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Encyclopedia results for Anaconda Copper

Anaconda Copper

Encyclopedia results for Anaconda Copper

  1. Anaconda Copper

    Inappropriate tone date August 2008 Anaconda Copper Mining Company until 1915 known as the Amalgamated Copper Mining Company was one of the largest trusts of the early 20th century. The Anaconda was purchased ... as an environmental liability for BP , the current owner of ARCO. History of Anaconda Copper Beginnings Anaconda Copper Mining Company started in 1881 when Marcus Daly bought a small silver mine called ... to control the world copper market. In 1892 the French Rothschilds began negotiations to buy the Anaconda ... 20th century. By 1899 Amalgamated Copper acquired majority stock in the Anaconda Copper Company and the Rothschilds ..., Anaconda, controlled by Standard Oil insiders, stayed under the name of Amalgamated Copper ... in Chile Chuquicamata , which cost Anaconda 77 million, was the largest copper mine in the world. Then it was the source ... up by Ryan and Rockefeller of nearly a million and a half shares of Anaconda Copper Company, fluctuated ... cause of the 1930s depression. Fact date August 2008 Great Depression In 1929 Anaconda Copper ... 40 . John D. Ryan died in 1933 and was buried in a copper coffin. His mighty Anaconda shares, once ... confiscated the Chuquicamata mine from Anaconda. Anaconda lost two thirds of its copper production ..., had seriously weakened the company s financial position. Later in 1971, Anaconda s Mexican copper ... LLC, is now a subsidiary of BP . No footnotes date February 2008 Anaconda Copper in literature ... Square of the Anaconda Copper Company and the copper collar . As the state s largest employer, the Anaconda ... state would be strangled by the copper collar of Daly s Anaconda Copper Mining Company. ref name ... the copper collar. The workers who are under the copper collar are referred to as snakes and the Anaconda .... The Anaconda Company used the copper collar to gain control of the papers and legislature and the Miners ... Copper Mine Nevada in Nevada Anaconda Copper Mine Montana in Montana Anaconda, New Mexico Frank ... Industrial Average Category History of mining Category ARCO es Anaconda Copper Company fr Anaconda ...   more details

  1. Anaconda Copper Mine

    Anaconda Copper Mine may refer to one of two mines operated by Anaconda Copper Anaconda Copper Mine Nevada Anaconda Copper Mine Montana disambig ...   more details

  1. Anaconda Copper Mine (Montana)

    About the copper mine in Montana the copper mine in Nevada Anaconda Copper Mine Nevada unreferenced date April 2011 File Butte headframes.jpg thumb Anaconda headframe s overlooking the city of Butte, Montana .... The Anaconda Copper Mine was a large copper mining mine in Butte, Montana . It was bought in 1881 ... and Lloyd Tevis of San Francisco. From this beginning grew the Anaconda Copper Mining Company, a global mining enterprise featuring the Anaconda and other Butte mines, a smelter at Anaconda, Montana ..., mostly in the United States and Chile . The Anaconda Copper Mining Company was acquired by ARCO in 1977. The Anaconda mine itself was closed in 1947 after producing 94,900 tons of copper. Its location ... copper ore that was in the Anaconda companies shafts. After years of losing lawsuits to Heinze the Company ... bought out all of Heinze s properties and claims. The Anaconda copper mine appeared in Don ... mines in the United States Montana geo stub de Anaconda Copper Mine ... his claim the Anaconda Mine after reading Horace Greeley s Civil War account of how Ulysses S. Grant s forces had surrounded Robert E. Lee s forces like an anaconda . Daly then developed the Anaconda ... Mining Act of 1872 Some basic terms apex lawsuit to extract ore from the Anaconda Mines. Heinze purchased ... of the Anaconda mine. See also Anaconda Road Massacre Butte Further reading Bakken, Gordon Morris. Anaconda and the Price of Pollution, The Historian Volume 69 1 2007 . pp 36 http ..., Isaac F. Anaconda 1957 , official company history Mihelich, John Anthony. The Richest Hill on Earth ... of copper smelting technologies in Montana, 1880 1930 Ph.D. dissertation, University of Pennsylvania ... Little, tortured and lynched for organising the copper miners of Butte http cdm4 browse.php?CISOROOT watkins Carleton Watkins Interior Views of Anaconda Mines Butte, MT Commons ... landmark format dms display title Category Geology of Montana Category Copper mines in the United States ...   more details

  1. Anaconda Copper Mine (Nevada)

    about the copper mine in Nevada the copper mine in Montana Anaconda Copper Mine Montana Infobox Mine name Anaconda Mine image Anaconda Copper Mine Nevada.JPG width 200px caption Anaconda Copper Mine. Inactive since 1978, the pit has flooded. pushpin map Nevada pushpin label Anaconda Mine pushpin map ... state province Nevada country United States owner ARCO current br Anaconda Copper when in operation official website acquisition year 1953 by Anaconda Copper stock exchange stock c ode products Copper ... as Empire Mine br 1953 as Anaconda Copper Mine closing year 1978 The Anaconda Copper Mine is an open pit mining open pit copper mining mine in Lyon County, Nevada Lyon County , Nevada that was owned and operated by the Anaconda Copper Anaconda Mining Company . It is located adjacent to the town of Yerington ..., Yerington, Nevada.JPG left thumb The abandoned processing facilities at the Anaconda Copper Mine Environmental ... accessdate 2009 04 23 ref External links Commons category Anaconda Copper Mine Nevada http ... the mining operation which ran until 1978. ref name hc History The Anaconda Mine first opened in 1918 as the Empire Nevada Mine. In 1953 the property was acquired by the Anaconda Copper Company,which ran the mine until Anaconda was taken over by ARCO Atlantic Richfield Company . ref name hc cite web url http hac pha yerington anaconda nevada YeringtonAnacondaMineHC082206.pdf ... accessdate 2009 03 23 ref Atlantic Richfield ceased operations in 1978 due to a low copper prices, lower priced foreign imports of copper and declining grade and resources in the pit. ref name ens ... ens jun2008 2008 06 29 094.asp title ARCO Pays 2.7 Million to Contain Waste at Old Copper Mine date ... hc Production The Anaconda mine operated for 25 years and produced approximately 360 million tons of material from the pit. Most of the material remains in tailings or in leach heap piles. The copper was processed from the extracted ore using two processes. Copper oxide ore from the upper portion of the pit ...   more details

  1. Anaconda

    , and so gave rise to the myth of the anaconda of Ceylon. ref name TiO Boyle R. 2008. http 080727 Plus sundaytimesplus 07.html The Anaconda of Ceylon Derivations and the myths ...   more details

  1. Anaconda (disambiguation)

    Wiktionary anaconda An anaconda is a large, non venomous snake found in tropical South America. Anaconda may also refer to In entertainment Anaconda film Anaconda film 1997 , a horror movie Anacondas The Hunt for the Blood Orchid 2004 , sequel to Anaconda Anaconda 3 Offspring 2008 , sequel to Anacondas The Hunt for the Blood Orchid Anacondas Trail of Blood 2009 , sequel to Anaconda 3 Offspring Anaconda comics , a supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe Anaconda Kings Dominion , a roller coaster at Kings Dominion theme park Anaconda poker , a variant of the card game poker Anaconda , a 1983 single of British darkwave band The Sisters of Mercy In software Anaconda installer , an installer program for the Red Hat Linux and Fedora operating systems Anaconda , a hidden variant of Snake video game Snake video game in the TimeSplitters series Places Anaconda Range , a mountain range in Montana Anaconda Hill see List of mountains in Granite County, Montana Anaconda, Montana , a small community in the United States Anaconda, British Columbia , a ghost town in Canada In the military Anaconda Plan , an outline strategy for subduing the South in the American Civil War Operation Anaconda , a military operation in Afghanistan in early March 2002 Logistics Support Area Anaconda , a large US military base in Iraq HMS Anaconda 1813 HMS Anaconda 1813 , a Royal Navy brig sloop HMAS Anaconda HMAS Anaconda , a Royal Australian Navy auxiliary vessel during the Second World War Lavochkin La 250 , a Soviet 1950s high altitude interceptor aircraft prototype nicknamed Anakonda In mining Anaconda Copper , a defunct mining company which operated two American copper mines Anaconda Copper Mine Montana Anaconda Copper Mine Nevada Other uses Colt Anaconda , a .44 Magnum revolver Anaconda III , a yacht disambig de Anaconda fr Anaconda homonymie ko it Anaconda he nl Anaconda ja pl Anakonda ujednoznacznienie pt Anaconda desambigua o ru sv Anakonda ...   more details

  1. Anaconda, Montana

    Daly founder of Anaconda, and one of the Copper Kings of Butte. Wayne Estes college basketball star ...Cleanup date April 2009 File Anaconda Courthouse.jpg thumb right County Courthouse in Anaconda Anaconda , county seat of Deer Lodge County, Montana Anaconda City Deer Lodge County , is located in mountainous ... city in Montana. Central Anaconda is 5,335 feet 1626 m AMSL above sea level , and is surrounded by the communities ... Places . File Club Moderne, Anaconda, Montana.jpg thumb upright Club Moderne, Anaconda. Historic American Buildings Survey Anaconda was founded by Marcus Daly , one of the Copper Kings , who financed the construction of a smelter on nearby Warm Springs Creek to process copper ore from the Butte mines ... town in Meagher County, Montana Meagher County . Instead, Daly accepted the name Anaconda from the postmaster ... west of the Mississippi when Anaconda elected a socialist mayor, treasurer, police judge, and three councilmen. The Socialist Party had grown within the Montana labor movement. Initially, the Anaconda Copper Mining Company tolerated them, but when the Socialists gained political power and threatened ... run labor lost ground in Anaconda and the company exerted ever greater political control. ref Jerry ... 4, pp 2 13 ref The Anaconda Company expanded smelting capacity over time, and by 1919 the Washoe Reduction Works could boast that its 585 foot 178 m smokestack Anaconda Smelter Stack was the tallest ... . Part of Anaconda is included in the Butte Anaconda Historic District . Geography Elevation 5335 ... Climate Weather box location Anaconda single line yes Jan record high F 60 Feb record high F 65 Mar ... Averages for Anaconda, MT publisher The Weather Channel accessdate January 15, 2011 ref date April ... for cross country skiers, and the Discovery Ski Area for downhill skiers Anaconda is an excellent ... in the State of Montana Museum s The Copper Village Museum and Arts Center provides visitors and residents ... February 2009 Further reading Mercier, Laurie. Anaconda Labor, Community, and Culture in Montana s Smelter ...   more details

  1. Anaconda (installer)

    Infobox software name Anaconda screenshot File Fedora 15 Anaconda Installer Screen.png 200px caption Anaconda s installation screen for Fedora operating system Fedora 15 developer Anaconda Team latest release version latest release date latest preview version latest preview date operating system Linux programming language Python programming language Python and C programming language C genre Installer license GNU General Public License GPL Free software website http wiki Anaconda wiki Anaconda Anaconda is the installer for Red Hat Enterprise Linux , CentOS and Fedora operating system Fedora . Anaconda s are lizard eating snakes similar to Pythonidae pythons , and the Caldera OpenLinux Caldera installation program was called Lizard , hence the name. Functionality Anaconda offers a text mode and GUI mode, so users can install on a wide range of systems. It is designed to be easily portable and supports a wide range of hardware platforms IA 32 , Itanium , DEC Alpha , IBM ESA 390 , PowerPC . It supports installing from local storage devices like CD ROM drives and harddisks as well as from network resources via File Transfer Protocol FTP , File Transfer Protocol HTTP , or Network File System protocol NFS . Installations can be automated with the use of a Kickstart Linux kickstart file, that automatically configures the installation, allowing users to run ... General Public License GPL . Anaconda installer is used by Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL , Fedora operating system Fedora and a number of other projects. ref http wiki Anaconda ... wiki Anaconda Home page References Reflist Linux stub Install software stub Category Free ... Category Linux installation software ar de Anaconda Software es Anaconda instalador ko it Anaconda installer ja Anaconda pl Anaconda oprogramowanie pt Anaconda instalador ru Anaconda simple Anaconda installer zh Anaconda ...   more details

  1. Copper

    pp semi small yes Other uses good article Infobox copper Copper IPAc en icon k p r respell KOP r ... ductile metal with very high thermal conductivity thermal and electrical conductivity . Pure copper ... and list of copper alloys its alloys have been used for thousands of years. In the Roman era, copper ... , later shortened to uprum . Its compounds are commonly encountered as copper II salts, which ... as pigments. Architectural structures built with copper corrode to give green verdigris or patina . Decorative art prominently features copper, both by itself and as part of pigments. Copper II ... life. The main areas where copper is found in animals are liver, muscle and bone. Characteristics Physical File Cu Scheibe.JPG thumb left 150px A copper disc 99.95 pure made by continuous casting and industrial etching etching . File Copper just above its melting point.jpg left 150px thumb Copper ... incandescence color. Copper, silver and gold are in group 11 element group 11 of the periodic table ... through metallic bond s. Contrary to metals with incomplete d shells, metallic bonds in copper ... and high ductility of single crystals of copper. ref name b1 At the macroscopic scale, introduction ... under applied stress thereby increasing its hardness. For this reason, copper is usually supplied ... of copper partly explains its high electrical 59.6 10 sup 6 sup   Siemens unit S m and thus also ... permissible current density of copper in open air is approximately 3.1 10 sup 6 sup   A m sup ... Welding Manufacturing Alliance isbn 0 9624382 0 0 edition 4th pages 18 12 ref As with other metals, if copper ... Doctors accessdate 29 April 2011 ref Together with osmium bluish , and gold yellow , copper is one of only ... isbn 0 665 46912 8 ref Pure copper is orange red and acquires a reddish tarnish when exposed to air. The characteristic color of copper results from the electronic transitions between the filled 3d ... isbn 978 3 527 28126 8 pages 267 272 volume 4 Combustion to Diamagnetism ref Chemical File Copper ...   more details

  1. Anaconda III

    Use dmy dates date October 2011 Use Australian English date October 2011 Orphan September 2008 date September 2010 Anaconda III at convert 101 ft m abbr on is one of the largest yacht s sailing the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland , Australia . ref Cite web url http title Anaconda III Whitsundays accessdate 9 September 2010 ref References Reflist DEFAULTSORT Anaconda Iii Category Individual sailing vessels Category Ships of Australia Ship stub ...   more details

  1. Anaconda (film)

    Infobox Film name Anaconda image Anaconda ver2.jpg caption Theatrical release poster director Luis Llosa ... Anaconda is a 1997, adventure film adventure horror genre horror film , directed by Luis Llosa , starring ... after the world s largest giant anaconda , which is discovered in the Amazon Rainforest . The film ... by the live anaconda used on set. Though the film received negative reviews from critics, it was a box ... his true objective hunting down and capturing a record breaking Eunectes murinus Green Anaconda he had been tracking. Mateo is the first of the crew to be killed by the anaconda, that strangles ... tries to find him while Gary sides with Sarone, saying if they help him find the anaconda, he will help them get out alive. Ironically, Gary is killed next when they attempt to capture the anaconda ... and chokes her before dumping her body in the river where she drowns. The anaconda returns and kills ... a second, larger anaconda. The anaconda wraps around Terri and Danny and begins to suffocate them ... recuperate on a nearby dock, the snake appears one final time. Danny beats the anaconda with an axe ... Kalberg Vincent Castellanos as Mateo Danny Trejo as Poacher Frank Welker as the Anaconda voice Box office The film was a box office hit grossing over 136,000,000 Reception Anaconda received negative ... Director, Worst Screenplay, Worst New Star the animatronic anaconda and Worst Screen Couple Voight and the animatronic anaconda . Roger Ebert awarded the film 3 1 2 out of 4 stars calling it a ...slick ... 19970411 REVIEWS 704110301 1023 title Anaconda date April 11, 1997 publisher Chicago Sun Times accessdate October 2, 2011 ref Despite the initial negative reception, Anaconda has since become a cult ... Orchid Anaconda 3 Offspring Anacondas Trail of Blood The film was followed by three sequels, Anacondas ... movies, Anaconda 3 Offspring and Anacondas Trail of Blood , both produced in 2008. Even though no characters ... External links IMDb title 0118615 Anaconda Amg title 154826 Anaconda rotten tomatoes anaconda Anaconda ...   more details

  1. Anaconda (comics)

    Superherobox image caption Anaconda, art by Mark Gruenwald & Josef Rubinstein. comic color background ff8080 character name Anaconda real name Blanche Sitznski species Mutated Human publisher Marvel Comics ... Superhuman Strength, br Underwater Breathing, br Rapid Regeneration Anaconda Blanche Sitznski is a supervillain ... face, neck, chest, and back, and small fins on her lower cheeks. Though Anaconda s trade characteristic is her blonde hair, she is actually a natural brunette . ref Captain America 403 ref Anaconda loves ... 33 34 ref Image anaconda2.jpg thumb 220px left Anaconda squeezes the life out of the Thing. Her ... , Stingray comics Stingray and the Inhumans Inhuman Triton comics Triton . Anaconda jumped at the opportunity ..., but the Thing and Triton retaliated, defeating Anaconda, Black Mamba and Death Adder, trapping them underwater. ref Marvel Two in One 65 ref Anaconda freed herself and her teammates from their underwater ... for a powerful weapon known as the micro scanner. After battling Iron Man , Anaconda and the others ... Anaconda eagerly accepted the offer in hopes of earning a healthy sum of money. At the orientation, Sidewinder grouped Anaconda together with Cobra comics Cobra and the Rattler comics Rattler to perform ... comics Constrictor , annoyed with the whole idea of the Serpent Society, spied on Anaconda s group ... as Anaconda and the others were pulling their heist, and Anaconda ordered Cobra and Rattler to return to Sidewinder with the apparatus. After an intense battle with the Avenger, Anaconda was able to wrap ..., Anaconda paid a visit to Constrictor, thoroughly thrashing him and leaving him for dead. Anaconda also participated in the mission to murder M.O.D.O.K. , but was knocked out with a mind blast ... able to slaughter him, and Anaconda carried his corpse to Advanced Idea Mechanics A.I.M. for the large sum profit they were promised. ref Captain America 315 ref Soon after, Anaconda s best friend, Death ... his death. ref Captain America 319 ref When Madame Hydra Viper invaded the Serpent Society, Anaconda ...   more details

  1. Anaconda Peak

    Infobox mountain name Anaconda Peak photo photo caption elevation ft 8166 elevation ref ref name TopoQuest cite web url http place detail.php?id 778072 title Anaconda Peak, Montana publisher TopoQuest USGS Quad format Map accessdate 2010 07 24 ref prominence ft prominence ref location Flathead County, Montana , United States USA range Livingston Range coordinates coord 48 46 06 N 113 58 24 W type mountain region US display inline,title ref name gnis cite gnis id 768235 name Anaconda Peak accessdate 2010 07 24 ref topo United States Geological Survey USGS Mount Geduhn, MT first ascent easiest route Anaconda Peak convert 8166 ft m 0 is located in the Livingston Range , Glacier National Park US Glacier National Park in the U.S. state of Montana . ref name TopoQuest ref name gnis See also Mountains and mountain ranges of Glacier National Park U.S. Cited references reflist Category Mountains of Flathead County, Montana Category Mountains of Glacier National Park U.S. Anaconda Montana geo stub ...   more details

  1. Anaconda Range

    Infobox Protected area name Anaconda Range map USA relief map caption location Montana , United States USA nearest city Missoula, Montana Missoula, MT lat d 45 lat m 57 lat s lat NS N long d 113 long m 28 long s long EW W governing body United States Forest Service U.S. Forest Service The Anaconda Range , informally known as the Pintlars , is a group of high mountains located in southwestern Montana , in the northwestern United States . The mountain range takes its name from the nearby town of Anaconda, Montana Anaconda , founded by Marcus Daly in 1883. ref Aarstad, Rich, Ellie Arguimbau, Ellen Baumler, Charlene Porsild, and Brian Shovers. http pub press reference.asp PlaceNames Montana Place Names from Alzada to Zortman . Montana Historical Society Press. ref It runs northeast approximately 50 miles 80 km from Lost Trail Pass to a point near the community of Anaconda, Montana Anaconda , covering parts of Ravalli County, Montana Ravalli , Deer Lodge County, Montana Deer Lodge , Granite County, Montana Granite and Beaverhead County, Montana Beaverhead Counties. To the northwest are the Sapphire Mountains , to the south is the Big Hole River Big Hole Valley . Due north, the range blends into the Flint Creek Range, and to the southeast lies the Big Hole River and Pioneer Mountains. The crest of the range is part of the Continental Divide , rising to 10,793 feet 3290 m at West Goat Peak. Other major summits include Mt. Evans 10,641 ft, 3243 m , Mt. Haggin 10,607 ft, 3233 m , Warren Peak 10,463 ft, 3189 m , and East Goat Peak 10,399 ft, 3170 m . West Pintler Peak, located in a more commonly visited area, rises to 9894 feet 2895 m . Much of the range is protected in the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness Anaconda Pintler Wilderness Area . Image APWA MT.jpg center thumb 400px Oreamnos Lake and West Pintler Peak, looking west from the ridge near East Pintler Peak See also ... cite peakbagger rid 14236 name Anaconda Range http mountain rock 153486 west pintler ...   more details

  1. Colt Anaconda

    Infobox Weapon name Colt Anaconda image Image Anaconda 500.jpg 300px caption .44 Magnum Colt Anaconda with six inch barrel origin flag United States type Revolver Type selection is ranged yes Service history ... Company unit cost production date 1990 1999 Full production number variants Colt Anaconda Kodiak Kodiak ... Introduced in 1990, the Colt Anaconda is a large Receiver firearms frame double action revolver ... ammunition Cartridge firearms cartridges , the Anaconda marked the Hartford, Connecticut firm ... name wg http handguns hg83 e.htm Colt mk. V revolvers Trooper, KingCobra, Anaconda USA ..., the Anaconda was brought out to compete with .44 Magnum contemporaries such as the Smith & Wesson ... for fully 35 years upon its introduction, the Anaconda was a very late entry into the large bore ... range anaconda.htm title Colt s Biggest Snake, the Anaconda publisher accessdate November 26, 2008 ref Unlike most other pistols introduced in the 1980s and 1990s, the Anaconda was never ... url http cmci Anaconda.asp title Anaconda publisher Colts Mfg. accessdate November 26, 2008 ref Anaconda revolvers were primarily marketed for sport Fan person enthusiast shooters and hunters ... lifecycle marketing discontinuation of the Anaconda and many other double action revolver models ... for the .44 Magnum cartridge, in 1993 the Anaconda began to be offered in .45 Colt cartridge ... the Anaconda relatively easy to shoot with heavy loads. ref name jt ref name cf Kodiak Introduced in 1993, the Kodiak was similar to the Anaconda in that it was constructed entirely of stainless steel ... 5 barrel version of the Anaconda, with reportedly less than 150 made. These 5 versions command very ... manual YouTube 5QEv YYitq4 Video of operation ja icon Category Colt s Manufacturing Company Anaconda Category Colt revolvers Category Revolvers de Colt Anaconda es Colt Anaconda fr Colt Anaconda ko ja pl Rewolwer Colt Anaconda ru Colt Anaconda zh ...   more details

  1. Giant anaconda

    Image Eunectes murinus.jpg thumb right The green anaconda, Eunectes murinus , is the largest anaconda species. Females are bigger than their male counterparts. Reports of giant anacondas date back as far as the discovery of South America , when sightings of anaconda s upwards of 50 meters 150  feet began to circulate amongst colonists, and the topic has been a subject of debate ever since among Cryptozoology cryptozoologists and zoologist s. Anacondas can grow to sizes of convert 6 m and beyond, ref name Soomro Soomro, A. 2001. Eunectes murinus On line , Animal Diversity Web. Accessed January 10, 2008 at http site accounts information Eunectes murinus.html ref ... Inc location Sydney, Australia isbn 1 8755137 49 1 pages 489 ref the anaconda, particularly the Eunectes murinus green or common anaconda , is the second heaviest and largest in terms of diameter ... measured an anaconda which was convert 11.4 m ft in length, but its claim has never been proven ..., but like most other claims, it lacks sound evidence. Another claim of an extraordinarily large anaconda ... an anaconda that measured some convert 19 m ft from nose to tail. ref Justice, Aaron. http ... with photos although those photos lack scale . Dash noted if reports of a convert 18 m ft anaconda .... ref name Dash In fiction Perhaps the most well known and defining portrayal of giant anaconda in popular fiction is the 1997 film Anaconda film Anaconda , which featured a giant anaconda hunting ... sequel Anacondas The Hunt for the Blood Orchid . Another two sequels, Anaconda 3 Offspring and Anacondas ... i anacondas 3 i and i 4 i on the way 4811 p.html Anaconda 3 and 4 on the way . Accessed on January ... Rainforest Amazon in 2009, a Belfast father and his son claim to have captured a giant anaconda .... ref See also Titanoboa Gigantophis Footnotes reflist Cryptozoology DEFAULTSORT Giant Anaconda Category Reptile cryptids Category Legendary serpents it Anaconda gigante pt Anaconda gigante th ...   more details

  1. Anaconda (poker)

    Refimprove date June 2007 Anaconda is a variety of stud poker . Other names for this game include Pass the Trash and 3,2,1 Left . Simple play Each player is dealt seven cards. They then each select three cards to be passed to the player on their left. These cards are simply set on the table near their left most opponent. No players get to see their new three cards until everyone has made a pass. Afterward, the players repeat the process, only with two cards, then again with one card. Players then discard two cards to make their best five card poker hand. In this version of the game, up to seven people can play, passing out a total of 49 cards and having three left over. Betting A round of betting occurs before the first pass of three cards, then again after every card pass is made. Once players have set their hands, one card at a time is rolled, with a round of betting following each card. Variations Anaconda can be changed in many ways, such as Altering the amount of starting cards six cards is common . Altering the amount of cards passed. Altering to whom the cards are passed. Incorporating Joker cards. Including only one betting round & showdown after all passing rounds. High low split where A 2 3 4 6 is the lowest hand. Designating certain cards as wild. Removing all betting rounds. Dealing six cards rather than seven, followed by one card dealt face down on the table. Players pass three cards, keep their best four or worst, as this works as a high low game , roll one card at a time, and bet after each roll. The card that s been dealt face down on the table is played as everyone s fifth card, making uncertain the final outcome of one s hand until that fifth, unknown card is rolled. This version is known as Black Edina Black because of its relation to the card game Black ... Soul Poker Club . External links http rule anaconda poker.htm Anaconda at Category Stud poker nl Anacondapoker sv Anaconda pokerspel ...   more details

  1. HMAS Anaconda

    Infobox ship begin Infobox ship image Ship image Ship caption Infobox ship career Hide header Ship country Ship flag shipboxflag Australia naval 1913 Ship name HMAS Anaconda Ship namesake Anaconda snake Ship yard number Ship builder Australian Ship Building Annexe , Tasmania Ship laid down Ship launched 4 October 1944 Ship completed Ship in service 23 May 1945 Ship out of service 3 November 1945 Ship struck Ship registry Ship fate Ship sunk Ship status Ship notes Infobox ship characteristics Hide header Header caption Ship class Ship type Ship tonnage 300 tons ref name Sale Ship displacement Ship length convert 125 ft m abbr on ref name Sale Ship beam convert 24 ft m abbr on ref name Sale Ship draught Ship depth convert 12.6 ft m abbr on ref name Sale Ship power 2 x Lister Blackstone diesel engines ref name Sale Ship propulsion Ship speed Ship range Ship endurance Ship complement Ship armament Ship notes HMAS Anaconda was an auxiliary vessel operated by the Royal Australian Navy during the Second World War . She was launched in 1944 in Tasmania and commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy on 23 May 1945. She was used by the Services Reconnaissance Department and was paid off on 3 November 1945. She was sold in Sydney in 1946 and was apparently converted into a fishing vessel. ref name Sale cite web url http ndp del article 18002521 title The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 13 November 1946, p.16. last1 first1 last2 first2 date work publisher accessdate 24 July 2011 ref Citations Reflist References http category navy day by day 1945 page 3 Naval Historical Society of Australia On this day May July 1945 australia mil ship stub Use dmy dates date January 2011 DEFAULTSORT Anaconda Category 1944 ships Category Auxiliary ships of the Royal Australian Navy Category Tasmania built ships ...   more details

  1. The Anaconda Project

    of Dickens, sections of The Anaconda Project appear in separate issues of the Gazettes, and must be purchased separately, to continue the story. Place in the series The Anaconda Project ... eastwards from Bohemia resembling nothing else so much as a giant Anaconda to Roth. The neohistorical ... , November Vol 13 and continuing January 2008 in Gazette vol 15 . 1632 series DEFAULTSORT Anaconda ...   more details

  1. Angela Anaconda

    Anaconda began as a short skit on the Nickelodeon TV channel Nickelodeon show Kablam . Angela Anaconda ... separate DVDs containing in total the first 20 episodes. Episodes List of Angela Anaconda episodes Characters Angela Anaconda Angela Anaconda is a very confident American middle class girl, with freckles ... Anaconda , she s against the observance of Halloween because she thinks it will make her a sinner ... Angela Anaconda http Angela Anaconda official site imdb title id 0224455 title Angela Anaconda 4817 Angela Anaconda See Also KaBlam KaBlam http wiki KaBlam References ... refs ref name Nickelodeon http fullynick tvshows shows angela anaconda show. ref Teletoon DEFAULTSORT Angela Anaconda Category 1990s Canadian television series Category 2000s ... language television series de Angela Anaconda es Angela Anaconda fr Angela Anaconda it Angela Anaconda ...   more details

  1. Anaconda Plan

    Image Scott anaconda.jpg thumb 300px 1861 cartoon map of Scott s plan. The Anaconda Plan or Scott s Great Snake is the name widely applied to an outline strategy for subduing the seceding states in the American Civil War . Proposed by General in Chief Winfield Scott , the plan emphasized the blockade of the Southern ports, and called for an advance down the Mississippi River to cut the Southern United States South in two. Because the blockade would be rather passive, it was widely derided by the vociferous faction who wanted a more vigorous prosecution of the war, and who likened it to the coils of an anaconda suffocating its victim. The snake image caught on, giving the proposal its popular name. The plan and its critics In the early days of the Civil War, General in Chief Winfield Scott s proposed strategy for the war against the South had two prominent features first, all ports in the seceding ... days. Consequently, the Anaconda has been somewhat rehabilitated, and general histories of the Civil ... The Anaconda had a historical development, both in its origin and the way it played out in the experience .... ref Virginia, also a border state, had already seceded by the time the Anaconda was proposed ... board. ref ORA I, v. 51 1, p. 339. ref The germ of Scott s Anaconda Plan for suppressing the insurrection ... runner at the entrance to Mobile Bay. The Anaconda Plan as proposed by Scott relied on the blockade ... has elapsed since the end of the Civil War, the importance of the Anaconda Plan remains to some ... to her view, the Anaconda is a later, conceptual imposition of order on events for which order ... in the capture of Siege of Vicksburg Vicksburg , the Anaconda has been validated. The worth ... External links http Anaconda Plan Anaconda Plan in Encyclopedia Virginia ... Civil War Category Blockades da Anaconda planen de Anakonda Plan es Plan Anaconda fr Plan Anaconda nl Anacondaplan no Anakonda planen pl Plan Anaconda pt Plano Anaconda ru zh ...   more details

  1. Operation Anaconda

    distinguish Anaconda Plan Infobox military conflict conflict Operation Anaconda partof the War in Afghanistan 2001 present image Image Anaconda helicopter.jpg 300px caption US soldiers from Bravo Company ... 47 Chinook Chinook helicopter at the combat zone during Operation Anaconda. date March 1 18, 2002 ... 2002 WORLD asiapcf central 03 17 ret.afghan.fighting index.html title Operation Anaconda ... Campaignbox US war in Afghanistan Operation Anaconda took place in early March 2002 in which the United ... History, Page 317 ref Background Image Operation Anaconda the plan.jpg thumb left 300px A map ... 2002 SEP OCT 2002 SEP OCT 2002 PAGES 5 9.pdf title Fire Support for Operation Anaconda author Robert ... thumb 300px A map of the ANACONDA area of operations. November 2001 Afghanistan s Taliban regime falls  .... 1 March 2002 refimprove section date February 2012 In eastern Afghanistan , Operation Anaconda ... Anaconda At 06 30 the first wave of Rakkasans and Mountain troops landed via helicopter along ... thumb Soldiers board a CH 47 Chinook Chinook in Operation Anaconda In the late ... the fighting through rugged terrain. 18 March 2002 General Tommy Franks declares Operation Anaconda ... of Operation Anaconda, the US and Afghan forces had succeeded at removing the majority of the Al ... needed date March 2011 In the wake of Operation Anaconda, relations between US and the and UK ... Anaconda by Canadian sniper Cpl Rob Furlong , Princess Patricia s Canadian Light Infantry PPCLI ... Operation Anaconda was also met with criticism. According to an interview ref name stern ... Amerikaner bei der Operation Anaconda ganze D rfer platt machten ... Hier Jungs, frei zum Pl ndern ... entire villages during Operation Anaconda Let s go, free to pillage ... . A former KSK commander is quoted ... and National Security Studies http gallery 3 anaconda gallery anaconda all.asp ... 2002 War on Terror DEFAULTSORT Anaconda Category Conflicts in 2002 Category 2002 in Afghanistan Category ...   more details

  1. Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway

    Infobox SG rail railroad name Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway marks BAP locale Montana start year 1892 end year present hq city Anaconda, Montana image Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway electric locomotive.jpg image caption An electric locomotive owned by the Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway. The Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway Reporting mark BAP is a short line railroad short line railroad in the U.S. state of Montana which was founded in 1892. It was financed by the interests behind the Anaconda Copper Mining Company and operated primarily to carry copper ore from the mines at Butte, Montana to the smelter s at Anaconda, Montana , although the company was chartered as a common carrier and also carried passengers and general freight. The BA&P was an railway electrification electrification pioneer, converting in 1913 and being the first primarily freight railroad to electrify. Electrification was at 2,400 volts direct current DC the work was performed by General Electric and the railroad s own staff. The electrification was abandoned in 1967 as it had become cheaper to operate diesel electric locomotive s. The railroad as a whole lost much of its business following the closure of the Anaconda smelters, and in 1985 was sold to a consortium of local investors and reconstituted as the Rarus Railway Reporting mark RARW . On July 19, 2007, Patriot Rail Corporation , the parent company which acquired Rarus Railway in May 2007, announced that the railway s name was officially changed back to Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway. ref cite press release publisher Patriot Rail Corporation title Rarus Railway Brings Rail History to Life, Changes Name to Butte, Anaconda & Pacific ... author Mutschler, Charles V. title Wired for Success The Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway, 1892 1985 ... DEFAULTSORT Butte Anaconda Pacific Railway Category Montana railroads Category Former Class I railroads ... ClassI rail transport stub US rail company stub fr Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway ...   more details

  1. Anaconda Smelter Stack

    Infobox NRHP name Anaconda Copper Mining Company Smoke Stack nrhp type image Anaconda Stack.jpg Anaconda stack thumb right caption Anaconda Stack location Anaconda, Montana nearest city lat degrees lat minutes lat seconds lat direction long degrees long minutes long seconds long direction area built architect Alphons Custodus Chimney Constr. Co. architecture added April 9, 1987 visitation num visitation year refnum 87000607 mpsub governing body The Anaconda Smelter Stack is a radial brick smoke Chimney stack , once part of the Anaconda Smelter at Anaconda, Montana in the United States. The stack rests on a concrete foundation and measures 585 feet 1.5  inches 178.3 m high. The inside diameter of the stack is Convert 75 ft m abbr on at the bottom and Convert 60 ft m abbr on at the top. The wall thickness ranges from six feet at the bottom to two feet at the top. ref name The Anaconda Reduction Works cite book title The Anaconda Reduction Works edition July 1920 publisher Anaconda Copper Mining Company year 1920 ref Construction of the stack was completed on May 5, 1919. The Stack was built by the Alphons Custodis Chimney Construction Company of New York. ref cite book title Kidder Parker Architects and Builders Handbook edition 18th Edition publisher John Wiley & Sons year 1931 ref At the time it was built, it was the tallest masonry , brickwork structure and chimney of any kind in the world and it remains the world s tallest and possibly largest free standing masonry structure ... of gas. ref name The Anaconda Reduction Works The Anaconda Smelter was demolished after its closure .... After the smelter s closure, citizens of Anaconda organized to Save the Stack, and in 1986 it was designated ... . Montana Historical Society Press. ref The site is known as Anaconda Smoke Stack State Park ... 280918.aspx Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks Anaconda Smoke Stack State Park s start s ach rec succession ... Category Protected areas of Deer Lodge County, Montana de Anaconda Smelter Stack ru ...   more details

  1. Butte-Anaconda Historic District

    Infobox NRHP name Butte Anaconda Historic District nrhp type nhld image Butteview.jpg caption location Walkerville, Montana Walkerville , Butte, Montana Butte and Anaconda, Montana Anaconda , Montana locmapin Montana area 15.2 square miles 39 km built 1864 architect Unknown architecture No Style Listed designated nrhp type July 4, 1961 ref name nhlsum cite web url http nhl detail.cfm?ResourceId 306&ResourceType District title Butte Anaconda Historic District accessdate 2007 10 13 work National Historic Landmark summary listing publisher National Park Service ref added October 15, 1966 governing body Local refnum 66000438 ref name nris NRISref 2007a ref Butte Anaconda Historic District is a historic district that spans parts of Walkerville, Montana Walkerville , Butte, Montana Butte and Anaconda, Montana Anaconda , Montana . It has the most resources of any U.S. National Historic Landmark District. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1961, when it focused only on Butte. ref name nhlsum In 2006, the district was expanded significantly to include parts of Walkerville and Anaconda, as well as the bed of the Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railroad. The expanded district covers 9,774 acres 39  km with nearly 6,000 contributing properties of historic significance ... Butte Anaconda Historic District publisher The Montana Standard newspaper ref New York s Adirondack ... relates to its long history of copper production as well as to its role in the development of the labor union movement in the United States. As the source of nearly one third of all the world s copper in the early 1900s, ref Walter H. Weed, 1908, The Copper Mines of the World , Hill Publishing Co., p ... structures. Anaconda was created as a company town that contained the smelters for Butte s ore. The Butte Anaconda and Pacific Railroad, connecting Butte and Anaconda, is a designated part of the expanded ... Important factors in this labor history include the murder of Frank Little unionist Frank Little and the Anaconda ...   more details

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