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Encyclopedia results for Brocade


Encyclopedia results for Brocade

  1. Brocade

    otheruses File Brocart de soie fran ais.jpg right thumb Silk brocade fabric, Lyon, France , 1760 1770. File Brokat 3.jpg thumb Lace Patterned silk brocade, Russia , early 18th century File JacaltecBrocade.jpg ... loom . Brocade is a class of richly decorative shuttle weaving shuttle woven fabric s, often made ... broccus , projecting, pointed. ref http index.php?term brocade brocade EtymologyOnline ref Brocade is typically woven on a draw loom . It is a supplementary weft technique, that is, the ornamental ... that the weave actually was embroidered on. In Guatemala , brocade is the most popular technique ... in brocade are emphasized and wrought as additions to the main fabric, sometimes stiffening ... away. When the weft is floating on the back, this is known as a continuous brocade the supplementary ... brocade is where the supplementary yarn is only woven in the patterned areas. History Byzantium Dating back to the Middle Ages , brocade fabric was one of the few luxurious fabrics worn by nobility ... publisher Fairchild Books location New York pages 110 ref During the Early Middle Ages , brocade ... for the fabric. The designs woven into brocade fabrics were often Persia Persian in origin. It was also ... of brocade, damask, and other superior silk textiles. ref name Italy cite book last Tortora ... into their paintings. ref name Italy Modern uses Brocade fabrics are used in modern times mostly ... with the use of sequin sequins and Beadwork beading as decoration. Brocade fabrics are now largely ... weaving jacquard technique . Although many brocade fabrics look like tapestries and are advertised by some fashion promotions as such, they are not to be confused with true tapestries . Patterns such as brocade ... Brocade cite book last Collier first Billie J. title Understanding Textiles year 2009 publisher Pearson Prentice Hall location Upper Saddle River, N.J. pages 303 ref See also Eight Pieces of Brocade Songket Banarasi Zari Meera Mehta References references Further reading Brocade paper fragment , originally ...   more details

  1. Brocade (disambiguation)

    wiktionary brocade Brocade may refer to Beau Brocade , a fictional masked highway man Brocade Communications Systems , a telecommunications company Brocade fabric is a class of richly decorative shuttle woven fabrics. See also Dusky Brocade disambig ...   more details

  1. Beau Brocade

    About the film adaptation Beau Brocade film Infobox book name Beau Brocade title orig translator image File Beaubrocade.jpg 200px First edition cover preferred image caption author Baroness Orczy illustrator cover artist country United Kingdom language English series genre Historical novel publisher Greening & Co release date 1907 english release date media type Print Hardcover Hardback & Paperback pages 307 pp isbn NA Released before ISBN system implemented preceded by Preceding novel in series followed by Following novel in series Beau Brocade is a 1907 novel written by Baroness Orczy and was followed by the play of the same name in 1908. It was adapted as a silent film Beau Brocade film Beau Brocade in 1916. The Ballad of Beau Brocade , was an 1892 poem by English Poet Henry Austin Dobson . Plot summary After their recent defeat, the hamlets and villages of Derbyshire are no longer ringing with the wild shouts of Bonny Prince Charlie s Highland Brigade instead troops loyal to George II of Great Britain King George are looking for those accused of high treason and are offering a reward of twenty guineas for the death of any traitor or rebel. Philip James Gascoyne, eleventh Earl of Stretton, is in hiding, in fear for his life after being wrongly accused by Sir Humphrey Challoner of being a traitor to the King. For months Philip has been a fugitive, disguised in rough clothes and hiding in odd places, trusting no one, but now he has been given shelter and a cover by honest John ... sister, the beautiful Lady Patience Gascoyne. John Stich is also friends with the notorious Beau Brocade ... to the poor. Beau Brocade is actually Captain Jack Bathurst of His Majesty s White Dragoons, a handsome ... gets Beau Brocade to deliver a letter from Philip to his sister and a couple of days later ... details balladofbeaubroc00dobsuoft The Ballad of Beau Brocade at Open Library DEFAULTSORT Beau Brocade Book Categories Category 1907 novels Category 1908 plays Category Historical novels ...   more details

  1. Flame Brocade

    Taxobox name Trigonophora flammea image Trigonophora flammea.jpg image width image caption regnum Animal ia phylum Arthropod a classis Insect a ordo Lepidoptera familia Noctuidae subfamilia genus Trigonophora species T. flammea binomial Trigonophora flammea binomial authority Esper, 1785 synonyms The Flame Brocade Trigonophora flammea is a moth of the Noctuidae family. It is typically found in the Mediterranean region, but is also found on the Channel Islands . Formerly, it was a resident in Sussex until becoming extinct there in the late 19th century. ref http show.php?bf 2251 UKmoths Flame Brocade Trigonophora flammea ref In October 2011 however, The charity Butterfly Conservation reported that the moth has apparently become established in the south coast of England. ref http nature 15200608 Rare flame brocade moth is established in the UK BBC Nature online , Accessed 07 10 2011 ref The wingspan is 44 52  mm. Adults are on wing from October to November. The larvae feed on low plants such as Ranunculus in the early stages, later preferring such species as Fraxinus and Ligustrum . References reflist Category Cuculliinae Cuculliinae stub UK stub de Trigonophora flammea nl Trigonophora flammea ...   more details

  1. Dusky Brocade

    Taxobox name Dusky Brocade image Apamea remissa 190605.jpg image size 200px image2 Apamea remissa.jpg image2 size 200px regnum Animal ia phylum Arthropod a classis Insect a ordo Lepidoptera familia Noctuidae tribus Apameini genus Apamea moth genus Apamea species A. remissa binomial Apamea remissa binomial authority Jacob H bner H bner , 1809 The Dusky Brocade Apamea remissa is a moth of the family Noctuidae . It is distributed throughout Europe . It has also been reported from Alaska by Kononenko et al. in 1989. Some authors consider Apamea indocilis to be a subspecies of Apamea remissa . This species has a wingspan of 36 42 mm. Well marked individuals are fairly distinctive but there are many obscurely marked forms which can be difficult to separate from other species. The typical form has pale greyish brown forewings with dark markings including a large blackish mark near the dorsum biology dorsum and two spots at the Glossary of Lepidopteran terms termen . The hindwings are greyish with darker venation. This moth flies at night in June and July ref flight season and is attracted to light, sugar and nectar rich flower s. The larva feeds on various grass es including Calamagrostis , Deschampsia , Festuca , Phalaris and Secale Rye . This species overwinters as a larva, feeding during mild weather. Note flight season The flight season refers to the British Isles . This may vary in other parts of the range. References Chinery, Michael Collins Guide to the Insects of Britain and Western Europe 1986 Reprinted 1991 Skinner, Bernard Colour Identification Guide to Moths of the British Isles 1984 Category Apamea moth genus Category Animals described in 1809 cy Brithyn llwydolau nl Grauwe grasuil vi Apamea remissa ...   more details

  1. Beau Brocade (film)

    Infobox film name Beau Brocade director Thomas Bentley starring Mercy Hatton br Charles Rock br Austin Leigh based on Based on Beau Brocade Emmuska Orczy released Film date 1916 df y country Film UK Beau Brocade is a 1916 British silent adventure film directed by Thomas Bentley and starring Mercy Hatton , Charles Rock and Austin Leigh . ref http sift title 145011 ref In eighteenth century Britain a disgraced gentlemen becomes a highwaymen . It is adapted from the novel Beau Brocade by Baroness Emmuska Orczy . Cast Mercy Hatton Lady Patience Charles Rock Sir Humphrey Challoner Austin Leigh Jack Bathurst Cecil Mannering Lord Stretton George Foley actor George Foley John Stitch Cecil Morton York Matterchip Frank Harris Jock Miggs Harry Brayne Duffy Kitty Arlington Betty References reflist External links IMDb title 0317127 Beau Brocade Thomas Bentley Category 1916 films Category British films Category British silent films Category Films directed by Thomas Bentley Category 1910s adventure films Category British adventure films UK film stub ...   more details

  1. Nanjing yunjin brocade

    refimprove date November 2011 Nanjing brocade , also known as Nanjing Yunjin in Chinese , is a kind of brocade made in Nanjing , Jiangsu , China . Yunjin is a general term for the traditional jacquard silk fabric. It can be traced back to the officially run weaving factory Jin Bureau in Chinese , which produced the brocade only for the royal family. It was not until the late Qing dynasty that the development of Nanjing cloud pattern brocade entered its period of full bloom then the products were sold to the common citizens. ref cite web title Nanjing Yunjin url http library 2008 01 22 content 72490.htm publisher accessdate November 10, 2011 ref Nanjing brocades are famous for their exquisite technology, elegant patterns and smooth texture. The patterns is various and as beautiful as the cloud in the sky therefore its name Yunjin comes. In 2009, Nanjing brocade was been selected into candidate programmes of the oral and intangible heritage of humans at UNESCO . ref cite web title url http zxzx detail.asp?newid 578&leibieid 34 Accessed in November,2011. ref References reflist http gd.asp Category Figured fabrics ...   more details

  1. Brocade Communications Systems

    Infobox company company name Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. company logo Image Brocade communications ... http article 309465 brocade communications systems ceo discusses q4 2011 results earnings call transcript publisher Seeking alpha title Brocade Communications Systems CEO Discusses Q4 ... Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. is an American multinational corporation and a technology ..., Brocade Communications is headquartered in San Jose, California San Jose , California , USA . as of 2010 ... accessdate 21 October 2011 ref History Brocade was founded in August 1995, by Seth Neiman a venture ... Switch, was released in early 1997. Incorporation and IPO Brocade was incorporated on May 14, 1999 ... to cover over allotments. The top 3 underwriters, based on number of shares, for Brocade s IPO were, in order, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, BT Alex.Brown, & Dain Rauscher Wessels. Brocade ... BRCD. Brocade Products Brocade SAN Storage Products Brocade s first Fiber Channel switch SilkWorm ... a switched fabric fabric . In 1998, Gregory Reyes joined the company as CEO. In 2001, Brocade released ... and Evaluations.htm accessdate August 9, 2011 ref From 2001 to 2003, Brocade released switches based ... of 1 Gbit s. Brocade integrated BLOOM into its first pure director, the SilkWorm 12000, in April ... with FOS v4.1 in October 2003. At the time, Brocade s main rival, McDATA, held over 90 market share ... 12000 director gained over one third of the market share after its release in 2002. Brocade ... news technology 19890 brocade silkworm 12000 director named storage product of the year ... consumption and die size, while maintaining 2 Gbit s technology. It powered Brocade s second generation ... power than its predecessor. Brocade introduced also its first multiprotocol Fibre Channel router, the SilkWorm 7420. Brocade also acquired Rhapsody Networks a SAN virtualization startup company . This was also the time frame in which Brocade first entered into the embedded switch market, delivering ...   more details

  1. Silkworm (disambiguation)

    The Silkworm Bombyx mori is the larva or caterpillar of a moth that is very important economically as the producer of silk. Other meanings Silkworm may also refer to Silkworm missile , a Chinese built anti ship cruise missile Silkworm band , an indie rock band Silkworm video game Silkworm video game , a sidescrolling video game Brocade Communications Systems Brocade SilkWorm computing , a make of fibre channel network switch disambig fr Silkworm ...   more details

  1. Fabric OS

    In storage area networking , Fabric OS is the firmware for Brocade Communications Systems s Fibre Channel switch es and Fibre Channel director s. It is also known as FOS and Fabos. First generation The first generation of Fabric OS was developed on top of a VxWorks Kernel computer science kernel and was mainly used in the Brocade Silkworm 2000 and first 3000 series on Intel i960 . Even today, When date August 2011 many production environments are still running the older generation Silkworm models. Second generation The second generation of Fabric OS was developed on a PowerPC platform, and uses MontaVista Linux , a Linux derivative with Real time computing real time performance enhancements. With the advent of MontaVista, switches and directors have the ability of hot firmware activation without downtime for Fibre Channel fabric , and many useful diagnostic commands. According to free software licenses terms, Brocade http services support drivers downloads oscd oscd provides access to sources of distributed free software, on which Fabric OS and other Brocade s software products are based. Additional licensed products Additional products for Fabric OS are offered by Brocade for one time fee. They are licensed for use in a single specific switch license key is coupled with device s serial number . Those include Integrated Routing Adaptive Networking Quality of service , Ingress Rate Limiting Brocade Communications Systems Brocade Advanced Fibre Channel zoning Zoning Free with rel 6.1.x Inter Switch Link ISL trunking Ports on Demand Extended Fabrics more than 10km of switched fabric connectivity, up to 3000km Advanced Performance Monitoring APM Fabric Watch Secure Fabric OS obsolete Versions Fabric OS 6.x 6.2 Virtual Fabrics capable 6.1 M EOS compatibility enhacements 6.0 LDAP support Fabric OS 5.x 5.3 switch to Linux 2.6 kernel 5.1 Access Gateway mode Fabric OS 4.x 4.1 SSH support, Multiple user access Fabric OS 3.x Fabric OS 2.x References ...   more details

  1. Foundry Networks

    16 port gigabit Ethernet cards. file Brocade FES24 Front.jpg thumb 232px Brocade FastIron Edge 24 port switch, front file Brocade FES24 Back.jpg thumb 232px Brocade FastIron Edge 24 port switch ... p articles mi qa4137 is 200503 ai n13591705 ref Acquisition by Brocade Communications Systems ... company Brocade Communications Systems for approximately 3 billion in cash and stock. ref http phx.corporate phoenix.zhtml?c 90440&p irol newsArticle print&ID 1177329&highlight Brocade ... purchase price of roughly 2.6bn in an all cash transaction when Brocade was unable to come up with a 400M ... phoenix.zhtml?c 90440&p irol newsArticle print&ID 1224060&highlight Brocade And Foundry Networks Announce Signing Of Amendment To Definitive Agreement For Acquisition Of Foundry By Brocade ref failed ... story 12 17 2008 0004943779&EDATE Foundry Networks Stockholders Approve Merger With Brocade ref The acquisition ...&p irol newsArticle print&ID 1238061&highlight Brocade Completes Acquisition of Foundry Networks ref Qatalyst Partners advised Brocade on financial matters, and Cooley Godward Kronish LLP was Brocade s legal adviser. ref http efytimes 30969 news.htm Brocade Completes Foundry Acquisition ref References refs 1 External links http Brocade Foundry Networks official website ... and Brocade merger Category Networking companies of the United States Category Networking hardware ...   more details

  1. Virtual Cluster Switching

    travels along the shortest path. 5 Simple The fabric is managed as a single logical entity. Brocade ... Fabrics. ref http www.pcmag 2010 11 23 brocade first to market with ethernet fabric solutions to enable virtualized data centers and cloud optimized networks Brocade First to Market with Ethernet ..., Brocade SAN fabric technology is currently deployed in over 90 percent of the Global 1000 data centers ... Brocade Corporate Fact Sheet ref With VCS, Brocade will be bringing the same level of innovation to the data center LAN, combining Ethernet and Brocade fabric technology. Distributed Intelligence With VCS ... Fibre Channel connectivity, Layer 4 7 services such as the Brocade Application Resource Broker, and enhanced ... fabric. Availability of Brocade VCS Technology Brocade announced VCS on June 9, 2010 at its annual http Technology Day in New York City as part of the new Brocade One network architecture ... . Brocade VCS availability in data center Ethernet switches is anticipated near the end of 2010. Deleted image removed File Brocade VCS Architecture.jpg References See http wiki Wikipedia ... http releases.cfm Brocade June 9, 2010 Press Releases Reflist External links http brocadeone Brocade One Unified Network Architecture and Strategy http Brocade Homepage Categories Category Network topology Category Fibre Channel ...   more details

  1. Yunjin

    notability date December 2011 Yunjin is a kind of brocade , a type of richly decorative shuttle woven fabric, often made in colored silks with gold and silver threads. ref http ref References reflist Category Textile Arts articles needing attention Category Textile arts of China ...   more details

  1. Austin Leigh

    Austin Leigh was a British stage and film actor. ref http sift individual 117435 ref Selected filmography Brigadier Gerard film Brigadier Gerard 1915 Beau Brocade film Beau Brocade 1916 The Temptress 1920 film The Temptress 1920 Adventures of Captain Kettle 1922 Old Bill Through the Ages 1924 Bulldog Drummond s Third Round 1925 References references External links imdb name 0500171 Persondata NAME Leigh, Austin ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Leigh, Austin Category Date of birth unknown Category Date of death unknown Category British film actors Category British stage actors UK film actor stub ...   more details

  1. List of Fibre Channel switches

    Major manufacturers of Fibre Channel switch es are ATTO Technology ATTO , Brocade Communications Systems Brocade , Cisco , McData and QLogic . ATTO Technology Switches 8308, 8316 and 8324 Brocade Switches 6510, 5300, 5100, 5000, 4900, 2400, 2800, 3800, 3900, 4100, 300, 200E Directors 12000, 24000, 48000, DCX Backbone and DCX 8510 More complete list in Brocade Communications Systems article. Cisco Switches Cisco MDS 9016, 9020, 9032, 9112, 9120, 9124, 9124e, 9134, 9140, 9148, 9216, 9216i, 9222i, 9302, 9304, 9308 Directors Cisco MDS 9506, 9509, 9513, 9530, 9560 ref http en US docs switches datacenter mds9000 compatibility matrix hwswmat.html Cisco MDS 9000 SAN OS Hardware and Software Compatibility Matrix  Cisco MDS 9000 SAN OS Software Cisco Systems , Cisco Systems, Accessed June 24, 2008 ref McData now acquired and rebranded by Brocade Switches 3232, 4500, 4700 Directors 6064, 6140, 10000 QLogic Switches SANbox 5800, 5600, 5200, 3050, 1400 Directors Modular Chassis Switches SANbox 9000 Juniper Switches QFabric QFX3500 48S4Q ACR,QFX3008 CHASA BASE, QFX3008 SF16Q, QFX3100 GBE ACR ref http us en products services switching qfx series qfabric system ordering Juniper Accessed March 21, 2012 ref References reflist Expand list date February 2011 Category Fibre Channel Category Lists of companies Fibre Channel switches ...   more details

  1. Caul (headgear)

    Unreferenced date September 2008 File Ukraine Caul.jpg thumb right Ukrainian Caul and kerchief A caul is a historical headress worn by women that covers tied up hair. A fancy caul could be made of satin , velvet , fine silk or brocade , although a simple caul would commonly be made of white linen or cotton . The caul could be covered by a crespine or a mesh net to secure it from falling off. It is also the name of an Elizabethan hair net. Category Fashion accessories Category Headgear clothing stub fashion stub ...   more details

  1. List of storage area network management systems

    unreferenced date January 2012 This is a list of Storage area network SAN management systems . A storage area network is a dedicated network that provides access to consolidated, block level data storage. Systems Apple Computer Apple Xsan Brocade Communications Systems Brocade Fabric Manager Cisco Fabric Manager DataCore Software DataCore SANsymphony line, storage virtualization software Dataram Dataram XcelaSAN XcelaSAN Dell EqualLogic Enterprise Fibre Channel fabric Fabric Connectivity EFC Manager euroNAS iSCSI and NAS Software EMC Corporation EMC ControlCenter EMC Corporation EMC VisualSAN EMC Corporation EMC VisualSRM EMC Invista FalconStor IPstor family Hitachi Data Systems HiCommand HP OpenView Storage Area Manager IBM SAN Volume Controller Symantec Veritas Command central Storage References reflist Category Computer storage Category Network management Category Storage area networks ...   more details

  1. Cecil Mannering

    Cecil Mannering was a British film actor. ref http sift individual 23183 ref Selected filmography The Heart of Midlothian film The Heart of Midlothian 1914 Beau Brocade film Beau Brocade 1916 The Valley of Fear 1916 film The Valley of Fear 1916 The Duchess of Seven Dials 1920 What the Butler Saw 1924 film What the Butler Saw 1924 The Tragedy at Barnsdale Manor 1924 Storm in a Teacup film Storm in a Teacup 1937 Merry Comes to Town 1937 References references External links imdb name 0543099 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Mannering, Cecil ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION British film actor DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Mannering, Cecil Category Year of birth unknown Category Year of death unknown Category British film actors UK film actor stub ...   more details

  1. Mercy Hatton

    Mercy Hatton was a British actress. ref http sift individual 117434 ref Selected filmography The Harbour Lights 1914 film The Harbour Lights 1914 The World, the Flesh and the Devil 1914 film The World, the Flesh and the Devil 1914 Beau Brocade film Beau Brocade 1916 The Laughing Cavalier film The Laughing Cavalier 1917 The Sands of Time film The Sands of Time 1919 Her Son 1920 The Case of Lady Camber 1920 A Sportsman s Wife 1921 Christie Johnstone film Christie Johnstone 1921 A Master of Craft 1922 References references External links imdb name 0369054 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Hatton, Mercy ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Hatton, Mercy Category Year of birth unknown Category Year of death unknown Category British film actors Category British silent film actors UK film actor stub ...   more details

  1. Charles Rock

    Charles Rock 1866 1919 was a British actor. ref http sift individual 11285 ref He was born Arthur Charles Rock de Fabeck . Selected filmography The Firm of Girdlestone film The Firm of Girdlestone 1915 The Prisoner of Zenda 1915 film The Prisoner of Zenda 1915 Rupert of Hentzau 1915 film Rupert of Hentzau 1915 Beau Brocade film Beau Brocade 1916 The Morals of Weybury 1916 The Chinese Puzzle 1919 film The Chinese Puzzle 1919 References references External links imdb name 0734152 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Rock, Charles ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1866 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1919 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Rock, Charles Category 1866 births Category 1919 deaths Category People from Velore Category British film actors UK film actor stub ...   more details

  1. Global Namespace

    in late 2008 wound down their operations, intellectual property picked up in 2009 Brocade ... Brocade are to discontinue this and related products Autumn 2009 http forms getFile?p documents end of availability notice Brocade 20EOL 20Letter 20Files 20 20direct.doc NetApp VFM rebadged version of Brocade product to suffer same fate http NOW products cpc ... Brocade , http products detail software rainfinity global namespace appliance.htm EMC Rainfinity ...   more details

  1. Connectrix

    Wikify date March 2010 Connectrix is the family name for EMC Corporation s range of storage network directors and switches. EMC does not manufacture any of these devices, instead they rebadge several of the market leading brands. In many cases the EMC version of a switch will have customized EMC firmware, which will improve larger SAN design and or compatibility between multi vendor products. These customizations are usually created by the original switch vendor to EMC s requirements. Switch families EMC has various families to which most switches are allocated, based on their performance and connectivity features. These families range from Enterprise class to edge devices. The switch families are as follows ED Enterprise Director DS Departmental Switch MP Multi Protocol Router OEM identification The original switch vendor can usually be deciphered from the EMC model name. Typically, model numbers are the same as the original number and the model name is suffixed with a letter denoting the original brand B or M, for Brocade and McData respectively. EMC also rebadges Cisco MDS series switches and directors. These have the prefix MDS and no suffix, clearly not conforming to the EMC nomenclature. For example DS 4100B Brocade Silkworm 4100 ED 10000M McData Intrepid 10000 MDS 9216i Cisco MDS 9216i External links http products networking connectrix.jsp EMC Connectrix official page http partnerships oems emc products Brocade EFCM EMC Connectrix Manager fabric management software Category EMC Corporation compu storage stub ...   more details

  1. Saga Nishiki

    Image Saga nishiki 1.jpg thumb 250px A Saga Nishiki work nihongo Saga Nishiki Saga nishiki is a form of brocade brocading from Saga prefecture , Japan . It is a unique form of brocading in that Washi Japanese paper is used as the Warp weaving warp . This paper is coated in either gold , silver or lacquer . The weft is a silk thread which is Dyeing dyed . As the technique is time consuming, only several inches are produced each day. ref http www.saga Saga Chamber of Commerce and Industry , http www.saga tokusan nishiki eng proces index.html Saga Nishiki Process , August 2, 2007. ref History Saga Nishiki was created at the end of the Edo Period by Kashima Nabeshima See that section in the article in the Japanese Wikipedia , the daimyo of Saga. At this time it was referred to as Kashima Nishiki . It was not until the Japan British Exhibition 1910 Japan British Exhibition of 1910 that it was renamed Saga Nishiki . ref http www.saga Saga Chamber of Commerce and Industry , http www.saga tokusan nishiki eng histry index.html Saga Nishiki History , August 2, 2007. ref Gallery gallery Image Saga nishiki 2.jpg A woman brocades Image Saga nishiki 3.jpg A Saga nishiki fabric Image Saga nishiki 4.jpg A Saga nishiki fabric Image Saga nishiki 5.jpg A handbag Image Saga Nishiki 6.jpg A handbag Image Saga Nishiki 7.jpg A handbag Image Saga Nishiki 8.jpg A brooch Image Saga Nishiki 9.jpg The gold threads used in the brocade Image Saga Nishiki 10.jpg Detail of a Saga nishiki design gallery References references External links commons Category Saga Nishiki Saga Nishiki http www.saga tokusan nishiki eng index.html Saga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Saga Nishiki See also Brocade fabric Category Japanese art Category Textile arts of Japan ja ...   more details

  1. Portrait of a Young Man with a Lamp

    Infobox Painting image file Lorenzo Lotto 052b.jpg title Portrait of a Young Man with a Lamp artist Lorenzo Lotto year c. 1506 type Oil on canvas height 42.3 width 35.3 city Vienna museum Kunsthistorisches Museum The Portrait of a Young Man with a Lamp is a painting by the Italy Italian High Renaissance painter Lorenzo Lotto , dating to c. 1506. It is housed in the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna , Austria . The work is generally ascribed to Lotto s stay in Treviso . In was acquired by the Viennese museum in 1816. Description The picture portrays the bust a young man from three quarter, looking at the seer. It shows an extreme attention to details, such as the slight epidermic imperfections, the elongated nose, the soft hair. The use of light and the composition are similar to other early work by Lott, such as the Portrait of Bishop Bernardo de Rossi 1505 . The face is framed by the dark clothes and hat, painted over a white brocade drapery with a green border. On the right, an opening to a darker background shows a lightened lamp, a symbol which could allude to the man s personality or deeds, and which has been variously interpreted from a reference to an evangelic episode to an allegory of the human life s shortness, due the dimness of the flame . The subject has been identified as Broccardo Malchiostro, the young chancellor of the bishop of Treviso , Bernardo de Rossi , who both risked their lives in a plot in 1503. The decoration of the drapery would thus be a charades it is a brocade with carduus , whence Brocade carduus Brocardus . Such allusions are contained in several Lotto works, such as the Portrait of Lucina Brembati , painted during his maturity. See also Portrait of Lucina Brembati Sources cite book title Lotto first Carlo last Pirovano publisher Electa location Milan year 2002 External links http viewArtefact?id 1125 Page at the museum s website de icon Category 1500s paintings Category Paintings by Lorenzo Lotto Category Paint ...   more details

  1. Gregory Reyes

    CEO for Brocade Communications . He is the first person to have been convicted for fraudulent backdating ... ref In 1998, Reyes became the CEO of Brocade Communications, where he led the company to its Initial Public Offering in 1999. ref name Gregory Reyes CEO of his Life As CEO of Brocade Communications ... Corp., Compaq, Dell, NEC, and HP. During Reyes s time as CEO, Brocade was the largest manufacturer of networking .... Brocade showed 7 quarters of profitability and revenue growth during that time in the first two years alone, revenue growth exceeded 150 altogether. ref Author Unknown n.d. , BROCADE COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS ... 2006 comp19768.pdf, Retrieved 2010 02 03 ref Reyes resigned from Brocade when he was indicted ... reyes brocade communications systems stock options Brocade executive sentenced to 21 months in prison .... They have two children. Stock Option Backdating Issue Charges In June 2005, Brocade announced ..., and that his decisions relied largely in good faith on the accuracy of documentation provided by Brocade s finance department, which incorrectly accounted for stock options in Brocade s financial statements ... Moore, a key witness to Reyes s conviction and the only employee of Brocade s finance department ... using Moore s testimony to support his argument that Reyes had deceived Brocade s finance department ... while serving as CEO of Brocade. ref name ReyesConvicted2007 http linux.sys read 414771.htm Ousted Brocade CEO Convicted On All 10 Counts Of the Criminal Backdating Charges , linux.sys ... 1.html Brocade s Reyes gets 21 months in backdating case , Stephen Lawson, IDG News Service, January ... cgi bin article.cgi?f c a 2008 01 16 BAEDUGBV5.DTL Brocade ex CEO gets 21 months in prison for stock ... cite news first Karen last Gullo title Ex Brocade Chief Gregory Reyes Wins Bid for New Trial work ... do not contest ruling overturning former Brocade CEO s backdating convictions work San Jose Mercury ... author Beck, Susan title Brocade s Indemnification Tab to Rise with Expected New Trial for Reyes work ...   more details

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