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Encyclopedia results for Anti-racism


Encyclopedia results for Anti-racism

  1. Anti-racism

    Commons category Multiple issues refimprove April 2009 globalize December 2010 sociology Anti racism includes beliefs, actions, movements, and policies adopted or developed to oppose racism . Citation needed date March 2010 In general, anti racism is intended to promote an egalitarian society in which ... defined. By its nature, anti racism tends to promote the view that racism in a particular society ... all of Europe North America http Anti Racism and Hate United States .......... http Branch of Anti Racism and Hate By Any Means Necessary BAMN United States ... Reflist Further reading Bonnett, Alistair 1999 Anti Racism , London Routledge, ISBN 978 0 415 17120 ... dmoz Society Issues Race Ethnic Religious Relations Anti Racism Anti Racism http sseal aracism.htm Keele University Political Science Resources anti racism link directory Racism topics state collapsed DEFAULTSORT Anti Racism Category Anti racism Category Racism Category Social theories ..., and legal social racism prevailed towards the Indians or Asians. However, by then the last Schism ... great successes in opposing racism were won by the Abolitionism Abolitionist movement, both ... in the United States Opposition to racism revived in the 1920s and 1930s. At that time, anthropology ... James Baldwin argued forcefully against racism. During the Civil Rights Movement , Jim Crow laws ... in Israel against manifestations of racism and discrimination. Egalitarianism has been a catalyst for feminism , anti war , and anti imperialism anti imperialist movements. Henry David Thoreau s opposition ... , Robert Mugabe has used anti racist rhetoric to promote a land distribution scheme which has resulted ... , September 20, 2007 ref See also Affirmative Action Allophilia Anti racist mathematics Racism Civil Rights Movement Color blindness race National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Political correctness Racial realism Social criticism Teaching for social justice Anti racist ...   more details

  1. Anti-Racism Information Service

    The Anti Racism Information Service ARIS is a non profit, NGO non governmental organisation based in Geneva , Switzerland . It was founded in 1992 by Kati David. ARIS was accorded Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 1997. The service aims to make the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination better known and to publicize the work of the Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination CERD , which monitors the application of the Convention. Its head is Cruz Melchor Eya Nchama Eya Nchama . ref http record.php?view list&type 12&sortColumn sName&sortDir ASC&pageSize 50&id 771 Geneva Humanitarian Forum ref Notes references External links http www.antiracism Public pageQueFaitARIS.php What is ARIS ? , Anti Racism Information Service charity org stub Category Anti racist organizations Category Organizations established in 1992 Category Organizations established in 1997 ...   more details

  1. Belgian Anti-Racism Law

    The Belgian Anti Racism Law , in full, the Law of July 30, 1981 on the punishment of certain acts inspired by racism or xenophobia , is a law against hate speech and discrimination passed by the Belgian Federal Parliament Federal Parliament of Belgium in 1981 which made certain acts motivated by racism or xenophobia illegal. It is also known as the Moureaux Law , as it was proposed to the Parliament by Justice Minister Philippe Moureaux . Historical context The first Belgian law proposal against racism was introduced in the wake of the signature by Belgium ref Belgium signed it on August 17, 1967 and ratified it on August 7, 1975 http Pages ViewDetails.aspx?src TREATY&mtdsg no IV 2&chapter 4&lang en status see also http Pages ViewDetails.aspx?src TREATY&mtdsg no IV 2&chapter 4&lang en EndDec Declarations and Reservations by Belgium ref of the 1965 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination at the Chamber of deputies by the Socialist MP Ernest Glinne on December 1, 1966 at the request of the MRAX Movement against racism, antisemitism and xenophobia, Belgian equivalent of the French MRAP NGO MRAP which had prepared the proposal. The law proposal was introduced twice in 1966 1967 an again twice in 1968 1969. ref http spip.php ... were made illegal by the Anti Racism Law Incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence against ... Notes and sources Reflist See also List of anti discrimination acts Hate speech Hate crime Category Anti racism Category Belgian legislation Anti Racism Law Category Hate speech Category 1981 in law ... of certain acts inspired by racism or xenophobia, published in the Moniteur Belge M.B. of August ... Opportunities and Opposition to Racism M.B. February 19, 1993 Law of April 12, 1994 modifying the Law ... racism M.B. February 12, 2003 and erratum May 14, 2003 Law of January 23, 2003 concerning the matching ... and Opposition to Racism and the Human Rights League Dutch speaking Belgium Human Rights League . The judgment ...   more details

  1. Anti-racism in mathematics teaching

    refimprove date November 2011 POV date November 2011 Critical pedagogy The issue of anti racism in mathematics teaching has been the topic of some research works, who promote an anti bias curriculum to counter ... education. Citation needed date September 2011 An Anti racism anti racist approach to mathematics ..., L. 1987 . Racism in scientific innovation. In D. Gill and L. Levidow Eds. , Anti racist science ... needed date September 2011 While anti racist mathematics and ethnomathematics scholars share the assumption .... Citation needed date March 2011 Purpose See Ethnomathematics Anti racist mathematics education is primarily ... Kingdom UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher made reference to anti racist mathematics in expressing opposition to multicultural and anti racist educational approaches. In her address to the Conservative ... and that children who need to be able to count and multiply are learning anti racist mathematics, whatever ...&printsec frontcover&dq 22Children who need to be able to count and multiply are learning anti ... page 26 isbn 9780750700696 ref In 2005, Liza Porteus of Fox News reported that an anti racist education ... itself. ref cite news last Porteus first Liza title Anti Racist Message in Mass. Math Class url ... ref References Woodrow, D. 1989 . Multicultural and anti racist mathematics teaching. In P. Ernest Ed. , Mathematics teaching The state of the art pp.  229 235 . London Falmer. Cotton, A. 1990 . Anti .... In D. Gill and L. Levidow Eds. , Anti racist science teaching . pp.  107 123 . London Free Association. Young, R. M. 1987 . Racist society, racist science. In D. Gill and L. Levidow Eds. , Anti ... and anti racist approaches to the teaching of science in schools. In J. Guadara, C. Jones and K. Kimberley Eds. , Racism, diversity and education pp.  154 166 . London Hodder and Stoughton. The Politics of Anti Racist Mathematics in Proceedings of the First International Conference on Political ... of London, 1990. The Politics of Anti Racist Mathematics, European Education Journal, July 1994 ...   more details

  1. Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society

    Infobox Company company name Canadian Anti racism Education and Research Society company logo company ... products revenue net income homepage http The Canadian Anti racism Education ... to Combat Racism Equality Dignity Justice by the Canadian Anti racism Education and Research ... be at arms length from Government and that it should be a national voice on anti racism to aid and support NGOs in the development of sustainable anti racism initiatives. In 1990, CAERS was requested ... direction on anti racism and multiculturalism for British Columbia. The committee developed ... shift from anti racism to symbolic multiculturalism. In 2007 the Department of Justice Canada ...?doid 438&lg e&isruling 0 Decision regarding Chilliwack Anti racism Society v. Charles Scott and the Church ... html.asp?doid 438&lg e&isruling 0 Chilliwack Anti racism Society v. Charles Scott and the Church ... impact on youth, a conference, Anti racism Online, was held with support from the http ... District contracted with CAERS to provide workshops on anti racism and to conduct meetings between ... A Vancouver radio station sues an anti racism lobby group. Jerry Collins. Alberta Report June 3, 1996 ... Anti racism Education and Research Society http Rush, Crane, Guenther Multiculturalism in Canada navbox DEFAULTSORT Canadian Anti Racism Education And Research Society Category ..., provides direct support to victims of racism and discrimination, and lobbies government and governmental agencies for the development of effective policy and legislation to stop racism. The president ... practices. ref name autogenerated1 Image Vancouver rally.jpg thumb right Rally against racism ..., in foreground right. Government Recognition In 1998, CAERS received the BC Eliminates Racism Together ... WCAR United Nations World Conference Against Racism . According to the Minister blockquote The Ministry ... to build a society that is free from racism. blockquote Lobbying Initiatives Five foreign trained ...   more details

  1. Student Assembly Against Racism

    Student Assembly Against Racism is the student wing of the United Kingdom National Assembly Against Racism . External links http saar Student Assembly Against Racism latest news from 2007 Category Anti racism org stub ...   more details

  1. ARIS

    ARIS may refer to Advanced Research Instrumentation Ship H.H. Arnold and the H.S. Vandenberg American Religious Identification Survey Anti Racism Information Service Architecture of Integrated Information Systems Community Development and Investment Agency ARIS , established by the Kyrgyz Republic in 2003 to support decentralized community development disambig ...   more details

  1. Richard Moran

    Richard Moran may refer to Richard Moran author , American venture capitalist and author Richard M. Moran , American lacrosse player and coach Richie Moran footballer born 1963 , British footballer, writer and anti racism campaigner Rich Moran , NFL guard Richard Moran canoer , American Olympic canoer hndis Moran, Richard ...   more details

  1. Kick It Out

    Kick It Out may refer to Kick It Out Boom Boom Satellites song Kick It Out Boom Boom Satellites song Kick It Out Heart song Kick It Out Heart song Kick It Out organisation , an association football anti racism campaign disambig ...   more details

  1. MRAP (disambiguation)

    MRAP may refer to MRAP , Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle, type of armored fighting vehicle MRAP French NGO , Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l amiti entre les peuples Movement Against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples , a French anti racism NGO The MC2R accessory protein Disambig de MRAP fr MRAP ko MRAP ...   more details

  1. Alan Dutton

    Anti racism Education and Research Society . He is an expert on anti democratic movements, right wing extremism, Nazi organizations and the impact of racism on individuals, institutions and society ... of the Attorney General of BC in 2004 to establish a five year strategic direction on anti racism ... Hate Crimes Forums, November 1999 funded by Multiculturalism BC and helped organize Anti racism Terminology, Concepts and Training ref Anti racism Terminology, Concepts and Training. Multiculturalism ... speaker at many conferences on civil rights and has organized several major conferences on anti racism and hate on the net, including Anti racism Online with support from the BC Human Rights Commission ... Society. Anti racism and the Workplace with support from the Government of Canada , Province of British Columbia , the City of Kelowna and the BC Federation of Labour . Anti racism Terminology ... and Human Rights. ref Anti racism Terminology, Concepts and Training. Multiculturalism ... an anti racism lobby group. Jerry Collins. Alberta Report June 3, 1996 ref The Georgia Straight ... Anti Racism and Research Society... receives government grants through the Multiculturalism ..., an award for combating racism from the Attorney General of British Columbia and an award of appreciation ... Canada programs. Dutton was accepted as an expert witness on racism by the Ontario Labour Relations ... by the Supreme Court of BC as an expert on the impact of racism on juries in a case alleging discrimination ... Against Racism WCAR in 2000 and chaired the Hate and New Media Working Group. The Working Group ... Union preparatory conference for the http WCAR United Nations World Conference Against Racism ... of the conferences. ref Equality, dignity, justice united to combat racism. Preparations for the world conference against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance ... on Colonialism held in Vancouver, B.C. ISBN 0 9696026 0 X ref Racism, Hate Crime and the Law ref ...   more details

  1. MultiCultural Aotearoa

    at anti racism rally Press releases related to October 2004 march http stories PO0410 S00064.htm March Against Racism Forces Backdown 6 October 2004 http stories PO0410 S00236.htm Alliance Supports Anti Racism March 23 October 2004 http stories HL0410 S00268.htm A Backgrounder On Today s Anti Racism March 23 October 2004 http stories ...Use dmy dates date November 2011 MultiCultural Aotearoa MCA is an anti fascist group that was formed in 2004 in response to racist attacks in the New Zealand capital, Wellington . Its main policies are to Oppose the actions of the New Zealand National Front NZNF Oppose humiliating immigration policies Stop M ori people M ori bashing On 23 October 2004, the MCA led an anti racism march from Te Papa Tongarewa Te Papa to the steps of Parliament of New Zealand Parliament to protest an NZNF demonstration. The NZNF had originally planned to demonstrate against Asian immigration, but after the MCA march was organised the topic was changed to support for the New Zealand flag. Estimates of attendance at the MCA march vary widely the national television networks estimated 300, the New Zealand Herald NZ Herald estimated 800, and the MCA itself claimed 3,000. It included Anarchism anarchists and members of the International Socialist Organization New Zealand International Socialist Organization , among other supporters. Violence broke out when the Scary Fairies about 30 people dressed in comical costumes and masks taunted the NZNF and were joined by MCA marchers and bystanders. Eventually about 150 200 anti fascists surrounded NZNF protestors. Police created a separation barrier, but ultimately lost control of the situation and fighting broke out. An NZNF member wielding a baton was arrested, as were two counter protesters, one for carrying a knife. One NZAF member was injured. External links Refimprove date January 2008 http Official website http ...   more details

  1. Robert Roth

    Robert Roth may refer to Robert Roth activist born 1950 , American anti war, anti racism and anti imperialism activist and educator Robert Roth sport wrestler 1898 1959 , Swiss wrestler Robert Roth musician , songwriter, vocalist and guitarist for Truly R bert Roth actor born 1972 , Slovak film and theatre actor Robert Roth boogie pianist Austrian Boogie Woogie Pianist See also Bobby Roth born 1950 , television and film director, screenwriter and producer hndis Roth, Robert de Robert Roth ...   more details

  1. Hope not Hate

    Image Hope not hate.jpg thumb right Hope not Hate Hope not Hate is an anti fascism and anti racism campaign in the United Kingdom originally organised by Searchlight magazine Searchlight . ref cite web url http index.php content bnp wins seats title HOPE not hate publisher date accessdate 2009 10 09 ref It has campaigned against the nationalist and far right British National Party . ref cite web url http news hope not hate 2009 07 14 say no to hate 115875 21518493 title Hope Not Hate Thousands sign anti BNP petition publisher date accessdate 2009 10 09 ref and have presented a 90,000 person petition to the European Parliament protesting against the election of Nick Griffin to the European Parliament. ref cite web url http ?page home title HOPE not hate publisher HOPE not hate date 2009 05 11 accessdate 2009 10 09 ref An annual event is the Hope not Hate bus tour which aims to highlight the intrinsic racism within the British National Party. ref cite web last Vellacott first James url http news hope not hate title Hope Not Hate News publisher date accessdate 2009 10 09 ref Celebrity supporters of Hope Not Hate include Sir Alan Sugar , the boxer Amir Khan boxer Amir Khan and Eddie Izzard . ref name trinitymirror1 cite web date May 15, 2009 url http 2009 05 third successive year for mirrors hope not hate tour.html title Third Successive Year for Mirror s Hope Not Hate Tour Trinity Mirror plc publisher date ... 28 eddie joins hope not hate party 115875 21705834 title Eddie Izzard joins Hope Not Hate anti racism ... Mirror Hope not Hate anti racism campaign gets under way & 124 Media & 124 publisher ... DEFAULTSORT Hope Not Hate Category Anti fascism Category Anti racism Category Year of establishment ... been strongly criticised on this and other grounds by veteran anti fascists grouped around Notes ...   more details

  1. Fjell skole

    primary sources date November 2010 Fjell Skole is a school located in Austad Fjell Fjell , Drammen , Norway . 77 of the students are from a Minority group minority background. The school also runs classes for immigrants to the Drammen area. There are around 550 students at Fjell Skole. In 2008, the school was awarded the Humanistprisen from the Human Etisk Forbund for its work in anti racism, friendship between nationalities, and its mind changing work . In 2003, it was awarded the Benjamin Prize for its work against racism . S start Succession box before Bernt Hagtvet title Humanistprisen Winner of the Humanistprisen years 2008 after S end External links http Drammen.kommune on Fjell skole coord missing Norway DEFAULTSORT Fjell Skole Category Schools in Norway Buskerud geo stub no Fjell skole ...   more details

  1. RISE against Racism

    Against Racism claimed they had been told by the GLA that anti racism will no longer be the central .... My opinion and the Mayor s opinion is that this is a new way of doing anti racism, celebrating ..., was launched by the trade unions as a means of involving mainly young people in anti racism in the wake of the Stephen Lawrence and other racist murders. What is the point of what was explicitly an anti racist festival if it drops its commitment to anti racism? Matt Wrack , Fire Brigades ... communities and of anti racism. It appears that this clear message is now being lost and the FBU ... Anti racism ... music festival , RISE against Racism has taken place in every year since 1996. Initially a free festival ... Against Racism NAAR . Several of Ken Livingstone s key aides at City Hall had links to NAAR, including ... and arts and crafts. Controversy Despite the stated focus on racism , a number of groups outside ... Ken Livingstone s alleged political correctness , the 13 July 2008 Rise festival has muted its anti ... had raised questions in the Assembly about funding going to an anti racist festival. ref http ... by the renaming of the festival simply Rise , rather than Rise Against Racism. http ... the dropping of the anti racist message at a GLA committee meeting blockquote We have changed the emphasis, moving away from an explicitly anti racist festival by stressing the cultural and community ... Londoners from different backgrounds together to share their love of music Rise will be doing anti racism for real. ref http commentisfree 2008 jun 17 1 ref blockquote The Cuba ... of the anti racist message, London s trade unions, the founders of the event, dropped their connection ... of the central anti racist message as well as by the ban on an organisation supported by the TUC ... racism. ref http www.cuba news.asp?ItemID 1355 ref blockquote References reflist ...   more details

  1. Roots of Resistance

    Anti racism DEFAULTSORT Roots Of Resistance Category Advocacy groups Category Anti racism ...Unreferenced date December 2009 Orphan date December 2009 Roots of Resistance was an anti racist organization active in Vancouver , Canada from 1992 to 1996. The organization was formed shortly after a Vancouver demonstration in support of Rodney King during the 1992 Los Angeles riots , fusing an affinity group called Anarchists of Colour with Langara College s students of colour collective, the Third World Alliance, and other activists. Roots of Resistance was composed of people of colour only, with members of African , Asian people Asian , First Nations and Latin American ancestry, including people of mixed race . Members of Roots of Resistance were of various left wing political tendencies, from anarchism to Marxism , as well as divergent cultural and religious perspectives. Uniting the group was an anti colonial and anti capitalist critique, including support of First Nations sovereignty and opposition to global imperialism. Roots of Resistance also criticized parliamentary attempts to restrict immigration, and directly opposed neo fascist activity, two important issues in early to mid 1990s Canada. Roots of Resistance s people of colour only membership was an organizational strategy developed to address racism from a position of strength and affinity, but also to reject what was seen as a white cultural hegemony within the radical left which effectively excluded people of colour and their perspectives. This critique was aimed at, to name a few examples, the white led left s reduction of all matters of power to the class struggle its generation gap inflected suspicion of elders its insensitivity to the importance of spirituality for some communities its emphasis on counterculture ... worked in coalition with white allies, and was not a separatist organization, nor was it anti white. Roots of Resistance s most newsworthy moments were its Anti Canada Day demonstrations on 1 ...   more details

  1. Love Music Hate Racism

    Category Rock festivals in the United Kingdom Category Anti racism it Love Music Hate Racism ...refimprove date January 2008 Image Love Music Hate Racism Gig.jpg thumb right Love Music Hate Racism concert in northwest England in 2004. Love Music Hate Racism LMHR is a music oriented campaign based in United Kingdom Britain by the Anti Nazi League and Unite Against Fascism . The campaign involves concerts aimed at spreading an Anti racism anti racist message. It follows in the tradition of the 1970s Rock Against Racism RAR campaign, which also involved the Anti Nazi League. History LMHR was set up in 2002 in response to the perceived increase in support for the far right British National Party . ref http about Love Music Hate Racism About Bot generated title ref The first big LMHR concert was a festival in Manchester s Platt Fields Park , headlined by Doves band ... Doherty to Headline Love Music Hate Racism Festival url http news 50992 Pete Doherty To Headline Love Music Hate Racism Festival publisher accessdate May 22, 2009 ref and Blood Red Shoes ref cite web title Stars Come Out In Support of Brighton and Sussex Anti Racism Campaign url http 2009 04 stars come out in support of brighton and sussex anti racist campaign publisher Love Music Hate Racism accessdate April 9th, 2009 ref , hip hop acts like ... want them brand new track on itunes now in aid of lmhr publisher Love Music Hate Racism accessdate July ..., NME . ref http lovemusichateracism NME article about Love Music Hate Racism ref ... news 2007 12 17 the lmhr rock against racism 30th anniversary carnival Love Music Hate Racism Blog Archive MAJOR LMHR CARNIVAL IN LONDON S VICTORIA PARK TO MARK ROCK AGAINST RACISM 30th ANNIVERSARY Bot generated title ref References reflist External links wikinews London hosts anti racism concert ahead of local elections http Love Music Hate Racism website ...   more details

  1. American Crusade Against Lynching

    The American Crusade Against Lynching was an organization, created in 1946 and headed by Paul Robeson , dedicated to eliminating lynching in the United States . Many prominent intellectuals were members, including Albert Einstein . ref http foiaindex einstein.htm Jerome, Fred. The Einstein File St, Martin s Press, 2000 ref The Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI had been long concerned about socialist and communist movements for their instigation of social and labor unrest. Having noted communist support for African American civil rights before World War II, the FBI characterized the Crusade as a communist front. Its officials classified members such as Einstein as communist sympathizers and developed intelligence files on them. Notes references Category Lynching in the United States Category 1946 establishments Category Anti racism US org stub ja ...   more details

  1. Kisa

    Wikt Kisa or KISA may refer to the following KISA , A heavy rock n roll band formed in Louisville, KY, USA in 2003 as the Knights In Shively Armor kisa , Icelandic for she cat kisa , Lingala for to sit KISA , the Korea Information Security Agency Kisa , Serbian family name originally Bojanici Kisa town , a town in sterg tland County, Sweden Khisa , also known as Kisa, a village in Botswana Kisa brand , a brand making tripods KISA NGO , the Movement for Equality, Support, Anti Racism Greek , , , abbreviated to , hence KISA , a non governmental organization in Cyprus established in 1998, promoting equality and the eradication of racism Kisa Sohma , a character in the manga and anime Fruits Basket Kisa tribe Luhya , an indigenous Luhya people tribe of Kenya Kisa, a name of a female in Tanzania commonly among the Nyakyusa and Nyamwezi tribes. Means mercy from God disambig ru ...   more details

  1. Arise

    wiktionary arise Arise may refer to Arise band , a Swedish metal band Arise Sepultura album Arise Sepultura album , an album released in 1991 by Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura Arise song Arise song , a song from the album Arise Planetshakers album Arise Planetshakers album , an album by Planetshakers Arise , a song Chevelle from their sixth album Hats Off to the Bull Arise , an album by crust punk band Amebix Arise From Ginnungagap to Ragnar k The History of the Vikings Volume 3 , an album by German heavy metal band Rebellion band Rebellion Arise horse , American Thoroughbred racehorse Arise Telecommunications , Telecommunications company located in Turkey ARISE may refer to ARISE Detroit , a coalition of community groups in Detroit ARISE, an Anti Racism, Imperialism, Sectarianism and Exploitation campaign organised by gra Shinn F in ARISE, Style and culture magazine. disambig fr Arise it Arise sco Arise sv Arise ...   more details

  1. KISA (NGO)

    The Movement for Equality, Support, Anti Racism lang el , , , abbr. KISA , is a Cyprus Cypriot Non Governmental Organisation . It was founded in 1998 in response to changes in Cypriot society, which saw large waves of immigration from Eastern Europe an and Third World countries. KISA has two main remits. Firstly, it is the leading charity to campaign against discrimination in all forms on the island, including racism and sex trafficking , including running the annual Action Week against Racism within the framework of the European Network Against Racism . Secondly, it operates Support Centres which provide free legal and social services, guidance and advice to migrants , refugees and asylum seekers in Cyprus. External links http EN index.html KISA homepage http www.enar European Network Against Racism Category Non governmental organizations KISA Category 1998 establishments Category Non governmental organizations based in Cyprus Category Anti racist organizations ...   more details

  1. Andreas Rosenlund

    Orphan date June 2009 Peter Andreas Rosenlund born April 13, 1967 is a Swedes Swedish journalist and communication manager. He is best known as a co founders, and former editor 1996 , of Anti racism anti racist magazine Expo magazine Expo . He has also been working at the pharmacy monopoly Apoteket as press officer. Since 2009, he has been information manager at the pharmacy chain Kronans Droghandel. ref http default.asp?ML 67 CV of Andreas Rosenlund ref References reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Rosenlund, Andreas ALTERNATIVE NAMES Rosenlund, Peter Andreas SHORT DESCRIPTION Swedish journalist DATE OF BIRTH April 13, 1967 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Rosenlund, Andreas Category 1967 births Category Living people Category Swedish journalists Sweden bio stub ...   more details

  1. National Union of Students Black Students' Campaign

    multiple issues linkrot October 2011 primary sources October 2011 notability Companies date October 2011 Infobox political party colorcode lightblue name National Union of Students Black Students Campaign logo leader1 title leader1 name leader2 title leader2 name headquarters national National Union of Students United Kingdom National Union of Students website http black The National Union of Students Black Students Campaign is the largest organisation of black student s in Europe . Citation needed date August 2010 The organisation exists to Lobbying lobby to raise awareness of issues affecting black students at a local and national level . ref http en Campaigns BlackStudents Why do we need a black students campaign ref References references National Union of Students of the United Kingdom DEFAULTSORT National Union Of Students Black Students Campaign Category National Union of Students United Kingdom Category Anti racism activists ...   more details

  1. Stand Up Speak Up

    default.asp?intPageID 275 Football Unites, Racism Divides page about Stand Up, Speak Up Category Association football culture Category Activism Category Anti racism da Stand Up Speak Up pl Stand Up ...   more details

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