasto fr Ballast io Balasto nl Ballast ja pl Balast ujednoznacznienie ru sv Ballast ...   more details

  1. Wave-piercing

    Unreferenced date August 2010 A wave piercing boat Hull watercraft hull has a very fine bow, with reduced buoyancy in the forward portions. When a wave is encountered, the lack of buoyancy means the hull pierces through the water rather than riding over the top resulting in a smoother ride than traditional designs, and in diminished stress on the vessel and crew. It also reduces a boat s wave making resistance . Design theory calls for very long thin hulls, so in practice most are multi hulls such as catamaran s. The main current usage areas are passenger ferries and military craft. The reduced buoyancy can be problematic in rough sea, because the ship isn t lifted above the wave as much. See also HSV 2 Swift HMAS Jervis Bay AKR 45 Zumwalt class destroyer Earthrace , later renamed MY Ady Gil Incat , a pioneer of the design USA 17 yacht USA 17 a boat that raced in the America s Cup USS Independence LCS 2 high speed trimaran warship DEFAULTSORT Wave Piercing Category Ship construction Category Sailing ship components Category Naval architecture Category Water waves shipbuilding stub ru ...   more details

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