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Encyclopedia results for Banner einbinden

Banner einbinden

Encyclopedia results for Banner einbinden

  1. The Banner

    The Banner may refer to The Banner band The Banner magazine See also Banner disambiguation disambig ...   more details

  1. Banner

    of Knights of the Thistle displayed in St. Giles Cathedral . A banner is a flag or other piece of cloth bearing a symbol, logo, slogan or other message. Banner making is an ancient craft. The word ... Heraldic flag A heraldic banner, also called banner of arms , displays the basic coat of arms only ... of these elements, see heraldry . A heraldic banner is usually square or rectangular. A distinction exists between the heraldic banner and the heraldic standard . The distinction, however, is often misunderstood or ignored. For example the Royal Standard of the United Kingdom is in fact a banner ... the banner of the King of Scots small File Wolsey banner.jpg small Banner of Cardinal Wolsey small ... , processional cross and Khorugv i banners . The prophet Isaiah was commanded to raise a banner ... About more on the design and making of church banners Banner making banners used in the Eastern ... of these banners, see Banner making . Advertising banners pre printed banners and custom banners ... thumb left 2009 Michigan Wolverines football team enters Michigan Stadium under the M Club banner as the Michigan Marching Band salutes. File Wikimania05 banner.jpg thumb Banner at Wikimania 2005 . Often fabricated commercially on a plastic background, the banner industry has developed from the traditional ..., or a variety of sale banner. A banner facing underneath or against glass is absorbing exposure from the sun. A banner printed on UV outdoor ink will last several years to a decade where cheaper ... ref Being behind glass, a two sided banner can be displayed from the inside and out, often ... the banner covers, which is a possibility where a two sided banner doesn t face the viewer from center of the room or streets. Advertisements on the Internet which carry the shape of a banner are also commonly called banners . See web banner for more information. References references See also Heraldic standard Sashimono Knight Banneret Nobori The Star Spangled Banner Stainless Banner Vinyl banners ...   more details

  1. USS Banner

    Two ships of the United States Navy have been named Banner , after Banner County, Nebraska . USS Banner APA 60 USS Banner AKL 25 Source DANFS http danfs b2 list.htm Shipindex DEFAULTSORT Banner Category United States Navy ship names pl USS Banner ...   more details

  1. Banner Township

    Banner Township may refer to the following Township United States townships in the United States TOCright Arkansas Banner Township, Ashley County, Arkansas Banner Township, Saline County, Arkansas Illinois Banner Township, Effingham County, Illinois Banner Township, Fulton County, Illinois Iowa Banner Township, Woodbury County, Iowa Kansas Banner Township, Dickinson County, Kansas Banner Township, Jackson County, Kansas Banner Township, Rush County, Kansas Banner Township, Smith County, Kansas Banner Township, Stevens County, Kansas North Carolina Banner Township, Johnston County, North Carolina North Dakota Banner Township, Cavalier County, North Dakota Banner Township, Mountrail County, North Dakota South Dakota Banner Township, Beadle County, South Dakota Banner Township, Tripp County, South Dakota Geodis Category Township name disambiguation pages de Banner Township ...   more details

  1. Banner (disambiguation)

    selfref For Wikipedia Banners see Wikipedia Banners Wiktionarypar banner NOTOC Banner may refer to Banner , a symbol bearing flag Banner Australian rules football , supporters banner Banner Advertising banners pre printed banners and custom banners Banner publishing , a newspaper s logo Banner administrative division , a type of administrative country subdivision found in Asia Banner Inner Mongolia , administrative division Banner page , a page inserted between documents by computerized printing in order to separate them Web banner , a form of online advertising Khorugv , a banner used by the Eastern Orthodox Church Banner botany , the enlarged upper petal of a flower of the pea family Fabaceae ... and military unit Chor giew of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth Places United States Banner, California , in San Diego County Banner, Kings County, California Banner, Illinois Banner, Wisconsin Banner, Wyoming Banner County, Nebraska Banner Elk, North Carolina Banner Hill, Tennessee Banner Peak , in California People Bob Banner , an American producer, writer and director David Banner , an American rapper Fiona Banner , a British artist Harmood Banner , a British accountant J r me Le Banner , a French kickboxer John Banner , an Austrian actor Lois Banner , an American feminist academic Penny Banner , an American wrestler In fiction Dr. Bruce Banner Dr. David Bruce Banner, the alter ego of the The Incredible Hulk Betty Ross Banner , a fictional character in the Marvel Universe Lyman Banner , a fictional character from Yu Gi Oh GX Other Banner Theatre , an English based community theatre company Banner Records , a record label Banner Unix , a program for generating a large ASCII art version of input text The Banner band , an American metalcore rock band The Banner magazine , published by the Christian Reformed Church of North America SunGard Banner , higher education system owned ... Banner flertydig de Banner fr Banner nl Banner ja pl Banner ujednoznacznienie pt Banner ...   more details

  1. Ergun Banner

    Ergun Banner was a banner Inner Mongolia banner of Inner Mongolia existing from 1948 to 1966. It was splitted into the following 2 banners in 1966 from 1933 to 1948 there were also 2 separated banners Ergun Left Banner , now known as Genhe City Ergun Right Banner , now known as Ergun City . disambig ...   more details

  1. Black Banner

    Black Banner may refer to Chernoe Znamia , a Russian anarchist organization the Black Standard of Muhammad in Islamic tradition the Banner of the Mongols The black banners Banner of the Mongols used in wartime See also List of black flags disambig ...   more details

  1. Banner drop

    Expert subject Politics date June 2008 unreferenced date September 2009 Image antiwarbanner2003.jpg thumb Banner drop protesting the 2003 Invasion of Iraq . Image Ccsubanner.jpg thumb Banner drops are also a popular form of protest on university campuses. CCSU March, 2006. A banner drop is the act of putting a banner in place as a protest tactic. The banner usually targets a specific corporation, law, political campaign, etc. The banner may itself be dropped on an activists target, or in conjunction with the beginning of a campaign. For an example of all three, the November 20, 1999 banner drop at an Old Navy company Old Navy store in downtown Seattle publicized the company s use of sweatshop labor and was one of many protest activities carried out during the beginning of the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999 protest activity Seattle WTO protests . Performing a banner drop may constitute criminal vandalism and criminal trespassing depending on where the banner is placed and on the legal jurisdiction in which the activity occurred. There are several ways in which banners are constructed and placed. Most often, a banner is decorated with an activist slogan or picture using paint, dye or, in some cases, screen printing. The banner is then often either tied to the target or secured to it using ropes and weights. References reflist Category Protest tactics Category Vandalism activism stub ...   more details

  1. Star-Banner

    Refimprove date December 2011 Infobox newspaper name Star Banner logo Image Star Banner masthead.png 200px image Image Star Banner.png 200px caption The 30 September 2006 cover of the Star Banner type Daily newspaper format Broadsheet foundation owners Halifax Media Group headquarters Ocala, Florida , br USA editor Robyn Tomlin publisher Allen Parsons circulation 42869 ref name ABC cite web url http ecirc newssearchus.asp title eCirc US Newspaper Search Results not available publisher Audit Bureau of Circulations North America Audit Bureau of Circulations accessdate 2007 12 03 ref website http ISSN 0163 3201 The Star Banner is the daily newspaper in Ocala, Florida , United States and serves Marion County, Florida Marion County and the surrounding communities. Owned by Halifax Media Group ref http news items 2012 01 06 halifax media purchases 16 newspapers.html Halifax Media purchases 16 newspapers ref , the Star Banner has a daily circulation of about 43,000, and is the 19th largest newspaper in the state of Florida. ref name ABC History The East Florida Banner started publishing weekly in Marion County, Florida in 1866. It is the direct forerunner of today s Star Banner . The East Florida Banner was sold to George W. Wilson in 1881 and was renamed The Florida Banner Lacon when it merged with The Florida Lacon . In 1883, the name was changed to The Ocala Banner . In 1890, The Ocala Banner became a daily newspaper. In 1895, The Ocala Evening Star was created as a competitor to The Ocala Banner . The Ocala Star Banner was combined into one publication on 1 September 1943 and has remained the daily newspaper in Marion County since that time. References reflist External links http , the Star Banner s online site Halifax Media Use dmy dates date January 2012 Category Newspapers published in Florida Category Ocala, Florida Florida newspaper stub pt Star Banner ...   more details

  1. Banner Records

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Image BannerRecords.jpg thumb 250px Banner Record Sleeve, 1920s. Banner Records was a United States based record label of the 20th century. Banner Records was launched in January 1922 by the Plaza Music Company of New York City . Banner was an extremely popular label in the 1920s, concentrating on popular music of the day. To this day, Banners are often found all over the country, indicating their popularity as Plaza s flagship label. The audio fidelity of the records when new was average to slightly below average for the time, but being a cheap label, they were often pressed from cheaper materials that did not well withstand repeated playing with the heavy phonograph reproducers of the time, so Banner Records tended to display significant surface noise and audio distortion with moderate wear. Banner s recording studio was in New York City the recording director was Adrian Schubert, who also led the label s house band. Early on, some Banner Records were reissues of recordings made by Emerson Records and Paramount Records using masters leased from those labels. In 1928 Banner merged with Path Records and Cameo Records to form the American Record Corporation . ARC continued the popular Banner label through 1938 in music 1938 . In 1939 the Banner label was revived, primarily as an outlet for klezmer recordings they continued to issue recordings on Banner into the long playing vinyl record era. See also List of record labels Category American record labels Category Jazz record labels Category Record labels established in 1922 Category Record labels disestablished in 1938 Category Record labels established in 1939 Category Re established companies US record label stub de Banner Records nl Banner Records sv Banner skivm rke ...   more details

  1. The Banner of Freedom

    Infobox Anthem title The Banner of Freedom image Flag of Samoa.svg image size caption The Banner referenced in the song the Flag of Samoa . prefix National country WSM author Sauni Iiga Kuresa lyrics date composer Sauni Iiga Kuresa music date adopted 1962 until sound sound title The Banner of Freedom is the national anthem of Samoa . Both the words which honour the country s flag and the music were composed by Sauni Iiga Kuresa. Samoa adopted The Banner of Freedom as its national anthem upon gaining its independence from New Zealand in 1962. Samoan language Samoan version Samoa, tula i ma sisi ia lau fu a, lou pale lea Samoa, tula i ma sisi ia lau fu a, lou pale lea Vaai i na fetu o lo ua agiagia ai Le faailoga lea o Iesu, na maliu ai mo Samoa. Oi, Samoa e, uu mau lau pule ia faavavau. Aua e te fefe o le Atua lo ta fa avae, o lota sa olotoga. Samoa, tula i ua agiagia lau fu a, lou pale lea English language English translation Samoa, arise and raise your flag, your crown Samoa, arise and raise your flag, your crown Look at those stars that are waving on it This is the symbol of Jesus, who died on it for Samoa. Oh, Samoa, hold fast your power forever. Do not be afraid God is our foundation, our freedom. Samoa, arise your flag is waving, your crown External links http david.national ws.htm s page on The Banner of Freedom includes MIDI version of anthem. http my world upload Media mp3 Samoa.mid The Banner of Freedom MIDI Nationalanthemsofoceaniaandthepacificislands Category National anthems Banner of Freedom, The Category Samoan music Category National symbols of Samoa de The Banner Of Freedom el The Banner of Freedom es The Banner of Freedom fr The Banner of Freedom ko id The Banner of Freedom jv The Banner of Freedom ms The Banner of Freedom nl The Banner of Freedom ja pl Hymn Samoa ru fi The Banner of Freedom sv The Banner of Freedom zh ...   more details

  1. Banner blindness

    File Standard web banner ad sizes.svg thumb right 325px Standard web banner ad sizes Banner blindness is a phenomenon in web usability where visitors to a website consciously or subconsciously ignore Web banner banner like information, which can also be called ad blindness . The term banner blindness was coined by Benway and Lane ref Benway, J. P., Lane, D. M., http newsletter dec98 banner blindness.html Banner Blindness Web Searchers Often Miss Obvious Links , 1998, Internet Technical Group, Rice University ref as a result of website usability tests where a majority of the test subjects either consciously or unconsciously ignored information that was presented in banners. Subjects were given tasks to search information on a website. The information that was overlooked included both external advertisement banner s and internal navigational banners, e.g. quick links. The placement of the banners on a web page had little effect on whether or not the subjects noticed them. The result of the study contradicted the popular web design guideline that larger, colourful and animated elements on a website are more likely to be seen by users. However, in an experiment by Bayles ref Bayles, Michelle. http usabilitynews 22 banners.asp Just How Blind Are We to Advertising ... results. ref Nielson, Jakob. http alertbox banner blindness.html Banner Blindness Old ..., H., http jodi article view 36 38 Why Are Users Banner Blind? The Impact of Navigation ... explanation for the banner blindness phenomenon lay in the way users interacted with websites ... Commentary Banner Blindness, Human Cognition and Web Design , 1999, Internet Technical ... computer interaction Usability testing Web design References Notes reflist DEFAULTSORT Banner Blindness Category Usability Category Advertising terminology es Banner blindness ko mk pl Banner blindness ...   more details

  1. Hillsboro Banner

    Infobox Newspaper name Hillsboro Banner image caption type Weekly newspaper format Broadsheet foundation 1879 ceased publication price owners publisher editor Neil O. Nelson chiefeditor assoceditor staff language political circulation headquarters Hillsboro, North Dakota oclc ISSN website http The Hillsboro Banner is a weekly newspaper published in Hillsboro, North Dakota in the United States . The Banner is the oldest weekly newspaper in the state of North Dakota . It was first published in 1879 and became the official newspaper of Hillsboro in 1894. The current circulation is around 1,500. External links http Hillsboro Banner website coord 47.4033 N 97.0625 W display inline,title NorthDakota newspaper stub Category Newspapers published in North Dakota Category Traill County, North Dakota ...   more details

  1. Red Banner

    Image Order of the Red Banner 1.png thumb Order of the Red Banner Red Banner lang ru was a symbol of the USSR associated with the Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet state flag . Military units, institutions and organizations of the Soviet Army , Soviet Navy , MVD Internal Troops , etc. awarded with the Order of the Red Banner are referred to with the honorific title of the Red Banner krasnoznamyonny , e.g. Baltic Fleet The Red Banner Baltic Fleet or Red Army Choir The Twice Red Banner Alexandrov Soviet Army Choir . Civilian establishments awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labour are also sometimes addressed with the Red Banner honorific . Transferable Red Banner The Transferable Red Banner lang ru was an award for collectives, winners in socialist competition s at various Soviet work places. The term transferable means that for a given kind of competition at a given establishment enterprise, school, institute, clinic, etc. or category of establishments e.g., type of industry there was a single physical copy of the award which was transferred to the next winner in the competition held annually or quarterly . There were several levels of the award, depending on the level of the socialist competition all Union, republican, oblast wide, industry wide, enterprise institution wide, etc. ref name bse http dict bse article 00038 60400.htm Red banners, transferable , from the Great Soviet Encyclopedia ru icon ref A similar award existed in a number of other communist state s. ref name bse Red banner in Soviet ... of the Coat of arms of the Soviet Union Soviet coat of arms and the Red Banner part 3 . Gallery gallery Image Red Banner Of Labor.jpg Order of the Red Banner of Labour Image Soviet anniversary medal for the Transbaikal Military District.jpg An anniversary medal for the Red Banner Transbaikal military district gallery See also Red flag Order of the red banner References reflist Category Military ...   more details

  1. George Banner

    Orphan date February 2009 George Banner January 21, 1864 March 20, 1890 was an England English cricket er. He was a right handed batsman and a right arm fast bowler who played for Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club Nottinghamshire . He was born and died in Sutton in Ashfield . Banner made a single first class appearance for the team in the 1885 season, against Gloucestershire County Cricket Club Gloucestershire . Banner s sole batting contribution was a first innings of five runs. He bowled sixteen overs, making figures of 2 33. Banner died at the age of just 26. External links http Players 27 27658 27658.html George Banner at Cricket Archive Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Banner, George ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION English cricketer DATE OF BIRTH January 21, 1864 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH March 20, 1890 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Banner, George Category 1864 births Category 1890 deaths Category English cricketers Category Nottinghamshire cricketers Category People from Sutton in Ashfield ta ...   more details

  1. Herald-Banner

    Infobox Newspaper name Herald Banner image caption type Daily newspaper format Broadsheet foundation 1869, as Greenville Herald owners Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. publisher Lisa Chappel editor Derek Price advertising dir. Leslie Harper price headquarters 2305 King Street br Greenville, Texas 75401 br USA circulation 8,267 daily ref http www.cnhi circulation CNHI CAN Circulation , figures for an undetermined date, accessed January 20, 2007. ref website http The Herald Banner is a seven day morning daily newspaper published in Greenville, Texas , covering Hunt County, Texas Hunt County . The newspaper is published by Community Newspaper Holdings . The Herald Banner also publishes three weekly newspaper s the Commerce Journal , Rockwall County Herald Banner and Royse City Herald Banner . ref name about http aboutus The Herald Banner About Us , accessed January 20, 2007. ref History Two weeklies, the Greenville Herald founded in April 1869 and Greenville Banner 1881 , competed for readers until 1890, when the Herald converted to a daily, the Greenville Morning Herald . Both newspapers were acquired by Harte Hanks in 1956, which combined the two. The American Publishing Company later Sun Times Media Group Hollinger International purchased the paper from Worrell Enterprises in 1991 Hollinger sold the paper to Community Newspaper Holdings in 2000. External links http Herald Banner Website http CNHI Website References Reflist CNHI Herald Banner DEFAULTSORT Herald Banner Category Hunt County, Texas Category Newspapers published in Texas Texas newspaper stub ...   more details

  1. Banner of the Mongols

    Refimprove date October 2010 Banner of the Mongols Lang mn , Tug refers to a variety of banners that the Mongols flew during the period of the Mongol Empire , some of which are still flown presently in Mongolia . In this context, a banner is a pole with circularly arranged horse or yak tails of varying colors arranged at the top. Turkic languages refer to similar implements as Bunchuk or Kuta. Nine white banners Image Genghis Khan s enthronement in 1206.jpg left thumb 150px left Genghis Khan proclaimed Khagan of all Mongols. White spirit banners can be seen on the right File White Sulde of the Mongol Empire.jpg thumb 150px Nine White Banners File MongolsBesiegingACityInTheMiddleEast13thCentury.jpg left thumb 200px left The Mongols besieging a city in the Middle East. The black banner can be seen behind the trebuchet , 13th Century File Khar sulde.jpg thumb right 150px The black banner The state banner flown by the Mongols, called the Yoson Kholt Tsagaan Tug or the Nine Base White Banners, was composed of nine flag poles decorated with white horse tail hairs hanging from a round surface ... exclusively by the List of Mongol Khans Khans in front of their yurt. The central banner was larger ... banner disappeared early in history, but the black one survived as the repository of Genghis Khan s soul. The Mongols continued to honor the banner, and Zanabazar 1635 1723 built a monastery with the special mission of flying and protecting the black banner in the 17th century. ref Jack Weatherford Genghis Khan, p.XVI ref Around 1937, the black banner disappeared amidst the Stalinist repressions ... , which was their war banner. It was made of black horse tail hairs and flown in the same fashion. According to the illustrated Japanese chronicle M ko Sh rai Ekotoba , the banner of Mongol invasions ... for the Morin Khuur . References reflist See also Flag of Mongolia Bunchuk Banner Inner Mongolia ... Banner Of The Mongols Category National symbols of Mongolia Category National flags Mongolia ...   more details

  1. The Banner (magazine)

    for another magazine known as The Banner of Truth Banner of Truth Trust The Banner is a magazine published by the Christian Reformed Church in North America . It was originally published as The Banner of Truth by the Rev. John Yeury de Baun in the 1860s and 70s for the benefit of the True Reformed Dutch Church in America. De Baun was granted permission by the denominational Presbyterian polity synod meeting in New York, New York in June, 1866, to publish a monthly periodical at his own expense. It began as a monthly publication out of Hackensack, New Jersey. ref cite book last Spoelhof first Henry title A Brief History of Classis Hackensack of the Christian Reformed Church year 1974 page 13 ref Issues of The Banner of Truth generally printed sermons from important early figures in the True Reformed Dutch Church e.g., James D. Demarest and Solomon Froeligh , doctrinal treatises, denominational and church news, records of marriages and deaths, poems and puzzles on spiritual or doctrinal themes, and numerous proverbs or aphorisms. In 1887, de Baun became pastor of LaGrave Avenue Christian Reformed Church in North America Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and continued ... increased the frequency of publication from monthly to bi weekly and shortened the name to The Banner .... ref cite web title The Banner url http about us history accessdate 15 August 2011 ref References Reflist External links http The Banner website http books?id nF9FAAAAYAAJ&dq banner 20of 20truth&pg PA81 v onepage&q&f false The Banner of Truth ... monsey 20true 20reformed 20dutch 20church&pg PA1 v onepage&q&f false The Banner of Truth, volumes 4&ndash 6 1869&ndash 1872 at Google Books http books?id 01ZNAAAAYAAJ&dq banner 20of 20truth 20debaun&pg PA1 v onepage&q&f false The Banner of Truth, volumes 5&ndash 7 1871&ndash 1873 at Google Books DEFAULTSORT Banner Category American magazines Category Christian magazines Category Publications ...   more details

  1. Mike Banner

    Infobox football biography playername Mike Banner image Image Replace this image male.svg fullname Mike Banner dateofbirth birth date and age 1984 10 20 cityofbirth Washington, D.C. countryofbirth United States height height ft 5 in 9 position Midfielder Defender association football Left Back currentclub clubnumber youthyears1 2002 youthclubs1 Georgetown Hoyas youthyears2 2003 2006 youthclubs2 SIU Edwardsville Cougars years1 2007 2011 clubs1 Chicago Fire Soccer Club Chicago Fire caps1 54 goals1 3 years2 2012 clubs2 Piasa FC Illinois Piasa Indoor caps2 goals2 years3 2012 clubs3 FF Jaro caps3 1 ..., 2012 ntupdate Mike Banner born October 20, 1984 in Washington, D.C. is an American soccer player who ... Banner attended Gonzaga College High School and began his collegiate soccer career at Georgetown ... his career, scoring 18 goals along the way. Professional Banner was drafted in the third round, 34th ... for five seasons. In January 2012 he club announced that Banner would not return for the 2012 season. ref name Part ways cite web url http www.chicago news 2012 01 fire banner part ways title Banner part ways with Chigaco Fire work Chigaco Fire accessdate 29 January 2012 ref He later signed with the Piasa FC Illinois Piasa Indoor soccer team. ref name Mike Banner returns to his roots cite web url http 2012 1 30 2757516 mike banner returns to his roots title Mike Banner returns to his roots work accessdate 30 January 2012 ref In March 2012 Banner signed a two year contract with Finnish Veikkausliiga side FF Jaro . ref name Jarolle ... players mike banner MLS player profile Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Banner, Mike ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION American soccer player DATE OF BIRTH October 20, 1984 PLACE OF BIRTH Washington, D.C. , United States DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Banner ... College High School alumni US footy midfielder stub it Mike Banner pl Mike Banner ...   more details

  1. Harmood Banner

    Multiple issues unreferenced December 2009 orphan February 2009 Image HarmoodBanner.jpg right Harmood Banner 1783 1865 was, by trade, an accountant and his company, Harmood Banner & Company, was the origin of one of today s largest accountancy firms, Coopers & Lybrand. His reputation was made while chairman of the Liverpool and Harrington Water company, and subsequently as chairman of the Liverpool Gas and Coke Company. He was a city Councillor for the St Peter s Ward during the 1850s, and was described as Grave and sedate in appearance, and sits wrapped in thought as if he were somewhat careworn. His first venture into the profession of accountancy was in 1814 when he joined in partnership with Thomas Billinge, his brother in law. Coopers & Lybrand In 1816, he was appointed liquidator law liquidator to a bank, that of James Aspinall of Liverpool. His reputation grew, as did his business and soon the company, Harmood Banner & Company, was one of the most respected accountancy firms in the country. The origins of one of today s largest accountancy firms, Coopers & Lybrand, can be traced back to Harmood Banner & Co. Liverpool Boys & Girls Orphanage Banner also had an enormous interest in the well being of children, especially those who found their way into the various orphanages around Liverpool. He founded and played an active role in the Liverpool Boys & Girls Orphanage in Myrtle Street, Liverpool. In Pen and Ink Studies of Liverpool Councillors , Shimmin noted Day by day, Mr. Banner may be found visiting the fatherless in their affliction, and giving to hundreds of destitute orphans that paternal council which he well knows how to bestow. Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Banner, Harmood ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1783 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH 1865 PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Banner, Harmood Category 1783 births Category 1865 deaths Category British accountants UK business bio stub ...   more details

  1. Mitchell Banner

    Infobox AFL player NEW name Mitchell Banner fullname Mitchell Banner image birth date Birth date and age 1990 6 5 df y birth place originalteam Western Jets heightweight 179 cm 80 kg position midfield death date death place currentclub Port Adelaide Football Club Port Adelaide guernsey 31 years 2009 clubs Port Adelaide Football Club Port Adelaide games goals 19 16 sooyears sooteams soogames goals nationalyears nationalteams nationalgames goals statsend 2011 Mitchell Banner born 5 June 1990 is an Australian Rules Football player for the Port Adelaide Football Club . Banner was recruited to Port from the Western Jets with the 42nd selection in the 2008 AFL Draft . ref http wyndham sport story mitchell banner celebrates port docking Mitchell Banner celebrates Port docking ref He also represented Victoria Metro at the 2008 AFL National Under 18 Championships . ref http sport afl young talent runs deep story e6frexx0 1111116871496 Talent manager predicts bumper 2009 AFL draft ref He spent the 2009 season playing for Woodville West Torrens Football Club Woodville West Torrens in the South Australian National Football League SANFL but made an impressive pre season debut for Port in February 2010, scoring two goals and being named as one of his team s best players. ref http afl afl news ports new stars steal spotlight 20100213 nyjk.html Port s new stars steal spotlight ref References reflist Port player squad 2008 AFL Draft Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Banner, Mitchell ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Australian rules footballer DATE OF BIRTH 5 June 1990 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Banner, Mitchell Category 1990 births Category Living people Category Australian rules footballers from Victoria Category Port Adelaide Football Club players Category Western Jets players AFL bio 1990s stub ...   more details

  1. Duncan Banner

    Infobox Newspaper name Duncan Banner image caption type Daily newspaper format Broadsheet foundation 1892 owners Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. publisher Ed Darling editor price headquarters 1001 Elm Avenue br Duncan, Oklahoma 73534 br USA circulation 6,600 website http The Duncan Banner Stephens County, Oklahoma Stephens County s Only Daily Newspaper , is a six day Sunday through Friday daily newspaper published in Duncan, Oklahoma , United States . With a circulation of 10,000, the publication has been around since 1892 in some form or another. ref name finderbinder Duncan Banner , Finder Binder Oklahoma s Updated Media Directory, 2009 Winter Issue. ref Founded by James P. Sampson in 1892 , The Duncan Banner is the oldest business in Duncan still operating under the same name. Its first presses were reportedly brought to Duncan on the first railroad train to stop there. ref http aboutus local story 116100602.html The Duncan Banner History , accessed February 16, 2007. ref The newspaper is owned by Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. ref http newspapers Newspapers accessed February 25, 2010 . ref The newspaper is published Monday through Friday in the evening and on Sunday morning. ref name finderbinder External links http The Duncan Banner Website http CNHI Website References references CNHI Duncan Banner DEFAULTSORT Duncan Banner Category Newspapers published in Oklahoma Category Stephens County, Oklahoma Oklahoma newspaper stub ...   more details

  1. Banner of Peace

    File Madonna Oriflamma.jpg thumb 200px right Nicholas Roerich Madonna Oriflamma Banner of Peace is a symbol ... of the Banner of Peace sign This sign was proposed by N.K.Roerich for an International Pact for protection of culture values. N. Roerich wrote blockquote The Banner of Peace, as is now well known ... of man . ref The Roerich Pact and Banner of Peace Aims and History . ref blockquote Description of the Banner of Peace sign N.K.Roerich described the sign created by him using follow remarkable expressions blockquote proposed banner is the symbol of whole world, not a country, but the whole civilized world. The Banner proposed has on the white background three united amaranth spheres as a symbol of Eternity and Unity. Although we don t know when this Banner will fly over all cultural monuments ... ref name r2 Banner of Peace. Collected articles. Moscow, International Centre of the Roerichs. 1995. P.105. ref . blockquote blockquote We are asked to collect where the signs of our Banner of Peace ... to this treaty . blockquote Picture of the Banner of Peace sign Origin of the N.K.Roerich s idea for creation of the Banner of Peace sign was ancient Russian icon of Andrei Rublev . N.K. Roerich ... last picture dedicated to meaning sense of the banner sign. You can show this photo to some Committee ... already existing. In addition, I send You a photo of St. Queen of the Banner Madonna Oriflamma ... the following illustrations of presence of the Banner of Peace components in the pictures and icons ... the sign of Banner of Peace can be seen. It is useful to remember this for many ref Roerich N.K. Diary pages. V.1. Half century ref . blockquote blockquote The sign of the Banner was also found at the Temple .... The signs ref . blockquote Conditions of using of the Banner of Peace sign The monuments and institutions, on which the Banner of Peace sign is proposed to establish, must be included by National governments ... banner one must be registered by Pact bodies. The same standing exists concerning a distinctive banner ...   more details

  1. The Banner (band)

    Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name The Banner image caption image size background group or band origin Bloomfield, New Jersey Bloomfield , New Jersey , United States genre Hardcore punk , metalcore , horror hardcore years active 2003&ndash present label Ferret Music br Blackout Records associated acts The Sun The Moon The Stars , Suburban Scum, Bayonet band Bayonet website current members Jake Dimeo br Paul Klein br Dayn br Joey Southside br Garrett past members The Banner is a hardcore punk and metalcore band from Bloomfield, New Jersey Bloomfield , New Jersey with influences that range from late 80s hardcore, punk rock , heavy metal music heavy metal and New York Hardcore NYHC style metalcore . The Banner broke up for a brief period in 2006, before reuniting with founding member Garrett Defalco. The band released their third studio album, Frailty The Hellbound Heart in 2008, which was recorded and produced at the Machine Shop studio in Hoboken, New Jersey and released on the Ferret Music label. The Banner broke up again briefly in 2010. In late 2011, Born ... and Thirty Days of Night Records , respectively. On December 27, 2011, The Banner began streaming a demo ... members of The Banner small Discography Studio albums class wikitable Date of release Title ... 10, 2008 Frailty The Banner album Frailty Ferret Music EPs class wikitable Date of release Title Record ... Wrong The Banner split album split small 7 small Warmachine Records Summer 2012 Born to Ruin I The Way ... web 20031202233231 news.php The Banner Official Website Archive 2003 08 04 ... artist.php?aid 31 Ferret Music band page http band the banner The Banner myspace thebanner The Banner myspace luciferlovesdaggers Daggers http www.a ... DEFAULTSORT The Banner Band Category American metalcore musical groups Banner, The Category Musical groups established in 1999 Banner, The Category Musical groups from New Jersey Banner ...   more details

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