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Atomic mail sender
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Encyclopedia results for Atomic mail sender

Atomic mail sender

Encyclopedia results for Atomic mail sender

  1. The Sender

    Infobox Film name The Sender image Senderposter.jpg image size caption Promotional poster for The Sender director Roger Christian filmmaker Roger Christian producer Edward S. Feldman writer Thomas Baum starring Kathryn Harrold , br Zeljko Ivanek , br Shirley Knight music Trevor Jones composer Trevor Jones cinematography Roger Pratt cinematographer Roger Pratt editing Alan Strachan distributor United International Pictures small UK, theatrical small , br Paramount Pictures small USA, theatrical small released 1982 runtime 91 min country flagicon UK UK language English language English budget preceded by followed by The Sender is a 1982 in film 1982 horror film directed by Roger Christian filmmaker Roger Christian and written by Thomas Baum . Plot A young man has just been admitted to a mental hospital after attempting suicide at a public beach. Unable to remember even his own name, the doctors call him John Doe 83. Soon after his arrival, the doctor assigned to him begins seeing and hearing things around her that have no explanation. Soon she begins to make the terrifying connection between the things she is seeing and her new patient. Cast Kathryn Harrold as Dr. Gail Farmer Zeljko Ivanek as John Doe 83 The Sender Shirley Knight as Jerolyn, the Sender s Mother Paul Freeman actor Paul Freeman as Dr. Joseph Denman, Gail s Boss Sean Hewitt as The Messiah Harry Ditson as Dr. Hirsch Olivier Pierre as Dr. Erskine Tracy Harper as Young girl Al Matthews as Vietnam veteran Marsha A. Hunt as Nurse Jo Release The film was given a limited release theatrically in the United States by Paramount ... movies ?id sender.htm title The Sender publisher accessdate 2011 04 13 ... http Exec v4 item.asp?item id 1434883 title The Sender DVD publisher ... described The Sender as his favorite horror film of 1982. ref name tysto References reflist refs ... id 0084658 Amg movie 43691 Roger Christian DEFAULTSORT Sender, The Category 1982 films Category ...   more details

  1. Sender

    Unreferenced date December 2009 A sender was a circuit in a 20th century electromechanical telephone exchange which sent telephone number s and other information to another exchange. In some American exchange designs, for example 1XB switch the same term was also used to refer to the circuit that received this information. The corresponding device in the British director telephone system was called a director and, in other contexts, R2 signalling Register signalling register . See also communication source Director telephone system Panel switch Register signaling References reflist Telecommunications Category Telephony signals ...   more details

  1. Return to sender

    Return to sender is a common phrasing used when undeliverable mail is processed to be sent back to the indicated return address . It may also refer to Return to Sender song Return to Sender song , a 1962 Elvis Presley song Return to Sender film Return to Sender film , a 2004 film, starring Aidan Quinn, Connie Nielsen, Tim Daly and Kelly Preston Return to Sender Dexter Return to Sender Dexter , a 2006 episode of the television series Dexter Return to Sender , a webcomic by Return to Sender webcomic Vera Brosgol Operation Return to Sender disambiguation de Return to Sender ...   more details

  1. Sender ID

    Sender ID is an anti E mail spoofing spoofing proposal from the former MARID IETF working group that tried to join Sender Policy Framework SPF and Caller ID. Sender ID is defined primarily in Experimental ... only support it by modifying the mail header, e.g. insert a tt Sender tt or tt Resent Sender tt . The latter ... name to the reverse path in the MAIL FROM. The most problematic point in the core Sender ID specification ... mail archive msg04844.html ref ref http dev news article.php 3409971 Exposed Sender ... and MSN to spam electronic Junk mail without Sender ID http SPF vs Sender ID SPF ... Sender ID is heavily based on Sender Policy Framework SPF , with only a few additions. These differences are discussed here. Sender ID tries to improve on a principal deficiency in SPF that SPF does ... addresses can be different from the address that SPF tries to verify that is, SPF verifies only the MAIL FROM address, also called the envelope sender. However there are many similar email header fields that all contain sending party information therefore Sender ID defines in RFC 4407 a Purported Responsible ... headers in an email. Syntactically, Sender ID is almost identical to SPF except that tt v spf1 tt is replaced with one of tt spf2.0 mfrom tt meaning to verify the envelope sender address just like SPF. tt spf2.0 mfrom,pra tt or tt spf2.0 pra,mfrom tt meaning to verify both the envelope sender ... is that Sender ID offers the feature of positional modifiers not supported in SPF. In practice, so far no positional modifier has been specified in any Sender ID implementation. In practice, the pra ... header field, or, in the case of mailing lists, the Sender header field. In the case of phishing or spam .... To be an effective anti phishing tool, the MUA Mail User Agent or Mail Client will need to be modified to display either the pra for Sender ID, or the Return Path header field for SPF. The pra tries ... to work as is. Forwarders wishing to support SPF only need to modify SMTP MAIL FROM and RCPT TO, not the mail ...   more details

  1. Atomic

    Wiktionary atomic Atomic may refer to Of or relating to the Atom , the smallest particle of a chemical element that retains its chemical properties Atomic Age , also known as the Atomic Era Atomic magazine Atomic magazine , an Australian computing and technology magazine Atomic Skis , an Austrian ski producer Atomic band , a Norwegian jazz quintet Atomic album Atomic album , an album by Lit Atomic song Atomic song , a song by Blondie Atomic , a song by Tiger Army from Tiger Army III Ghost Tigers Rise See also Atom disambiguation Atomicity database systems Nuclear disambiguation Atomism , philosophy about the basic building blocks of reality Atomic number , the number of protons found in the nucleus of an atom Atomic formula , a formula without subformulas Atomic Kitten , an English all female pop group Atomic Rooster , a British progressive rock band Atomic Coffee Machine , a 1950s Stovetop Coffee Machine Atomic chess , a chess variant Atomic operation , in computer science Atomic TV Nuclear weapon Nuclear power Atomic Dog , a song that is popular world wide written and performed by Our Father Who Art of Funk George Clinton from Parliament and the Funkadelics. disambiguation de Atomic fr Atomic it Atomic sk Atom rny ...   more details

  1. Sender Donebach

    Infobox building name Donebach transmitter, Mast 2 image Sender Donebach.jpg caption Donebach Radio Masts building type Radio masts and towers grounded upfed mast radiator location Donebach , Baden W rttemberg , Germany coordinates coord display inline,title 49 33 43 N 9 10 28 E type landmark Status Built completion date 1982 height convert 363 m ft 2 abbr on architect main contractor Deutsche Bundespost The Sender Donebach is a 500 kilowatt longwave radio transmitter operating on 153 kHz and transmitting the program of German public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk . The facility, which is the property of Media Broadcast , was built between 1965 and 1967 on a former airfield and entered service on March 10, 1967. As aerial was used in those days an omnidirectional aerial consisting of four 200 metre high radio masts, which were connected via wires on their tops. From these masts the mast in the middle was fed via radio power. This very efficient transmission aerial led to interferences of the Romanian transmitter Bra ov, working on the same frequency and so only a power of 70 kilowatts instead of 250 kilowatts was possible. But even with these reduced power jammings of Bra ov occurred, so 1972 the radio facility Donebach was rebuilt as a directional aerial with a minimum toward Bra ov. Therefore two radio masts were demounted and the two others were rebuilt as umbrella aerials. Now a transmission power of 250 kilowatts was possible. The Waveplan of Geneva in 1975 set now power limits to the transmitter Donebach and now there was a daytime operation with 500 kilowatts and a nighttime operation at nighttime. Therefore in 1982 two new transmission Remarkable at this facility is, that the frequency of the carrier is derived from a rubidium atomic clock, which is in the station building. It is as the carrier frequency of DCF77 a standard frequency. Geographical coordinates of the masts ... 1982 establishments de Sender Donebach fr metteur de Donebach nl Zender Donebach pfl Sender Dumboch ...   more details

  1. Sender Nordlicht

    Expand German topic culture date September 2011 Sender Nordlicht Infobox television show name Sender Nordlicht image caption format camera runtime creator starring country Germany network Theme first aired last aired num seasons num episodes list episodes Sender Nordlicht is a German television series. See also List of German television series External links imdb title id title Sender Nordlicht Category German television series Category television series debuts Category television series endings Germany tv prog stub de Sender Nordlicht ...   more details

  1. Mail

    Service s experiment with rocket mail . Receipts services were made available in order to grant the sender ... may be allowed to open the mail if neither addressee nor sender can be found, in order to attempt ...This article is about Postal services. For electronic mail, see Email . For other uses, see Mail disambiguation ... Box Museum, near Taunton , Somerset Mail , or post , is a system for transporting letters and other tangible objects written document s, typically enclosed in envelope s, and also small Other mail ... system is called mail or post . ref In Australia, Canada and the U.S., mail is commonly used both for the postal ... system and mail for the material delivered in the UK, post prevails in both senses. However ..., Royal Mail , United States Postal Service , Australia Post , and Canada Post in addition, such fixed phrases as post office or junk mail are found throughout the English speaking world. ref In principle ... given to Hammurabi 1700 BC and Sargon II of Assyria Sargon II 722 BC . Mail may not have been ... developed early Indian mail service as well as public wells, rest houses, and other facilities ... as mail chariots in ancient India. ref Prasad 2003 104 ref blockquote In ancient times the kings, emperors .... In South India , the Wodeyar dynasty 1399 1947 of the Kingdom of Mysore used mail service for espionage ... also be the first true mail service. The service was called cursus publicus and was provided ... were used not only for the transmission and delivery of official mail but were also available for traveling ... for the mail service. Foreign observers, such as Marco Polo , have attested to the efficiency of this early ... and could reach its original nest. Mail has been transported by quite a few other methods throughout ... orders had a private mail service. Notably, the Cistercians had one which connected more than 6,000 ..., confusing and seen as corrupt. Letters were paid for by the recipient rather than the sender, and were ... Mulready stationery envelopes and adhesive postage stamp s as alternative ways of getting the sender ...   more details

  1. S. G. Sender

    S. G. Sender 12 December 1930 12 July 2009 was a Belgian pastry chef known as the cakemaker to the kings for his elaborate wedding cake s created for members of Europe s royal family royalty . ref name expatica cite news first last title Belgian cakemaker to the kings dies url http be news belgian news Belgian cakemaker to the kings dies 54655.html work date 20 July 2009 accessdate 25 July 2009 ref He was a specialist in so called prestige pieces and designed wedding cakes for Belgium s King Baudouin as well as the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in 1981. ref name expatica Sender was born Serge Gustave Sender Wayntraub in Mont sur Marchienne today Charleroi , Belgium. ref name expatica He resided in neighboring France for much of his later life. ref name expatica His family had been patissier s pastry chefs for generations. ref name expatica It is believed that one of Sender s family members had worked for List of French monarchs French King Louis XIV . ref name expatica Another of Sender s ancestors, Marie Antoine Car me Antonin Car me , a 19th century pastry chef, had worked in the Noble court royal courts of Belgium, Great Britain, Japan, the Netherlands and Sweden. ref name expatica Sender created pastry items and cakes specifically for the Mus e des Arts D coratifs, Paris Museum of the Decorative Arts in Paris . He also created pieces ... collector, Sender acquired more than 6,000 items related to the culinary arts from the 16th century ... books was the only collection in French in the 1990s, he used to say. Thanks. Sender died on 12 ... monsieur sender.html Au revoir, Monsieur Sender , necrology in blog http M nilmontant, mais oui madame fr icon http docs sender SENDER BIO FRAUDET.pdf ... April 2011 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Sender, S. G. ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT ... OF DEATH 12 July 2009 PLACE OF DEATH near Paris, France DEFAULTSORT Sender, S. G. Category 1930 births ...   more details

  1. Sol Sender

    Sol Sender is an American graphic designer and brand strategist best known for leading the design of the Obama logo logo for Barack Obama s Barack Obama presidential campaign, 2008 2008 presidential campaign . Sender is an associate partner at the design firm VSA Partners . Creation of Obama logo Sender s firm, Sender LLC, was commissioned to design a logo by Chicago based mo de a motion design studio . The latter had been brought on board early on by David Axelrod , Obama s chief campaign strategist, although it had never done a political Corporate identity identity before. Sender led the design team of three which included Amanda Gentry and Andy Keene. Project managers at mo de were Colin Carter and Steve Juras. ref name cite web url http news.asp?article 70 publisher date accessdate 2009 01 18 title Sol Sender Interview on the Obama Logo last first Dead link date October 2010 bot H3llBot ref We were looking at the o of his name and had the idea of a Sunrise rising sun and a new day, according to Sender. The sun rising over the horizon evoked a new sense of hope. ref name CCB Designers cite news title Chicago designers create Obama s logo url http cgi bin 23974&seenIt 1 publisher Crain s Chicago Business date 2007 02 22 accessdate 2008 12 14 ref The design expression was so constrained and so bland for so many years in politics, Sender says. I think we had a fresh approach because we d never worked on a campaign before and, of course, the power of the logo had a lot to do with the power of the candidate s message. ref cite news title Design with a big O On developing Obama s campaign identity url http ... http watch?v etEP1Bhgui0 Interview with Sol Sender Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Sender, Sol ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Sender, Sol Category Graphic designers Category Year of birth ...   more details

  1. Ramon Sender

    Distinguish Ram n J. Sender Use dmy dates date September 2010 File Raysender.JPG thumb 300px Ramon Sender at Arion Press in San Francisco, 2011 Ramon Sender Baray n born October 29, 1934 in Madrid , Spain ref name peregrine01 cite web url http rsb info.html title Ramon Sender work Peregrine ... cite book url http books?id uSNYnr3VWIC&printsec frontcover&dq ramon sender musician&source ... Carter , counterpoint and fugue with Harold Shapero 1948 51 . Sender attended the Conservatorio ... where he studied with Darius Milhaud . Sender holds a B. Mus from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music ... Music Center Sender co founded the San Francisco Tape Music Center in 1961 with Morton Subotnick ... Sender participated with Don Buchla in the design of the Buchla Buchla Box . ref cite web url http ... predating the Moog by a few years. Morningstar and Wheeler Ahimsa Ranches In 1962 Sender became the first resident at Louis Gottlieb Lou Gottlieb s Morningstar commune Morning Star Ranch Sender has referred to himself with the name Ramon Sender Morningstar at times open land commune which evolved ... Pranksters, brought together the nascent hippie movement for the first time. Sender is also a visual ... and in a book, Barayon , a Catalog of Prints, Drawings, Original Art by Ramon Sender Barayon, 2009. The book is based on a one man show at the Galley Sanchez in 2008. After the death of Sender s daughter ... until 1999. Sender identifies himself as a transcendental, post monotheist hippie pagan sunworshipper ... To distinguish himself from his father Ramon J. Sender , a well known Spanish novelist, he uses the Spanish style name Ramon Sender Barayon. This is also to honor his late mother Amparo Barayon. Sender ..., Sender published Death in Zamora , a book investigating the execution of his mother by Francisco ... Planetary Sojourn 2010 Naked Close Up in press See also Ram n Jos Sender References Reflist colwidth ... Foundation Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Sender, Ramon ALTERNATIVE NAMES ...   more details

  1. Sender Unknown

    to commit any crimes. Nonetheless, the world of Sender Unknown is vaguely similar to the world ... ordered the children from a Mail order catalog catalog , so he tells her that he is foster care foster ... crate in the mail, with backorder BACK ORDERED stamped across the front. Out of this crate comes yet another child. A few days later, Mark is at a party with Lady A when the last box comes in the mail ... try to find more people with Mail order catalog catalog children like him, and share his information ... the snail mail catalogs that are sent to marks house. The experiments are preserved in cold liquid ...   more details

  1. Sender (band)

    Orphan date July 2011 Infobox musical artist See Wikipedia WikiProject Musicians name Sender image caption image size background group or band alias origin Bendigo, Victoria , Australia genre years active 1995 label Sony Music associated acts Zenyth website current members Bohdan Dower br James Addlem br Michael Fitt br Tom Mewett past members Nathan Schifferle Sender is a rock band from Bendigo, Victoria Bendigo . Originally called Zenyth, they were in 1999 the Victorian state winneron the Commonwealth Youth Affairs National Battle of the Bands. ref Department of Education, Science and Training http archive ministers kemp dec99 k15212vic 171299.htm Victorian State Winner of Battle of the Bands Media Release ref In 2001 they self released an ep Threedoublefivesix . They changed their name to Sender and signed with Sony Music Australia. They were the MusicOZ Artist of the year in 2001. ref MusicOZ http about MUSIC songs success stories sender Musicoz Success Story Sender ref In 2004 they released a selftitled ep ref The Advertiser, 1 July 2004, Two debuts by Jaime Morgan ref which debuted at 68 on the ARIA charts, ref name aria748 The ARIA Report, Issue 748 ref peaking at 63. ref name aria751 The ARIA Report, Issue 751 ref In 2007 the band released a web only single sleepwalker on Sender are producing and recording their debut album, No Way Out set for release on their own label in 10 April 2010 Discography as Zenyth Threedoublefivesix ep 2001 as Sender Sender 2004 Sony ref Frankston Standard Hastings Leader, 27 September 2004, review by Glenn Osborne ref small Aus 63 small ref name aria751 Sleepwalker Single 2006 Web only release initially as an exclusive thru mixed by Michael smasha Pollard Sleepwalker Video 2007 Web only release on Youtube clip shot by Pixel Kitchen Gone Video 2009 Web only release on Vimeo Youtube clip shot by FreshAM Cover Up Single 2010 Mixed by Beau Hill BH productions References ...   more details

  1. Florence Sender

    Florence Sender is an United States American entrepreneur . She has founded or served as a director of a number of companies. Sender taught at the MIT Sloan School of Management and co founded its MIT Entrepreneurship Center . Career in business Sender has founded, directed, or participated in a number of notable business ventures. She has been described as a serial entrepreneur. ref name albion Albion, Mark S. True to Yourself Leading a Values Based Business . Berrett Koehler Publishers . 2006. p. 38. http books?id pZSpUy yuFgC&lpg PA38&ots VBlT3wmUqx&dq 22florence 20sender 22&pg PA38 v onepage&q 22florence 20sender 22&f false ref Nibbles International In 1978, Sender founded Nibbles International, a seller of all natural cheese spreads and snacks that Sender developed and that were produced and distributed by Beatrice Foods . For her work with Nibbles, she was recognized in 1987 as a runner up for Inc. magazine s hottest entrepreneur in America. ref name inc Richman, Tom. The Hottest Entrepreneur In America. Inc. magazine Inc. . 1 February 1987. http magazine 19870201 6507.html ref The French food company Bongrain purchased Nibbles in 1988. ref Friedman ... mi m3301 is n5 v91 ai 9145867 ref Be Fine Food skincare line In 2006, Sender founded Be Fine ... cited as an example of a green, sustainable enterprise. ref name ukfast ClickR Sender is founder and CEO of ClickR , LLC, a 2010 retail start up that she founded with her husband, Noam Sender. ref Florence Sender s Latest Start up Clicks in at 1.5M. . 17 April 2010. http ... for a beauty brand. ref name Presser Work in education From 1989 to 1997, Sender was an Executive .... http news documents Be BostonHerald 031607.pdf ref Sender has also lectured ... reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Sender, Florence ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Sender, Florence ...   more details

  1. Sender Inselsberg

    File Sender Inselsberg.jpg thumb Sender Inselsberg. The Sender Inselsberg transmitter Inselsberg is a FM broadcasting FM and television transmission facility on the Big Inselsberg in Thuringia , Germany . It has two Antenna radio aerial tower s, which were built in 1939 and 1974. The transmission tower built in 1939 is a 43.31 metre high free standing cylindrical tower built of steel concrete , which carried until the beginning of the nineties similar to Gerbrandy Tower a Guy wire guyed steel tube radio mast mast on its top. This mast carried the FM and TV broadcasting aerials. Nowadays this mast is demounted and there are only small aerials for mobile phone services on its top. The tower is nicknamed because of its cylindrical form thermos flask . The transmission tower built in 1974 is a 126 metre tall free standing steel tube tower on three feet. This tower which is similar to the tower of transmitter Brocken , which was built at the same time, carries above its legs three platforms for aerials for directional radio services and in its topmost section, protected by layers of glass reinforced plastic , transmission aerials for FM broadcasting services and TV. Signals transmitted from Inselsberg Analogue television ARD broadcaster ARD originally Broadcasting in East Germany DFF1 , VHF channel E5 Horizontal 100 kW Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk MDR 3rd Programme originally Broadcasting in East Germany DFF2 , UHF channel 31 Horizontal 500 kW FM radio Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk MDR 1 , 92.5 MHz Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk MDR 2 , 90.2 MHz Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk MDR 3 , 87.9 MHz See also List of towers External links Structurae id s0014729 title VHF Tower on the Great Inselsberg Structurae id s0014901 title Great Inselsberg Transmission Tower http diagrams ?b46970 http cities ?buildingID 46971 coord 50.85141 N 10.46537 E source placeopedia display title Category Towers in Germany de Sender Inselsberg ...   more details

  1. Unknown Sender

    cleanup date November 2008 Infobox Television show name Unknown Sender image caption Screengrab from the episode Sorry Wrong Website genre Dramatic programming Drama br Fantasy br Science fiction creator Steven E. de Souza director Steven E. de Souza starring Timothy Dalton br Joanne Whalley br Mindy Sterling br Jay Davis br Stan Freberg composer Adam Cohen country United States language English num seasons 1 num episodes 6 as of May 01, 2009 executive producer Steven E. de Souza producer Amy De Souza br Daniel De Souza br Kevin Rubio br Gregg Vance br Marilyn Vance location Los Angeles company Valdoro Entertainment camera runtime 5 10 min. network Strike.TV picture format audio format first run first aired August, 2008 last aired website http show unknown sender production website bgcolour 99CCFF UNKNOWN SENDER is an internet television series created in the United States , which debuted in August 2008 on Strike.TV , a website created by Hollywood writers during the 2007 2008 Writers Guild of America strike . Like the other Strike.TV offerings which were sanctioned by the Writers sister union, the Screen Actors Guild SAG , UNKNOWN SENDER was able to attract major talent to its cast, all of whom agreed to donate profits to the Hollywood Charitable organization charity ... SENDER episodes consist of suspense or sci fi stories which share the conceit that they are actual events ..., all collected and posted on the web by a mysterious, unseen Unknown Sender . Influences ... between The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents ref http show unknown sender Behind ... SENDER 1.1 If You re Seeing this tape acknowledges the Quiet, Please connection via its opening ... for every episode of Quiet, Please . Critical Reaction Unknown Sender has been well received .... Aired 19 December, 2008. References reflist External links http show unknown sender Unknown Sender on Category Web series Category American anthology television series Category ...   more details

  1. Sender Films

    Infobox company name Sender Films logo File Sender Logo lowe res.png 220px caption type Private traded ... URL footnotes intl Sender Films is a Filmmaking film production company based in Boulder .... Its films have won numerous awards ref cite web last Sender Films title First Ascent the Series News url http news.html publisher Sender Films accessdate 7 March 2012 ref , including a Sports Emmy, for Best Camera Work in 2006. Company Sender Films integrates ....   Sender Films goes inside the sport of hard core climbing, focusing on climbers driven to obscure ... Magazine, Sender Films has focused on character driven narratives.. . ref cite web title The Rope ... ref   Over the past three years, Sender Films has produced the six part series First Ascent with National ... cite web last title The Travel Channel Acquires Sender Films Shankly Docu Series First Ascent url http news press the travel channel acquires sender filmsshankly ... Film Tour 2011, part of an annual compilation of adventure film shorts that is co produced by Sender ... 7, 2012 ref Sender Films was recently hired to shoot a Citibank television commercial that aired ... in multiple Sender Films productions including Alone on the Wall from the First Ascent series. Free ... as a climber. Sender Films shot the 60 minutes http video watch ?id 7383158n piece ... 2011 REEL ROCK Film Tour . The Reel Rock Film Tour is an annual screening of Sender Films and Big UP ... , Alexander Huber The Huber Brothers . First Ascent The Series 2010 First Ascent is Sender Films 6 part series that has aired on the Travel Channel ref cite web last Climbing Narc title Sender Films First Ascent Series to air on the Travel Channel url http 2010 11 sender films ... was produced by Axolotl Productions before Sender Films was founded. Crew Peter Mortimer filmmaker ... of the adventure film company Sender Films. Peter is also co founder, along with Josh ...   more details

  1. .mail

    POV check date September 2009 Infobox Top level domain name .mail background D2B48C image File Spamhaus.jpg The Spamhaus Project 220px introduced Not officially introduced proposed in 2004 type Proposed top level domain status Unapproved application registry None yet established sponsor http Anti Spam Community Registry founded by Spamhaus intendeduse To allow non spam mail to be identified as such via an authenticatable address based on that of the mail server actualuse Not in use yet, as it is unapproved and not in root restrictions Must already have a domain in another TLD for at least 6 months subject to verification of WHOIS data can be revoked if involved in spamming structure Registrations must be based on existing domain owned by registrant, such as ... applies, but since registrations are based on other existing domain, ownership of .mail domain will follow ... .mail is a generic top level domain proposed by The Spamhaus Project in 2004, but unapproved by ICANN ... spam free mailstreams. Core Functionality .mail would attempt to reduce the Spam e mail spam ... to send mail. A .mail domain would only be able to be registered by a party that already owns a domain ... has been verified for accuracy. The structure of the .mail domain consists of existing domain names ..., the .mail domain would not be fully under the control of the registrant, but would go to a publicly ... and revokes names registered to spammers. Mail filtering software can also query the .mail address ... .mail would provide a method for increasing the reliability of the email infrastructure ... better email anonymity services. Security Considerations .mail was designed to withstand attack ... http web 20060521073344 http tld faq.lasso Spamhaus FAQ The .mail TLD GTLD expanded Proposed DEFAULTSORT Mail Category Proposed top level domains ca .mail da .mail eu .mail it .mail hu .mail no .mail pl .mail ro .mail sv Toppdom n Generiska toppdom ner ...   more details

  1. Video sender

    Unreferenced stub auto yes date December 2009 A video sender is a device for transmitting domestic video signals wirelessly from one room to another, as for example sending the output of a satellite TV decoder located in the lounge, to a television set in the bedroom. Some video senders also incorporate a return path , to permit infrared remote control s to operate the equipment whose output is being sent. The equipment requirement is usually either SCART Europe or composite video . Video senders are usually analogue TV , and may be subject to RF interference from other household wireless appliances such as cordless telephone s or wireless network s. These devices are also one of the main causes of interference to WiFi networks. More information can be found in the article on electromagnetic interference at 2.4 GHz . To avoid this, some video senders now use the less used 5.8GHz ISM band , but these are not legal in all the countries that use 2.4GHz ISM for videosenders. They can suffer interference from WiFi, or disrupt WiFi. See http tv radio video senders for explanation and mitigation Usually there are four FM transmit channels, A, B, C & D, with L & R audio on 6.0MHz and 6.5MHz FM subcarriers added to the composite video baseband. The reverse remote control channel is usually 433.92MHz, fixed, using whatever modulation is on the 34kHz to 45kHz IR remote carrier . ASK OOK schemes such as RC5 and RC6 work best over the RF link as the receiver uses a data slicer and AGC designed for ASK OOK with Manchester encoding . DEFAULTSORT Video Sender Category Consumer electronics Electronics stub ru ...   more details

  1. @Mail linux email server Atmail Mail server http linux email server mobile push Exchange ActiveSync Push mail support DEFAULTSORT Atmail Category Email clients Category Groupware Category ...   more details

  1. Sender Zehlendorf

    File LW Antenne Zehlendorf.jpg thumb right 300px The Antenna of the Sender Zehlendorf Sender Zehlendorf is a radio transmission facility that has existed since 1936, when a short wave transmitter was built in Zehlendorf bei Oranienburg Zehlendorf a village part of Oranienburg as part of the establishment of permanent radio services. This Zehlendorf site, which until the end of World War II was referred to as the Rehmate Radio Transmission Centre German Funksendestelle Rehmate , had 26 different antenna radio antenna s. History In 1945, most of the Rehmate Radio Transmission Centre was dismantled by the Soviet occupying forces as War reparations reparation , who left only three wooden Radio masts and towers radio masts . These wooden masts supplied the building material for a 100 metre tall transmission tower built at Golm transmitter Golm in 1948, which was used until 1979. In 1952 it was decided to build at the location of the former radio transmission center Rehmate the central long wave transmitter of the German Democratic Republic GDR . For this between 1956 and 1958 a triangle plane antenna radio aerial , which was hung up on three 150 metres high guyed Radio masts and towers masts of lattice steel, which were insulated against Ground electricity ground was built. A second transmitting antenna, which should become the main antenna, was built between 1960 and 1962. It consisted of a 351 metres high, lattice steel framework mast, at which a conical cage aerial was mounted. This mast was between 1962 and 1964 the highest building in Europe With this antenna a transmitting power of 750 kilo watt s in the long wave range on a frequency , which was reduced in course of the time gradually for the reduction by Interference communication interference disturbances from 185 kHz to 177 kHz, was possible. The maximum transmitting power, which is possible over the triangle plane aerial, is 500 kilowatts. On 18 May 1979 the main mast collapsed after a collision with a Russian ...   more details

  1. Sender Bielstein

    The Sender Bielstein Transmitter Bielstein is an FM and TV broadcasting facility on the 393 metre high Bielstein mountain in the Forest of Teutoburg, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. Bielstein transmitter, which is property of WDR and used for transmitting its programmes was established in 1951. It used until 1954 a 60 metre tall mast. This mast was replaced in 1954 by a 102 metre tall antenna tower. However this mast was not able to supply the whole area with FM and TV programmes and so a taller antenna mast was soon planned. Finally in 1968 construction work started for a 298 metre tall guyed steel tube mast. This mast, which was completed in 1970 enabled a satisfactory supply of FM and TV programmes in the area. On January 15, 1985 at 6.26 MST as result of too much iceload and great wind induced stress, one of the upper guys of the mast was torn off. As result the mast bent and cracked 160 metres above ground. Afterwards the rest of the mast collapsed as the falling upper parts destroyed the guys holding its lower parts. Already on the afternoon of that day as replacement for the first FM transmitter which used the mast went on air again, by using a communication tower of Deutsche Telekom as transmission site. Three days later, TV broadcasting was also restored. On Bielstein mountain, one begun immediately building up an 85 metre tall auxiliary transmission mast for transmitting the TV and FM programmes which were until the collapse radiated from the Bielstei transmission mast. Of course, reception of the signals radiated from this auxiliary mast was much worse than from the former 298 metre mast and so construction work for a new 302 metre tall guyed lattice steel mast started soon, which was completed in August 1986. In April 2006 the mast got a new antenna for DVB T broadcasting, which reduced its height to 290 metres. Transmitted FM frequencies class wikitable style background ccc Name of programmes Regional programme Frequency ERP Eins Live no 105,5  MHz ...   more details

  1. Permit mail

    Multiple issues unreferenced July 2009 globalize August 2009 original research July 2009 Permit mail is anything sent through the postal service where postage is paid by a post office issued permit. No postage stamp is affixed to letters sent by permit mail. The post office will bill the sender based on the number of items sent, their weight, etc. Citation needed date July 2009 Advantages of permit mail The sender does not have to affix postage stamps to the mail The sender does not have to safeguard postage stamps from employee theft The post office does not have to cancel any stamps, thus requiring less work to deliver the mail. DEFAULTSORT Permit Mail Category United States Postal Service Postal stub ...   more details

  1. Bypass mail

    unreferenced date August 2011 Bypass mail is the term used in the UK to describe mail which has been handled throughout its journey from sender to recipient without Royal Mail involvement, in contrast to downstream access where the final delivery is undertaken by Royal Mail History The ability to utilise the Royal Mail network for downstream access analogous to local loop unbundling in the telecoms sector was first introduced in 2003, ending a 350 year monopoly. In 2006 the market was fully opened, allowing competitors to establish their own delivery networks. Unlike Royal Mail, competitors are not under any obligation to provide a universal service, and can opt to deliver in certain areas, whilst handing over other areas as Downstream Access Mail. Development As of October 2007, only one operator TNT Post is trialling bypass mail, in a small number of urban locations. Other operators have indicated that they will follow suit. Bypass operators TNT Post Category Royal Mail ...   more details

  1. Sender Rewriting Scheme

    forwarding the mail and returning potential bounce messages to the sender. RFC 821 and all later SMTP ...Cleanup rewrite article doesn t actually discuss Sender Rewriting Scheme at all date May 2009 Inappropriate tone date September 2008 Sender Rewriting Scheme SRS is a technique to re mail an email message so that eventual Delivery Status Notification s can reach the original message sender. In this context, re mailing is an alternative to Email forwarding , which is not allowed by the Sender Policy Framework . Background Historically all Mail transfer agents MTAs added their host name to the reverse path . In the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SMTP this reverse path is also known as MAIL FROM, but paths ... news articles still contain a tt Path tt header, example Path news.server.example other.example not for mail The same information in an RFC 5321 e mail envelope that is the SMTP info like MAIL FROM would be tt MAIL FROM mail other.example> tt tt MAIL FROM mail other.example> tt The 1st step reflects the sender, the 2nd step the next MTA, etc. In this example let s assume that the 2nd MTA forwards the mail to a 3rd MTA, where it is finally delivered. The final MTA is also known as Mail delivery agent MDA , putting the mail into the mailbox of the recipient ... Path mail other.example> SMTP uses MX record s for its forward ... mail from tt other.example tt via MTA tt news.server.example tt to MDA tt destination.example ... not for mail news.server.example ...and various other kludges. SMTP and MX records made all this essentially ... and if necessary rewriting foreign addresses at the gateway. MX is an acronym for Mail eXchanger ... br tt 551 user not local tt mail rejected For privacy reasons these result codes are today rarely .... It was a relatively small Internet back in 1989, mail admins postmasters often knew each other ... message directly back to the MX of sender. Since RFC 1123 forwarders to third parties still rewrote ...   more details

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