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Avanti Champion 499
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Encyclopedia results for Avanti Champion 499

Avanti Champion 499

Encyclopedia results for Avanti Champion 499

  1. Avanti

    Avanti in most uses, Italian language Italian for ahead , forward , or before may refer to The Studebaker Avanti , a model of automobile built by Studebaker Avanti cars non Studebaker , a replica model by Avanti Motor Corporation following the bankruptcy of Studebaker Avanti project , a UK Government sponsored programme to assist construction project partners to work together more effectively Avanti label AVANTI , a sub label from Black Hole Recordings The Avanti Kart , a racing go kart manufactured in Italy by JM Racing Avanti Corporation , an electronic design automation company Avanti , a 1972 film Piaggio P.180 Avanti a business aircraft Avanti Italian newspaper , the official newspaper of the Italian Socialist Party Avanti Kingdom , a historic kingdom in India A name for the city of Ujjain , which was the capital of the Avanti kingdom Avanti bicycle manufacturer , a New Zealand based bicycle manufacturer Austrian chain of gas stations, operated by OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH, Vertriebscenter Avanti Avanti Communications Avanti Communications plc , a satellite broadband provider DC Avanti ,Indian Designed Sports car from DC Design disambig de Avanti es Avanti fr Avanti homonymie nl Avanti ja pl Avanti ru fi Avanti ...   more details

  1. 499

    Use mdy dates date February 2011 Year dab 499 Year nav 499 M1 year in topic NOTOC Year 499 Roman numerals CDXCIX was a common year starting on Friday link will display the full calendar of the Julian calendar . At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Iohannes without colleague or, less frequently, year 1252 Ab urbe condita . The denomination 499 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years. Events onlyinclude By place Asia Kavadh I of Persia deposes his brother Djamasp of Persia Djamasp and restores himself as Sassanid dynasty king of Persia . By topic Religion March 1 &ndash During a synod in Rome , Pope Symmachus makes Antipope Laurentius bishop of Nocera Inferiore Nocera in Campania . onlyinclude Births Deaths Empress Feng Run Emperor Xiaowen of Northern Wei China Xiaowen , reformist ruler of the Chinese Northern Wei Dynasty b. 467 References Reflist DEFAULTSORT 499 Category 499 af 499 am 499 . . . ar 499 an 499 ast 499 az 499 bn map bms 499 be 499 be x old 499 bh bg 499 bs 499 br 499 ca 499 cv 499 cs 499 co 499 cy 499 da 499 de 499 et 499 el 499 es 499 eo 499 eu 499 fa fr 499 fy 499 gd 499 gl 499 gan 499 ko 499 hy 499 hi hr 499. io 499 bpy id 499 os 499 it 499 he 499 jv 499 ka 499 kk 499 sw 499 ht 499 almanak jilyen la 499 lb 499 lt 499 m. lmo 499 hu 499 mk 499 mg 499 mr . . ms 499 nah 499 nl 499 new ja 499 nap 499 no 499 nn 499 oc 499 uz 499 pa pi pnb 499 nds 499 pl 499 pt 499 ro 499 qu 499 ru 499 sa sq 499 sk 499 sl 499 sr 499 sh 499 su 499 fi 499 sv 499 tl 499 tt 499 th . . 1042 tr 499 tk 499 uk 499 ur 499 vec 499 vi 499 vo 499 war 499 yo 499 zh yue 499 zh 499 ...   more details

  1. Avanti! Avanti!

    Expand German topic culture date July 2011 Avanti Avanti Infobox television show name Avanti Avanti image caption format camera runtime creator starring country Germany network Theme first aired last aired num seasons num episodes list episodes Avanti Avanti is a German educational television series, broadcast on Norddeutscher Rundfunk NDR in 1977. It is an Italian language course in 26 parts. See also List of German television series External links imdb title id title Avanti Avanti Category German television series Category 1977 television series debuts Category 1977 television series endings Category Italian language television Germany tv prog stub de Avanti Avanti ...   more details

  1. Avanti!

    about the 1972 film the Italian newspaper Avanti Italian newspaper the automobile Studebaker Avanti Avanti Infobox Film name Avanti image Avanti Poster.jpg image size caption Original film poster by Sandy Kossin director Billy Wilder producer Billy Wilder screenplay Billy Wilder br I.A.L. Diamond story Samuel A. Taylor narrator starring Jack Lemmon br Juliet Mills music Carlo Rustichelli cinematography Luigi Kuveiller editing Ralph E. Winters distributor United Artists released December 17, 1972 runtime 140 minutes country FilmUS language English budget gross preceded by followed by Avanti is a 1972 Cinema of the United States American Cinema of Italy Italian comedy film produced and directed by Billy Wilder . The film starred Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills . The screenplay by Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond is based on the 1968 play of the same title by Samuel A. Taylor Samuel Taylor . Plot For the past ten years, Baltimore industrialist Wendell Armbruster has been spending the month of August at the Grand Hotel Excelsior in Ischia , allegedly to soak in the therapeutic mud bath s for which the resort island is known. When he is killed in an automobile accident, his straitlaced son Wendell ...?id 3119 Avanti at the Internet Broadway Database ref Casting agent talent agent Charles ... on Avanti When longtime screenwriting partner I.A.L. Diamond proved to be unavailable, Wilder ... . Although the story of Avanti is set in Ischia, most of the exteriors were shot in Sorrento , on Capri ... relief, because Avanti is not a comedy , he stated. If this film had worked the way we wanted ... a pleasant, civilized comedy and added, Avanti isn t a laugh a minute kind of a movie, and it s too ... by Billy Wilder Category United Artists films Category Plays by Samuel A. Taylor de Avanti, Avanti es Qu ocurri entre mi padre y tu madre? fr Avanti film id Avanti Film it Che cosa successo tra mio padre e tua madre? nl Avanti film pt Avanti ru ...   more details

  1. Avanti (label) AVANTI , otherwise referred to as AVANTI by Black ... by Ti sto in 1999. The label was formerly known as Black Hole Avanti until 2001 when it stopped releasing ... label Avanti 3 Avanti re launched ref Catalog List of releases Albums small AVANTI DA 001 small Various Artists Avanti Best of Part 1 small AVANTI DA 002 small Various Artists Avanti Best of Part 2 Singles class wikitable sortable No. Artist Title Date small AVANTI 401 5 small Yahel & DJ Miss T Skywalker Going Up 12 28 1999 small AVANTI 402 5 small DJ Vincenzo Synsation Eternity 01 12 2000 small AVANTI 403 5 small DJ Vincenzo Galaxy 52 Planet Zork 02 08 2000 small AVANTI 404 5 small Yahel Open Your Mind Going Up 04 28 2000 small AVANTI 405 5 small Various Artists Space Age Inventions 3.0 12 28 2000 small AVANTI 406 5 small DJ Vincenzo Zong Axels 04 09 2000 small AVANTI 407 5 small Project 247 Them Ramper Stamper Concrete Groove 05 20 2001 small AVANTI 408 5 small DJ Montana The Bridge In The Park 06 10 2001 small AVANTI 409 5 small DJ Vincenzo The Groove The Shaker Neuro Waves 07 12 2001 small AVANTI 410 5 small Salez Soundworks 1 08 28 2001 small AVANTI 411 5 small Salez Soundworks 2 09 16 2001 small AVANTI 412 5 small Project 247 Crasher Countdown Groundzero 10 06 2001 small AVANTI 413 5 small DJ Montana Jazzmin Verbero Rudiments 11 01 2001 small AVANTI 414 5 small ... in 2008. small AVANTI 415 0 small Occasional Playtime 02 27 2008 small AVANTI 416 0 small Soliquid Maybe You 07 24 2008 small AVANTI 417 0 small Zoo Brazil Crossroads Nickers 07 28 2008 small AVANTI 418 0 small dPen After That Day Yesterday Morning 08 27 2008 small AVANTI 419 0 small First State OneWorld Isla Blanca Lingus 09 03 2008 small AVANTI 420 0 small Arnej Arney S A New Beginning The Girl From Riga 09 16 2008 small AVANTI 421 0 small Beltek Kenta 10 14 2008 small AVANTI 422 0 small Kimito Lopez Arabian Queen 11 14 2008 small AVANTI 423 0 small Simadith Project Dirty Volum 11 20 2008 ...   more details

  1. 499 BC

    Use mdy dates date February 2011 Year nav 499 BC year in topic 499 File Ionian Revolt Campaign Map.png thumb The Ionian Revolt NOTOC Year 499 BC was a year of the Roman calendar pre Julian Roman calendar . In the Roman Empire it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Aebutius and Cicurinus or, less frequently, year 255 Ab urbe condita . The denomination 499 BC for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years. Events onlyinclude By place Greece After a failed attack on the rebellious island of Naxos Island Naxos in 502 BC on behalf of the Achaemenid Empire Persians , Aristagoras , to save himself from the Anger wrath of Persia, plans a revolt with the Miletus Milesians and the other Ionians. With the encouragement of Histiaeus his father in law and former tyrant of Miletus , Aristagoras , governor of Miletus , induces the Ionian cities of Asia Minor to revolt against Achaemenid Empire Persia , thus instigating the Ionian Revolt and beginning the Greco Persian Wars between Ancient Greece ... of Lemnos and Imbros from the Persians. onlyinclude Births Deaths References Reflist DEFAULTSORT 499 Bc Category 499 BC ast 499 edC be 499 . . be x old 499 . . bs 499 p.n.e. ca 499 aC cs 499 p . n. l. da 499 f.Kr. de 499 v. Chr. el 499 . . es 499 a. C. eo 499 eu K. a. 499 fa fr 499 fy 499 f. Kr. gl 499 ko 499 hy . . . 499 hr 499. pr. Kr. io 499 aK is 499 f.Kr. it 499 a.C. ka . . 499 kk . . . 499 la 499 a.C.n. lb 499 lt 499 m. pr. m. e. hu I. e. 499 mk 499 . . . mr . . . ms 499 SM nl 499 v.Chr. ne . . new nap 499 AC no 499 f.Kr. oc 499 uz Mil. av. 499 pl 499 p.n.e. pt 499 a.C. ru 499 . . sq 499 p.e.s. simple 499 BC sk 499 pred Kr. sl 499 pr. n. t. sr 499. . . . sh 499. pne. su 499 SM fi 499 eaa. sv 499 f.Kr. tl 499 BC th . . 45 uk 499 . . vec 499 a.C. war 499 UC zh 499 ...   more details

  1. Avanti Communications

    notability date October 2010 primarysources date October 2010 Infobox company company name Avanti Communications plc company logo Image Avanti Communications plc logo.gif company type Public limited company br traded as lse AVN location London , United Kingdom area served Western Europe revenue increase Pound sterling 8 million 2009 ref Cite web url http sites default files 2011 annual report 0.pdf title Avanti Communications Group plc Annual Report & Accounts 2011 accessdate 2010 10 10 ref homepage http Avanti Communications Group plc is a pioneer in the application of Ka band satellite technology in Europe. Avanti s first satellite, HYLAS HYLAS 1 , launched on the 26 November 2010 providing two way coverage across Europe. HYLAS 2 will launch in 2012 and extend coverage to the Middle East and Africa. HYLAS 3 is currently in design. ref Cite web url http title Welcome To Avanti accessdate 2010 10 10 ref References reflist UK company stub ...   more details

  1. Avanti Air

    refimprove date December 2010 Infobox Airline airline Avanti Air logo avanti air logo.png logo size 200px fleet size 4 destinations 6 IATA ICAO ATV callsign AVANTI AIR parent company slogan founded 1994 headquarters Burbach , Germany key people hubs Siegerland Airport secondary hubs focus cities frequent flyer lounge alliance website http Avanti Air named after the Italian language Italian word for ahead is an airline based in Burbach , Siegen Wittgenstein , Germany , operating charter flight ad hoc charter and aircraft lease aircraft wet lease services with a Aircraft maintenance maintenance base at Siegerland Airport . ref name FI cite news title Directory World Airlines work Flight International page 81 date 27 March 2007 ref History Avanti Air started operations on 1 July 1994. It was founded by former pilots Markus Baumann now Managing Director and Stefan Kissinger now Chief Executive as an aircraft management company. It entered the charter market in 1996 with two ... until 27 March 2011, Avanti Air operates public service obligation on behalf of Meridiana fly ... Trapani Birgi Airport Fleet File ATR 72 202 D ANFC Avanti Air.jpg thumb The ATR 72 202 D ANFC in Avanti Air livery. As of December 2010, the Avanti Air fleet consists of the following aircraft with an average age of 15.6 years ref http Airline Avanti Air 28Germany 29 Avanti ... collapse collapse Avanti Air fleet bgcolor lightblue Aircraft In Service Passengers Notes ATR 42 align ... On 19 February 1999 on 21 48 local time, an Avanti Air Beechcraft 1900 D on a ferry flight from .... ref http aviation database record.php?id 19990219 0 Avanti Air Beechcraft landing incident at the Aviation Safety Network ref References Reflist External links Commonscat Avanti Air http ... Category European Regions Airline Association Category Airlines established in 1994 de Avanti Air id Avanti Air it Avanti Air nl Avanti Air pt Avanti Air ...   more details

  1. Avanti Kart

    Avanti is a brand of kart chassis marketed in the US and Central America by JM Racing of Carson, California but built in Italy by Parolin. Avanti has a full line of karts including TaG , Shifter, 100 cc, Cadet, Four stroke cycle 4 Cycle and Baby. Introduced in November 2002, Avanti competed in West Coast 2003 Star s of Tomorrow Series, with driver Andrew Alfonso, Billy Johnson, Sean Neilson, Sebastian Andrade, Scott Meadow, Tibor Kellmen and Mathias Calderon. Alfonso won 2 races on his way to second in the ICA championship. Avanti has also dominated go kart racing in Guatemala and El Salvador since 2004. In 2005 the Avanti won 4 Duffy s in the Two stroke cycle 2 Cycle Grandnational Championships at Moran Raceway, in Beaumont California. External links http JM Racing Official website appears defunct http Parolin Official website Italy http Parolin Racing Official website UK English Category Kart manufacturers of Italy ...   more details

  1. Avanti Circuits

    refimprove date March 2012 Infobox company name Avanti Circuits Inc logo br File Avanti Circuits Inc Logo.jpg 200px br br Do not remove the breaks adjacent to this image. They complement the vector image to create padding type Private industry Manufacturing PCB Manufacturing , Printed circuit board Printed Circuit Board founder Jim Keaton foundation Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix , Arizona, U.S., Start date 1982 location city Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix , Arizona location country U.S. area served Worldwide key people Jim Keaton CEO br Steve Tappan President homepage URL http Avanti Circuits, Inc is an American printed circuit board manufacturing corporation headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix , Arizona, United States. Avanti Circuits manufactures printed circuit boards. It offers drilling, plating, etching, lamination, solder mask legend, electrical test, and fabrication of consumer and defense electronic products throughout the United States and worldwide. Avanti Circuits, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of CSI Technologies, Inc. ref cite web url http research stocks private snapshot.asp?privcapId 11851658 title Company Overview of Avanti Circuits, Inc. date 15 March 2012 publisher BLOOMBERG L.P accessdate 15 March 2012 ref Company Mission to provide the best service and fabrication in the industry ref cite web url http why us why buy from avanti title Why Buy From Avanti publisher Avanti Circuits Inc accessdate 15 March 2012 ref Company Services Prototype and full production PCB fabrication References Reflist colwidth 30em External links official website http Category 1982 establishments in the United States Category Companies based in Maricopa County, Arizona Category Companies established in 1982 Category Manufacturing companies of the United States ...   more details

  1. 499 Venusia

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 div style float right text align center 499 Venusia width 280 style border color 999999 border style solid border width 1px bgcolor ffffcc colspan 2 Name Name Venusia Designation 1902 KX bgcolor ffffcc colspan 2 Discovery width 140 Discoverer Max Wolf Discovery date December 24, 1902 Discovery site Heidelberg bgcolor ffffcc colspan 2 Orbital elements colspan 2 align center small Epoch astronomy Epoch August 18, 2005 Julian day JDCT 2453600.5 small Eccentricity orbit Eccentricity e 0.214 Semimajor axis a 4.010 Astronomical unit AU Perihelion q 3.154 Astronomical unit AU Aphelion Q 4.867 Astronomical unit AU Orbital period P 8.031 Julian year astronomy a Inclination i 2.091 Longitude of the ascending node 256.539 Argument of Perihelion 177.294 Mean anomaly M 15.927 div 499 Venusia is a minor planet orbiting the Sun . Minor planets navigator 498 Tokio 500 Selinur Small Solar System bodies DEFAULTSORT Venusia Category Hilda asteroids Category Discoveries by Max Wolf Category Asteroids named for places Category Astronomical objects discovered in 1902 Category Main Belt asteroids Beltasteroid stub de 499 Venusia el 499 es 499 Venusia eo 499 Venusio eu 499 Venusia fa fr 499 Venusia it 499 Venusia la 499 Venusia hu 499 Venusia ja no 499 Venusia nn 499 Venusia pl 499 Venusia pt 499 Venusia sk 499 Venusia sr 499 Venusia sv 499 Venusia tl 499 Venusia uk 499 vi 499 Venusia yo 499 Venusia zh 499 ...   more details

  1. Avanti Kingdom

    Unreferenced date February 2009 The former Avanti kingdom was one among the many kingdoms ruled by the Yaduvanshi ... at Ujjayani, probably the most popular Yadava city and a centre of education. Avanti ... was the capital of Southern Avanti, and Ujjain i Sanskrit Ujjayini was of northern Avanti, but at the times of Mahavira and Gautama Buddha Buddha , Ujjaini was the capital of integrated Avanti. The country of Avanti roughly corresponded to modern Malwa Madhya Pradesh Malwa , Nimar and adjoining ... Dakshinapatha extending from Rajgir Rajagriha to Pratishthana modern Paithan . Avanti was an important ... of Avanti was defeated by king Shishunaga of Magadha . Avanti later became part of Magadhan empire. References in Mahabharata Avanti mentioned as a kingdom of Ancient India Avanti kingdom ... Kingdom Sakas the Videha s, the Magadha Kingdom Magadhas .... 6,9 Avanti a rich kingdom Surrounding ... Salva , Yugandhara, Saurashtra Kingdom Saurashtra , Avanti, and the spacious Kunti Kingdom Kuntirashtra . 4,1 . Avanti was well connected by ancient highways Words of Nishadha Kingdom Nishada king Nala ... by the city of Avanti and the Rikshavat mountains. This is that mighty mountain called Vindhya Range ... there in battle the two heroic kings of Avanti , called Vinda and Anuvinda , supported by a mighty ... Avanti King in Yudhisthira s Rajasuya The king of Avanti, stood in service of the Pandava king Yudhisthira with diverse kinds of water for the final bath, during the Rajasuya sacrifice. 2,52 Avanti kings allied with the Kauravas in Kurukshetra War The two kings of Avanti Vinda and Anuvinda , accompanied ..., Somadatta, Vahlika, and Salya, the king of Pragjyotisha, the two kings Vindha and Anuvinda of Avanti ... of Avanti are both regarded as excellent Rathas. These two heroes among men will consume the troops ..., and Salya, Jayadratha and the two princes of Avanti named Vinda and Anuvinda, and the Kekaya brothers ... of an Akshauhini of troops. 6,16 Avanti Kings Vinda and Anuvinda in Kurukshetra War The Vinda and Anuvinda ...   more details

  1. Studebaker Avanti

    See also Avanti cars non Studebaker Infobox automobile name Studebaker Avanti image File 1963 Studebaker Avanti gold at Concord University.JPG 250px Studebaker Avanti caption A 1963 Studebaker Avanti manufacturer Studebaker Studebaker Corporation parent company Studebaker aka Avanti production 1962 1,200 ... 1963 1964 Studebaker Avanti at ref assembly South Bend, Indiana predecessor ... 1963 1964 studebaker avanti.htm 1963 1964 Studebaker Avanti by Auto Editors of Consumer ... Avanti accessdate 2009 10 25 work ref length convert 192.4 in mm 0 abbr on ref ... Avanti at HowStuffWorks ref width convert 70.3 in mm 0 abbr on ref name stuff4 height convert 53.8 ... Lark designer Raymond Loewy Avanti Raymond Loewy and Associates The Studebaker Avanti was a sports coup ... and collectors. Production details File StudebakerAvanti rear.jpg thumb left Rear view of an Avanti ... and John Ebstein on a 40 day crash program, the Avanti featured a radical fiberglass body design ... only 1200. ref name hendrym rp p257 The Avanti was publicly introduced on April 26, 1962, ref Chicago ... 4. ref Rodger Ward , winner of the 1962 Indianapolis 500, received a Studebaker Avanti as part of his ... owner of an Avanti. ref Motor Sport , May 1963, Page 321. ref A Studebaker Lark convertible was the Indianapolis 500 pace cars Indianapolis pace car that year and the Avanti was named the honorary ... in 1963. ref Competition Press , Feb 22 Mar 6, 1964, Page 5. ref The iconic Avanti name, tooling ... small numbers of Avanti cars non Studebaker Avanti replica and new design cars through ... Avanti http Avanti Owners Association International homepage http ... The Unlikely Studebaker Raymond Loewy and the Birth and Rebirth of the Avanti http dnn Avanti AvantiSouthBend tabid 61 Default.aspx Photos of defunct Avanti Motor Corporation, South Bend, in the 1980s Studebaker Category Studebaker vehicles Avanti Category Sports cars Studebaker ...   more details

  1. Avanti Corporation

    Avanti Corporation the i in Avanti is upside down, so it is also often seen as Avant was an electronic design automation company, purchased by Synopsys in 2002. See wikt avanti for the meaning of the word. Legal issues Avanti was a defendant in a long running legal battle with Cadence Design Systems , of which BusinessWeek said The Avant case is probably the most dramatic tale of white collar crime in the history of Silicon Valley . In this case, Cadence and the district attorney claimed that Avanti was founded on stolen Cadence code, and Avanti denied it. The case started when a Cadence engineer noticed that the Avanti code exactly reproduced a particular bug that Cadence code exhibited earlier. After finding more similarities, Cadence called the district attorney , Julius Finkelstein. Finkelstein, who was a computer science major and interested in white collar crime, got a warrant law warrant . A search revealed considerable Cadence code on Avanti computers and those of consultants it had hired. The ensuing legal battle lasted for more than six years. Cadence would get an injunction against a particular Avanti product, and Avanti would promptly replace it with one with a new name. Cadence would claim this new product was still tainted, and the battle continued. However, this was also a criminal case as well as a civil case , and eventually it came to trial. At this point the Avanti executives http Gerald Hsu and six others pled Nolo contendere no contest to charges of Industrial espionage trade secret theft , conspiracy to commit trade secret theft, receiving stolen property, and securities fraud . Avanti and the executives paid at this point about 195 .... This cleared the way for the civil suit to proceed. During this litigation, Avanti was bought ... Software, earlier purchased by Avanti, and its president. The lawsuits were filed in 1995 and inherited by Avanti. ref http corporate invest final8 K 73002.pdf Synopsys Form 8K A July ...   more details

  1. DC Avanti

    DC Avanti is the first India n designed sports car . It was unveiled at Auto Expo Delhi 2012. It will initially go on sale with a mid mounted, Ford Motor Company Ford sourced , 2.0 litre four cylinder turbocharged petrol engine producing 261  bhp. A V6 version with 394  bhp will go on sale at a later date. Both engines are linked to a six speed dual clutch transmission . The Avanti weighs 1560  kg, and features extensive use of aluminium. Its makers, who are based in Pune , claim the base model will hit 62  mph in less than seven seconds. The car will be released somewhere around 2013. ref name origin cite web title DC reveals Avanti at Delhi auto show url http news 188 accessdate 2012 01 07 ref The manufacturer wants to build 200 cars a year at first, but plans to churn out up to 2000 cars a year longer term. References Reflist Category Sports cars automobile stub hi ...   more details

  1. Avanti (project)

    File Avanti.jpg thumb right Avanti logo Avanti was established by the UK Department of Trade and Industry ... companies ref Avanti also involved the buildingSMART International Alliance for Interoperability ... organizations. The Avanti programme aimed to help overcome problems caused by incomplete, inaccurate ... of the Avanti action research programme. ref http news fullstory.php aid 273 Moving ... . To reduce the risks involved in adopting new working methods, Avanti brought together ... collaborative working. Avanti focused on early access to all project information by all partners ... and consistent manner. The Avanti approach was supported by handbooks, toolkits and on site mentoring and was reliant on advice and materials provided by CPIC. Avanti mobilised existing technologies ... of outcomes and by reducing risk and waste. The core of the Avanti approach to a project s whole .... All layers and CAD model files were named consistently within a specific Avanti convention to allow others to find the relevant CAD data. Guidance and Phases Learning from early projects, Avanti ..., inaccurate and ambiguous information. Avanti guidance included Standard Method and Procedure ... In July 2006, the Avanti DTI Project documentation and brand ownership was transferred to Constructing ... on live projects. Further work was also carried out to make Avanti part of the update of BS ... Shop Publication Detail ?pid 000000000000294037 BS 5555 ref Results Evaluation of the impacts of the Avanti ... a self sustaining business to support roll out of the Avanti methodology to the UK construction industry ... reflist External links http www.avanti products.shtml Avanti website http ceavanti Constructing Excellence Avanti http ceavanti downloads TheAvantiApproach.pdf What is Avanti? http ... IAI home page DEFAULTSORT Avanti Project Category Civil engineering Category Construction Category ...   more details

  1. Avanti (India)

    about the historical region of Avanti the kingdom in Indian Epic Literature Avanti Kingdom Image Ancient india.png right thumb 300px Avanti in 6th century BCE Avanti lang sa was an ancient India n janapada realm , roughly corresponded to the present day Malwa region. According to the Buddhist text, the Anguttara Nikaya , Avanti was one of the solasa mahajanapadas sixteen great realms of the 6th century BCE. The janapada was divided into two parts by the Vindhyas , the northern part had its capital at Ujjain Ujjayini and the southern part had its centre at Maheshwar Mahishmati . ref Mahajan, V.D. 1960, reprint 2007 . Ancient India , New Delhi S. Chand, ISBN 81 219 0887 6, p.233 ref ref Raychaudhuri, H.C. 1972 . Political History of Ancient India , Calcutta University of Calcutta, pp.85,129 30 ref The Avantis, the ancient people belonging to this realm were described as mahavala very powerful in the Udyoga Parva 19.24 of the Mahabharata . ref name law1 Law, B.C. 1973 . Tribes in Ancient India , Bhandarkar Oriental Series No.4, Poona Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, pp.337 43 ref According to the Vishnu Purana II.3 , the Bhagavata Purana XII.I.36 and the Brahma Purana XIX.17 , the Avantis were associated with the Malava s, the Saurashtra region Saurashtra s, the Abhira s, the Suras ... to the Puranic accounts, the Haihayas were the earliest rulers of Avanti, who captured the region ... about an Avanti king Vessabhu Vishvabhu and his capital Mahissati Mahishmati . Probably he was a Vitihotra ... , the kingdom of Vatsa was already a part of Avanti during the reign of Palaka and a prince ..., pp.192 5 ref Avanti under Magadhan rule Image Ujjayini coin.jpg thumb right 250px A copper uninscribed coin of Ujjayini Avanti was a part of the Magadha empire during the rule of the Shishunaga dynasty Shaishunaga and the Nanda dynasty Nanda dynasties. During the Mauryan dynasty rule, Avanti became ... A.D. , Calcutta University of Calcutta, p.49 ref Notes reflist Category Avanti India Category History ...   more details

  1. Aaron's 499

    refimprove date September 2009 NASCAR race infobox Name Aaron s 499 Logo Aarons499 logo.gif Img size 168px Venue Talladega Superspeedway Sponsor Aaron s, Inc. First race 1970 Distance 500.08 miles 804.8 km Laps 188 Previous names Alabama 500 1970 br Winston 500 1971 1993, 1997 br Winston Select 500 1994 1996 br DieHard 500 1998 2000 br Talladega 500 2001 The Aaron s 499 is a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series stock car racing stock car Auto racing auto Racing race held at the Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Alabama Talladega , Alabama . The race has always been held in late April or early May. The Aaron s 499 is also one of four races currently run with restrictor plate s, the others being the AMP Energy 500 also at Talladega , plus the Coke Zero 400 and the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway . The 1997 event, won by Mark Martin , stands as the fastest NASCAR race to date ever run, at an average speed of 188.354  mph 303.126  km h . It was the first race at Talladega run without a caution flag. The race, from 1970 until the demise of the Grand Slam as a result of the Ferko ... s chain of lease to own stores. The 499 advertised distance is designed to mimic the chain s tendencies ... align center 3 30 46 align center 146.904 2006 Aaron s 499 2006 May 1 Jimmie Johnson Hendrick ... 2007 Aaron s 499 2007 April 29 Jeff Gordon Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet align center 192 align center 510.72 821.924 align center 3 18 46 align center 154.167 2008 Aaron s 499 2008 April 27 Kyle ... center 157.409 2009 Aaron s 499 2009 April 26 Brad Keselowski Phoenix Racing Chevrolet align center 188 align center 500.08 804.8 align center 3 23 20 align center 147.565 2010 Aaron s 499 2010 April ... center 3 31 58 align center 150.59 2011 Aaron s 499 2011 April 17 Jimmie Johnson Hendrick Motorsports ... increase for nascar.html Ratings Viewership For the Aaron s 499 Since 98 References Reflist NASCAR ... de Aaron s 499 nl Aaron s 499 pt Aaron s 499 ...   more details

  1. Minuscule 499

    New Testament manuscript infobox form Minuscule number 499 image isize caption name sign text Gospel s script Greek language Greek date 12th century found 1849 now at British Library cite size 23.8 17 type Byzantine text type cat V hand note Minuscule 499 in the Biblical manuscript Gregory Aland Gregory Aland numbering , 244 in the Biblical manuscript Von Soden Soden numbering , ref name Gregory1908 cite book last Gregory first Caspar Ren authorlink Caspar Ren Gregory title Die griechischen Handschriften des Neuen Testament url http stream diegriechischen00greggoog page n77 mode 2up year 1908 publisher J. C. Hinrichs sche Buchhandlung location Leipzig page 66 ref is a Greek language Greek Lower case minuscule manuscript of the New Testament , on parchment. Palaeography Palaeographically it has been assigned to the 12th century. ref name Aland Cite book last Aland first K. authorlink Kurt Aland coauthors M. Welte, B. K ster, K. Junack title Kurzgefasste Liste der griechischen Handschriften des Neues Testaments publisher Walter de Gruyter year 1994 location Berlin, New York page 76 url doi id isbn 3110119862 ref Scrivener labelled it by number 586. ref name Scrivener Cite book last Scrivener first Frederick Henry Ambrose authorlink Frederick Henry Ambrose Scrivener coauthors Edward Miller title A Plain Introduction to the Criticism of the New Testament , vol. 1 publisher George Bell & Sons year 1894 location London page 259 url doi id isbn ref The manuscript is lacunose. Description The codex contains the text of the four Gospel s on 216 parchment leaves size 23.8 17 with some Lacuna manuscripts lacunae Matthew 1 1 12 21 John 17 13 21 25 . The text is written in one column per page, 22 lines per page. ref name Aland It contains the Ammonian Sections, not references to the Eusebian Canons , incipits, and lectionary markings at the margin. ref name Gregory Cite book last Gregory first Caspar Ren authorlink Caspar Ren Gregory title Textkritik des Neuen ...   more details

  1. Champion

    Other uses Cleanup date May 2010 Image PKF Winners.jpg thumb 250px Martial arts winners A champion from the late Latin campio is the victory victor in a Wiktionary challenge challenge , contest or competition . There can be a territorial pyramid of championships, e.g. local, regional provincial, state, national, continental and world championships, and even further artificial divisions at one or more of these levels, as in soccer . Their champions can be accordingly styled, e.g. national champion, world champion. In certain disciplines, there are specific titles for champions, either descriptive, as the baspehlivan in Turkish oil wrestling, Makuuchi Yokozuna yokozuna in Japanese sumo wrestling or copied from real life, such as the koenig and kaiser king and emperor in traditional archery competitions ... any sort of competition can be considered a championship, and the victor of it a champion. Thus, there are championships ... . In this context, it is used as an noun. An example would be, Bianca is a CHAMPION . It is also possible to champion a cause . In an ideological sense, encompassing religion, a champion may be an evangelist, a visionary advocate who clears the field for the triumph of the idea. Or the champion may merely make a strong case for a new corporate division to a resistant board of directors. Such a champion may take on responsibility for publicizing the project and garnering funding. Such a champion ... for everyone . A national champion is a large company that is dominant in its field and favored ... by combat , in which each combatant champions the cause of one side of the trial. A Queen s Champion King s Champion is appointed for ceremonial purposes at the coronation of an English Monarch, to defeat any challenger to the monarch s right to be crowned. World Champion is a title used to denote ... sports bg de Champion K mpfer es Campe n eo ampiono fr Champion De nos jours ko io Championo id Juara kk nl Kampioen winnaar ro Campion ru sv Champion uk wuu ...   more details

  1. Will Champion

    Infobox musical artist image Will Champion Viva la Vida.jpg See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians caption Will Champion performing Viva la Vida with Coldplay name Will Champion image size background solo ... instruments Drums William Will Champion born 31 July 1978 is an England English musician and the drummer of rock band Coldplay . Early life William Champion was born in Southampton , Hampshire , England, on 31 July 1978 and was brought up in Highfield, Southampton, where his father, Timothy Champion ... . He went to church at Highfield church, Highfield, Southampton. Coldplay Champion was the last of the four ... sacked Champion, but the band asked him to return soon after. ref cite web author Monday, September ..., We Coldplay are all just working for Will Champion. During the Viva la Vida Tour Champion sang ... In Autumn 2004, Champion and Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman guested on A ha keyboardist , Magne Furuholmen s first solo album , Past Perfect Future Tense . Personal life Champion s mother, Sara, a Doctor .... ref http cancer active page link.aspx?n 2849&Title Will Champion patron of CANCERactive , CANCERactive. Retrieved 8 15 11. ref Champion was the first Coldplay member to marry He ... quote Will Champion father of a two year old and three week old twins . ref Equipment Champion currently ... see Wikipedia Persondata Persondata NAME Champion, Will ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION ... DEFAULTSORT Champion, Will Category 1978 births Category Living people Category English rock ... Category People from Southampton Category Coldplay members br Will Champion cs Will Champion co Will Champion de Will Champion et Will Champion es Will Champion eo Will Champion fa fr Will Champion it Will Champion he ka lv Vils empions hu Will Champion mn nah Will Champion nl Will Champion ja no Will Champion pl Will Champion pt Will Champion ru , simple Will Champion sk Will Champion fi Will Champion sv Will Champion ...   more details

  1. Avanti (bicycle manufacturer)

    Nicky Samuels Multiple ITU World Cup Podiums Jason Shortis 5 times Ironman Champion Hamish Carter Olympic Champion, Commonwealth Medalist, Xterra World Champion Greg Fraine Elite Triathlon coach and Ironman Age Group World Champion Cameron Brown 10 times winner of Ironman New Zealand Track Brett Aitken Olympic Champion, Commonwealth Champion, World Champion Hayden Godfrey World Champion Avanti ...Avanti bikes is an Australasian company which originated from New Zealand and now distributes bicycles to many countries within Oceania . Avanti put its first bike into the New Zealand market in 1985 and since then has built its range to over 80 models catering for all areas of cycling . In 1991 Avanti went over the Tasman and set up a sister company in Australia which has been well adopted in the market. Citation needed reason now date December 2008 Riders Expand list date August 2008 Road Subway Elite Road Team The Subway Cycling Team is a unique unit of elite riders featuring stars Hayden Godfrey, Gordon McCauley and Sam Horgan the first of its type in New Zealand a full time team competing ... Champions Russel van Hout and Chris Jongerwaard, and all riding Avanti s, this is a team to watch. Mountain Sid Taberlay Australian National MTB Champion Chris Jongerwaard Oceanic and Australian National MTB Champion Stewart Houltham 6 times New Zealand National MTB Champion Nicola Leary Oceania and New Zealand National MTB Champion, XterraNZ Champion Triathlon time trial Bevan Docherty Olympic Medalist, Commonwealth Medalist, World Champion Kris Gemmell Multiple ITU World Cup Winner .... Renown UK bike company Focus is currently using a rebranded Avanti Chrono frame for their Izalco ... name also added. Avanti BMX Development ABD In 2005 with the BMX market growing Avanti launched its BMX specific brand named ABD Avanti BMX Development to which it has had great success in the race arena with Australian National Champion Michael Fenwick and New Zealand National Champion Ritchie ...   more details

  1. Orquesta de C�mara Avanti!

    The Avanti Chamber Orchestra is a Finland Finn ensemble that focuses on contemporary music , the ensemble itself varies in size from a solo player to a symphony orchestra . Avanti Chamber Orchestra won the Gramophone Prize with their first recording. Avanti Chamber Orchestra helds also a music festival of its own each summer. The organization Avanti Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1983 at the initiative of conductors Esa Pekka Salonen and Jukka Pekka Saraste and flautist Olli Pohjola. It is an ensemble that varies in size from a solo player to a symphony orchestra. It does not specialize in a particular genre, but they have a special veneration for contemporary music. ref name sinfonia cite web url http en index.php?trg member&id 55&q &ord cat title Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras accessdate October 1, 2011 ref ref name Norden cite web url http en nordic council the nordic council prizes music prize previous prize winners and nominees nominations 2005 avanti chamber orchestra title Avanti Chamber Orchestra accessdate October 1, 2011 ref As an example of this, HumppAvanti , was a collaboration with the musician Timo Hietala, which has a result a mix of popular and folk music elements. ref name Norden Their first recording won them the Gramophone Prize of the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE . ref name Norden The orchestra frequently works with leading Finnish conducting conductor s and with internationally renowned soloists and conductors ... Knussen, Kirmo Lintinen and Seppo Kimanen. ref name sinfonia Since 1998 the artistic director of Avanti ..., M lkki, Avanti Avanti presents Humppavanti Wenn koski, Avanti Kriikku, Avanti Kriikku, Saraste, FRSO, Avanti Oramo, Avanti Avanti Quartet CD Saraste, Avanti , Bavarian RSO Saraste, Avanti Kriikku, Avanti Angervo, Saraste, Salonen, Avanti Saraste, Avanti Waltari, Niemi, Avanti Lintu, Komsi, Avanti Kriikku, Karttunen, Avanti Kvartetti eng. Avanti Quartet ref name music cite web url http ...   more details

  1. Avanti! Chamber Orchestra

    The Avanti Chamber Orchestra is a Finnish Musical ensemble ensemble that focuses on contemporary music. The ensemble when it performs varies in size from a solo player to a symphony orchestra . Avanti Chamber Orchestra won the Gramophone Award Gramophone Prize with their first recording. The Orchestra also holds a music festival of its own each summer. The organization Avanti Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1983 at the initiative of conductors Esa Pekka Salonen and Jukka Pekka Saraste and flautist Olli Pohjola. It is an ensemble that varies in size from a solo player to a symphony orchestra depending on the performance. It does not specialize in a particular genre, but they tend to favor contemporary music. ref name sinfonia cite web url http en index.php?trg member&id 55&q &ord cat title Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras accessdate October 1, 2011 ref ref name Norden cite web url http en nordic council the nordic council prizes music prize previous prize winners and nominees nominations 2005 avanti chamber orchestra title Avanti Chamber Orchstra accessdate October 1, 2011 ref One example of this is HumppAvanti , a collaboration with musician Timo Hietala , which mixed elements of Popular music popular and folk music . ref name Norden Their first recording earned them the Gramophone Prize from the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE . ref name Norden The orchestra frequently works with leading Finnish conductors and with internationally ... director of Avanti has been Finnish clarinettist Kari Kriikku , who was nominated for the Nordic ..., Avanti Avanti presents Humppavanti Wenn koski, Avanti Kriikku, Avanti Kriikku, Saraste, FRSO, Avanti Oramo, Avanti Avanti Quartet CD Saraste, Avanti , Bavarian RSO Saraste, Avanti Kriikku, Avanti Angervo, Saraste, Salonen, Avanti Saraste, Avanti Waltari, Niemi, Avanti Lintu, Komsi, Avanti Kriikku, Karttunen, Avanti Kvartetti eng. Avanti Quartet ref name music cite web url http ...   more details

  1. Avanti cars (non-Studebaker)

    See also Studebaker Avanti use mdy dates date March 2012 After the closure of Studebaker s South Bend factory on December 20, 1963, cars bearing the name of its celebrated Studebaker Avanti Avanti sports ... cars, for they were made by Avanti Motor Company. They have created a following by some enthusiasts and collectors. Altman and Newman After Studebaker had ceased production at South Bend, the Avanti ... by local Studebaker dealers, Nate and Arnold Altman and Leo Newman, who incorporated as Avanti Motor Corporation and hand built small numbers of cars. ref name langworth cite book title Avanti II ... with Studebaker of reintroducing the Avanti to Studebaker showrooms in 65 66, along with ambitious ... a slightly modified version of the car in 1965 under the brand name Avanti II . ref name langworth ..., 305 the last Avanti made came off the line with V 6 from Roush and only one was made. All Avanti  ... url http static NA Avanti 1965 Avanti II 1965 Avanti II Brochure 1965 20Avanti 20II 08.html title Directory Index Avanti 1965 Avanti II 1965 Avanti II Brochure publisher ... developer Stephen H. Blake bought the rights to the Avanti II. Citation needed date May 2010 The state of Indiana guaranteed 1.9 million in loans to Avanti, as part of the financial package offered ... to the car, which had remained unchanged since the production of the Avanti II model began ... cars would be simply called the Avanti . Citation needed date May 2010 Blake s company declared ... E. Kelly File 1989 Avanti II convertible.jpg thumb 1989, Kelly built Avanti II Convertible The Avanti Motor Company was re purchased by Michael E. Kelly. The company had the second generation Avanti s styling originated by Tom Kellogg, the youngest member of the original Avanti Studebaker design ... 2003 08 19 business thomas w kellogg 71 a studebaker avanti designer.html?pagewanted al title Thomas W. Kellogg, 71 A Studebaker Avanti Designer The New York Times publisher date 2003 08 19 ...   more details

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