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Al-Mufradat fi Gharib al-Quran
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Encyclopedia results for Al-Mufradat fi Gharib al-Quran

Al-Mufradat fi Gharib al-Quran

Encyclopedia results for Al-Mufradat fi Gharib al-Quran

  1. Al-Mufradat fi Gharib al-Quran

    Image Al Mufradat fi Gharib al Quran.jpg thumb A cover of the book. 150px Al Mufradat fi Gharib al Quran is a dictionary by Islamic scholar Al Raghib al Isfahani . ref http alfialal3.html al Mufradat fi Gharib al Quran Bot generated title ref See also List of Sunni books References reflist islam book stub Category Sunni tafsir fa ...   more details

  1. Fi Zilal al-Quran

    called Fi Dhilal al Quran . br   small p small The title Fi Zilal al Qur an is pronounced as Fee Zhuh lahl ahl Kour ahn . br   small s small The major sources for Fi Zilal al Qur an are ref name Kal Kalamullah.Com Fi Dhilal al Quran ,, 2007, webpage http ...Tafsir In the Shade of the Qur an or Fi Zilal al Qur an References sup p n sup lang ar , f il l al qur n is a highly influential commentary of the Qur an , written during 1951 1965 by Sayyid Qutb References sup a sup 1906 1966 , a leader within the Muslim Brotherhood . Most of the original 30 volumes 114 Sura Surah s were written or re written while in prison following an attempted assassination of Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1954. ref name Kal The book outlines Qutb s vision of an Islamic state and society. It is considered by some to be a comprehensive and far reaching tafsir commentary that takes a clear and lucid interpretation of the Qur an . However, it has also been criticized by some modernists and traditional Ulema alike, as an extended personal opinion or essay rather than a well evidenced textual commentary, and for not adhering to the traditional structure for a tafsir. It has much influence throughout the Islamic world , especially amongst the ordinary lay practitioners of Islam in the Arab world . The work extends to 30 volumes and has been translated into several languages, including English language English , French language French , German language German , Urdu , Turkish language Turkish , Indonesian language Indonesian , Persian language Persian and Bengali language Bengali . Fact date November 2007 The full set of volumes covers the entire Qur an. ref name Kal Conclusions From a social and political standpoint, some of the more important conclusions Qutb drew in his interpretation include On the issue of human relationships blockquote Allah wishes human life to be elevated, happy, based on pure motives and characterised by mutual ...   more details

  1. Jamaat al Dawa al Quran

    Jamaat al Dawa al Quran is an Pakistan i organization notable because American counter terrorism analysts suspected it had ties to terrorism. ref name ArbWakil http pubs foi detainees csrt ARB Transcript Set 8 20751 21016.pdf 231 Summarized transcript .pdf , from Sahib Rohullah Wakil s Administrative Review Board hearing page 231 ref American counter terrorism analysts transliterated the Arabic name into English inconsistently. American counter terrorism analysts refer to the organization by the initials JDQ . The American counter terrorism analysts who prepared the allegations asserted that the JDQ was an extremist group. But it is not on any of the official US watchlists. ref name SetonHallDiscrepancies Mark P. Denbeaux et al, http news second report guantanamo detainees 3 20 final.pdf Inter and Intra Departmental Disagreements About Who Is Our Enemy , Seton Hall University School of Law ref class wikitable Internee Security Number isn names notes 561 Abdul Rahim Muslimdost br said to be a member of br Jamaat ud Dawa il al Quran al Sunnat br and br Jamyat u Dawa al Quarani Three of the allegations Muslimdost faced during his Tribunal were ref name CsrtAbdulRahimMuslimdost ... ref The detainee was a member of Jamaat ud Dawa il al Quran al Sunnat sic JDQ . Jamyat u Dawa al Quarani ... AT UL Dawa AL Qurani Two of the allegations Rohullah faced during his Tribunal were ref name CsrtSahibRohullahWakil ... is an Afghanistan citizen who is a high ranking member of Jama AT UL Dawa AL Qurani sic JDQ . Jama AT UL Dawa AL Qurani sic JDQ is an Islamic extremist group operating in Pakistan , which received ... Lal Melma br said to be a member of br Jamiat e Dawa el al Qurani Wasouna br and br Jamiat e Dawa el al Qurani Wasouna br and br Jamiat ul Dawa ul Qurani Three of the allegations Sabar Lal Melma ... of Jamiat e Dawa el al Qurani Wasouna sic JDQ . The detainee has met with Hajji Haji Sahib Rohullah Wakil Rohullah , leader of Jamiat e Dawa el al Qurani Wasouna sic , and Loya Jirga , representative ...   more details

  1. Jaouad Gharib

    fi Jau ad Gharib sv Jaouad Gharib uk ...MedalTableTop 2005 London Marathon Gharib.jpg 180px Gharib at the 2005 London Marathon MedalSport Men ... Games 2001 Rad s Athletics at the 2001 Mediterranean Games 10,000 m MedalBottom Jaouad Gharib lang ... medallist in the marathon at the 2008 Summer Olympics . Gharib has an easily recognizable running ..., tucking and untucking his shirt almost every minute. Career Early years Jaouad Gharib was born in Khenifra ... 26572.html Focus on Athletes Jaouad Gharib . IAAF 2004 08 11 . Retrieved on 2010 12 06. ref He Gharib ... Games . ref name IAAFBio Former athletes Aziz Daouda and Brahim Boutayeb convinced Gharib to focus ... olympics athletes gh jaouad gharib 1.html Jaouad Gharib . Sports Reference. Retrieved on 2010 12 06. ref A groin injury in the run up to the competition and Gharib reflected that he had pushed ... El Guerrouj phones to say well done to the assassin Gharib . IAAF. Retrieved on 2010 12 06. ref File 2007 Chicago Marathon final 200M men 2.JPG thumb left Gharib and Patrick Ivuti in a sprint finish ... athlete 105 Jaouad Gharib . World Marathon Majors . Retrieved on 2010 12 06. ref With no major competition ... North Run , his next marathon race came at the Fukuoka Marathon in Japan. Gharib came close to a career ... but a photo finish between Gharib and Patrick Ivuti resulted in the Moroccan being declared the runner ... Gharib won the silver medal in the 2008 Summer Olympics marathon held in Beijing, China, giving him his first Olympic medal. Gharib improved his personal best to 2 05 27 at the 2009 London Marathon , finishing ... LRR10 news newsid 58869.html Beating the sun and heat, Gharib takes Fukuoka victory . IAAF ... country 0 athcode 183557 index.html Gharib Jaouad biography . IAAF . Retrieved on 2009 04 ... Persondata . NAME Gharib, Jaouad ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Athletics sport competitor DATE OF BIRTH 22 May 1972 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Gharib, Jaouad Category ...   more details

  1. Gharib (crater)

    EncelGeo Crater name Gharib picture Deleted image removed File EN Gharib crater.jpg 250px br small Voyager 2 view of Gharib Crater small location Coord 81.12 N 241.15 W globe enceladus notes ref name USGS diameter 26 km ref name USGS depth discoverer Voyager 2 naming hero from Arabian Nights Gharib is a Impact crater crater near the north pole of Saturn s moon Enceladus moon Enceladus . Gharib was first seen in Voyager 2 images. It is located at 81.1 North Latitude , 241.2 West Longitude and is 26 kilometers across. ref name USGS A large, dome like structure occupies the interior of the crater, suggesting the crater has undergone significant viscous relaxation. Gharib is named after a hero from Arabian Nights . References reflist refs ref name USGS cite web title Enceladus Gharib publisher USGS Astrogeology work Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature url http Feature 2153 accessdate 2012 02 04 ref External links http figures PIA12783 full 2.jpg Sindbad Se 1 at http catalog PIA12783 PIA12783 The Enceladus Atlas DEFAULTSORT Gharib Crater Category Impact craters on Enceladus Crater stub ...   more details

  1. Gharib Nawaz

    Gharib or Garib Nawaz also spelled Newaz are alternative names for Moinuddin Chishti 1141 1230 , the most famous Sufi saint of the Chishti Order of the Indian Subcontinent. Meidingu Pamheiba 1690 1751 an emperor in Manipur in the early 18th century. Gharib Nawaz Mosque or Masjid Gharib Nawaz, a Mosque in Mominpura, Nagpur. Pir Khan Sahib Khawaja Gharib Nawaz, better known as Mohra Sharif , a small village located in the Murree Hills of Punjab, outside the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, that is the spiritual center and home of the Naqshbandia Mujaddadiya, part of the Qasimiya Sufi order. disambiguation ...   more details

  1. Gharib Amzine

    Infobox football biography name Gharib Amzine image fullname height birth date Birth date and age 1973 5 3 birth place Montb liard , France currentclub retired clubnumber position Midfielder youthyears1 youthclubs1 years1 1994 1998 years2 1998 2001 years3 2001 2008 years4 2008 2010 clubs1 FC Mulhouse Mulhouse clubs2 RC Strasbourg Strasbourg clubs3 Troyes AC Troyes clubs4 FC Mulhouse Mulhouse caps1 116 caps2 44 caps3 203 goals1 7 goals2 2 goals3 9 nationalyears1 1998 2006 nationalteam1 Morocco national football team Morocco nationalcaps1 nationalgoals1 pcupdate ntupdate Gharib Amzine lang ar born May 3, 1973 in Montb liard , Doubs , France is a Morocco Moroccan Association football footballer . He played for Racing Strasbourg and Troyes AC , both in France. He now plays for FC Mulhouse , which was also his first club. He usually is a midfielder. Amzine plays for the Morocco national football team and was a participant at the 1998 FIFA World Cup . References http Football FootballFicheJoueur2529.html Career stats Morocco Squad 1998 World Cup Morocco Squad 2002 Africa Cup of Nations Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Amzine, Gharib ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Footballer DATE OF BIRTH May 3, 1973 PLACE OF BIRTH Montb liard , France DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Amzine, Gharib Category 1973 births Category Living people Category People from Montb liard Category Moroccan footballers Category Morocco international footballers Category FC Mulhouse players Category RC Strasbourg players Category Troyes AC players Category Ligue 1 players Category Ligue 2 players Category 1998 FIFA World Cup players Category 2002 African Cup of Nations players Morocco footy bio stub de Gharib Amzine fr Gharib Amzine it Gharib Amzine ja pl Gharib Amzine pt Gharib Amzine ...   more details

  1. Mohammad Gharib

    Infobox person name Mohammad Gharib image Mohammad Gharib.jpg box width 260px image size 160px caption Dr. Mohammad Gharib birth date 5 July 1909 birth place Tehran , Iran death date 20 January 1975 ,of Hematuria death place Tehran , Iran occupation Pediatrician University Professor spouse Zahra Gharib parents Mirza Ali Asghar Gharib children Dr. Hossein Gharib Mohammad Gharib 5 July 1909 20 January 1975 ref http gharib eng.htm Professor Soltanzadeh Website ref was an Iran ... . Gharib is known as the Father of Pediatrics in Iran. He was a graduate of Paris University Medical School . Life and Achievements Dr. Mohammad Gharib was born in Tehran, Iran, on July 5, 1909. After ..., he returned home. On his return to Iran, Gharib was appointed the first professor of pediatrics .... Subsequently, Gharib became chairman of the pediatrics department, a post he held until 1975. In 1941 ... practice that usually focused on problem cases. During a span of 37 years, Gharib taught the medicine ... Medical Center in Tehran, and he served as its medical director from 1971 to 1975. Gharib was respected ... M.D., in a series of articles on prominent physicians worldwide, featured Gharib of Iran in its May ... seminar entitled Doctor Gharib Memorial Pediatric Conference. In 1972, Gharib underwent surgical ..., 1975. Gharib and his wife Zahra had four children Nahid, Maryam, Hossein, and Mohsen, and nine grandchildren ... e Gharib Roozegar e Gharib Gharib s Story is the name of an Iranian TV Series which was made ... copyright status removed File Mehdi Hashemi.jpg thumb right Mehdi Hashemi actor Mehdi Hashemi as Gharib in Roozegar e Gharib TV Series Footnotes references See also Science in Iran Tehran University University of Tehran Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Gharib, Mohammad ALTERNATIVE ... OF DEATH 20 January 1975 PLACE OF DEATH Tehran , Iran DEFAULTSORT Gharib, Mohammad Category 1905 births ... eo Mohammad Garib fa fr Mohammad Gharib ...   more details

  1. Ras Gharib

    Unreferenced date October 2008 Ras Gharib lang ar , transliteration Ra s rib is a Municipalities of Egypt municipality in the Red Sea Governorate , Egypt , situated on the Africa n side of the Gulf of Suez . It is the second largest city in the governorate after Hurghada , and one of the leading centers of petroleum production in Egypt, having housed the main operations for first the Anglo Egyptian Oil Company a branch of Royal Dutch Shell and then the Egyptian national petroleum company. For a time it was the capital of the Red Sea Governorate. coord 28 21 35 N 33 04 39 E source kolossus itwiki display title Category Populated places in the Red Sea Governorate Egypt stub ar it Ras Gharib sco Ras Gharib ...   more details

  1. FI

    wikt fi FI , Fi or fi may refer to Falkland Islands , a British Overseas Territory financial institution Finansinspektionen , the Financial Supervisory Authority in Sweden Finland ISO country code, FI Finnish language ISO 639 alpha 2, fi .fi top level domain of Finland abbreviation for Firenze , the Italian Province of Firenze province of Florence the IATA code for Icelandair from the old name of the company Flugf lag slands Forza Italia , an Italian political party Franciscans International , an NGO at the United Nations Functional Integration, an individual lesson in the Feldenkrais method The Fourth International The Feminist Initiative Sweden The album fi album by Bibio a scripting command in the Bourne shell and its derivatives bash fi a common typographical ligature Forced induction Fuel injection Fast Infoset , a standard for binary XML Infoset encoding. Fi Star Wars , a Star Wars Expanded Universe character A diminutive of the feminine given name Fiona in modern Solf ge , the pitch equivalent to the fourth scale degree raised a half step A character in the video game The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword disambiguation cs FI de FI el FI eo Fi fa FI fr FI ko FI it FI sw FI lv FI lt Fi reik m s ms Fi nl FI ja FI no Fi pt FI ro FI simple Phi fi Fi sv Fi olika betydelser ...   more details

  1. .fi

    Infobox Top level domain name .fi background CCF image Image Ficora.png Finnish Communications Regulatory ... at second level document http index FUNET history internet fi fi domain application.txt ... of infringement of another s name website https FICORA domains dnssec yes .fi ... of .fi TLD was granted to Tampere University of Technology . Later the administration was transferred first to FICIX and later to FICORA . In the past FICORA regulated .fi domains ... was changed on September 1, 2003. .fi was once best known among non Finnish internet users as the TLD ... and Usenet messages anonymously in the early 1990s. Another popular .fi address in the early 1990s ... outside of the US who actually sent more data out than in. Since September 1, 2005, .fi domains ... System Security DNSSEC compatible system on .fi domain names in summer 2010 and intends to initiate production use of the system in autumn 2010. DNSSEC will be generally available to .fi domain name holders in March 2011. ref Cite journal title FICORA tests DNSSEC on fi TLD journal date 2010 06 21 url http 2010 06 21 ficora tests dnssec on fi tld issn 1797 1993 accessdate ... links http root whois fi.htm IANA .fi whois information http en index.html ... fi fi domain application.txt .fi top level domain registration application CcTLD DEFAULTSORT Fi ... level domains Category Internet in Finland Compu domain stub af .fi ar .fi ast .fi az .fi be .fi be x old .fi bg .fi bs .fi ca .fi cv .fi cs .fi cy .fi da .fi de .fi et .fi el .fi es .fi eo .fi eu .fi fa .fi fo .fi fr .fi gl .fi xal .fi ko .fi hy .fi hr .fi bpy . id .fi os .fi is .fi it .fi krc .fi ka .fi kv .fi lv .fi lb .fi hu .fi mk .fi arz .fi ms .fi my .fi nah .fi nl .fi ja .fi ce .fi no .fi oc .fi uz .fi tpi .fi nds .fi pl .fi pt .fi ro .fi ru .fi sah .fi se .fi sq .fi sk .fi sr .fi sh .fi su .fi fi .fi sv .fi tl .fi tt .fi th .fi tg .fi tr .fi tk .fi uk .fi ur Fi. vi .fi fiu vro .fi ...   more details

  1. Shawky Gharib

    Infobox football biography name Shawky Gharib fullname Shawky Gharib Bayoumi height birth date Birth date and age 1959 2 26 df yes birth place Egypt currentclub clubnumber position Midfielder youthyears1 youthclubs1 years1 1978 1993 clubs1 Ghazl El Mehalla caps1 goals1 nationalyears1 1979 1988 nationalteam1 Egypt national football team Egypt nationalcaps1 nationalgoals1 manageryears1 2001 managerclubs1 Egypt national football team Egypt U 21 manageryears2 2011 managerclubs2 Smouha Sporting Club Smouha Shawky Gharib Bayoumi lang ar born 26 February 1959 is a former association football football midfielder who played for Ghazl El Mehalla and the Egypt national football team . He managed the Egypt side that won the bronze medal at the 2001 FIFA World Youth Championship in Argentina . ref cite web publisher Al Ahram Weekly author Mazhar, Inas title All in place url http 2009 942 sp1.htm date 2009 04 15 ref As a player, Gharib made several appearances for the Egypt national football team . He participated in four editions of the African Cup of Nations , and was part of the title winning squad in 1986 African Cup of Nations 1986 . ref cite web publisher Daily News Egypt author Reeves, Nick title Abou Trika lifts champions Egypt to record sixth African crown url http article.aspx?ArticleID 11824 date 2008 02 11 ref He also played for Egypt at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles . ref cite web publisher Sports Reference title Shawki Gharib Bayoumi Biography and Statistics url http www.sports olympics athletes ba shawki gharib bayoumi 1.html accessdate 2010 06 15 ref References reflist External links nfteams 25817 Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Gharib, Shawky ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Egyptian footballer DATE OF BIRTH 1959 02 26 PLACE OF BIRTH Egypt DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Gharib, Shawky Category 1959 births Category Living people Category Egyptian footballers ...   more details

  1. Hossein Gharib

    Wikify date September 2011 cleanup link rot date July 2011 File HG AACE.JPG thumb Dr. Hossein Gharib Dr. Hossein Gharib was born in Tehran, Iran on February 2, 1940. His father was Dr. Mohammad Gharib ... of Pediatrics in Iran. In 1998, Hossein Gharib edited and published a book in Persian about ..., Dr. Mohammad Gharib was honored on a stamp issued by the government of Iran in 1991. ref Mayo Clinic Proc 67 339, 1992 ref Hossein s mother was Zahra Gharib 1915 2010 , daughter of Ostad Abdolazim Gharib 1877 1965 , a renowned professor of Persian literature and the first person to develop grammar for the Iranian language. Ostad Abdolazim Gharib was recognized for his major contributions to Iranian literature by a stamp issued by Iran in 1989. Dr. Gharib has two sisters, Nahid Ziai and Mayram Comninos, and one brother, Dr. Mohsen Gharib. In 1976, he married Minoo Jalili and they have three children. Early life Dr. Gharib grew up in Tehran, attended Ferdowsi Grade School 1946 1952 and later .... Gharib later became the Associate Dean of the College of Health Sciences 1977 and served as the director ... research. Professional career Dr. Hossein Gharib has become an internationally known authority on thyroid disorders. Through the years, Dr. Gharib and his colleagues have made unique and important contributions that have significantly improved thyroid practice. Research In 1971, Dr. Gharib and his ... of thyroid hormone physiology and metabolism. In the 1980s, Dr. Gharib focused his ... of this uncommon cancer. Additionally, Dr. Gharib and his Mayo colleagues described new algorithms ... & 2005 . File Hossein Gharib OfficePhoto.JPG thumb Dr. Gharib in his Mayo Clinic Office, 2008 Publications, Lectures and Memberships Dr. Gharib co edited the first Evidence Based Endocrinology Textbook ..., a free online endocrine textbook. Dr. Gharib has lectured more than 250 times at regional, national ... Society, and Egyptian Society of Endocrinology & Obesity. For the past four decades, Dr. Gharib has ...   more details

  1. Abbas Gharib

    Infobox person name Abbas Gharib image Abbas Gharib 2008.jpg image size 200px caption caption June 2008 ... present Abbas Gharib , born 16 June 1942 is an Italian based architect of Iranian origin. His approach ... Dialoghi e Lettere Ad Abbas Gharib , Milan , Italy Mimesis, 2004, 185, 203 204. Volume, ISBN 88 8483 183 0 ref ref name Discussion Abbas Gharib and Bahram Shirdel A discussion between two architects ... surfaces. ref name ThirdSpatiality Professional practice Gharib became a licensed architect in 1969 ... he opened his office in Verona, Italy, under the name of Studio Gharib, Architecture & Design, this is where ... between two worlds, Abbas Gharib, Pol Art & Cultural Centre , L Arca, the international magazine of architecture ..., 48 53, Issue ISSN 0394 2147 ref Design criteria Gharib has gradually distanced himself from modern ... , Italy ,14 18 October 1993 ref name selexpresive Gharib,Abbas. Oggetto auto espressivo ,Pensiero ... http Susanna Grego, Conversazione con Abbas Gharib , Architetti Verona 62 p.  34 35, http doc rivista 20 arch62.pdf Abbas Gharib,Digital Scapes Global Remix ... Gharib, Google Books http books?id nFPSmOdNEXQC&pg PA203&lpg PA203&dq abbas gharib&source ... Abbas Gharib e Sandra Villa sistemazione di un padiglione Ghadjar presso Teheran , Architettura nei ... The tower where the desire can live Gharib,Abbas. Verticelli, Danilo. Villa, Sandra. The neo eclectic ..., volume, Venice Italy Arsenale, 1992, 93, 112 The self expressive object Gharib,Abbas. Verticelli ... 42, 108 Open house, section x x Gharib, Abbas. Verticelli, Danilo. Villa, Sandra. Abitare il tempo ... Museum of Korea Abbas Gharib Italy, International Architectural Competition for the new National ... Aurora Publisher, Verona 2001 Design Works Gharib, Abbas. interviewed by Grego, Susanna. cronache ... Italy Studio 12, June 2002, cover, 31 33 Last Works Gharib, Abbas. interviewed by Grego, Susanna ... , Arnaboldi, Mario Antoni. Abbas Gharib, due mondi due lingue , L Arca, the international magazine of architecture ...   more details

  1. Gharib Mazraeh

    Infobox settlement official name Gharib Mazraeh native name settlement type village pushpin map Iran mapsize 150px coordinates region IR subdivision type List of countries Country subdivision name flag Iran subdivision type1 Provinces of Iran Province subdivision name1 Qazvin Province Qazvin subdivision type2 Counties of Iran County subdivision name2 Abyek County Abyek subdivision type3 Bakhsh subdivision name3 Central District Abyek County Central subdivision type4 Rural Districts of Iran Rural District subdivision name4 Kuhpayeh e Gharbi Rural District Kuhpayeh e Gharbi leader title leader name established title established date area total km2 area footnotes population as of 2006 population total 76 population density km2 auto timezone Iran Standard Time IRST utc offset 3 30 timezone DST Iran Daylight Time IRDT utc offset DST 4 30 coordinates display latd 36 latm 14 lats 25 latNS N longd 50 longm 24 longs 22 longEW E elevation m area code website footnotes Gharib Mazraeh lang fa , also Romanize d as Ghar b Mazra eh and Qar b Mazra eh ref GEOnet3 3838622 Gharib Mazraeh ref is a village in Kuhpayeh e Gharbi Rural District , in the Central District Abyek County Central District of Abyek County , Qazvin Province , Iran . At the 2006 census, its population was 76, in 28 families. ref IranCensus2006 38 ref References reflist Abyek County Category Populated places in Abyek County Abyek geo stub ...   more details

  1. Burhanuddin Gharib

    e hind DEFAULTSORT Burhanuddin, Gharib Category Aurangabad, Maharashtra Category Chishti Order ...   more details

  1. Gharib Hajji

    Infobox Settlement See the Table at Infobox Settlement for all fields and descriptions of usage Basic info official name Gharib Hajji other name native name nickname settlement type For Town or Village Leave blank for the default City motto images and maps image skyline imagesize image caption image flag flag size image seal seal size pushpin map Iran the name of a location map as per http wiki Template Location map pushpin label position bottom pushpin mapsize 300 pushpin map caption Location in Iran Location subdivision type Country subdivision name flag Iran subdivision type1 Provinces of Iran Province subdivision name1 Ardabil Province subdivision type2 Counties of Iran County subdivision name2 subdivision type3 subdivision name3 Politics government footnotes government type leader title leader name established title Settled established date Area area magnitude unit pref Imperial Enter Imperial, if Imperial metric is desired area footnotes area total km2 ALL fields dealing with a measurements are subject to automatic unit conversion area land km2 See table Template Infobox Settlement for details on automatic unit conversion area metro km2 Population population as of population footnotes population note population total population density km2 General information timezone Iran Standard Time IRST utc offset 3 30 timezone DST Iran Daylight Time IRDT utc offset DST 4 30 latd 39 latm 09 lats 19 latNS N longd 47 longm 58 longs 11 longEW E coordinates type region IR type city coordinates display display inline,title elevation footnotes for references use ref ref tags elevation m elevation ft Area postal codes & others postal code type postal code area code blank name blank info blank1 name blank1 info website footnotes Gharib Hajji is a village in the Ardabil Province of Iran . References references http index e ir v 32 d m5054833.htm?Gharib hajji Tageo Ardabil geo stub Ardabil Province Category Populated places in Ardabil Province ...   more details

  1. Roozegar-e Gharib

    Infobox television show name Roozegar e Gharib br Gharib s Story br image caption format language Persian language Persian runtime Approximately 60 minutes creator Kianoosh Ayyari developer executive producer starring Mehdi Hashemi actor Mehdi Hashemi br Naser Hashemi br Shahab Kasraie br Kaveh Ahangar br PArham Karami narrated opentheme endtheme country Islamic Republic of Iran Iran network Channel 3 Iran first aired October 20, 2007 last aired num episodes 36 website Rozegar e Gharib lang fa literally Gharib s Story is a TV series about Dr. Mohammad Gharib , the father of Pediatrics in Iran by Iran ian director Kianoosh Ayyari . Story Ayyari wrote the Screenplay script and The film reveals the story of Dr. Gharib s life from his childhood to the death. It also deals with History of Iran during 1905 1975. Properties Filming began at the end of 2002 and ended in the fall of 2007. Time 36 episodes each episode 60 min First role performers Five actors act in the role of Dr. Gharib from his childhood to the elderness.Parham Karami , Kaveh Ahangar , Shahab Kasraie , Naser Hashemi and Mehdi Hashemi actor act in the first role of the Serie. Cast and crews Mehdi Hashemi actor Mehdi Hashemi Old Dr. Gharib Naser Hashemi Adult Dr. Gharib Shahab Kasraie Young Dr. Gharib Kaveh Ahangar Dr. Gharib at the age of 12 Parham Karami Dr. Gharib at the age of 7 Mehran Rajabi Dr. Gharib s father Afarin Obeysi Dr.Gharib s wife Hossein Panahi Lotfali Reza Kianian Ayatollah Firoozabadi Farahnaz Manafi Zaher Dr. Gharibs Mother Reza Babak Mehdi Bazargan Amir Husein Seddigh Seyyed Ahmad Tabib Saba Kamali Seyyed Ahmad Tabib s wife DEFAULTSORT Roozegar E Gharib Category Iranian television series Iran stub fa fr Roozgar e Gharib ...   more details

  1. Beit Al Quran

    ref improve date February 2012 QuranRelated Beit Al Qur an lang ar , meaning the House of Qur an is an Islam ic museum at Hoora , Bahrain . ref http default.asp?action article&id 150 Beit Al Qur an , http Bahrain Tourism . ref The museum was built to accommodate a comprehensive and valuable collection of the Qur an and rare manuscripts, a concept which is unique in the Persian Gulf . All visitors are welcome, and the complex comprises a mosque , a library, an auditorium, a school, and museum consisting of ten exhibition halls. This great institution and its museum house an internationally celebrated collection of historic Quranic manuscripts from various parts of the Islamic world, from China in the East to Spain in the West, representing a progression of Calligraphy calligraphic traditions from the first century of the Islamic era to the present day. See also Khamis Mosque List of tourist attractions in Bahrain Islam in Bahrain References reflist asia museum stub Bahrain struct stub coord missing Bahrain Category Islamic culture Category Museums in Bahrain Category Religious museums Category Libraries in Bahrain Category Mosques in Bahrain Category Schools in Bahrain Category Quran ar fr Beit Al Qur an zh ...   more details

  1. Hussain Al Gharib

    BLP sources date May 2009 Infobox football biography name Hussain Al Gharib image fullname Hussain Al Gharib height Height m 1.77 precision 0 birth date Birth date and age 1985 7 27 cityofbirth Kuwait City countryofbirth Kuwait currentclub Kazma Sporting Club Kazma clubnumber 4 position Defender association football Centre back youthyears1 1994 2002 youthclubs1 Al Arabi SC Kuwait Al Arabi years1 2002 2011 years2 2011 clubs1 Al Arabi SC Kuwait Al Arabi clubs2 Kazma Sporting Club Kazma caps1 52 goals1 5 caps2 15 goals2 0 nationalyears1 2006 nationalteam1 Kuwait U23 nationalcaps1 16 nationalgoals1 1 pcupdate September 30, 2008 ntupdate September 30, 2008 Hussain Al Gharib born July 27, 1985 in Kuwait City , Kuwait is a Kuwait i association football football defender association football central defender for Kazma Sporting Club Kazma in Kuwaiti Premier League . He played for Al Arabi in the 2007 AFC Champions League group stage. ref cite web publisher ESPN Soccernet title Match Zawra vs Al Arabi url http match?id 214968&cc 5901 date 2007 05 09 ref In September 2011, Al Arabi SC Kuwait Al Arabi released Al Gharib to sign with Mohammad Za abia . ref cite web publisher Al Dar title Al Arabi released defender Al Gharib url http Dar Detail2.cfm?ArticleID 164177 date 2011 09 11 ref After he released from Al Arabi SC Kuwait Al Arabi , Al Gharib sign for Kazma Sporting Club Kazma on free transfer. ref cite web publisher Al Dar title Kazma sign with Al Gharib url http Dar Detail2.cfm?ArticleID 165477 date 2011 09 19 ref References Reflist Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Gharib, Hussain Al ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH July 27, 1985 PLACE OF BIRTH Kuwait City , Kuwait DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Gharib, Hussain Al Category 1985 births Category Living people Category Kuwaiti footballers Kuwait footy bio stub ar ...   more details

  1. Gharib Nawaz Mosque

    Copy edit date April 2012 Infobox religious building building name Masjid Gharib Nawaz infobox width image Gharib Nawaz.jpg image size caption map type map size map caption location Nagpur , India geo latitude longitude religious affiliation Islam status Active functional status heritage designation leadership website architecture yes architect Mohammad Ayyub Ansari Noori & Tariq Ansari Noori architecture type Mosque architecture style Islamic architecture Islamic capacity 1,500 length width dome quantity 1 dome height outer 5 m general contractor facade direction groundbreaking year completed 1999 minaret quantity 2 underconstruction minaret height 80 ft spire quantity spire height materials Islam Gharib Nawaz Mosque or Masjid Gharib Nawaz is a mosque in Mominpura, Nagpur . The mosque is named after Hadhrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti R.A . The dome of the mosque is similar in looks to the Shrine of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz R.A . Interior The mosque has very beautiful interior with all walls covered with marble. There are 27 arches inside the mosque. On every arch there is a calligraphic verses of Quran . There are also names of 4 KHALIFAH s and AHL AL BAIT on walls. Visits In every 16 years during worldwide Tahreek Ijtema Of Dawat E Islami, The Head Of Dawat e Islami Mohammad Ilyas Attar Qadri visited the mosque in 1997. Also, the Naat Khawan Muhammad Owais Raza Qadri visited this mosque in 1997. Mohammad Imran Attar visited in 2004. Sheikh Al Islam Madani Miyan , Sayyad Hashmi Miyan & other Muslim scholars visit the Mosque. Gallery gallery Image Wudhu Khana.jpg Wuzu Khana Image Upper Portion.jpg Upper Portion Image Wuzu.jpg Wuzu Khana Image Arch Pillar.jpg Image Inside Minbar.jpg Minbar Of Mosque gallery wide image InsideGharibNawazNagpur.jpg 800px Interior Panorama References ...&bav on.2,or.r gc.r pw.,cf.osb&biw 1024&bih 600&um 1&ie UTF 8&q gharib nawaz mosque nagpur&fb 1&gl in&hq gharib nawaz mosque&hnear 0x3bd4c0a5a31faf13 0x19b37d06d0bb3e2b,Nagpur, Maharashtra&cid ...   more details

  1. Mohamed Gharib Bilal

    Infobox officeholder honorific prefix Dr name Mohamed Gharib Bilal honorific suffix image imagesize alt caption order 9th office Vice President of Tanzania term start 6 November 2010 term end president Jakaya Kikwete predecessor Ali Mohamed Shein successor constituency majority order2 4th office2 Chief Minister of Zanzibar term start2 October 1995 term end2 November 2000 president2 Salmin Amour predecessor2 Omar Ali Juma successor2 Shamsi Vuai Nahodha constituency2 Can be repeated up to eight times by changing the number majority2 Can be repeated up to eight times by changing the number birth date 6 February 1945 birth place Unguja , Zanzibar death date death place restingplace restingplacecoordinates birthname nationality Tanzania n party Chama Cha Mapinduzi CCM otherparty spouse partner relations children residence alma mater Howard University br University of California, Berkeley small Master of Arts postgraduate M.A. , small PhD occupation profession cabinet committees portfolio religion Islam signature signature alt website http footnotes awards Dr.Bilali born Mohamed Gharib Bilal , the nuclear scientist was born in Zanzibar in 1945 , was Heads of Government of Zanzibar Chief Minister of Zanzibar from October 1995 to 15 November 2000. ref cite web url http personal2 monolith tanzania.htm title Political Leaders Tanzania ref Early life and Career Dr.Bilal completed his primary education at Makunduchi, district of Zanzibar in 1958 and attended ... Gharib Bilal was a Research Assistant in 1976 until he succeeds to get a PhD in Physics from the University ... studies on environmental science 1990 . Mohammed Gharib Bilal got an opportunity to attend seminars ... of Atomic. Political career In 1995 Dr. Mohammed Gharib Bilal was appointed Chief Minister ... . NAME Bilali, Mohamed Gharib ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1945 PLACE OF BIRTH Unguja , Zanzibar DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Bilali, Mohamed Gharib Category 1945 ...   more details

  1. X-Fi

    X Fi may refer to X Fi audio chip , an audio processor by Creative Labs Sound Blaster X Fi a line of PC sound cards by Creative Labs utilizing the audio chip of the same name disambig ...   more details

  1. Hi-Fi Sci-Fi

    Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Hi Fi Sci Fi Type Album Artist Dramarama band Dramarama Cover Dramarama Hi Fi Sci Fi.jpg Released Summer 1993 Recorded November 21 to December 21, 1992 Genre Alternative rock Alternative Length 58 50 Label Elektra Records Elektra Producer Dramarama band Dramarama Reviews Allmusic Rating 4 5 Allmusic class album id r189507 pure url yes link Last album Vinyl Dramarama album Vinyl br 1991 This album Hi Fi Sci Fi br 1993 Next album Everybody Dies everybody dies br 2005 Hi Fi Sci Fi is the fourth album by alternative rock group Dramarama band Dramarama . Released in 1993, it was also their last studio album as the group disbanded in the 1994 following year before reforming to release their next album Everybody Dies everybody dies in 2005. Track listing All songs written by John Easdale , except for where noted. Introduction Hey Betty 4 28 Work for Food 4 10 Shadowless Heart 5 13 Swallowed Your Cure Chris Carter, Tommy Mullaney 2 54 Where s the Manual? 5 23 Senseless Fun 4 39 Bad Seed 4 02 Incredible Carter, Easdale 4 18 Prayer 4 37 Don t Feel Like Doing Drugs 3 43 Right On Baby, Baby 4 23 Late Night Phone Call 5 32 28 Double Secret Bonus Tracks 5 35 with Nicky Hopkins Piano Benmont Tench Piano Keyboards Category Dramarama albums Category 1993 albums Category Elektra Records albums ...   more details

  1. Parviz Gharib-Afshar

    BLP sources date April 2009 Parviz Gharib Afshar is an Iranian performer, director, producer and television personality and one of the most notable television hosts in Iran and afterward in the United States. Image Parviz gharibafshar2.jpg border right 350x300px upright Parviz Gharib Afshar Early life and education Parviz Gharib Afshar was born in Tehran on June 12, 1943. His father was from Garakaan, Arrak, and his mother was from Tabriz, East Azerbaijan. He is fluent not only in Persian and English but also in Azeri Azeri Turkish . He went to Naraghi primary school and Jami & Marvi high schools. After receiving his high school diploma, he decided to go to United States to continue his education. Upon arriving, he went to San Francisco City College and later on to San Francisco State University. He then earned his Masters from UCLA in Broadcasting. At the same time he started in various student stage productions including Iranian student s stage and then TV productions for Nowruz . He then created The International Variety Show in local TV station where art and culture of different countries were presented. These experiences lead him to work in the CBS TV program As Others See Us distributed by United Artists and syndicated throughout the USA and overseas and directed and produced by Mustapha Akkad. He was one of the ten students elected to be featured in Who s Who in American ... care of issues that have direct bearing on our lives. Parviz Gharib Afshar was not only a pioneer ... hours, one hour was produced by Parviz Gharib Afshar, broadcasting his show Simaye Ashena every ... Nowruz program all across North America and enabled Parviz Gharib Afshar to go into a partnership with channel ... http index.html Parviz Gharib Afshar Homepage http watch?v nPqR3iF6Rkk ... Gharib Afshar, Parviz ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION DATE OF BIRTH 1943 PLACE OF BIRTH DATE OF DEATH PLACE OF DEATH DEFAULTSORT Gharib Afshar, Parviz Category Iranian television personalities Category ...   more details

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