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Boeing CH-47 Chinook
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Encyclopedia results for Boeing CH-47 Chinook

Boeing CH-47 Chinook

Encyclopedia results for Boeing CH-47 Chinook

  1. Boeing CH-47 Chinook

    3 more users here. Please separate with br . RAF covered in Boeing Chinook UK variants . Do not add ... ch47d index.htm CH 47D F Chinook page , Boeing ref unit cost 35  million 2008 average ref name ... Vertol Model 107 variants with their own articles Boeing Chinook UK variants The Boeing CH 47 Chinook ... nations with the United States Army US Army and the Royal Air Force see Boeing Chinook UK variants ... model of the Chinook, the Boeing Vertol Model 234 , is used worldwide for logging, construction .... ref Anderton, David & Miller, Jay Boeing Helicopters CH 47 Chinook. Arlington Aerofax, Inc ... database modelorg 12 boeing vertol CH 47C Chinook in Argentina Comando de Aviaci n del Ej rcito argentino ref and remained in service until 2002. see also Boeing Chinook UK variants Operational history ... radar, and are referred to HH 47Ds . ref http wiki List of Boeing CH 47 Chinook ... Boeing CH 47D model Chinook helicopters . chinook ref In 2008, Canada purchased 6 CH ... history MH 47D Model History.html Boeing MH 47D model Chinook helicopters . chinook ... Boeing MH 47E model Chinook helicopters . chinook ref In 1995, the Royal Air Force ordered eight Boeing Chinook UK variants Chinook HC3 Chinook HC3s , effectively a low cost version ... Boeing s New CH 47F Chinook Helicopter Begins Operational Test Flights with US Army . Boeing, 19 ... Army Contract for 191 CH 47F Chinook Helicopters . Boeing, 26 August 2008. ref The improved avionics ... thumb MH 47G Chinook, during the aircraft s rollout ceremony 6 May 2007 at Boeing The MH ... CARAT 2001 . The Royal Air Force variant of the CH 47C is known as the Boeing Chinook UK variants ... CH 47C Plus . The Royal Air Force versions of the CH 47D are known as the Boeing Chinook UK variants ... 70s h h62.php XCH 62 with photo ref Operators Main List of Boeing CH 47 Chinook operators Military ... THA TUR UK see Boeing Chinook UK variants UAE USA Civilian operators CAN Helifor Canada Corp leased ...   more details

  1. Boeing Chinook (UK variants)

    primary user Royal Air Force produced number built 58 unit cost developed from Boeing CH 47 Chinook variants with their own articles The Boeing Chinook is a tandem rotor helicopter operated by the Royal Air Force . A series of variants based on the United States Army s Boeing CH 47 Chinook , the RAF Chinook fleet is the largest outside the United States. ref name raf page RAF Chinooks have seen ... Chinook HC1B . All surviving aircraft were later returned to Boeing and updated to the Chinook HC2 ... articles 2006 02 21 204851 boeing lifts massive uk chinook deal.html title Boeing lifts ... index.php?s 43&item 735 title Modified Boeing Chinook Mk3 Successfully Completes 1st Test Flight publisher Boeing date 7 July 2009 ref Chinook HC4 HC5 HC6 A programme to upgrade 46 Chinook HC2 ... HC2 Conversion by Boeing of 32 surviving HC1Bs to CH 47D standard, and 3 new build aircraft Chinook ... projected diagram of the Boeing Vertol CH 47 Chinook. External media topic width align right image1 http airspace media militaryhelicoptercutaways images 14248 boeing chinook hc mk1 cutaway.jpg Cutaway diagram of a Boeing Chinook HC.1, Flight International 2006 aircraft ... Boeing CH 47 Chinook similar aircraft Boeing Vertol CH 46 Sea Knight lists List of active United Kingdom ... 1 hi uk 7493547.stm Video of a Chinook HC2 ZA680 rescuing a Sea King helicopter Boeing Vertol aviation lists Good article CH 47 designation only for ASCIIsort purposes DEFAULTSORT Boeing Chinook Uk Variants Category Military helicopters CH 47 Chinook Category Falklands War aircraft Category Boeing aircraft ... page content for recommended layout, and guidelines. Infobox aircraft begin name Chinook image File Chinook hc2 za682 arp.jpg caption A Royal Air Force Chinook HC2 in 2008 Infobox aircraft type type Military transport aircraft Transport helicopters Transport helicopter manufacturer Boeing Rotorcraft ... , and action in the Iraq War Iraq and War in Afghanistan 2001 present Afghanistan wars. The Chinook ...   more details

  1. Chinook

    Chinook IPAc en icon n k may refer to TOCright Main uses The Chinook people of Native Americans. Chinookan languages , in specific, Coastal Chinook and Upper Chinook Chinook Jargon , a hybrid of Chinookan, Nootka, Chehalis, French, English and other languages Chinook salmon Chinook wind , a wind observed in the Pacific Northwest and western interior of North America Aircraft Boeing CH 47 Chinook helicopter Boeing Chinook UK variants or the RAF Chinook Birdman Chinook ultralight aircraft Hermanspann Chinook research glider Meadowcroft Chinook homebuilt aircraft Vessels MV Chinook 1947 MV Chinook , a car ferry built in 1947 and operated by Puget Sound Navigation Company Black Ball Lines between Victoria, British Columbia and Port Angeles, Washington from 1947 to 1954 MV Chinook MV Chinook , a passenger ferry in Washington State built in 1998 MV Chinook II MV Chinook II , the car ferry MV Chinook after being transferred to Canadian registry in 1954 to operate between Nanaimo, British Columbia and Vancouver, British Columbia USS Chinook PC 9 USS Chinook PC 9 , a U.S. Navy coastal patrol ship Places Chinook, Montana Chinook Park, Calgary , a neighborhood in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Chinook Centre , a shopping mall in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Chinook, Washington , a census designated place in Pacific County, Washington, United States Chinook Pass over the Cascades in Washington State Chinook Scenic Byway , a scenic highway over the Cascade Range in Washington State Chinook College , aka Chinook Learning Services, an adult education program of the Calgary Board of Education, and its campus Chinook oilfield , a former name of Peregrino oilfield for more placenames see List of Chinook Jargon placenames C Other File Joshue Tree National Park Chinook 1.JPG thumb Chinook camper The Chinook , an early 20th Century newspaper in Vancouver, British Columbia, published by George Matheson Murray George Murray Chinook newspaper Chinook newspaper , a late 20th Century underground ...   more details

  1. Boeing Boeing

    Boeing Boeing may refer to Boeing Boeing play Boeing Boeing play , written by playwright Marc Camoletti Boeing Boeing 1965 film Boeing Boeing 1965 film , American film adaptation, starring Jerry Lewis and Tony Curtis. Boeing Boeing 1985 film Boeing Boeing 1985 film , Malayalam film adaptation, directed by Priyadarshan, starring Mohanlal and Mukesh. See also Boing Boing , an Internet publishing entity, magazine, and group blog disambig ja ...   more details

  1. USS Chinook

    USS Chinook has been the name of more than one United States Navy ship, and may refer to USS Chinook SP 644 , a patrol vessel in commission from 1917 to 1918 USS Chinook PC 9 , a patrol vessel in commission since 1995 Shipindex DEFAULTSORT Chinook Category United States Navy ship names ...   more details

  1. Chinook cherry

    Chinook is a cross between bing cherry Bing and Gil Peck and was introduced in 1960 by Harold Fogle. Chinook is similar to Bing but is sweeter and ripens 4 to 10 days sooner. Chinook is a cross pollinizer with Bing and van cherry Van . ref http faculty Langg Chinook.html Chinook Sweet Cherry ref Chinook was introduced as a black fruited pollinizer for Bing that could be shipped fresh. It has been removed from orchards because of its relatively soft flesh and serious rain cracking. ref http catalog html fs fs57 Sweet Cherry Varieties in Oregon ref References reflist 1 Cherries Category Cherry cultivars fruit stub ...   more details

  1. Lower Chinook

    Infobox language name Lower Chinook nativename Tsin k region Columbia River Valley speakers 12 date 1996 ethnicity 140 2000 census familycolor American fam1 Chinookan languages Chinookan iso3 chh Lower Chinook , also simple Chinook or Chinook proper , is a highly endangered language of the US Pacific Northwest . Dialects Clatsop Tlatsop was spoken in northwestern Oregon around the mouth of the Columbia River and the Clatsop Plains . Shoalwater Bay Tribe Shoalwater also known as Chinook proper , now extinct language extinct . Shoalwater was spoken in southwestern Washington around southern Willapa Bay . References Reflist Category Chinookan languages Category Indigenous languages of Oregon NorthAm native stub na lang stub ...   more details

  1. Chinook people

    File Cathlapotle Plankhouse 07402.JPG thumb 270px Cathlapotle Plankhouse, a 2005 full scale replica of a Chinook style cedar plankhouse at the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge , which was once inhabited by Chinook peoples Chinook refers to several groups of Native Americans in the United States Native ... River in present day Oregon and Washington U.S. state Washington . The Chinook tribes were those encountered by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805 on the lower Columbia. ref The term Chinook also has a wider meaning in reference to the Chinook Jargon , which is based on Chinookan languages ... offspring, the Jargon. ref Historic lifestyle The Chinook were not nomadic. At birth Chinooks would ... popular fish was Salmon. Owing partly to their non migratory living patterns, the Chinook and other ... waisgate.cgi?WAISdocID 24630988583 1 0 0&WAISaction retrieve ref Now in modern times, the Chinook ... life to smoked meats and other preserved things. List of Chinook peoples File Chinookan langs.png ... in the towns of Bay Center, Washington Bay Center , Chinook, Washington Chinook , and Ilwaco, Washington Ilwaco in southwest Washington. Many books have been written about the Chinook, including, Boston ... by Franz Boas for his work published as Chinook Texts Ranald MacDonald , a half Chinook, born in Astoria ... and culture. She was a member and elder of the Chinook tribe and a direct descendant of Chief Comcomly ... and was later killed by Gen. Philip Sheridan See also Chinook Salmon Chinook wind References reflist ... History collection edition 2nd Oral traditions from the Chinook, Nez Perce, Klickitat and other ... Chinook Nation , official website http Chinook Indian website Oregon Native History Oregon Brief History DEFAULTSORT Chinook People Category Chinookan tribes Category History of Washington ... Native American history of Oregon ca Chinook cs inukov de Chinook Volk es Chinook tribus eu Chinook herria fr Chinook tribu hr Chinook Indijanci it Chinook popolo pt Chinookan ru sr ...   more details

  1. Chinook (newspaper)

    Infobox Newspaper name Chinook image Image chinook cover.jpg 200px caption Cover of vol. 2, no. 30 August 13, 1970 artist unknown type Underground press weekly format Tabloid newspaper format Tabloid foundation 1969 ceased publication 1972 price owners headquarters Denver, Colorado editor publisher circulation website ISSN Chinook was a counterculture underground press underground newspaper published weekly in Denver, Colorado from Aug. 21, 1969 to Jan. 21, 1972. It was a member of the Underground Press Syndicate . A total of 117 issues were printed. In 1972 it merged with Boulder magazine to become The Straight Creek Journal , ref name loc http lccn sn94053325 About this newspaper Chinook , Chronicling America, Library of Congress , retrieved March 25, 2010. ref which considered itself an alternative media alternative press rather than an underground press publication, publishing weekly from Feb. 10, 1972 to Aug. 7, 1980. ref name loc2 http lccn sn90051901 About this newspaper The Straight Creek journal , Chronicling America, Library of Congress , retrieved March 25, 2010. ref According to Abe Peck in his memoir Uncovering the Sixties , the original underground Chinook started to fall apart after a number of staffers left to become followers of Prem Rawat Guru Maharaj Ji , who visited Denver and established a mission there in late 1971. ref Peck, Abe. Uncovering the Sixties The Life and Times of the Underground Press New York Citadel, 1991 , p. 273. ref Contributors to Chinook included Chip Berlet . Image chinook calendar.jpg right thumb Chinook Calendar page, April 23, 1970, showing typical events and community interests of an underground paper of this period. Click to expand Notes Reflist colorado newspaper stub Category Alternative weekly newspapers published in the United States Category Publications established in 1969 Category Publications disestablished in 1972 ...   more details

  1. Billy Chinook

    Billy Chinook was a member of the Wasco Wishram Wasco Indian tribe. He acted as a guide for John C. Fr mont in the region of Central Oregon . In the summer 1866 Bill Chinook and over twenty other Indian scouts mostly made up of Wascos spotted a Paiute camp near Dry Creek Crooked River Dry Creek , 13 miles south of Ochoco Creek . Although Chinook had orders not to engage the Paiutes, because of an incident earlier where Chief Paulina ordered his braves to murder the Wasco Chief Queapama under the guise of parley on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation , Chinook and his other outraged scouts could not resist avenging the death of their Chief. Waiting till dawn the next day Chinook led the raid and killed or captured all 32 Paiutes. The Scout Party continued to track down Paulina near Harney Lake Lake Harney on Steens Mountain . Paulina was able to retreat to a cave protected by boulders but Paulina s brother Wahveveh and two other braves were killed. ref cite book url http books?id n9F5AAAAMAAJ&q crooked river country&dq crooked river country&hl en&ei B0zSS7CgNoeksgPM8JzdCQ&sa X&oi book result&ct result&resnum 1&ved 0CDYQ6AEwAA title David. Crooked River country wranglers, rogues, and barons author Braly, David publisher Washington State University Press location Pullman, WA year 2007 page 35 accessdate 2 May 2010 ref Lake Billy Chinook The Confederated Tribes Disambiguation needed date June 2011 named a lake in honor of Billy Chinook because he guided Fr mont in the area around the lake. The lake extends beyond the boundaries of The Cove Palisades State Park . References reflist Use dmy dates date June 2011 DEFAULTSORT Chinook, Billy Category 19th century Native Americans Category Explorers of Oregon ...   more details

  1. Chinook wind

    Other uses Chinook disambiguation Globalize date April 2010 Image Chinook wind.jpg thumb 419px right Adiabatic warming of downward moving air produces the warm Chinook wind Chinook winds IPAc en icon ... title Chinook encyclopedia Encyclop dia Britannica publisher location url http eb ... siwash ALBUM4.HTML Indian History of the Northwest Siwash , 1909 ref Chinook is claimed by popular ... was first derived. The reference to a wind or weather system, simply a Chinook , originally meant a warming wind from the ocean into the interior regions of the Pacific Northwest the Chinook people lived near the ocean, along the lower Columbia River . A strong Chinook can make snow one foot deep almost vanish in one day. The snow partly melts and partly evaporates in the dry wind. Chinook winds ... levels. The greatest recorded temperature change in 24 hours was caused by Chinook winds on January ... The ch Digraph orthography digraph in Chinook is not pronounced as in the word church in some regions ... Crowsnest Pass through Lethbridge , which get 30 to 35 chinook days per year on average. Chinooks become ... , and as far south as Albuquerque, New Mexico . In southwestern Alberta, Chinook winds can gust ... powerful chinook in Lethbridge gusted to convert 171 km h mph abbr on . In Pincher Creek, the temperature ... title ref trains have been known to be derailed by chinook winds there. During the winter, driving ... tunnel funneling the chinook winds. In February 1992, Claresholm, Alberta hit convert 24 C F abbr on one of Canada s highest February temperatures. Chinooks versus the Arctic air mass The chinook ... between warm to the west and cold to the east. Chinook arch One of the most striking features of the chinook is the chinook arch, which is a band of stationary stratus cloud s caused by air rippling over the mountains due to orographic lifting . To those unfamiliar with the chinook, the chinook .... They can also create stunning sunrises and sunsets. The stunning colours seen in the chinook arch ...   more details

  1. Chinook Pass

    For the racehorse Chinook Pass horse Infobox mountain pass name Chinook Pass photo WAMap doton Chinook Pass.PNG photo caption Location of Chinook Pass elevation ft 5430 elevation ref traversed Washington State Route 410 State Route 410 location Pierce County, Washington Pierce Yakima County, Washington Yakima counties, Washington U.S. state Washington , USA range Cascades coordinates coord 46.8717 121.515483 type pass region US display inline,title topo Image chinook june1.jpg thumb 200px right Chinook Pass in June Chinook Pass elevation 5430  ft. 1656 m. is a mountain pass pass through the Cascade Range in the state of Washington state Washington . The pass provides the east entrance to Mount Rainier National Park , and carries Washington State Route 410 State Route 410 between the towns of Enumclaw, Washington Enumclaw and Naches, Washington Naches . Because of the high elevation, Chinook ... of the All American Road program, Route 410 through Chinook Pass has been designated by the U.S. government as the Chinook Scenic Byway . It is considered to be one of the most beautiful routes ... of State Route 410, this route is also favored by summer tourism. History Chinook Pass was chosen ... was the deciding factor, and the Chinook Pass route was chosen. The Yakima, Washington Yakima side of a road over Chinook Pass was partially completed in 1914, but then work was abandoned for several ... near the summit. Recreation From 1940 59, Chinook Pass was one of the top ski areas in the state, with a season .... With the state government plans to no longer keep Chinook Pass open during the winter months and the opening ... landscapes in the United States . Chinook Pass is also a trailhead to the Pacific Crest Trail , providing ... passes chinook Chinook Pass at the Washington State Department of Transportation website http winter PassDates.htm Pass opening and closure dates for Chinook Pass, Cayuse Pass , and North ... in Pierce County, Washington Category Visitor attractions in Yakima County, Washington fr Chinook ...   more details

  1. Chinook (dog)

    chinook index.cfm country United States image Wikichinook.JPG image caption A male Chinook name Chinook ... 0FC41602CB07310885257049006C870B?OpenDocument End Infobox The Chinook is a Rare breed dog rare dog .... The Chinook is the official state dog of the state of New Hampshire. Description Appearance Standing convert 21 to 27 in cm in height at the withers and weighing convert 55 to 90 lb kg , the Chinook ... WebSite.nsf Breeds Chinook title Chinook breed standard accessdate February 1, 2012 ... breeds. Overall, the Chinook seems to owe more to molosser than to spitz ancestry. Temperament The breed .... History The Chinook owes its existence to one man Arthur Treadwell Walden of Wonalancet, New Hampshire . The breed derives principally from one male ancestor born in 1917, named Chinook, who was Walden s lead dog and stud. Chinook derived from a crossbreeding of husky stock from the Robert Peary ... like male. Photos of Chinook show a drop eared dog with a broad Mastiff head and muzzle. Walden ... England and with founding the New England Sled Dog Club in 1924. The 12 year old Chinook was lost ... stock and managed to save the type from extinction. The Chinook obtained registered status ... are bred to individuals of other breeds thought to have contributed to Chinook development fourth ... the Chinook Owner Association s Cross Breeding Program requirements. ref name genome Chinooks ... web url http breeds chinook did you know.cfm title American Kennel Club Chinook Facts ... s Miscellaneous Class in 2010. ref name archaist cite web url http breeds chinook history.cfm title American Kennel Club Chinook History accessdate April 8, 2011 ref Chinooks are still ... and dog agility trials. References Reflist External links Commons and category Chinook dog dmoz Recreation Pets Dogs Breeds Spitz Group Chinook http The Chinook Owners Association Sled ... States de Chinook Hund hu Chinook kutyafajta ja ru fi Chinook koira ...   more details

  1. Chinook olives

    The aboriginal people of the Columbia River Columbia river valley used urine to cure acorn s. European fur traders on the Lower Columbia gave the dish the name Chinook Olive s. About 35 L of acorns were placed in a hole near the entrance of a house. The acorns were then covered with a thin layer of grass and then dirt. Urine from every family member was collected and deposited in the hole for the next 5 6 months. The dish was considered a delicacy . References Northwest Plateau Culture . http northwest plateau culture.htm Wanderings of an Artist Among the Indians of North America . http books?id 9hZDAxY FboC&pg PA117&lpg PA117&dq 22chinook olives 22&source web&ots TnWF2y4yKZ&sig VGKMgzllC iKDDgjsOvfvKbe0Fc Handbook of American Indians north of Mexico, Volume 1 . http books?id ze4YAAAAYAAJ&lpg PA275&ots k6YSgf3hOY&dq Chinook 20olives&pg PA275 v onepage&q Chinook 20olives&f false Category Edible nuts and seeds Category Native American cuisine cuisine stub ...   more details

  1. Chinook Point

    Infobox NRHP name Chinook Point nrhp type nhl image Astoria and Saddle Mountain from Chinook Point.jpg caption View from Fort Columbia across the mouth of the Columbia River to Astoria, Oregon , and Saddle Mountain Clatsop County, Oregon Saddle Mountain . nearest city Chinook, Washington locmapin Washington U.S. state area built 1792 designated nrhp type July 4, 1961 ref name nhlsum cite web url http nhl detail.cfm?ResourceId 560&ResourceType Site title Chinook Point accessdate 2008 03 01 work National Historic Landmark summary listing publisher National Park Service ref added October 15, 1966 ref name nris NRISref 2007a ref governing body State refnum 66000747 Chinook Point is a headland in Pacific County, Washington . Captain nautical Captain Robert Gray sea captain Robert Gray , the first non native to enter the Columbia River , saw the river from Chinook Point in 1792. His exploration s gave the United States a strong position in its later territorial contests with United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Great Britain . ref harvnb Brokenshire 1993 p 47 ref In November 1805, members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition camped at Chinook Point. It was the site of US military gun emplacements during World War II . ref name nrhpinv2 It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961. ref name nhlsum ref name nrhpinv2 Cite journal title PDFlink http docs NHLS Text 66000747.pdf National Register of Historic Places Inventory Nomination Chinook Point 32  KB date October 10, 1977 author Cecil McKithan publisher National Park Service and PDFlink http docs NHLS Photos 66000747.pdf Accompanying six photos, from 1977. 32  KB ref It is now part or all of Fort Columbia State Park , which is in turn part of Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks . It is located at U.S. Route 101 Washington U.S. Route ... Lewis and Clark National Park .COM GNIS 1503968 Chinook Point Registered Historic ...   more details

  1. Chinook, Alberta

    Location map Canada Alberta lat 51.4494 long 110.9253 width 200 caption Location of Chinook Alberta label Chinook Chinook is a hamlet place hamlet in southern Alberta , Canada within Special Area No. 3, Alberta Special Area No. 3 . ref Cite web url http documents msb 2010 ruralmun.pdf title Specialized and Rural Municipalities and Their Communities author Alberta Municipal Affairs authorlink Alberta Municipal Affairs date 2010 04 01 accessdate 2010 07 11 ref ref Cite web url http sgc cgt 2006 sgcsl cgtrl fin eng.asp?criteria 4804012 title Standard Geographical Classification 2006 Special Area No. 3, geographical codes and localities, 2006 author Statistics Canada authorlink Statistics Canada date 2010 03 05 accessdate 2010 07 11 ref It is located on Alberta Highway 9 Highway 9 approximately convert 119 km northeast of Brooks, Alberta Brooks . See also List of communities in Alberta List of hamlets in Alberta References Reflist Subdivisions of Alberta coord 51 26 58 N 110 55 31 W scale 60000 region CA display title name Chinook Category Hamlets in Alberta Category Former municipalities in Alberta Category Special Area No. 3, Alberta SouthernAlberta geo stub ...   more details

  1. Boeing Australia

    , CH 47 Chinook helicopters, Boeing 737 AEW&C Boeing 737 Wedgetail AEW&C Wedgetail aircraft, F A 18 ...Refimprove date April 2011 Infobox Company company name Boeing Australia company logo File Boeing Logo.svg 240px center The contemporary logo integrates the Boeing logotype with a stylized version of the McDonnell ... 2009 parent Boeing homepage http footnotes Boeing Australia Holdings Pty Ltd , or simply Boeing Australia , is Boeing s largest footprint outside the United States ... and co ordinating Boeing s businesses and operations in Australia. Boeing has played an integral ... of more than 800  million, Boeing also generates approximately 400  million in export revenue ... in Australia s Economy publisher Boeing Australia url http 30003&aContent Economic 20Investment accessdate 11 April 2011 ref History of Boeing in Australia Boeing began working in Australia more than 80 years ago through its subsidiary Boeing Aerostructures Australia, which was formerly known as de Havilland Australia and established in 1927. Boeing acquired de Havilland Australia in 2000, and prior to this Boeing s first direct investment in Australia came through its acquisition of the Rockwell International in 1996. Rockwell Australia became Boeing Australia Ltd now Boeing Defence Australia in 1996. The five remaining subsidiaries were acquired as follows ... in 2009. Boeing Integrated Defense Systems Boeing Integrated Defense Systems IDS products and services ... F 111 F 111 Through Life Support ref Cite web title F 111 Through Life Support publisher Boeing ... A 18 Hornet Upgrade Program. ref Cite web title F A 18 Hornet Program publisher Boeing Australia url ..., Boeing ScanEagle ScanEagle unmanned air vehicle UAV , and Joint participation on the Wideband Global ... business unit Boeing Defence Australia BDA , which is a leading defence aerospace enterprise. BDA ... of Boeing IDS Boeing Military Aircraft, Global Services & Support, and Network & Space Systems ...   more details

  1. Chinook Centre

    Refimprove date March 2009 Infobox shopping mall shopping mall name Chinook Centre image Chinook Centre Logo.svg caption Chinook Centre s logo location flag Calgary coordinates Coord 50 59 54 N 114 04 ... on website http Chinook Centre Chinook Centre is the largest enclosed shopping ... Calgary downtown , and three blocks west of the Chinook C Train Chinook C Train station. The mall ... section of Chinook Centre was opened on the site of the Chinook Drive In Theatre. Designed .... In the mid 1960s, a separate mall, Southridge, was opened across the street from Chinook. Built ... to bridge the centres together. The new, much larger mall was renamed Chinook Ridge Shopping Centre ... 300. Overhaul In the late 1990s, Chinook underwent a massive 300 million renovation, which ... approximately 60 new retailers to Chinook, many of which are new to the Calgary market or considered ... sports 2010wintergames Chinook expansion include first Abercrombie Fitch Calgary 2411911 story.html ref Plans A pedestrian oriented walkway leading from the Chinook LRT station to the mall is still in the design process. ref cite news title Chinook Centre announces 275 million expansion newspaper ... & Policy title Chinook Station Area Plan publisher City of Calgary date June 2008 url http DocGallery BU planning pdf tod chinook chinooksap one.pdf format PDF page 41 accessdate ... traffic congestion problems at 61st Avenue. Chinook Centre Today Location map Canada Calgary lat 50.99828 long 114.07392 width 200 caption Location in Calgary Image Chinook Centre 6.jpg thumb left 200px Overview Chinook Centre is home to three major department stores, 250 stores, and several full ... theatre complex, the Cineplex Entertainment Scotiabank Theatre Chinook formerly the Paramount , with 16 ... Chinook Centre list of items in Chinook Centre s time Capsule ref at the centre s axis, set ... relative to the city. Chinook Centre also hosts one of the world s largest free pancake breakfasts ...   more details

  1. Chinook, Washington

    Infobox settlement official name Chinook, Washington settlement type Census designated place CDP nickname motto Images image skyline imagesize image caption image flag image seal Maps image map Pacific County Washington Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Chinook Highlighted.svg mapsize 250px map caption Location of Chinook, Washington image map1 mapsize1 map caption1 Location coordinates display inline,title coordinates region US WA subdivision type List of countries Country subdivision name United States subdivision type1 US state State subdivision name1 Washington U.S. state Washington subdivision type2 List of counties in Washington County subdivision name2 Pacific County, Washington Pacific Government government footnotes government type leader title leader name leader title1 leader name1 established title established date Area unit pref Imperial area footnotes area magnitude area total km2 2.6 area land km2 2.6 area water km2 0.0 area total sq mi 1.0 area land sq mi 1.0 area water sq mi 0.0 Population population as of 2010 United States Census 2010 population footnotes population total 466 population density km2 172.5 population density sq mi 466 General information timezone Pacific Time Zone Pacific PST utc offset 8 timezone DST PDT utc offset DST 7 elevation footnotes elevation ... Names Information System GNIS feature ID blank1 info 1512091 GR 3 website footnotes Chinook is a census ... to 466 at the 2010 United States Census 2010 census . History Chinook was the site of the first ... Chinook was once a wealthy town based on the salmon harvest. ref Hobbs, Nancy L. and Lucero, Donella ... to Ilwaco until 1891, when the bridge was completed across the Chinook River. ref Hobbs and Lucero ... Megler, Washington Megler to Ilwaco , passing down the main street of Chinook. The railroad was dismantled ... designated places in Washington state ca Chinook Washington es Chinook Washington ht Chinook, Washington nl Chinook Washington pt Chinook Washington vo Chinook Washington ...   more details

  1. Hermanspann Chinook

    2010 ref Only one Chinook was constructed and it was registered with the US Federal Aviation Administration ... Operational history In August 2011 the Chinook was still registered with the FAA to Hermanspann. ref name FAAReg Variants Chinook Original configuration, first flown in 1993. ref name SD ref name FAAReg Chinook S Improved configuration, first flown in 1996. ref name SD Aircraft on display Specifications Chinook S Aircraft specs ref Sailplane Directory ref name SD prime units? imp imp or kts first ...   more details

  1. Chinook, Montana

    Infobox settlement official name Chinook, Montana settlement type City nickname motto Images image skyline imagesize image caption image flag image seal Maps image map Blaine County Montana Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Chinook Highlighted.svg mapsize 250px map caption Location of Chinook, Montana image map1 mapsize1 map caption1 Location coordinates region US MT subdivision type List of countries Country subdivision name United States subdivision type1 Political divisions of the United States State subdivision name1 Montana subdivision type2 List of counties in Montana County subdivision name2 Blaine County, Montana Blaine government footnotes government type leader title leader name leader title1 leader name1 established title established date Area unit pref Imperial area footnotes area magnitude area total km2 1.3 area land km2 1.3 area water km2 0.0 area total sq mi 0.5 area land sq mi 0.5 area water sq mi 0.0 Population population as of 2010 United States Census 2010 population footnotes population total 1203 population density km2 1039.9 population density sq mi 2693.2 General information timezone Mountain Time Zone Mountain MST utc offset 7 timezone DST MDT utc offset ... Information System GNIS feature ID blank1 info 0769848 website footnotes Chinook ... Bear Paw Battlefield , located just twenty miles south of Chinook. Geography Chinook is located at coord ... age 18 and 20.1 of those age 65 or over. Climate Chinook experiences a semi arid climate K ppen climate ... Chinook single line yes Jan record high F 67 Feb record high F 75 Mar record high F 82 Apr record ... outlook travel businesstraveler wxclimatology monthly USMT0062 title Monthly Averages for Chinook ... Cities in Montana Category County seats in Montana Category Chinook Jargon placenames bg ca Chinook Montana de Chinook Montana es Chinook Montana fr Chinook Montana ht Chinook, Montana nl Chinook Montana pt Chinook Montana vo Chinook Montana ...   more details

  1. Meadowcroft Chinook

    This article is a part of Wikipedia WikiProject Aircraft . Please see Wikipedia WikiProject Aircraft page content for recommended layout. Infobox Aircraft Begin name Meadowcroft Chinook image caption Infobox Aircraft Type type Homebuilt aircraft national origin United States of America manufacturer designer Bill Meadowcroft first flight 1958 introduced retired status primary user more users Limited to three in total separate using br produced years in production number built 1 program cost Total program cost unit cost Incremental or flyaway cost for military or retail price for commercial aircraft developed from variants with their own articles The Meadowcroft Chinook is a two seat mid winged American homebuilt aircraft design first flown in 1958. ref cite web title N2879D url http www.airport aircraft N2879D.html accessdate 18 October 2011 ref Development The Chinook was designed for maximum stability on the ground and the air with a roomy cockpit. Design The wing was patterned from the Ace Baby Ace homebuilt. The aircraft is a tricycle geared side by side seat mid winged aircraft with a steeply raked windscreen. Each wing is braced with two small wing struts attached to the lower fuselage. The low rudder is capped with a strut braced horizontal stabilizer in a T tail arrangement. The main gear is sourced from a Cessna 140 . The aircraft can be reconfigured to be towed on its main gear by a vehicle. ref cite journal magazine Sport Aviation date November 1960 ref Operational history Variants Units using this aircraft Operators choose Specifications Meadowcroft Chinook Aircraft specs ref Sport Aviation for giving the reference for the data prime units? kts imp or kts first for US aircraft, and UK aircraft pre metrification, met ric first for all others. You MUST choose a format, or no specifications will show General characteristics genhide crew capacity 2 length m length ft length in length note span m span ft span in span note upper span m upper span ft up ...   more details

  1. Boeing X-40

    Infobox Aircraft Begin name X 40A image Image Boeing X40A.jpg caption Infobox Aircraft Type type Glide test vehicle national origin USA manufacturer Boeing Phantom Works designer Only appropriate for single designers, not project leaders first flight August 11 1998 in aviation 1998 br dropped by UH 60 Black Hawk ref name http spp military program launch msp.htm X 40 Space Maneuver Vehicle Integrated Tech Testbed at ref ref name http space systems x 40.htm X 40 Space Maneuver Vehicle SMV at ref ref name Designation Systems.Net http www.designation dusrm app4 x 37.html Boeing X 37 X 40 page at Designation Systems.Net ref introduction status Retired May 2001 primary user Air Force Research Laboratory ... or flyaway cost for military or retail price for commercial aircraft developed for Boeing X 37 variants with their own articles Variants OF this aircraft The Boeing X 40A Space Maneuver Vehicle is a test platform for the Boeing X 37 X 37 Future X Reusable Launch Vehicle project. History The Unmanned aerial vehicle unpiloted X 40 was built to 85 percent scale to test aerodynamics and navigation of the Boeing ... United States Air Force Air Force Boeing project known as Space Maneuver Vehicle. It was released from ... Systems.Net later tests used the CH 47 Chinook helicopter . ref name ref name ... 1998 news release 980811a.html X 40A Test Flight, Boeing press release http spp military ... dusrm app4 x 37.html Boeing X 37 X 40 page at Designation Systems.Net Boeing support aircraft X planes AFRL spacecraft Aviation lists Category Boeing aircraft X 40 Category Spaceplanes Category United States experimental aircraft 1990 1999 X 40, Boeing Category United States military gliders 1990 1999 Category V tail aircraft de Boeing X 40 es Boeing X 40 fa fr Boeing X 40 it Boeing X 40 he X 40 hu X 40 ja X 40 no Boeing X 40 pl Boeing X 40 ...   more details

  1. 1978 Iranian Chinook shootdown

    , identified them properly as Boeing CH 47 Chinook helicopters of the Imperial Iranian Air Force ... involving the Boeing Chinook ...Infobox Aircraft accident name 1978 Iranian Chinook shootdown occurrence type image image size caption date 21 June 1978 type Shootdown disambiguation Shootdown aircraft type Military transport aircraft Cargo helicopter aircraft name Boeing CH 47 Chinook origin destination site Inside the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic , after straying from the Iranian border coords injuries fatalities 8 survivors 4 The 1978 Iranian Chinook shootdown was an incident on June 21, 1978, when four Boeing CH 47 Chinook of the Imperial Iranian Air Force strayed into Soviet airspace during a training mission, with the end result being that two of the aircraft were shot down by the Soviet Air Defence Forces PVO . ref http gst abstract.html?res F70613FA345513728DDDA10994DF405B888BF1D3 ref ref http newspapers?id WQsiAAAAIBAJ&sjid DHMFAAAAIBAJ&pg 5008,2766480&dq iranian helicopter soviet border shot down&hl en ref Shootdown During the 1970s numerous incidents, probably including Project Dark Gene occurred on the Soviet Iranian and Afghan Iranian border, forcing the Soviets to station a regiment of MiG 23 s at the Akdepe Ak Tepe AB, near the border with Afghanistan , in what was then the Turkestan Military District . One of the most serious of these occurred in the early morning of 21 June 1978, at 06 21 AM, when a Soviet radar site near the village of Bagir, not far from Ashkabad , detected four slow moving contacts which came from Iran and penetrated 15 to 20 kilometers into the Soviet airspace near Dushak , in Turkmenistan . Five minutes later, these targets were ... the damaged Chinook to be repaired by Iranians and flown back to Iran, together with all four crewmembers ... Iranian Chinook shootdown Category 1978 in Iran Iranian Chinook Shootdown, 1978 Category Violations ...   more details

  1. Boeing Rotorcraft Systems

    File CH 47 2.jpg thumb Boeing Vertol CH 47 Chinook Boeing Rotorcraft Systems formerly Boeing Helicopters and before that Boeing Vertol is the former name of a US aircraft manufacturer, now known as the Mobility Division of Boeing Military Aircraft, a division of Boeing Defense, Space & Security . The headquarters ... Chinook . The name became Boeing Helicopters in 1987, and the current name was adopted sometime later. When Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas , the former Hughes Helicopters operations in Mesa, Arizona were placed under Boeing Helicopters. A year and a half later Boeing sold the civilian line of helicopters ... certificate of the Boeing Vertol 107 II and Boeing Model 234 Commercial Chinook from Boeing. ref ... under the Global Strike Division of Boeing Military Aircraft. History Background Boeing Helicopters was created as Boeing Vertol when the Vertol Aircraft Corporation formerly Piasecki Helicopter company of Morton, Pennsylvania was acquired by Boeing in 1960 the Vertol name was an abbreviation for VTOL ... in correspondence over the years were Boeing Aircraft Company, Vertol Division and Boeing Philadelphia ... of a PC to produce aircraft. Mass transit For much of the 1970s, Boeing Vertol entered the railroad ... War. During this period, Boeing Vertol manufactured the Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit system for West ... Authority , and the US Standard Light Rail Vehicle marketed as the Boeing LRV . It was the last ... due to myriad problems. This cost Boeing and the vehicle s two buyers, Massachusetts Bay Transportation ... War military build up provided far more lucrative military contracts. Boeing Vertol products File Boeing Model 360.jpg thumb Boeing Model 360 Rotorcraft AH 6 Little Bird acquired when Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas AH 64 Apache acquired when Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas CH 47 Chinook Boeing Model 234 Commercial Chinook Boeing Model 360 an all composite, private venture, technology demonstrator CH 46 Sea Knight Boeing Vertol 107 II Boeing Vertol XCH 62 Model 301 Boeing Vertol YUH ...   more details

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