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Encyclopedia results for Babi (title)

Babi (title)

Encyclopedia results for Babi (title)

  1. Babi (title)

    Babi enters in various Indian titles. Khan title Khan Sahib Shri Babi the title of the ruler of the Indian princely state of Bantva Manavadar state founded in 1760 which in September 1947 acceded to Pakistan, but on 15 February 1948 rescinded accession to Pakistan, to accede to India the dynasty is called Babi. Nawab Babi the title of the ruler of the Indian princely state of Balasinor the dynasty is called Babi Dynasty Babi was also the name of the only ruling dynasty title Nawab in the salute state of Radhanpur , where for generations Bahadur Babi followed the ruler s personal name The same dynasty finally ruled Junagadh , but there Babi was rarely part f the name, and never of the title of the ruling Nawab Saheb Sources and references http India princes A J.html WorldStatesmen India http zzhsoszy ips main.html Indian princely states see each state quoted DEFAULTSORT Babi Title Category Kinship and descent Category Titles in India ...   more details

  1. Babi

    Babi may refer to BABI Also means baby in Welsh Bab , a municipality in Azerbaijan Babi Dynasty , founded in 1735 by Muhammed Sher Khan Babi r.1748 1758 , Nawabs of this dynasty went on to rule over Junagadh in Gujarat, from the 18th to the 20th century. Babi title , in various Indian titles Babi is a nickname for the Greek name Charalampos Babi mythology , a baboon god in Egyptian mythology A B b s B b is a follower of the B b Pig , Babi in Malay, Indonesian, and Kapampangan BABI is also a Mobile Suit name in anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny . Codename AMA 953 BABI Best Achondrite Basalt Initial BABI is an acronym used in the Geosciences Best Achondrite Basalt Initial. List of characters in Golden Sun Babi Lord Babi , from the Golden Sun video game series. Babi can be a surname Parveen Babi , Indian actress Babi can also be a nickname Babi Xavier born 1974 , Brazilian actress, model and TV hostess disambig ca Babi de Babi es Babi ja pt Babi ...   more details

  1. Babi Island

    Babi Island or Pulau Babi can refer to any of the following Pulau Besar Johor in Malaysia, previously known as Pulau Babi Besar Babi Island Aceh in Indonesia Babi Island Flores in Indonesia Babi Kecil Island, Belitung in Indonesia dab ...   more details

  1. Babi Dynasty

    The Babi dynasty was founded in 1735 by Muhammed Sher Khan Babi ruled 1748 1758 . Nawab s of this dynasty went on to rule over Junagadh in modern Gujarat, from the 18th century until Indian independence in 1947. The Babi are a clan of the Yusufzai tribe of Pashtun people Pashtun s, ref cite web title Junagadh work Genealogical Gleanings publisher Soszynski, Henry. University of Queensland url http zzhsoszy ips j junagadh.html accessdate 2010 04 12 ref descended specifically from the tribe s Usmankhel sept. They entered India from Afghanistan under the leadership of Usman Khan Babi, a follower of the Mughal emperor Humayun . Usman s son, Sher Khan Babi, arrived in Kathiawar in the train of Prince Murad Baksh , the Imperial Viceroy. ref cite web title Junagadh work The Royal Ark publisher Buyers, Christopher url http India junagadh.htm accessdate 2010 04 12 ref His descendants ruled over the princely state s of Radhanpur and Balasinor , and the small states of Bantva , Manavadar and Sardargarh . References reflist 30em Category Social groups of Pakistan Category Ethnic groups in Pakistan Category Junagadh district Category History of Gujarat ethno stub ...   more details

  1. Babi (mythology)

    In Egyptian mythology , Babi , also Baba , ref cite book last Budge first Ernest Alfred Wallis authorlink E. A. Wallis Budge year 1904 title The gods of the Egyptians or, Studies in Egyptian mythology, Vol II publisher Methuen Publishing pages 91 92 isbn 9780486220567 oclc 97634 lccn 04004378 url http stream godsofegyptianso02budg page 92 ref ref cite book last Pinch first Geraldine authorlink Geraldine Harris year 2002 title Handbook of Egyptian mythology publisher ABC CLIO page 112 isbn 9781576077634 oclc 49421586 lccn 2002004567 chapterurl url http ?id N mTqRTrimgC&pg PA112 ref was the deification of the Hamadryas Baboon baboon , one of the animals present in Egypt ... year 2005 title The Routledge Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses publisher Routledge edition .... Since baboons were considered to be the dead, Babi was viewed as an duat underworld deity. Baboons are extremely aggressive, and omnivorous , and so Babi was viewed as being very bloodthirsty ... Henry authorlink James Henry Breasted year 1972 title Development of Religion and Thought in Ancient ... book last Curl first James Stevens authorlink James Stevens Curl year 2005 title The Egyptian Revival .... Since this judging of righteousness was an important part of the underworld, Babi was said to be the first ... M ller origyear 1918 year 2004 title Egyptian Mythology publisher Kessinger Publishing page 131 isbn ... the god of the dead in the same regions in which people believed in Babi. Baboons also have noticeably high Libido sex drive s, in addition to their high level of genital marking, and so Babi was considered ..., p.44 Babi was also prayed to, in order to ensure that an individual would not suffer from impotence after death. See also Ammit References Reflist DEFAULTSORT Babi Mythology Category Egyptian mythology ... da Babi de Babi gyptische Mythologie fr Baba mythologie gyptienne ru simple Babi sl Babi ...   more details

  1. Babi Dw�r

    Infobox Settlement name Babi Dw r settlement type Settlement total type   image skyline image caption image flag image shield image map subdivision type Countries of the world Country subdivision name flag icon Poland Poland subdivision type1 Voivodeships of Poland Voivodeship subdivision name1 Greater Poland Voivodeship Greater Poland subdivision type2 Powiat County subdivision name2 Z ot w County Z ot w subdivision type3 Gmina subdivision name3 Gmina Okonek Okonek elevation m population total website Babi Dw r IPAc pl b a b i d w u r is a human settlement settlement in the administrative district of Gmina Okonek , within Z ot w County , Greater Poland Voivodeship , in west central Poland. ref name TERYT cite web url http broker access prefile listPreFiles.jspa title Central Statistical Office GUS TERYT National Register of Territorial Land Apportionment Journal date 2008 06 01 language Polish ref Before 1945 the area was part of Germany. For more on its history, see Z ot w County . References reflist br Gmina Okonek Z ot w geo stub coord 53 37 8 N 16 47 30 E source plwiki type city display title Category Villages in Z ot w County Babi Dwor pl Babi Dw r ...   more details

  1. Babi ngepet

    away by the Babi Ngepet. If the mission went successful, when the Babi Ngepet safely returned home .... The person that practice Babi Ngepet black magic needs an assistance from other person. The assistant task is to stay home and guard the candle floating on a basin of water alight, while the Babi ... that the Babi Ngepet is in danger caught in action by villagers or turned back into his human form ... also Tuyul Category Javanese mythology Category Shapeshifting Indonesia stub Asia myth stub id Babi ...   more details

  1. Parveen Babi

    Infobox person name Parveen Babi image Parveen Babi.jpg caption Parveen Babi in 1977 image size birth ... , India Parveen Babi 4 April 1954  20 January 2005 was an India n actress , who is most remembered ... articleshow 998438.cms Parveen Babi dies, alone in death as in life , Times ... St. Xavier s College, Ahmedabad . Her father Vali Mohammed Babi, was an administrator with the Nawab ... , a semi autobiographical film about his relationship with Babi, and wrote and produced Woh Lamhe ... images2.htm Mahesh Bhatt Parveen Babi and I , Dawn newspaper Dawn , 31 December 2006. ref dead ... 2 hi entertainment 4198219.stm Bollywood star Parveen Babi dies BBC News , 22 January 2005 ref The film ... major hit was Majboor 1974 opposite Amitabh Bachchan. Along with Zeenat Aman , Parveen Babi helped ... s1600 parveen babi time magazine cover 1976.jpeg cover , ref name India Forums cite web url http forum parveen babi photo gallery videos and biography t1105 10.html p2691 title Parveen Babi on the cover of Time Magazine publisher IndiaVoice date 2010 12 29 accessdate 2010 12 29 ref ... designer Manish Malhotra says, Parveen Babi brought minimalism into fashion. She was always impeccable ... Naseeruddin Shah . ref http bollywood pages1 bolly89.html Parveen Babi filmography ref Later life On July 30th, 1983, Parveen Babi left India and the film industry at the height of her career. ref name Gone too soon cite web title Gone too soon url http photos ... Babi found dead in Mumbai , Indian Express , 22 January 2005. ref The police suspected that she ... from diabetes. Citation needed date March 2011 Babi was buried next to her mother at Santa ...?newsid 41105 Chaos, confusion mark Parveen Babi s funeral , Express India , 24 January 2005 ref Filmography ... 2008 04 parveen conf.pdf Parveen Babi s Confessions PDF& 93 http ... Babi on UG Krishna murty PDF& 93 http gallerydetails.aspx?category Movies&id 3767 ...   more details

  1. Babi D�?

    Infobox settlement name Babi D settlement type Village total type   image skyline image caption image flag image shield image map coordinates region PL subdivision type Countries of the world Country subdivision name flag icon Poland Poland subdivision type1 Voivodeships of Poland Voivodeship subdivision name1 Pomeranian Voivodeship Pomeranian subdivision type2 Powiat County subdivision name2 Kartuzy County Kartuzy subdivision type3 Gmina subdivision name3 Gmina ukowo ukowo latd 54 latm 17 lats 59 latNS N longd 18 longm 18 longs 37 longEW E pushpin map Poland pushpin label position right elevation m population total 223 website Babi D IPAc pl b a b i d u U is a village in the administrative district of Gmina ukowo , within Kartuzy County , Pomeranian Voivodeship , in northern Poland. ref name TERYT cite web url http broker access prefile listPreFiles.jspa title Central Statistical Office GUS TERYT National Register of Territorial Land Apportionment Journal date 2008 06 01 language Polish ref It lies approximately convert 7 km mi 0 south west of ukowo , convert 9 km mi 0 abbr on south east of Kartuzy , and convert 23 km mi 0 abbr on west of the regional capital Gda sk . For details of the history of the region, see History of Pomerania . The village has a population of 223. References reflist br Gmina ukowo coord 54 17 59 N 18 18 37 E region PL type city display title Category Villages in Kartuzy County Babi Dol Kartuzy geo stub nl Babi D pl Babi D ...   more details

  1. Babi Yar

    gradjournal 2004 khiterer2004.pdf title Babi Yar The tragedy of Kiev s Jews author Victoria Khiterer ... title Yad Vashem tries to name Babi Yar victims, but only 10 identified accessdate 2010 08 03 publisher ...?ModuleId 10005421 title Kiev and Babi Yar publisher date accessdate 2012 03 07 ref mostly ...About a massacre of Jews and other murders during World War II the book by Anatoly Kuznetsov Babi Yar A Document in the Form of a Novel the poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko Babi Yar poem the Shostakovich symphony based on the poem Symphony No. 13 Shostakovich Infobox Holocaust Event Event Name Babi Yar Image Name Babi Jar ravijn.jpg Image Caption Babi Yar ravine in Kiev . AKA Babyn Yar Location Babyn Yar ... was also located in the area. Babi Yar lang ru lang uk , Babyn Yar is a ravine in the Ukraine ... during its campaign against the Soviet Union ref cite book title The Wehrmacht History, Myth ... http JRS pdf 2007 18.pdf From Berlin to Babi Yar. The Nazi War Against the Jews ... that between 100,000 and 150,000 more lives were taken at Babi Yar. ref name rpmag1 cite book last Magocsi first Paul Robert title A History of Ukraine year 1996 publisher University of Toronto ... of Ukraine isbn 9780802078209 ref Historical background The Babi Yar Babyn Yar ravine was first ... 20Eberhard 20kiev&f false title War of Annihilation Combat and Genocide on the Eastern Front first1 ... false title A War to be won Fighting the Second World War first1 Williamson last1 Murray first2 ... language ref Einsatzgruppen Einsatzgruppe C carried out the Babi Yar massacre and a number of other ... Museum , http wlc article.php?lang en&ModuleId 10005421 Kiev and Babi Yar , http ... The Holocaust Chronicle Massacre at Babi Yar , http index.html The Holocaust .... Statement of Truck Driver Hofer describing the murder of Jews at Babi Yar ref http hofer.html Statement of Truck Driver Hofer describing the murder of Jews at Babi Yar ...   more details

  1. Sympistis babi

    orphan date October 2009 Taxobox name Sympistis babi image image width 204px image caption regnum Animal ia phylum Arthropod a classis Insect a ordo Lepidoptera familia Noctuidae tribus genus Sympistis species S. babi binomial Sympistis babi binomial authority Troubridge, 2008 synonyms Sympistis babi is a moth of the Noctuidae family. It is found from Northwestern Colorado to Southeastern Utah at altitudes of 4,700 to 5,200 feet. The wingspan is 25 29  mm. Adults are on wing from June to early July. External links http species.php?hodges 10134.1 Images at mothphotographersgroup Category Sympistis Sympistis stub vi Sympistis babi ...   more details

  1. Babi panggang

    refimprove date June 2009 Babi panggang refers to a variety of recipes for Indonesian grilled pork recipes, babi meaning pig or pork, and panggang meaning grilled or roasted in the Malay language Malay and Indonesian languages. Babi panggang Karo and Babi panggang Toba are two similar dishes made by the Christian Batak people Batak Toba and Karo people Indonesia Batak Karo of North Sumatra. Pigs are slaughtered and used in their entirety to make babi panggang bones for a clear soup, meat including offal to be grilled, and blood for a dipping sauce. The three dishes are served with plain rice and a sambal andaliman, made from fresh sichuan pepper s. ref http eatingasia 2007 03 make mine a b2.html ref In other parts of Indonesia and also Malaysia, where the Chinese are the main pork eating population, babi panggang may simply be a local term for standard Chinese pork dishes babi panggang putih is siu yuk siu yook , and babi panggang merah is Chinese char siu . File Babi panggang speciaal met nasi.jpg thumb 227px right A Dutch babi panggang speciaal met nasi , a popular Take out takeaway combination in the Netherlands of fried pork with sauce and fried rice In the Western world West , chiefly in The Netherlands, babi panggang is a pork dish served with a tomato based sauce. This Netherlands Dutch Indonesia n China Chinese Fusion cuisine fusion dish is also known as babi panggang speciaal in the Netherlands and its neighbour Flanders , and the sauce as speciaal saus lit. special sauce . br This fusion version of babi panggang became popular in the Netherlands and Flanders through so called Chinese Indonesian restaurants , common in the Netherlands ..., this type of babi panggang sauce is becoming popular in many Western countries as a sauce for barbecues. References cookbook Babi Panggang Sauce Reflist See also Sweet and sour pork Sweet and sour ... Category Malay words and phrases es Babi panggang nl Babi panggang ...   more details

  1. Babi Badalov

    Babi Badalov , Badalov Babakhan Boyukxan oglu , lang az Badalov Babaxan B y kxan o lu , born on June 18, 1959, in Lerik, Azerbaijan Lerik , a small town near the Iranian border in the Talysh Mughan Autonomous ... Beforeafterbb.jpg thumb 250px right upright Before After, Babi Badalov, self portrait s 1986 , photomontage , 1992. After serving two years in the Soviet Army , Babi Badalov moved to Leningrad St. Petersburg ... Constantin Br ncu i Brankusi , Babi Badalov, 2007 Image Abramovich.jpg Roman Abramovich Abramovich , Babi Badalov, 2007 Image All Possiblity Long Nails.jpg All Possiblity, Long Nails , Babi Badalov, 2007 Image Deodorant For Turkmen.jpg Deodorant For Turkmen , Babi Badalov, 2008 Image Your Money Or Your Life.jpg Your Money Or Your Life , Babi Badalov, 2008 Image Can You Hear Me Sergey Ivanovich.jpg Can You Hear Me, Sergey Ivanovich Morozov Sergey Ivanovich , Babi Badalov, 2009 Image An Artist Not A Fighter.jpg An Artist Not A Fighter , Babi Badalov, 2009 Image Bush Brush Bush.jpg George W. Bush ... milan Bush Brush Bush , Gallery ARTRA, Milan, Italy ref Babi Badalov, 2009 gallery Literature and poetry Babi Badalov s poetry is remarkable for its consonant and phonetic alliteration s and onomatopoeia ... in a black suit will always be surrounded by four walls. Babi Badalov Notes and references references External links http babi badalov cv Babi Badalov s blog http Babi Badalov s Visual Poetry http www.e shows view 6892 Exhibition Monument to Transformation , May 2009, Prague http diaspora actions babi badalov ..., Baku, Azerbaijan Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Badalov, Babi ALTERNATIVE NAMES ..., Babi Category Gay artists Category Living people Category Azerbaijani poets Category Azerbaijani artists Category People from Saint Petersburg Category 1959 births es Babi Badalov fr Babi Badalov tr Babi Badalov ...   more details

  1. FK Babi

    Infobox football club clubname br FK Babuna fullname Fudbalski klub Babi tip image founded 1994 chairman manager ground Gradski stadion tip , br tip , Republic of Macedonia capacity 4,000 league Macedonian Third League Makedonska Treta Liga season 2008 09 position 2nd pattern la1 pattern b1 thinyellowsides pattern ra1 leftarm1 FF0000 body1 FF0000 rightarm1 FF0000 shorts1 FF0000 socks1 FF0000 pattern la2 pattern b2 shouldersonwhite pattern ra2 leftarm2 FFFFFF body2 FFFFFF rightarm2 FFFFFF shorts2 FFFFFF socks2 FFFFFF FK Babi lang mk is a football club from tip , Republic of Macedonia . The club currently plays in the Macedonian Third League . ref http index.php?option com joomleague&view clubinfo&p 65 3A3 20112012&cid 96&Itemid 114 ref References reflist External links http index.php?option com content&view article&id 2438 babi&catid 23 3 liga istok third league east&Itemid 190 Club info at MacedonianFootball en icon http Football Federation of Macedonia mk icon Category Football clubs in the Republic of Macedonia Babi RMacedonia footyclub stub ...   more details

  1. Babi Xavier

    Use mdy dates date September 2011 Infobox person name Babi Xavier image Babixavier cropped2.jpg imagesize 250px birth place Niter i , Rio de Janeiro, Brazil occupation television actress, singer, TV hostess Babi Xavier , born Anna B rbara Xavier , July 6, 1974, Niter i , Rio de Janeiro is a Brazilian television actress, singer and TV hostess. Television Perdidos de Amor Rede Bandeirantes Band , 1996 ... Record , 2009. Television Guest Star Image Babixavier.jpg thumb 200px Babi Voc Decide Globo, 1996 ... small on August 6, 2006 Babi Xavier align center Actress and Singer H lio Faria bgcolor F4C7B8 align ... 235,1 bgcolor lightgreen 289,5 bgcolor lightgreen 116,9 117,3 bgcolor pink 292,8 Babi & H lio ... Rock Babi & H lio Disco Merengue Bolero Forr Flamenco Rock Lambada bgcolor FFC5C5 Doble bgcolor FFC5C5 ... class wikitable align center rowspan 2 Order colspan 12 Weeks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13 1 Babi Robson ... lightsteelblue Robson bgcolor limegreen Robson 2 Hort ncia Oscar Babi Stepan Hort ncia Hort ncia ... N vea N vea Babi Babi bgcolor violet Babi bgcolor CCCCCC colspan 2 4 N vea Guilherme Preta Gil Oscar ... Gil Stepan Mariana bgcolor lightsteelblue Babi Babi Babi Babi bgcolor violet N vea bgcolor CCCCCC ... Robson Babi Stepan Preta Gil Robson bgcolor violet Guilherme style background CCCCCC colspan ... , 2009 A Fazenda Reality Show Books & Magazines E A ? Um Papo Aberto Entre a Gente, By Babi 2002 Playboy magazine Brazilian issue Playboy September, 2003 Music Babi Do Jeito Que Eu Quero Year 2002 Label ... External links http Babi Xavier Official Web Site http babixavier Babi Xavier Official Blog imdb name id 0944377 name Anna B rbara Xavier Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Xavier, Babi ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Brazilian actor singer ... DEFAULTSORT Xavier, Babi Category 1974 births Category Living people Category Brazilian female ... actors Category Brazilian television personalities pt Babi Xavier ...   more details

  1. Natalia Babi

    , posing not only for magazines, but also for her own art projects Ms. Babi credits the beauty of Odessa ... shaped my vision of the universe and my art. Art Natalia Babi s artwork is unique. She is not only ..., fusing photography with painting. Philosophy Ms. Babi relies on mystical themes in her work ... that gives Ms. Babi s work its convincing feeling. Mysticism enhances aspects of reality ... Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Babi, Natalia ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Babi, Natalia Category Year of birth ...   more details

  1. The Title

    Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name The Title image caption image size background group or band alias origin Stoke on Trent , UK genre Independent music Indie br Blues years active 2004 present label Sons Ltd associated acts website current members past members The Title are a four piece Independent music indie band based in Stoke on Trent , signed with Sons Ltd . ref http stoke content articles 2008 02 01 thetitle insession 310108 feature.shtml The Title in session , BBC Stoke & Staffordshire, 2008 02 01. Retrieved on 2008 12 18. ref Their debut single, Slippin n Slidin , charted at 15 in the UK indie charts with the follow up, Madman charting at 5. Singles Slippin n Slidin June 21, 2007 SONS Records 15 UK Madman March 24, 2008 SONS Records 5 UK References Reflist External links http www.the The Title Official Website http thetitleuk The Title Myspace http music The Title uk The Title Category British indie rock groups Category Music in Stoke on Trent ...   more details

  1. Title This

    orphan date December 2009 The Kostabi Show , formerly known as Title This, Name That Painting And Paint That Naming, is a television game show where art critics and celebrities compete to title paintings by Mark Kostabi for cash awards. Participants have included Ornette Coleman , Glen Matlock , Tommy Ramone , Lala Brooks , May Pang , Michel Gondry , Tony Middleton , Mark Bego , Randy Jones , Taylor Mead , Sylvia Miles , Ron Saint Germain , Gary Indiana , Nicole Eisenman, Walter Robinson, Lee Klein , and Victor Bockris . The Kostabi Show has also featured guest musical performances by Ornette Coleman, Glen Matlock, Uncle Monk , Randy Jones, Derek Storm, Tony Middleton, The Willowz , The She Wolves and Glint. From Lisa Paul Streitfeld s review in NY Arts of Thomas McEvilley s new book The Triumph of Anti Art Conceptual and Performance Art in the Formation of Postmodernism ...Mark Kostabi s cynical conceptual art performance piece on his Manhattan cable television show where he invites critics to title his non art objects which proclaim their sole importance in not being painted by the artist . Those who once had a crucial role as adversary are now participants in the celebrity obsessed shadow that has swallowed up authenticity in art . Kostabi has taken out a full page ad in Art Forum as proof of this public triumph of the inauthentic. Is this public undermining of the critical apparatus the logical conclusion of Anti Art? External links http The Kostabi Show Archives Online quicktime files of the game show for viewing. http Mark Kostabi Mark Kostabi s web site. Category American game shows ...   more details

  1. Title

    Other uses Refimprove date October 2010 A title is a Prefix linguistics prefix or Suffix name suffix ... usage or clerical titles such as Archbishop . Some titles are hereditary title hereditary . Formal social titles Mr Formal male title Ms. Ms Formal female title Mrs Formal title for married females Miss Formal title for unmarried females dablink For titles adopted by individuals of no defined ... Science Dean Dean Emeritus Designer Dz Doctor title Doctor Doctor of Arts DA Doctor of Arts ... CSci EurChem Master Mariner HGR Rarely Used Title In The United Kingdom Master of Library and Information ... the title held by the pope, pope being the position President from which comes such titles as Deputy ... The biarchs of San Marino are titled Captains Regent . From this term also came the historical title ... Title often given to the sons and daughters of ruling monarchs. Also a title of the upper nobility .... The German term for this title is F rst which loosely translates as prince, the equivalent Russian term is knyaz . Archduke Archduchess An historical title of the Habsburg Dynasty that ruled Austria and Hungary until 1918 Baron Baron ess Grand Duke Grand Duchess . Historical title of the Romanov ... Supreme Leader . Sultan Sultana title Arabic for powerful ruler Maharajah Maharani Viscount Viscountess ... Unique only in Austria , Archduchy of Austria title used for member of the Habsburg dynasty Prince ... Prince of Wales is a title granted, following an investiture, to the eldest son of the Sovereign of the United ... sovereign barons no longer have a sovereign barony, but only the title and style Pope There is no formal feminine of Pope Popette sup Title Fictional and hypothetical titles for heads of state Note ... be claimed by former regnal dynasties. Appointed Caesar title Caesar an honorific family name passed ... Hereditary Basileus Caliph Khagan Khan title Khan King Emperor The feminine equivalent is Queen ... Africa List of rulers of Asante Asantehene The Ashanti Ashanti , title of the King of the The Ashanti ...   more details

  1. Babi D�? railway station

    Infobox PKP station name Babi D image Image Babidol.jpg 250px thumb br small Station building in Babi D serving as living quarters. The picture is dated on a short time after John Paul II death see pictures in windows small city Babi D district address prec Kie pino Kartuskie PKP station Kie pino Kartuskie following Borkowo PKP station Borkowo br ukowo Zachodnie PKP station ukowo Zach. water tower Never existed depot Never existed platforms 2 building Yes No longer used start 1920s prev name Babental br small 1939 1945 small Babi D is a Polskie Koleje Pa stwowe PKP railway station in Babi D Pomeranian Voivodeship , Poland . Formerly the station had an important role in freight transport, it mainly served as a point of loading wood from nearby forests. Today, the station is commonly used by trip lovers, as in Babi D a popular route of Valley of Radunia starts. Additional rails are now dismantled. Station building The whole complex of the Babi D station was built in the 1920s during the construction of the main coal line from Silesia to Gdynia . Both main buildings and auxiliary buildings warehouse and toilets were built in dominating in those times national style, which resembles architecture from the region of Lublin and Kazimierz . Nowadays the building is closed and serves as living quarters. No ticket office is available at the station. Other buildings An non operational signal box building is located nearby the station. The building is largely devastated, lacking ...?t k&ll 54.301651,18.289232&spn 0.036711,0.079823&t k Babi D at Google Local References Babi D ... at 6 March 2006 Babi D at http modules.php?name Katalog&id 2207 , URL accessed at 13 March 2006 Description of trip to Babi D at http pl ka ch ... region PL scale 10000 display title Category Railway stations in Pomeranian Voivodeship Category Kartuzy County Poland railstation stub nl Station Babi D pl Babi D przystanek kolejowy ...   more details

  1. Babi Island (Aceh)

    250px Bibliography cite web title Babi Island, Indonesia trans title last first language url http ... date accessdate 23 August 2011 ref harvid, Babi Island cite web title Daftar Nama Obyek Wisata trans title List of Tourist Attractions last1 first1 language url http images ...Infobox islands name Babi image name image caption native name native name link location South East Asia coordinates Coord 2.083333 N 96.65 E region ID type isle archipelago area km2 rank highest mount elevation m country Indonesia population population as of density km2 ethnic groups Babi Island lang id Pulau Babi literally meaning Pig Island is an island located in Aceh , Indonesia. Overview Babi Island is located off the coast of Sumatra , not far from the Banyak Islands and Lasia Island sfn Vervaeck and Daniell 2011 01 27, Very strong and between Bangkuru Island Bangkuru and Simeulue Island s. sfn Torresan 2005 04 29, Notes From It is uninhabited. sfn Lindsey 2006 09 28, Rise and Fall It is administratively part of Simeulue Regency , Aceh . sfn Aceh, Tourist Attractions History Babi was affected by the 2005 Sumatra earthquake . According to United States Geological Survey researchers .... sfn Torresan 2005 04 29, Notes From Babi was almost on top of the epicentre of the 26 January 2011 ... 23 August 2011 ref harvid Aceh, Tourist Attractions cite web title Rise and Fall Satellites Reveal Full Length of Tsunami generating Earthquake trans title last1 Lindsey first1 Rebecca language ... 2006 accessdate 23 August 2011 ref harvid Lindsey 2006 09 28, Rise and Fall cite web title Notes From the Field... USGS Scientists in Sumatra Studying Recent Tsunamis trans title last1 Torresan ... From cite web title Very strong earthquake close to Simeulue and Banyak Islands, Sumatra, Indonesia trans title last1 Vervaeck first1 Armand last2 Daniell first2 James language url http earthquake ... 2011 01 27, Very strong Category Uninhabited islands of Indonesia id Pulau Babi, Aceh ms Pulau Babi ...   more details

  1. Babi Island (Flores)

    Infobox islands name Babi image name image caption native name native name link location South East Asia coordinates Coord 8.4241 S 122.5103 E region ID type isle archipelago area km2 rank highest mount elevation m 351 country Indonesia population population as of density km2 ethnic groups Babi Island lang id Pulau Babi , literally Pig Island is an island located off the coast of Flores , East Nusa Tenggara . The 1992 Flores earthquake and resulting tsunami s are estimated to have killed 263 to 700 residents of the island, with most of the destruction on the southern end of the island. Layout Babi is a roughly circular island sfn Choi Kim Pelinovsky Woo 2007 p 618 less than convert 2.4 km mi in diameter located convert 5 km mi to the north of Flores. Its maximum height above sea level is convert 351 m ft . sfn USC, Flores Indonesia Its north end is bordered by a wide coral reef and faces ... Within three minutes, at least one tsunami approached Babi Island sfn Dudley Lee 1998 p 258 from the direction .... sfn Choi Kim Pelinovsky Woo 2007 p 628 Diving Babi is home to many diving sites. One, called The Crack ... References Footnotes reflist 250px Bibliography cite book title Tsunami The Underrated Hazard last ... last2 Kim first2 Dong Chule last3 Pelinovsky first3 Efim last4 Woo first4 Seung Buhm year 2007 title ... 07.pdf ref harv accessdate 21 August 2011 cite book title Tsunami last1 Dudley first1 Walter C. last2 ... onepage&q 22Babi 20Island 22 20flores&f false accessdate cite web title Significant Earthquakes of the World trans title last first language url http earthquakes eqarchives significant ..., Significant Earthquakes cite web title Daftar Pulau pulau di NTT trans title List of Islands in East ... cite web title Dive sites in Flores, Indonesia trans title last Zubi first Teresa language ..., Dive sites cite web title Flores Indonesia Tsunami Pictures trans title last first language url ... Island Indonesia Category East Nusa Tenggara ar id Pulau Babi, Flores ...   more details

  1. Babi Yar memorials

    Babi Yar , a ravine near Kiev , was the scene of possibly the largest Babi Yar shooting massacre during ... leadership discouraged placing any emphasis on the Jewish aspect of the Babi Yar tragedy instead, it presented ... their documents, money and valuables. The butchers marched them to Babi Yar, took away their belongings ... and Dokterev streets. The butchers marched them to Babi Yar, took away their belongings, then shot them. Monuments Erected At Babi Yar Image Kiev BabiYar Victims Monument 070613.jpg thumb Monument to Soviet citizens and POWs shot at Babi Yar 1976 Several attempts were made to erect a memorial at Babi ... to Soviet citizens shot at Babi Yar was erected in 1976. This remembrance is still complicated ... 2007 08 11babiyar Ukraine s past horrors Babi Yar , Le Monde Diplomatic , August 11, 2007 ... the numerous events associated with Babi Yar tragedy include Monument to Soviet citizens and POWs shot by the Nazi occupiers at Babi Yar opened in July 1976 . N 50.47139, E 30.44889. Menorah shaped monument to the Jews about 100,000 massacred at Babi Yar opened on Sept. 29, 1991, 50 years after the first mass killing of the Jews at Babi Yar . N 50.47572, E 30.45763. Wooden cross in memory of the 621 ... shot on November 6, 1941, for anti German agitation installed in 2000 Monument to children killed at Babi ... Images in chronological order File Babi yar 2006 04 30.jpg Menorah shaped monument to Jews massacred at Babi Yar 1991 N 50.47139, E 30.44889 Image Kiev BabiYar Monument 070613.jpg Wooden cross in memory of 621 Ukrainian nationalists murdered in 1942 1992 Image Kiev Babi Yar Cross 070627.JPG Cross ... Children 070613.jpg Monument to children killed at Babi Yar 2001 N 50.474201, E 30.449585 gallery There is also a proposal to remember the thousands of Roma Gypsies killed at Babi Yar by erecting ... to the incident in Babi Yar , July 21, 2006 ref Other memorials main Yad Vashem The President of the Babi Yar Park Foundation Alan G. Gass stated quotation We built a memorial park to the Babi ...   more details

  1. Khan (title)

    s army. Khan Sahib Shri Babi title Babi was the complex title of the ruler of the South Asia princely ... maintained by the ruling Khan who uses that title after his name Sardargarh Bantva Muslim Babi dynasty ... , k h n is an originally Altaic and subsequently Central Asia n title for a sovereign or military ... is also seen as a title in the Xianbei confederation ref name Henning, W. B. p501 522 Henning, W. B ... Turkic . ref name Grousset cite book author Ren Grousset title The Empire of the Steppes A History ... peoples from Central Asia had given the title new prominence after the Mongol rule throughout the Old World and later brought the title Khan into Northern Asia. which later was adopted by locals in the country as a title. Khagan is rendered as Khan of Khans and was the title of Genghis Khan ... century. It should be noted that the title khan is not attested directly in inscriptions and texts referring to Bulgar rulers the only similar title found so far, Bulgars Culture and society ... , tarkhan , and boritarkhan , scholars derive the title khan or kan for the early Bulgarian leader if there was a vicekhan ... was the official title of the ruler until 864 AD, when Boris I of Bulgaria Kniaz Boris known also ... 2010 Image Premongol.png thumb 300px Eurasia on the eve of the Mongol invasions, c. AD 1200. The title ... , the greatest land empire the world has ever seen, which he ruled as Genghis Khan . His title was khagan ... to denote brave warriors and rulers. The title Khan was also used to designate the greatest rulers ... of China. The Mongolian use title khan as lota of the Qing emperors, Bogd Khan , would later be used ... of ethnic Uzbeks in Badakhshan since 1697. Khan was the title of the rulers of various break away ... and Nagorno Karabakh khanate Karabakh . As hinted above, the title Khan was also common in some of the polities ... Khwaja , Arabic Islamic religious leaders title changed to Amir Khan in 1873, annexed by China in 1877. Compound and derived princely titles The higher, rather imperial title Khaqan Khan of Khans ...   more details

  1. Title track

    wiktionary title track Title track may refer to wikt title track Title track , a recorded song having the same name as the album or movie it comes from Title Track , a song on the album The Stage Names Title Track , a song on the album We Have the Facts and We re Voting Yes The Title Track , a song on the album This Too Shall Pass album Title Tracks , the indie pop rock solo project from Washington D.C. based musician John Davis disambiguation it Title track ...   more details

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