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4GB Cool Hot Dog style USB flash drive
4GB Cool Hot Dog style USB flash drive in Encyclopedia Encyclopedia
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Encyclopedia results for 4GB Cool Hot Dog style USB flash drive

4GB Cool Hot Dog style USB flash drive

Encyclopedia results for 4GB Cool Hot Dog style USB flash drive

  1. USB Flash Drive Alliance

    for the Norwegian exclamation Uff da Orphan date June 2008 att June 2008 Image Kingston DataTraveler 110 8GB USB flash drive.jpg thumb right A Kingston USB pen drive. The USB Flash Drive Alliance , founded in December 2003 by Samsung , Lexar Media , Kingston Technology and others, is a group of companies promoting the use of USB flash drive s also called keydrives Citation needed date January 2011 . In 2003, according to the alliance, 50 million USB flash drives were sold in the USA alone Citation needed date May 2008 . Alliance Members Buffalo Technology Corsair Memory Crucial Technology Infineon Technologies Kingston Technology Lexar Media Microsoft Phison PNY Technologies Samsung SimpleTech See also Universal Serial Bus USB USB flash drive U3 USB smart drives External links http Official website DEFAULTSORT Usb Flash Drive Alliance Category Technology trade associations compu storage stub Org stub ...   more details

  1. USB flash drive security

    ref http driveupdate ref Verbatim Corporate Secure USB Flash Drive ref http ... Journal, Vol. 1, No 1, June 2007. Dataquest insight USB flash drive market trends, worldwide, 2001 ... dmy dates date November 2010 DEFAULTSORT Usb Flash Drive Security Category Universal Serial Bus Category ...Secure USB flash drives protect the data stored on them from access by unauthorized users. USB flash drive products have been on the market since 2000, and their use is increasing exponentially. ref name ... Serial Bus USB flash drives, personal digital assistant s PDAs , advanced mobile phones and other mobile devices. Companies in particular are at risk when sensitive data are stored on unsecured USB flash ... the following should be taken into consideration for securing USB drives assets Storage USB flash ... cost of a data breach from any source not necessarily a flash drive ranges from less than 100,000 ... pension holders In the United States a USB drive was stolen with names, grades, and social security ... 2006 08 15 thumbdrives stolen x.htm ref USB flash drives with US Army classified military information ... of a USB drive to be encrypted automatically and transparently. Also, Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate Editions and Windows Server 2008 R2 provide USB drive encryption using BitLocker to Go. The Apple ... can be installed on your USB External drive to prevent access to your files in case your drive ... the interactions between any USB drive and the computer and storing them in a centralized database. Hardware Some USB drives do hardware encryption, in which microchips within the USB drive do ... 040 veroeffentlichungen dokumente SySS Cracks Kingston USB Flash Drive.pdf ref to have a bug that potentially ... fileadmin ressources 040 veroeffentlichungen dokumente SySS Cracks Yet Another USB Flash Drive.pdf ... secure USB drive. Such management systems are available as software as a service where Internet connectivity ... references External links http papers SSDDFJ V1 1 Bem Huebner.pdf Analysis of USB flash ...   more details

  1. Seattle-style hot dog

    A Seattle style hot dog , sometimes referred to as a Seattle Dog , is a hot dog topped with cream cheese that has become popular in Seattle . Although the origins are not clear, it has been adopted as a regional variation. ref cite news last Raskin first Hannah Rachel title Appalachian Hot Dogs url http article 9468 Appalachian hot dogs accessdate October 11, 2011 newspaper Mountain Xpress date December 20, 2006 location Asheville, NC ref The hot dogs are often sold at Bar establishment bar s and their surrounding Hot dog cart street vendors at night. ref cite web url http voracious 2010 02 are cream cheese hot dogs real.php title Are Cream Cheese Hot Dogs Really a Seattle Thing? work The Seattle Weekly date February, 12 2010 accessdate October 6, 2011 author Hobart, Erica ref They are also available at and near the city s sporting venues. ref cite web url http the side food and drink nfl hot dog recipes 7 fbIndex7 title The Football Hot Dogs of America work Esquire magazine Esquire accessdate October 6, 2011 author Vrabel, Ani ref ref cite news url http baseball 2010 04 11 lots of new food items on safeco field menu title Lots of New Food Items on Safeco Field Menu work Seattle Post Intelligencer date April 11, 2008 accessdate October 6, 2011 author Johns, Greg ref The meat is typically grilled while the Hot dog bun bun is usually toasted . ref cite book last Gilovich first Paula title The Stranger Guide to Seattle The City s Smartest, Pickiest, Most Obsessive Urban Manual year 2001 publisher Sasquatch Books location Seattle isbn 978 1 57061 256 5 pages 64 65 author Vogel, Traci ref Polish sausage split down the middle is common. Popular additions include sauerkraut , grilled onion s, scallion s, jalapeno s and other peppers, Mustard condiment mustard , and Sriracha sauce . ref cite book last ... ref References Reflist Hot dog variations Category Hot dogs Category Culture of Seattle, Washington ...   more details

  1. Flash drive

    A flash drive may refer to Generic flash drive types USB flash drive Solid state drive Specific flash drive types CompactFlash card CF CFast card Memory Stick MS Multimedia Card MMC Secure Digital card SD, SDHC, SDXC Smart Media card SM XQD card XQD xD Picture Card xD See also Flash memory Comparison of memory cards disamb de Flash Laufwerk ...   more details

  1. Hot flash

    flushing can lead to rosacea . ref http topics womenshealth wome3263.html Hot Flashes Health Topics University of Iowa Health Care Bot generated title ref The hot flash event may ... ref Types of hot flashes Some menopausal women may experience both standard hot flashes and a second type sometimes referred to as slow hot flashes or ember flashes. The standard hot flash comes on rapidly ... http www.power educate whatsinahotflash.htm Hot Flash, Hot Flashes Menopause and What s a Hot Flash? Bot generated title ref See also European Menopause and Andropause Society Hormone ... DEFAULTSORT Hot Flash Category Menopause de Hitzewallung es Sofoco fr Bouff e de chaleur id Hot flash ...Refimprove date October 2009 Hot flashes also known as hot flushes, or night sweats if they happen at night ... generated title ref Presentation Hot flashes, a common symptom of menopause and perimenopause , are typically ..., especially on the face, becomes hot to the touch. This is the origin of the alternative term hot ... time. Citation needed date October 2009 Hot flashes may begin to appear several years before menopause starts and last for years afterwards. Some women undergoing menopause never have hot flashes. Others have mild or infrequent flashes. The worst sufferers experience dozens of hot flashes each day. In addition, hot flashes are often more frequent and more intense during hot weather or in an overheated room, the surrounding heat apparently making the hot flashes themselves both more probable and more severe. Severe hot flashes can make it difficult to get a full night s sleep often characterized .... When hot flashes occur at night, they are called night sweats. As estrogen is typically lowest at night, some women get night sweats without having any hot flashes during the daytime. ref http ... than primarily in the summer, and ember flashes may linger for years after the more intense hot .... In younger women who are surgically menopausal, hot flashes are generally more intense than ...   more details

  1. Dexter Blows Hot and Cool

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Dexter Blows Hot and Cool Type Album Artist Dexter Gordon Released 1955 Recorded Cover Dexter Blows Hot and Cool.jpeg Genre Jazz Length Label Boplicity Records Producer Reviews Last album Daddy Plays the Horn br 1955 This album Dexter Blows Hot and Cool br 1955 Next album The Resurgence of Dexter Gordon br 1960 Dexter Blows Hot and Cool is a 1955 album by jazz musician Dexter Gordon . Reception The Billboard magazine Billboard Reviewer noted that Gordon appeared somewhat mellowed, making little attempt to impress either as a technician or melodic innovator but that there was a quiet authority in his forthright, simply tailored style . Pianist Carl Perkins pianist Carl Perkins was lauded as a newcomer loaded with talent and far out ideas . ref http books?id vB4EAAAAMBAJ&pg PA50&f false v onepage&q&f false Review Dexter Blows Hot and Cool . Billboard magazine Billboard February 4, 1956. ref Track listing Silver Plated Gordon Cry Me a River Hamilton Rhythm Mad Gordon Don t Worry About Me Bloom, Koehler I Hear Music Lane, Losser Bonna Rue Gordon I Should Care Cahn, Stordahl, Weston Blowin For Dootsie Gordon Tenderly Gross, Lawrence Personnel Dexter Gordon &mdash Tenor saxophone Jimmy Robinson &mdash Trumpet Carl Perkins &mdash Piano Leroy Vinnegar &mdash Double bass Bass Chuck Thompson &mdash Drums Recorded on November 11 & 12, 1955 References Reflist DEFAULTSORT Dexter Blows Hot and Cool Category 1955 albums Category Dexter Gordon albums ...   more details

  1. Hot, Cool & Vicious

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Hot, Cool & Vicious Type studio Artist Salt n Pepa Cover HotCoolandVicious.jpg Released December 8, 1986 Recorded 1985 1986 Genre Hip hop music Hip hop , Dance music Dance Length 41 36 Label Next Plateau Records Producer Hurby Luv Bug Azor Last album This album Hot, Cool & Vicious br 1986 Next album A Salt with a Deadly Pepa br 1988 Album reviews rev1 Allmusic rev1Score Rating 3.0 5 ref Allmusic class album id r28233 label Salt N Pepa Hot, Cool & Vicious first Steve last Huey accessdate date 2011 08 29 ref rev2 Robert Christgau rev2Score Rating Christgau A ref cite web url http get album.php?id 3086 title Salt N Pepa Hot, Cool and Vicious first Robert last Christgau publisher accessdate date 2011 08 29 ref Hot, Cool, & Vicious is the debut album by rap act Salt N Pepa released by Next Plateau Records on December 8, 1986. It was one of the first albums to be released by an all female rap group, and also became the first album by a female rap act to attain gold and platinum status in America. The album features the songs The Showstopper and I ll Take Your Man , recorded and released prior to the full album s release. It also includes R&B radio favorites Tramp and My Mic Sound Nice , but it after the 1987 addition of the dance rap single Push It US 19, UK 2 , along with the replacement of two other tracks with remixed versions, that the album was propelled to gold status, then platinum status in America. The single itself was also certified platinum. In 1998, Hot, Cool, & Vicious was listed in The Source magazine The Source s 100 Best Rap Albums. According to Salt and Pepa, they provided some additional uncredited lyrics to the album. Track listing Push It Salt n Pepa song Push It Remix ... reflist Category 1986 debut albums Category Salt n Pepa albums 1980s hiphop album stub it Hot, Cool & Vicious ...   more details

  1. Hot & Cool Latin

    Infobox Album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Hot & Cool Latin Type studio Artist Eric Dolphy Cover HotAndCoolLatin EricDolphy.jpg Released 1959 Recorded 1959 Genre Jazz Length Label Blue Moon Records Producer Reviews Hot & Cool Latin is an long play LP released in 1959 by Eric Dolphy . It is the first release by Dolphy as a bandleader. Fact date December 2008 The first eight tracks of the album consist of the final recordings Dolphy made with prior bandleader Chico Hamilton . Track listing Opening Champs Elys es Truth Lost in the Night Frou Frou Lady E Fat Mouth Cawn Pawn You re the Cutest One April Rain A Night in Tunisia Night in Tunisia Lover song Lover I Wish I Were in Love Again Speak Low I Got Rhythm Category Eric Dolphy albums Category 1959 debut albums 1950s album stub ...   more details

  1. Hot, Cool, & Vicious

    Refimprove date December 2007 The Hot, the Cool, & the Vicious is a martial arts film kung fu film starring Dorian Tan Tao Liang, Wong Tao and Tommy Lee. Plot Black Stone is a quiet sleepy town until a mysterious stranger arrives. Secretive of his business he soon arouses suspicion especially when his identity is revealed as the infamous, troublemaking Southern Fist fighter Pai Yu Ching. Tan Tao Liang plays Northern Leg Captain Lu, the towns sheriff who finds himself in deep water when the mayor s son murders his Capt Lu s mother in law. Lu is steadfast in his resolve to catch the killer but has many obstacles put in his way, particularly Ms. Li Suen Ga Lam the sister of an ex sheriff who Lu accidentally killed and wants revenge, and the mayor, who hires Pai Yu Ching to protect his house from any would be lawmen that might try to arrest his son. The mayor has other reasons for keeping Lu at arms length as he is deeply involved in a counterfeiting ring. Pai Yu Ching is actually a secret government official, who in the beginning is often in staring contests with Capt Lu but eventually seeks Lu s help after his partner is killed by the hotels owner who is secretly in cahoots with the Mayor . When matters get out of hand the mayor calls on his partner, the strange Mr Lung Tommy Lee , for help. Mr Lung is a kind of golden haired, white faced gorilla like creature that speaks in an echoed voice and walks with a limp. He is, however, extremely competent at mantis kung fu. Mr. Lung eventually helps the mayor capture Capt Lu and Pai Yu Ching after they find the seal device seal that makes counterfeit money. Ms. Li puts aside her hatred for Capt Lu and rescues him a Pai and kills the mayor. Capt Lu and Pai Yu Ching then hunt down Mr. Lung for a final showdown. Cast Dorian Tan Tao Liang Capt Lu Wong Tao Pai Yu Ching Tommy Lee Mr. Lung Suen Ga Lam Ms. Li George Wang The Mayor Phillip Ko Lung Fong External links http title tt0074647 http www.kungfu movie ...   more details

  1. Texas hot dog

    a unique hot dog variations regional hot dog style . From its origins, the invention spread to the Pennsylvania ...Cleanup date January 2010 The Texas hot dog , Texas chili dog , Texas hot , or Texas wiener is a hot dog with chili con carne chili or hot sauce it served in various regions of the United States in variations ... before 1920 ref cite book last Mercuri first Becky title The Great American Hot Dog Book Recipes and Side ... first Hawk title Hot Dog Of The Week Texas Wieners url http 2009 07 hot dog ... Hot Dogs shop is still open today, having two locations Downtown Altoona and 58th Street by the Logan Valley Mall. The wiener, also referred to as an all the way dog and a hot dog with everything in Pennsylvania and All the Way in New Jersey, consists of a hot dog covered in D sseldorf Mustard condiment mustard as opposed to the Coney Island hot dog Coney , which uses yellow mustard , diced onion ... hot is available at most Greek diners in Western New York State. See also Hot dog variations Another popular town offering Texas Hots style hot dogs and hamburgers is Jamestown, NY. Johnny s lunch popularized ... s the Texas in the Texas Wiener? The New York Times Hot dog variations DEFAULTSORT Texas Hot Dog ... ref cite web last Mincin first Jimmy title Hot doggin it url http page content.detail ... Texas Hot Wieners. The Texas reference is to the chili sauce used on the dogs, which actually ... is noted in New York State Nick Tahou Hots , Connecticut JK s Texas Hot Wieners , and others. Some of those are in North Jersey, like the Hot Grill on Lexington Avenue in Clifton, River View East on River Drive in Elmwood Park and Johnny & Hanges on Maple Avenue in Fair Lawn. The two common aspects of these restaurants are that they 1 serve hot dogs with chili, chili sauce , or a similar ... it s history. Texas hot The Texas hot is a regional specialty in Western New York and parts of Pennsylvania. This Buffalo regional favorite consists of hot dogs smothered in a spicy meat sauce with mustard ...   more details

  1. Cozy Dog Drive In

    Image CozyDogDriveIn SpringfieldIL.jpg thumb right The sign at the Cozy Dog Drive In, featuring the original logo The Cozy Dog Drive In is a restaurant located at 2935 South Sixth Street in Springfield, Illinois which claims to be the first place to serve the corn dog . ref name uis Oral History Collections. http archives memoirs WALDMIRE.pdf Interview with Edwin Waldmire , Illinois Regional Archives Depository IRAD http archives , Brookens Library, University of Illinois Springfield. Retrieved 13 June 2008. ref ref name storch Storch, Charles. http 4513 login.aspx?direct true&db nfh&AN 2W62W62077080026&site ehost live Birthplace maybe of the corn dog , Chicago Tribune , 16 August 2006, Newspaper Source, EBSCO . Retrieved 12 June 2008. ref The claim states that the deep fried, battered hot dog on a stick was invented by Ed Waldmire Jr. and his friend, Don Strand while they were stationed at an Amarillo, Texas base in World War II . ref name Relics ... on a bowl of Firebrand date July 20, 2009 accessdate August 12, 2009 ref See also Corn dog U.S. Route 66 in Illinois References reflist External links http Cozy Dog Drive In official ... on U.S. Route 66 Category Visitor attractions along U.S. Route 66 Category Hot dog restaurants Category ... name for regular civilians. Together, they decided upon the name Cozy Dog, and Virginia created the original logo of two hot dogs in a loving embrace. ref name Remembered cite book last Witzel first ... Fair in 1946 where they gained popularity. ref name Relics The original Cozy Dog stand was opened outside ... for 15 cents. ref name Remembered In 1996, Cozy Dog moved to its current location just north of the original ... a drive up window. Orders are taken at the counter and then brought out to the customer. Ed s son ... 2003 pages 20 isbn 0786415533 ref Cozy Dog is a popular attraction on U.S. Route 66 . The restaurant ... location San Francisco, CA and Tulsa, OK date 1993, 2000 pages 20 isbn 1571780955 ref The Cozy Dog ...   more details

  1. Hot Hot Hot (LL Cool J song)

    Unreferenced date December 2008 Infobox Single Name Hot Hot Hot Cover Hot Hot Hot LL Cool J .jpg Artist LL Cool J from Album Phenomenon LL Cool J album Phenomenon B side 4, 3, 2, 1 LL Cool J song 4, 3, 2, 1 Border yes Released March 27, 1998 Format CD Single , Cassette Single Recorded 1997 Genre Hip hop music Hip hop Length 4 22 Label Def Jam Recordings Writer James Todd Smith Producer The Hitmen production team The Hitmen Chronology LL Cool J Last single Deepest Bluest br 1999 This single Hot Hot Hot br 1998 Next single Shut Em Down LL Cool J song Shut Em Down br 2000 Hot Hot Hot is the fourth single from LL Cool J s seventh album Phenomenon LL Cool J album Phenomenon . It was released on March 27, 1998 for Def Jam Recordings and was produced by Puff Daddy , D Dot and Amen Ra of the production team, The Hitmen production team The Hitmen . Unlike the previous singles from the album, this did not make it to the Billboard charts . br The bassline is sampled from the song Pleasure of Love by Tom Tom Club . Track listing A Side Hot, Hot, Hot Radio Edit 4 00 Hot, Hot, Hot Radio Remix 3 44 B Side 4, 3, 2, 1 3 38 Featuring DMX rapper DMX , Method Man , Redman rapper Redman Hot, Hot, Hot Remix 3 52 LL Cool J Category 1998 singles Category LL Cool J songs Category Songs written by LL Cool J ...   more details

  1. The Burger and the Hot Dog

    Orphan date February 2009 Infobox book italic title see above name The Burger and the Hot Dog image File Burger hot dog cover.jpg 200px Cover image caption First Edition Cover author Jim Aylesworth title orig translator illustrator Stephen Gammell cover artist country language English language English series subject genre Children s poetry publisher Atheneum Books for Young Readers pub date October 1 2001 english pub date media type Print Hardcover pages 32 isbn 9780689838972 oclc dewey congress preceded by followed by The Burger and the Hot Dog is a Children s poetry book about food, written by Jim Aylesworth and illustrated by Stephen Gammell . Summary Several poems have to with behavior and dessert. There are characters such as cheeses named Woodrow and Wanda and eggs named Yack and Yimmy. Reception A Kirkus Reviews review says, Caldecott Medalist Gammell Ride, p. 258, etc. has cooked up a batch of humorous, mixed media illustrations in a loose, washy style, using coffee for the brown tones for additional thematic flavor. ref cite web url http retail trade miscellaneous retail miscellaneous 4774705 1.html title The Burger And The Hot Dog accessdate 2008 10 31 work publisher Kirkus Reviews date October 1, 2001 ref A poem from the book, The Perfect Couple, was in Cool Story Programs for the School Age Crowd. ref cite book url http books?id p0rIRb aM kC&pg PA131&dq The Burger and the Hot Dog&lr title Cool Story Programs for the School Age Crowd accessdate 2008 10 31 work Rob Reid publisher ALA Editions date 2004 ref A Publishers Weekly review says, The chunky blocks of text share center stage with the smoothly paced images, enhancing the book s visual punch brushstroked poem titles seem to drip along with the ketchup and mustard. Youngsters will enjoy finding out what the denizens of your neighborhood diner do after the waitresses turn ..., 2p ref References reflist DEFAULTSORT Burger and the Hot Dog Category 2001 books Category Poetry ...   more details

  1. Hot dog bun

    asked his brother who was a baker to invent a solution. Thus, the hot dog bun was born. ref http FoodFacts Food Facts.cfm?Phrase vch Hot 20Dog&fid 6070 History of the Hot Dog , accessed January 29, 2011. ref Regional variations The hot dog bun is a widely loved adaptation to the hot dog or frankfurter. Many people have changed and tweaked the idea of the bun all over the world. In Chicago, Illinois , where poppy seed buns are popularly served with Chicago style hot dog ...Image HotDog.jpg thumb right A hot dog bun. The side loading variety is shown in this image. A hot dog bun is a type of soft bun shaped specifically to contain a hot dog . The original purpose of this bun was to make it possible to eat hot dogs without burning ones hands. ref http dna h2g2 A1021834 The Evolution of Hot Dogs , May 8, 2003 accessed January 29, 2011. ref There are two basic types top loading, which are available only in New England and called Frankfurter rolls, New England Style Rolls or Lobster Buns in some areas, and side loading, common in the rest of the United States also called American Style Buns. The advantages to a top loader are that it holds the hot dog securely and fits nicely into little three sided paper boxes. Top loaders are generally baked side by side ... are. History The history of the hot dog bun is well disputed. Some people who date October 2011 believe ... Montagu in 1762. Some who date October 2011 think that the hot dog bun came as a natural adaption to the hotdog which was invented by Germans German immigrants in the 1800s. ref National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. http ht d sp i 38595 pid 38595 Straight From The H Files The Hot Dog s True History , accessed January 29, 2011 ref In the United States, the hot dog bun s long historical ... first Leah A. title It takes big buns to hold Chicago hot dogs work Dining Chicago publisher Chicago ... 2010 07 13 it takes big buns to hold chicago hot dogs accessdate 2010 07 31 ref References reflist Category ...   more details

  1. Montreal hot dog

    unreferenced date March 2011 The Montreal hot dog is one of several variations of hot dog s served as a fast food staple at restaurants and diners in Montreal and other parts of Quebec . Similarities exist with the hot dog culture of Chicago and New York City . In Montreal and elsewhere in the province of Quebec , the hot dog bun s generally used in restaurants are top loading New England style hot dog buns, rather than the side loading hot dog buns generally used in other parts of Canada. Montreal hot dogs are considered to be rather small and are generally sold for between 0.50 and 1.00 depending on the area of purchase and dressing. Popular brands include Lesters, Lafleur Restaurants Lafleur s , and Glatt s kosher . The city of Montreal has not permitted street food carts since 1947 http .... Relish is also usually available, but in the oldest hot doggeries, e.g., the Montreal Pool Room now Le vieux Montreal Pool Room , all dressed still means without relish. Michigan hot dog This hot dog is topped with meat chili sauce. It can be served with or without diced onions and mustard. Supreme The hot dog is topped with cheese and bacon. This variation comes from Lafleur s Restaurants ..., Montreal Hot dog variations DEFAULTSORT Montreal Hot Dog Category Hot dogs Category Montreal ... Qu b cois casse croute snack type restaurants. These restaurants serve hot dogs with fresh cut ... , hamburger steak s, in addition to Greek dishes typically souvlaki and gyro , pizza, and Montreal style smoked meat smoked meat . Restaurant chains known for their hot dogs include La Belle Province ... Montreal independent restaurant that offers hot dogs is the Montreal Pool Room . Variations File Montreal steamie hotdog.jpg thumb left A steam all dressed Hot dogs may either be steam also stim ... crisp. Toast s are slightly more expensive and are less popular. Local hot dogs generally come dressed three ways All dressed Montreal Style This hotdog, nicknamed a steamie , is topped with mustard ...   more details

  1. Hot dog day

    Image Thoth07CrazyHotdog.jpg thumb 300px New Orleans Carnival. Thoth parade on Magazine Street. Hot Dog ... moreholidays July hotdogday.htm National Hot Dog Day Holiday Insights. Retrieved 21 ... Face painting face painting . Often the proceeds from a hot dog day are given to charity. Industry groups, such as National Hot Dog & Sausage Council in the USA, which designates July as National Hot Dog Month and July 22 as National Hot Dog Day 2009, encourage, sponsor, and support the events. ref http ht a GetDocumentAction i 51263 2009 Hot Dog Planning Guide National Hot Dog & Sausage Council. Retrieved 21 December 2008. ref The council also gives advice on hot dog eating etiquette, ref http story 20070703075045stra.nb topstory.html Hot Dog Etiquette News Blaze. Retrieved 21 December 2008. ref which aren t considered strict, as most Hot Dog Day style events do not adhere to them. Notable Hot Dog Festivals Alfred Village Hot Dog Day Image Hot Dog Day 2007 1.jpg 300px thumb right A crowd at Hot Dog Day 2007. Alfred University s Howell Hall and statue of King Alfred are visible on the left. Hot Dog Day is celebrated in the spring in the village of Alfred ... it. ref name herrick cite web title Hot Dog Day url http special archives trad hdd.cfm ... October 2010 bot H3llBot ref The event is focused on the hot dog , a food popular among college students for its cheapness and ease of preparation. Hot Dog Day itself is usually the third Saturday in April, although many students celebrate the entire hot dog week , running from that Wednesday to that Sunday. Hot Dog Day, which is organized primarily by students from Alfred University and Alfred ... release title Seven Allegany County charities share in Hot Dog Day 2007 proceeds url http ..., along with food choices such as a chicken barbecue and numerous hot dog stands. Hot ... and soroities in 2002. It is held the same day as the traditional Alfred Hot Dog Day but in a different ...   more details

  1. Coney Island hot dog

    13, 2010 ref A Coney Dog is not to be confused with a Chili dog Chili Dog , a more generic name for a chili topped hot dog. Origin Despite the name, the Coney Island preparation style has little direct ... of the Coney Island hot dog topped with Cincinnati chili the city s unique style of chili , onions ...Infobox prepared food name Coney Island hot dog image File Flint coney island.jpg 300px caption A Flint style coney with dry coney sauce at Rio s Coney Island in Flint, Michigan alternate name country United States region Michigan ref name detnews course Main course served Hot main ingredient Beef, all ... Island hot dog also Coney dog or Coney refers to a natural casing beef hot dog , topped with an all ... hot dog. Except for beginning in Michigan , who originated the The Coney Island Dog is in dispute ..., Jackson, Michigan all claiming to be the first. ref name detnews Local varieties Detroit Style The Detroit style coney is more of a sauce with a smooth, creamy consistency utilizing Hungarian spices. cn date April 2012 Flint Style Flint style Coneys are closely related to the original Jackson dog ... style Coney dog. Its popularity makes Cincinnati nearly synonymous with cheese Coneys outside of Cincinnati, the topping is referred to Cincinnati style chili, whereas within the city it is simply known ... http Coney Detroit book website Hot dog variations DEFAULTSORT Coney Island Hot Dog ... April 2012 Many in Michigan make the claim that in order to be an authentic Flint Coney, the hot dog must be a Koegel Meat Company Koegel and the sauce by Abbott s Meat . ref name fj cite news last Atkinson first Scott title Michigan Coney Dog Project Koegel s and sauce key to a Flint coney url http entertainment flint index.ssf 2012 03 michigan coney dog project fli.html accessdate ... title Flint style coneys researched and defined in new book, Coney Detroit url http entertainment flint index.ssf 2012 03 flint style coneys researched.html accessdate 19 April 2012 ...   more details

  1. Hot dog variations

    style bacon wrapped hot dog with grilled onions, jalape os, bell peppers, mustard, ketchup and salsa ... Stern, Michael ref Illinois File Chicago style hot dog.jpg thumb A Chicago style hot dog In Chicago , a Chicago style hot dog is a steamed all beef, natural casing hot dog topped with chopped ... blog 2010 07 07 eat this chicago style hot dog born in the depression format doi accessdate 2010 07 ... for those wanting to add it. Outside Chicago this style of hot dog is universally associated with the city ... A Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City style hot dog is a pork sausage in a sesame seed bun topped ... s, both of which are NJ companies. A traditional Newark Style Dog also called an Italian Hot Dog ... House Star News Online ref Ohio When Cincinnati chili is served on a Coney Island hot dog Coney style ... mustard . Washington Main Seattle style hot dog In Seattle , hot dogs are served with cream cheese ... seadog http 2009 10 hot dog of the week seattle style cream cheese.html Hot Dog Of The Week Seattle Style ref West Virginia An all the way hot dog in West Virginia generally, but not always ... newsarticle.aspx?id 8174 ref Canada Montr al A Montreal hot dog Montr al style hot dog , as popularised .... The Danish style hot dog is spread in the Scandinavian countries as well as Germany. Steff Houlberg ...Merge from Cheese dog date March 2011 This is a listing of regional variations on the hot dog . Different ... grave. ref http spotnews 2011 04 beloved birmingham hot dog man.html Beloved Birmingham hot dog man Constantine Gus Koutroulakis, dies at 81 ref Arizona The Sonoran hot dog, found in Tucson ... Mexican Hot Dog , New York Times , August 26, 2009. ref California In Los Angeles , Pink s Hot Dogs ... Los Angeles chains that specialize in hot dogs include Hot Dog On A Stick, which serves a preparation ... Hot Dog Chain. ref cite web url http frames.html title HDOS Enterprises, An Employee ... 2006 02 28 accessdate 2009 06 10 ref serves the Original Oki Dog two hot dogs on a flour tortilla ...   more details

  1. Hot dog stand

    Image HillbillyHotDogs.jpg right thumb 300px Hillbilly Hot Dogs , a roadside hot dog stand located near Huntington, West Virginia . A hot dog stand is a food business stand that sells hot dog s, usually ... mall , or food court . Similar businesses include hot dog wagons or carts, which are portable hand carts with a boiler for cooking the hot dogs and keeping them hot, and hot dog trucks, which are motor ..., some hot dog stands are paying up to 80,000 in rents for prime locations in Manhattan, NY. ref name hotdogbook The Black Book of Hot Dog Stand www.hotdog ref In popular culture There is a computer game by Sunburst Communications named Hot Dog Stand . In it, the player attempts to operate a hot dog stand at a sports arena, usually failing miserably at this numerically intensive task. Hot Dog Stand was the name of a particularly well remembered and gaudy color scheme for the Windows ... reminiscent of a hot dog vendor s cart. In the USA, hot dog carts are also referred as hot dog stand. However, the hot dog stand is normally a semi permanent structure whereas the hot dog cart is a temporary structure. The health departments use different codes for hot dog stands. ref name hotdogbook Gallery Note that the mass majority of these various hot dog stands are located in California. gallery Image Pinks Hot Dogs.jpg Pink s Hot Dogs , Hollywood, CA Image Tail o thePup.jpg Tail o the Pup, Los Angeles, CA Image Cupid s Hot Dogs, Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, California.JPG Cupid s, Tarzana, CA Image Hot Dog Stand in Reseda.JPG Home Plate, Reseda, CA Image Happy Dogs Van Nuys.JPG Happy Dogs, Van Nuys, CA File Hot Dog on a Stick Santa Monica, California 2006 06 20.jpg Original Hot Dog ... Coney Island Hot Dog Stand Colorado Hot Dog Stand Image Original Nathans.JPG Original Nathan s Famous ... Essie s Original Hot Dog shop The Original Hot Dog Shop , Pittsburgh, PA Image Dognsudssign.jpg ... dong P lsevogn References references DEFAULTSORT Hot Dog Stand Category Hot dog restaurants no P lsebu ...   more details

  1. The Windmill (hot dog stand)

    claims it is a favorite of Bruce Springsteen . The company sponsors an annual hot dog eating contest ... County and the Windmill http eating out 2008 07 america regional hot dog styles ... Category Restaurants established in 1964 Category Hot dog restaurants Category Restaurants in New Jersey ...&dq windmill 22hot dog 22&sig ACfU3U3bnfheBpVUs6TCixr8yF8TMFIm3A isbn 9780762741120 ref References ...   more details

  1. Ripper (hot dog)

    Other uses Ripper disambiguation Ripper is the slang term for a type of hot dog that is popular in New Jersey . The hot dog is deep fried in oil until the casing bursts, or rips. ref Schumer, Fran. http gst fullpage.html?res 980DE7DE1239F937A15756C0A96E958260 HOT DIGGITY DOG DIGGITY RESTAURANTS Two Rippers, P.C., With Relish Mother Made , New York Times , Published May 24, 1998. Accessed October 3, 2007. ref Rippers were featured in the Travel Channel special Hot Dog Heavens and served as a major plot point in a first season episode of the internet serial Ripster s which centers on the Pennsylvania tavern of the same name that serves a similar type of hot dog. See also Rutt s Hut References Reflist Hot dog variations DEFAULTSORT Ripper Hot Dog Category Hot dogs Category Deep fried foods Category New Jersey culture meat stub ...   more details

  1. Hot Dog (song)

    Infobox single Name Hot Dog Cover Led Zeppelin Fool In The Rain 115197.jpg Artist Led Zeppelin from Album In Through the Out Door Released 15 August 1979 A side Fool in the Rain track no Format 45 RPM Recorded November December, 1978 Genre Rock music Rock , rockabilly Length 3 17 Label Swan Song Records Swan Song Writer Jimmy Page Page Robert Plant Plant Producer Jimmy Page Last single Candy Store Rock Royal Orleans br 1976 This single Fool in the Rain Hot Dog br 1979 Next single Misc Extra track listing Album In Through the Out Door Type studio prev track Fool in the Rain prev no 3 this track Hot Dog track no 4 next track Carouselambra next no 5 Hot Dog is a recorded song on England English Rock music rock band Led Zeppelin s 1979 album, In Through the Out Door . It is the only song on the album not co written by bassist keyboardist John Paul Jones musician John Paul Jones . A rollicking tune done in the style of a country hoe down, it features some Elvis Presley like vocals from singer Robert Plant . Overview The song was influenced by United States American Rockabilly music. It emerged from the band s London pre production rehearsals, at which it was typical for them to run through old Elvis and Ricky Nelson material from the 1950s. ref name Complete Dave Lewis 1994 , The Complete Guide to the Music of Led Zeppelin , Omnibus Press, ISBN 0 7119 3528 9. ref This is notable since Elvis actually had a song called Hot Dog which he performed in the motion picture Loving You in 1957 .... Hot Dog was performed live at Led Zeppelin s Knebworth Festival 1979 performances at Knebworth in August ... English language songs Category Songs produced by Jimmy Page es Hot Dog canci n nn Hot Dog av Led Zeppelin sv Hot Dog s ng ..., referencing the United States American based, move it yourself company. The title of the song Hot Dog refers to a distinctly American cuisine. Page used a Fender Telecaster on this song, outfitted ...   more details

  1. Hot Dog (album)

    Infobox album See Wikipedia WikiProject Albums Name Hot Dog Type Album Artist Lou Donaldson Cover Hot Dog album .jpg Released 1969 Recorded April 25, 1969 Genre Jazz Length 36 53 Label Blue Note Records Blue Note Producer Francis Wolff Chronology Lou Donaldson Last album Say It Loud br 1968 This album Hot Dog br 1969 Next album Everything I Play is Funky br 1970 Album ratings rev1 Allmusic rev1score rating 2.5 5 ref http album r137794 Allmusic Review ref Automatically generated by DASHBot Hot Dog is an album by jazz saxophonist Lou Donaldson recorded for the Blue Note Records Blue Note label in 1969 and featuring Donaldson with Ed Williams , Charles Earland , Melvin Sparks , and Leo Morris . ref http lou donaldson catalog blue note bst 84318 Lou Donaldson discography accessed December 14, 2009. ref The album was awarded 2 stars in an Allmusic review by Steve Huey who states A wildly erratic slice of funky soul jazz in keeping with Lou Donaldson s late 60s commercial accessibility, Hot Dog isn t a total washout, but it s just as hit and miss as many of Donaldson s albums from the era even if you are a fan of the style ... Hot Dog does have some worthwhile moments it s just a pity the overall finished product isn t more consistent . ref Huey, S. Allmusic class album id r137794 pure url yes Allmusic Review accessed December 14, 2009. ref The album featured Donaldson utilising the varitone amplification system for his saxophone. ref Liner notes to The Scorpion album The Scorpion ref Track listing All compositions by Lou Donaldson except as indicated Who s Making Love ? Homer Banks , Bettye Crutcher , Don Davis, Raymond Jackson songwriter Raymond Jackson 6 46 Turtle Walk 7 56 Bonnie Tommy Turrentine 4 56 Hot Dog 10 45 It s Your Thing Rudolph Isley , O Kelly Isley , Ronald Isley 8 59 Recorded at Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ on April 25, 1969. Personnel Lou Donaldson varitone alto saxophone , vocals Ed Williams trumpet Charles ...   more details

  1. Walter's Hot Dog Stand

    Infobox restaurant name Walter s Hot Dog Stand logo logo width logo alt image WaltersHotDog2005.JPG image width 300 image alt A small brown building with a bright green tiled roof with dragons curling up from its corners. A silver car is parked in front and there are tall trees in back, lit by low sun from the left image caption Front view pushpin map map width map alt map caption slogan established 1919 current owner Eugene Warrington head chef food type Hot dog s dress code n a rating street address 937 Palmer Ave. city Mamaroneck village , New York Mamaroneck county state New York NY postcode 10543 country USA latitude 40.943095 longitude 73.74694 seating capacity reservations NONE other locations other information website http Welcome to Walter s Hot Dog Stand Infobox NRHP name Walter s Hot Dog Stand embed yes nrhp type image caption location 937 Palmer Ave, Mamaroneck village , New York Mamaroneck, New York locmapin New York built 1928 architect OR builder architecture Roadside Architecture added June 11, 2010 area less than one acre governing body Private refnum 10000338 ref name nris NRISref version 2010a ref Walter s Hot Dog Stand is a Westchester County ... of Historic Places Registration Walter s Hot Dog Stand date April 2010 accessdate 2011 10 03 author ... hot dog in America by Gourmet magazine Gourmet magazine . It was voted the best roadside stand in Westchester ... &spon Quick Bite Mamaroneck This Is No Street Corner Hot Dog The New York Times , September 3, 2006 ... References The Artful Hot Dog by Fred Ferretti. The New York Times. August 12, 1979. Fast Food The Little ... Places in New York Category Restaurants in New York Category Hot dog restaurants Category Commercial ... Road now meets Post Road . It was here that he began selling his unique brand of hot dogs, blended .... The Palmer Avenue building has a pagoda style copper roof, now oxidized to a light green, and dragon ... 545 Review with pictures http 2004 articles 20040826walters.html Walter s Hot ...   more details

  1. Italian hot dog

    refimprove date March 2011 An Italian Hot Dog is a type of hot dog popular in New Jersey , United States . Preparation There are numerous ways to prepare an Italian hot dog. The basic dish consists of a cooked usually deep fried hot dog placed in an Bread roll Italian roll or pizza bread, and topped with a combination of fried bell pepper s, onion s, and potato es. ref cite book last Mercuri first Becky title The Great American Hot Dog Book Recipes and Side Dishes from Across America year 2007 publisher Gibbs Smith location Layton, Utah isbn 978 1 4236 0022 0 pages 30&ndash 31 ref Many New Jerseyans view the Italian Hot Dog as their state s answer to the Philly Cheesesteak or other regional sandwich es. Citation needed date June 2011 History James Buff Racioppi,founder of Jimmy Buff s in Newark, New Jersey , reportedly invented the Italian hot dog in 1932. ref cite book last Stern first Jane and Michael title 500 Things to Eat Before It s Too Late And the Very Best Places to Eat Them year 2009 publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt location New York isbn 978 0 547 05907 5 page 96 ref Variations In New Jersey there are many variations on the original Italian hot dog, typically involving replacing the hot dog with another meat such as sausage , cheesesteak, hamburger , or chicken . Sometimes ... wars photos new jersey italian hot dog Travel Channel s Food Wars traveled to Kenilworth, NJ to stage a showdown between Jimmy Buff s and Charlies Hot Dogs. The two restaurants are a few blocks apart and Charlie s was declared champion by the Food Wars three person panel. A&W Restaurants A&W Hot Dogs and More used to sell an Italian dog which consisted of a polish sausage in a hot dog bun , topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. References reflist Hot dog variations DEFAULTSORT Italian Hot Dog Category Hot dogs Category American cuisine Category Italian ... two long hot dogs, french fries thick wedges , fried peppers, and onions, topped with tomato sauce and placed ...   more details

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