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Encyclopedia results for Barnawa


Encyclopedia results for Barnawa

  1. Sirsalgarh

    refimprove date December 2010 Infobox Dotcom company company name SirsalGarh country India state Uttar Pradesh company type Village foundation 1920 location Bagpat , Uttar Pradesh , India industry Agriculture products Sugarcane url http caption Sirsalgarh Village Uttar Pradesh language Hindi SirsalGarh is a small village in Uttar Pradesh , India , famous for its Garh, a hill of soil created due to earthquake a century before. History SirsalGarh was established a century before because of an earthquake. Population This village has 150 houses and a population of 2000. Area It has an area of sq.Km. Panchayat Its panchayat comes under the Barnawa Darkawada Panchayat. District Baghpat Block BINAULI Gram Panchayat SIRSALGARH DARKAVDA Climate Climate here is warm and cool Geography Pincode Details Location Pincode State District Sirsalgarh 250645 Uttar Pradesh Bagpat SirsalGarh is one of the village of district Bagpat in Uttar Pradesh.The village is Located 25 Km. in East of bank of river Yamuna at 29.096527 North Latitude and 77.40263 East Longitude.It is 40 KM from Meerut City and 20 Km. from Bagpat.In the East of this village a small town Barnawa famous from the ancient time of Mahabharata for the burning of Laksha grah. Education Only a single primary school is there References http Category Villages in Bagpat district Bagpat geo stub ...   more details

  1. Painted Grey Ware culture

    File Indo Iranian origins.png thumb 300px Archaeological cultures associated with Indo Iranian migration s after EIEC . The Andronovo, BMAC and Yaz cultures have often been associated with Indo Iranian migrations. The GGC, Cemetery H, Copper Hoard and PGW cultures are candidates for cultures associated with Indo Aryan movements. HistoryOfSouthAsia The Painted Grey Ware culture PGW is an Iron Age Archaeological culture culture of Gangetic plain , lasting from roughly 1200 BC to 600 BC ref http indus english 3 1 07.html ref ref http books?id tzU3RIV2BWIC&pg PA310&dq Painted Grey Ware culture 1200 bc&as brr 3&cd 8 v onepage&q Painted 20Grey 20Ware 20culture 201200 20bc&f false Encyclopedia of Indo European culture By J. P. Mallory, Douglas Q. Adams ref ref http books?id ZR J6 WOH4QC&pg PA96&dq Painted Grey Ware culture 1200 bc&as brr 3&cd 3 v onepage&q Painted 20Grey 20Ware 20culture 201200 20bc&f false Malwa Through the Ages By Kailash Chand Jain ref . It is contemporary to, and a successor of the Black and red ware culture . It probably corresponds to the later Vedic period . It is succeeded by Northern Black Polished Ware from ca. 500 BC. B. B. Lal B.B. Lal associated Hastinapura , Mathura, Uttar Pradesh Mathura , Ahichatra , Kampilya , Barnawa , Kurukshetra and other sites with the PGW culture, the post Mahabharata period and the Aryans in the 1950s. Furthermore, he pointed out that the Mahabharata mentions a flood and a layer of flooding debris was found in Hastinapura. However, B.B. Lal considered his theories to be provisional and based upon a limited body of evidence, and he later reconsidered his statements on the nature of this culture Kenneth Kennedy 1995 . The pottery style of this culture is different from the pottery of the Iranian Plateau and Afghanistan Bryant 2001 . In some sites, PGW pottery and Late Harappan pottery are contemporaneous. ref Shaffer, Jim. 1993, Reurbanization The eastern Punjab ...   more details

  1. Baghpat (Lok Sabha constituency)

    Baghpat Lok Sabha constituency lang hi is one of the 80 Lok Sabha parliamentary constituencies in Uttar Pradesh state in India . This constituency covers the entire Baghpat district and parts of Meerut district Meerut and Ghaziabad district, India Ghaziabad districts. Assembly segments Before boundary delimitation delimitation of the parliamentary constituencies in 2008, Baghpat Lok Sabha constituency comprised the following five Vidhan Sabha legislative assembly segments ref cite web url http eci main StatisticalReports LS 2004 Vol III LS 2004.pdf title Statistical Report on General Elections 2004 to the 14th Lok Sabha, Vol. III publisher Election Commission of India pages 1078 9 accessdate 30 May 2011 location New Delhi ref Siwalkhas Khekra Baghpat Barnawa Chaprauli Presently, after delimitation, this Lok Sabha constituency comprises the following five Vidhan Sabha segments ref cite web url http 011 PC Statistics English.aspx title Information and Statistics Parliamentary Constituencies 11 Baghpat publisher Chief Electoral Officer, Uttar Pradesh website ref ref name ceo cite web url http eci main CurrentElections CONSOLIDATED ORDER 20 ECI 20.pdf title Delimitation of Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies Order, 2008 publisher The Election Commission of India page 503 ref class wikitable width 600px width 50px style font size 75 Constituency number width 100px Name width 100px style font size 75 Reserved for Dalit SC Adivasi ST None width 200px District width 150px style font size 75 Number of electorates 2009 43 Siwalkhas Vidhan Sabha constituency Siwalkhas None Meerut 282,285 50 Chhaprauli Vidhan Sabha constituency Chhaprauli None Baghpat 273,250 51 Baraut Vidhan Sabha constituency Baraut None Baghpat 226,711 52 Baghpat Vidhan Sabha constituency Baghpat None Baghpat 237,803 57 Modi Nagar Vidhan Sabha constituency Modi Nagar None Ghaziabad 251,784 colspan 4 align right bgcolor fff999 To ...   more details

  1. Bagpat district

    Ghat GufaWala Mandir Pura Mahadev Bhole ki jhaal. Barnawa ka Sanskrit Gurukul Education Some ...   more details

  1. List of constituencies of Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha

    Meerut Cantonment Meerut Kharkhauda Siwalkhas SC Khekra Baghpat Barnawa Chhaprauli Budhana Khatauli ...   more details

  1. Jalalabad, Muzaffarnagar

    of the estates of Begum Samru in 1836, when the parganas of Sardhana, Barnawa and Kotana were ...   more details

  1. Muslim Tyagi

    Ghouspur, Basaud, Luhara, Barnawa, Vinapur and about fifty more villages. Panipat District Villages ...   more details

  1. List of state highways in Rajasthan

    Bhiyad, Barnawa Jagger, Patodi, Phalsoond. Barmer, Rajasthan Barmer Jaisalmer Jodhpur 154.50 RJ SH 66 ...   more details

  1. Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly election, 2007

    Citations missing date May 2011 The Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly election, 2007 were held in April May 2007 to elect a government for the state of Uttar Pradesh U.P. in India . Organisation of the election With 166 million people, U.P. is about the size of France , Germany , and the Benelux nations combined. There are 113 million voters, and 403 electoral seats, with an average of a quarter of a million voters in each constituency. The elections were conducted for 402 seats at 110,000 polling stations under very strict guidelines by the autonomous Election Commission of India . More than 46 of the electorate cast their votes... The election was held in seven phases Phase 1 2007 04 07 Phase 2 2007 04 13 Phase 3 2007 04 18 Phase 4 2007 04 23 Phase 5 2007 04 28 Phase 6 2007 05 03 Phase 7 2007 05 08 A total of 129 parties fielded 2,487 candidates, while 2020 candidates stood as Independent politician independents , for the total of 406 seats. Election result Exit polls suggested that the Bahujan Samaj Party BSP may emerge as the largest party with between 110 and 160 seats however, it far outstripped this prediction bagging an absolute majority of 206 seats out of a total 403 in the assembly. In contrast, Samajwadi Party , Bharatiya Janata Party BJP and the Indian National Congress were reduced very significantly. These elections were another major example of the pollsters getting it wrong at Indian Elections. In a similar pattern to the 2004 General Elections. The pollsters overpredicted the votes of the BJP. ref http news up polls forecast not forewarned 40675 4 single.html ref The results by party ref UP Assembly Election Results, http May2007 pollupd ac states S24 aS24.htm Election Commission Website ref are as follows border 1 cellpadding 4 cellspacing 0 style margin 1em 1em 1em 0 background f9f9f9 border 1px aaa solid border collapse collapse font size 95 clear both style background color E9E9E9 colspan 5 UP State Assembly ...   more details

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