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Encyclopedia results for 421


Encyclopedia results for 421

  1. 421

    Use mdy dates date February 2011 Year dab 421 Year nav 421 M1 year in topic File Solidus Constantius III RIC 1325.jpg thumb Solidus coin Solidus of Emperor Constantius III NOTOC Year 421 Roman numerals CDXXI was a common year starting on Saturday link will display the full calendar of the Julian calendar . At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Agricola and Eustathius or, less frequently, year 1174 Ab urbe condita . The denomination 421 for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years. Events onlyinclude By place Roman Empire February 8 &ndash Constantius III is appointed co emperor Augustus title Augustus with his ineffectual brother in law, Honorius emperor Honorius , and becomes the real ruler of the Western Roman Empire . March 25 &ndash Venice is founded at twelve o clock noon according to legend with the dedication of the first church, San Giacomo di Rialto San ... War 421 422 Roman Sassanid War Theodosius II starts a war against the Sassanids . He send an expeditionary ... date Ravina I , rabbi teacher and Jewish Talmud Talmudist References Reflist DEFAULTSORT 421 Category 421 af 421 am 421 . . . ar 421 an 421 ast 421 az 421 bn map bms 421 be 421 be x old 421 bh bg 421 bs 421 br 421 ca 421 cv 421 cs 421 co 421 cy 421 da 421 de 421 et 421 el 421 es 421 eo 421 eu 421 fa fr 421 fy 421 gd 421 gl 421 gan 421 ko 421 hy 421 hr 421. io 421 bpy id 421 os 421 it 421 he 421 jv 421 ka 421 kk 421 sw 421 ht 421 almanak jilyen la 421 lb 421 lt 421 m. lmo 421 hu 421 mk 421 mr . . ms 421 nah 421 nl 421 ja 421 nap 421 no 421 nn 421 oc 421 or uz 421 pa pi pnb 421 nds 421 pl 421 pt 421 ro 421 qu 421 ru 421 sa sq 421 scn 421 sk 421 sl 421 sr 421 sh 421 su 421 fi 421 sv 421 tl 421 tt 421 th . . 964 tr 421 tk 421 uk 421 ur 421 vec 421 vi 421 vo 421 war 421 yo 421 zh yue 421 zh 421 ...   more details

  1. 421: A Will

    Infobox single Name 421 a will Cover 421 a will .jpg Artist Kotoko singer Kotoko from Album Garasu no Kaze A side br Uzu Maki B side B side Shuusou Released October 13, 2005 Format Maxi single Maxi Recorded Genre J Pop , Pop Rock , Electronica Length 21 38 Label Geneon Writer Expand section Songwriters date February 2010 Producer I ve Sound Certification Last single Radiance Chi ni Kaeru On the Earth br 2005 This single 421 A Will br 2005 Next single Being song Being br 2006 421 a Will is Kotoko singer Kotoko s 4th maxi single under Geneon Entertainment. The title track was used as a TV CM TV commercial song for dwango s Iro Mellow Mix and opening theme for Pocket Radio s Kotoko to Tokotoko Tankenki . The B side Shuusou is the ending theme for Kotoko to Tokotoko Tankenki Tracklisting 421 a will 4 54 Composition Tomoyuki Nakazawa Arrangement Tomoyuki Nakazawa, Takeshi Ozaki Lyrics Kotoko Shuusou 5 56 Composition C.G mix Arrangement C.G mix Lyrics Kotoko 421 a Will Karaoke 4 54 Shuusou Karaoke 5 54 References reflist Charts and sales class wikitable Oricon Ranking br Weekly Sales align center 16 13,667 Kotoko Category 2005 singles Category Kotoko songs 2000s Japan single stub ko 421 a will ja 421 a will ...   more details

  1. 421 BC

    Use mdy dates date February 2011 Year nav 421 BC year in topic 421 NOTOC Year 421 BC was a year of the Roman calendar pre Julian Roman calendar . At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Vibulanus and Barbatus or, less frequently, year 333 Ab urbe condita . The denomination 421 BC for this year has been used since the early medieval period, when the Anno Domini calendar era became the prevalent method in Europe for naming years. Events onlyinclude By place Greece Nicias , the leader of the aristocratic and peace party in Athens and Pleistoanax , King of Sparta , negotiate the Peace of Nicias between Athens and Sparta, which brings a temporary end to the Peloponnesian War . The essence of the Peace of Nicias is a return to the prewar situation most wartime gains are to be returned. Seventeen representatives from each side swear an oath to uphold the treaty, which is meant to last for thirty years or one generation meaning they are not responsible for the next generation s decision . All of Sparta s allies agree to sign the peace, except for the Boeotia ns, Corinth , Elis ... , Greek comedy author approximate date b. 520 BC References Reflist DEFAULTSORT 421 Bc Category 421 BC ast 421 edC be 421 . . be x old 421 . . bs 421 p.n.e. br 421 ca 421 aC cs 421 p . n. l. cy 421 CC da 421 f.Kr. de 421 v. Chr. el 421 . . es 421 a. C. eo 421 eu K. a. 421 fa fr 421 gl 421 ko 421 hy . . . 421 hr 421. pr. Kr. io 421 aK is 421 f.Kr. it 421 a.C. ka . . 421 kk . . . 421 sw 421 KK la 421 a.C.n. lb 421 lt 421 m. pr. m. e. hu I. e. 421 mk 421 . . . mr . . . ms 421 SM nl 421 v.Chr. ne . . new nap 421 AC no 421 f.Kr. oc 421 uz Mil. av. 421 nds 421 v. Chr. pl 421 p.n.e. pt 421 a.C. ru 421 . . sq 421 p.e.s. sk 421 pred Kr. sl 421 pr. n. t. sr 421. . . . sh 421. pne. su 421 SM fi 421 eaa. sv 421 f.Kr. tl 421 BC th . . 123 uk 421 . . vec 421 a.C. war 421 UC zh 421 ...   more details

  1. 421 Z�hringia

    Unreferenced date August 2009 Infobox planet width 25em background FFFFC0 name 421 Z hringia discoverer Max Wolf discovered September 7, 1896 alt names 1896 CZ named after House of Z hringen mp category Asteroid belt Main belt epoch 23 July 2010 Julian day JD 2455400,5 semimajor 2,5412315 Astronomical unit AU perihelion 1,8253966 AU aphelion 3,2570664 AU eccentricity 0.282 period 1479.67 d 4.05 Julian year astronomy a inclination 7.774 asc node 187.467 arg peri 209.017 mean anomaly 25.395 avg speed 18.39 km s dimensions 11 24 km mass unknown density unknown surface grav unknown escape velocity unknown rotation 6.42 spectral type S abs magnitude 11.78 albedo unknown single temperature unknown 421 Z hringia is a small Asteroid belt main belt asteroid . It was discovered by Max Wolf on September 7, 1896, in Heidelberg . Minor planets navigator 420 Bertholda 422 Berolina Small Solar System bodies DEFAULTSORT Zahringia Category Main Belt asteroids Category Discoveries by Max Wolf Category Asteroids named for people Category Astronomical objects discovered in 1896 Beltasteroid stub de 421 Z hringia el 421 es 421 Z hringia eo 421 Zeringio eu 421 Z hringia fa fr 421 Z hringia it 421 Z hringia la 421 Zahringia hu 421 Z hringia ja no 421 Z hringia nn 421 Z hringia pl 421 Z hringia pt 421 Zahringia sk 421 Z hringia sl 421 Zahringia sr 421 Zahringia tl 421 Z hringia uk 421 vi 421 Z hringia yo 421 Z hringia zh 421 ...   more details

  1. Markarian 421

    Quasar name Markarian 421 image File Mark421 U3WS2701M.jpg 200px caption Hubble Legacy Archive Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 WFPC2 image of Mark 421 and its companion galaxy 421 5 epoch J2000 ra RA 11 04 27.314 ref name SIMBAD cite web title Mrk 421 publisher SIMBAD Astronomical Database url http simbad.u simbad sim id?Ident Mrk 421 accessdate 2010 04 12 ref dec DEC 38 12 31.80 ref name SIMBAD constellation name Ursa Major z 0.030021 ref name SIMBAD ref name ned cite web title NASA IPAC Extragalactic Database work Results for MRK 0421 url http cgi bin nph objsearch?objname Mrk 421&extend no accessdate 2010 04 12 ref type BL Lac object BL LAC ref name SIMBAD ref name ned dist ly 397 434 million light year s br 122 ref name ned 133 ref name ned dist cite web title Distance Results for MRK 0421 work NASA IPAC Extragalactic Database url http cgi bin nDistance?name MRK 0421 accessdate 2010 04 13 ref M parsec pc appmag v 12.9 SIMBAD ref name SIMBAD br 13.3 NASA IPAC Extragalactic Database NED ref name ned br 11.6 16 B Band ref name AAVSO2004 cite web date December 28, 2007 title Variable Star Of The Season AAVSO. Winter 2004 Markarian 421 publisher American Association of Variable Star Observers AAVSO url http ... notes names B2 1101 38, UGC 6132, PGC 33452, 2E 2393, QSO B1101 384, Mark 421 ref name SIMBAD Markarian 421 Mrk 421 , Mkn 421 is a blazar located in the constellation Ursa Major . The object is an active ... due to its active nature, and has a companion galaxy Markarian 421 5 that is fueling the gas jets observed pointing away from the galaxy. Markarian 421 outburst in 2001 and is monitored by the Whole ... 421 http sh archive mar Markarian 421.html Focus on Markarian 421 Sky 11 ... Category Discoveries by Benjamin Markarian Category Markarian galaxies Galaxy stub de Markarjan 421 fr Markarian 421 it Markarian 421 pl Markarian 421 pt Markarian 421 ...   more details

  1. Cessna 421

    Infobox Aircraft Begin name 421 Golden Eagle image Image Cessna421BGoldenEagleC GEGH01.jpg alt caption A Cessna 421B Golden Eagle Infobox Aircraft Type type Light transport national origin United States of America manufacturer Cessna first flight October 14, 1965 produced 1967 1985 number built developed from Cessna 411 Image Cessna421BGoldenEagleC GEGH02.jpg thumb Cessna 421B Golden Eagle with aftermarket RAM modified engines Image Cessna421BGoldenEagleC GKOZ03.jpg thumb A Cessna 421B Golden Eagle, front view Image Cessna421BGoldenEagleC GKOZ01.jpg thumb A Cessna 421B Golden Eagle Image Cessna421CPilot.jpg ... thumb Cessna 421C Golden Eagle, typical co pilot s instrumentation The Cessna 421 Golden Eagle ... difference between the two models is that the 421 is pressurized. ref name cite web url http aircraft data stats.main?id 154 title The Cessna 421 & 414 accessdate 2009 11 04 last Demand Media authorlink year 2009 ref Development The 421 uses geared Continental O 520 ... to the propeller, it drives through a set of reduction gears. ref name The 421 ... The Cessna 421 was first certified on 1 May 1967 and shares a common type certificate ... to the Cessna 425 , which itself is a turboprop development of the 421. ref name JAWA82 p352 Taylor 1982, p. 352. ref Variants 421 Type approved 1 May 1967, powered by two Continental O 520 Continental ... off weight convert 7450 lb kg 0 abbr on . ref name A7CE Riley Turbine Rocket 421 Conversion of Cessna 421 aircraft by fitting two Lycoming LTP101 turboprop engines. Formal designation R421BL and R421CL for conversions of 421B and C respectively. ref name JAWA82 p455 Riley Turbine Eagle 421 Conversion ... 0748 2. Cessna Aviation lists Category Cessna aircraft 421 Category United States civil utility aircraft 1960 1969 Category 1965 introductions de Cessna 421 es Cessna 421 pl Cessna 421 pt Cessna 421 ru Cessna 421 sv Cessna 421 Golden Eagle ...   more details

  1. Kosmos 421

    044A title Cosmos 421 publisher US National Space Science Data Center work NSSDC Master Catalog accessdate 2009 08 15 ref Kosmos 421 was the forty second of seventy nine DS P1 Yu satellites to be launched ... stub es Cosmos 421 mk 421 sr 421 ...   more details

  1. Minuscule 421

    New Testament manuscript infobox form Minuscule number 421 image isize caption name Vind. Caes. Ness. 303 sign text Acts of the Apostles Acts , Catholic epistles CE , Pauline epistles Paul script Greek language Greek date ca. 1300 found now at Austrian National Library cite size 18.8 14 cm type cat none hand carefully written note Minuscule 421 in the Biblical manuscript Gregory Aland Gregory Aland numbering , 259 in Biblical manuscript Von Soden Soden s numbering , ref name Gregory1908 cite book last Gregory first Caspar Ren authorlink Caspar Ren Gregory title Die griechischen Handschriften des Neuen Testament url http stream diegriechischen00greggoog page n73 mode 2up year 1908 publisher J. C. Hinrichs sche Buchhandlung location Leipzig page 63 ref is a Greek language Greek Lower case minuscule manuscript of the New Testament , on parchment. It is dated to year ca. 1300. ref name Aland Cite book last Aland first Kurt authorlink Kurt Aland coauthors M. Welte, B. K ster, K. Junack title Kurzgefasste Liste der griechischen Handschriften des Neues Testaments publisher Walter de Gruyter year 1994 location Berlin, New York page 72 url doi id isbn 3110119862 ref Formerly it was designated by 64 sup a sup and 69 sup p sup . Marginal equipment is not complete. Description The codex contains the text of the Acts of the Apostles , Catholic epistles , and Pauline epistles on 279 parchment leaves 18.8 14 cm . The text is written in one column per page, in 22 lines per page. ref name Aland It contains Prolegomena, tables of the lang grc tables of contents before each book, lectionary equipment at the margin, subscriptions at the end of each book, Synaxarion , and Menologion . ref name Gregory Cite book last Gregory first Caspar Ren authorlink Caspar Ren Gregory title Textkritik des Neuen Testaments publisher Hinrichs year 1900 location Leipzig volume ... Gregory gave the number 421 to it. ref name Gregory1908 The manuscript is currently housed at the Austrian ...   more details

  1. List of highways numbered 421

    The following highways are numbered 421 United States File US 421.svg 25px U.S. Route 421 File Florida 421.svg 25px Florida State Road 421 File Georgia 421.svg 25px Georgia State Route 421 state designation for Interstate 516 File NY 421.svg 25px New York State Route 421 File OH 421.svg 25px Ohio State Route 421 File South Carolina 421.svg 25px South Carolina Highway 421 File Tennessee 421.svg 25px Tennessee State Route 421 Expand list date August 2008 Roadindex 421 ...   more details

  1. Japan National Route 421

    Infobox road country JPN type National route 421 maint alternate name 421 map length km 72 length round length ref established direction a terminus a junction direction b terminus b browse National Route 421 is a National highways of Japan national highway of Japan connecting Kuwana, Mie and mihachiman, Shiga in Japan, with a total length of 72  km 44.74  mi . commonscat Route 421 Japan Category National highways in Japan Japan road stub ja 421 ...   more details

  1. Florida State Road 421

    infobox road state FL type SRCR route 421 county Volusia previous type FL previous route 419 next type FL next route 423 State Road 421 is a major thoroughfare that runs east&ndash west through Port Orange , Florida from Interstate 95 in Florida Interstate 95 east to U.S. Route 1 Florida US 1 where it turns into State Road A1A Florida State Road A1A . It is partially 6 lanes from I 95 east to State Road 5A Florida State Road 5A and 4 lanes from SR 5A east to US 1 , and is known locally as Taylor Road for about half a mile east of I 95 and Dunlawton Avenue. Taylor Road continues west as Volusia County, Florida Volusia County Road 421 to State Road 415 Florida Tomoka Farms Road . ref http surveyingandmapping geomap volu c.pdf FDOT Map of Volusia County Roads ref Major intersections Western terminus Interstate 95 in Florida I 95 continues as CR 421 County Road 483 Florida CR 483 State Road 5A Florida SR 5A Eastern terminus U.S. Route 1 Florida US 1 continues as State Road A1A Florida SR A1A References Reflist External links http web 20041025145109 http spui www flsr 42x.html Florida Route Log SR 421 Category State highways in Florida 421 Category State Roads in Volusia County, Florida 421 Florida road stub ...   more details

  1. List of state leaders in 421

    SLBY temp SLBYs code 0 fore 420 year 421 aft 422 Asia China Sixteen Kingdoms Southern and Northern Dynasties Liu Song Emperor Wu of Liu Song Emperor Wu , Liu Song Emperor of Liu Song 420 422 Northern Liang Juqu Mengxun , Northern Liang Prince of Northern Liang 401 433 Northern Wei Emperor Mingyuan of Northern Wei Emperor Mingyuan , Northern Wei Emperor of Northern Wei 409 423 Northern Yan Feng Ba , Northern Yan Emperor of Northern Yan 409 430 Western Liang Li Xun , Western Liang Prince of Western Liang 420 421 no successor Xia Sixteen Kingdoms Xia Helian Bobo , Xia Sixteen Kingdoms Emperor of Xia 407 425 Gupta Empire Kumaragupta I , Gupta dynasty Gupta Emperor of India 414 455 Japan Yamato period Emperor Ingyo Ingyo , Emperor of Japan c. 411 c. 453 Korea Three Kingdoms of Korea Three Kingdoms Period Baekje Guisin of Baekje Guisin , Rulers of Korea King of Baekje 420 427 Gaya Confederacy Gaya Jwaji of Geumgwan Gaya Jwaji , Rulers of Korea King of Gaya 407 421 Chwihui of Geumgwan Gaya Chwihui , Rulers of Korea King of Gaya 421 451 Goguryeo Jangsu of Goguryeo Jangsu , Rulers of Korea King of Goguryeo 413 490 Silla Nulji of Silla Nulji , Rulers of Korea King of Silla 417 458 Europe Georgia country Georgia Caucasian Iberia Archil of Iberia Archil , List of the kings of Georgia King of Iberia 411 435 Vandals Gunderic , Vandals List of kings King of the Vandals 407 &ndash 428 Visigoths Theodoric , Visigoths Kings of the Visigoths King of the Visigoths 419 &ndash 451 Galicians Hermeric , King of Galicia 409 438 Western Roman Empire Honorius emperor Honorius , Western Roman Empire List of Western Roman Emperors Western Roman Emperor 395 &ndash 423 Middle East Eastern Roman Empire Theodosius ... I of Persia Yazdegerd I , Sassanid dynasty Sassanid rulers Great King of Persia 399 421 Bahram V of Persia Bahram V , Sassanid dynasty Sassanid rulers Great King of Persia 421 438 Category Lists of state leaders by year 0421 de Liste der Staatsoberh upter 421 mk 421 ...   more details

  1. U.S. Route 421 in Indiana

    highway detail hatnote U.S. Route 421 Infobox road state IN type US route 421 map US 421 IN map.svg map notes US  421 highlighted in red length mi 232 length round 2 length ref length ref ref name ... terminus a jct state KY US 421 near Madison, Indiana Madison junction Major junctions only max of 10 ... route 427 U.S. Route 421 US  421 enters Indiana from Kentucky, proceeding northwest to Indianapolis, joining Interstate 465 , then continuing northwest to Michigan City. US 421 winds through ... the capital . North of Greensburg, US 421 intersects and merges with I 74 west, through the Shelbyville area en route to Indianapolis. Originally, US 421 followed Southeastern Ave. into downtown ... side of the city. US 421 went past a famous Indianapolis landmark, the Pyramids. North of Indianapolis, US 421 continues to the north northwest, providing a direct highway link between Indianapolis and Michigan City. US 421 ends at its junction with US 20 on the south side of Michigan ... of Lake Michigan. Route description Madison to Indianapolis US  421 enter Indiana from Kentucky over the Ohio River . After crossing the Ohio River US  421 has a short concurrency with Indiana State Road 56 State Road 56 SR  56 . After the concurrency with SR  56 ends US  421 becomes a four lane highway. US  421 has an intersection road intersection with Indiana State Road 62 State Road 62 SR  62 . North of Madison US  421 becomes a two lane highway, heading north then northeast. US  421 heads towards Versailles, Indiana Versailles , passing through intersection with Indiana State Road 250 State Road 250 SR  250 . In Versailles US  421 has a concurrency ... U.S. Route 50 US  50 . US  421 heads west west out of Versailles concurrenct with US  50. West of Varsailles US  421 heads northwest, towards Greensburg, Indiana Greensburg . US  421 passes through Osgood, Indiana Osgoo and Napoleon, Indiana Napoleon , passing through intersections ...   more details

  1. U.S. Route 421 in Virginia

    Dablink For the earlier extension of US 421 into Virginia, see U.S. Route 421 Virginia 1930s . highway detail hatnote U.S. Route 421 Infobox road state VA type US route 421 map US 421 VA map.svg length ... terminus a jct state TN US 421 TN 34 in Bristol, Virginia Bristol junction jct state VA US 11 US .... Charles br terminus b jct state KY US 421 near St. Charles, Virginia St. Charles counties Bristol, Virginia ... County, Virginia Lee previous type SR previous route 420 next type SR next route 457 U.S. Route 421 US 421 is a part of the U.S. Highway System that runs from Fort Fisher, North Carolina to Michigan ... state line near St. Charles, Virginia St. Charles . Between its endpoints, US 421 has lengthy concurrency ... US 421 enters Virginia at State Street, which follows the boundary between Bristol, Virginia, and Bristol ... along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. US 421 and the two truck routes follow four lane divided ... State Route 113 SR 113 turns north from Cumberland onto Piedmont Avenue heading north. US 421, US .... ref name VDOT Traffic Data ref name Google Maps US 421 VA US 421, US 11E, US 19, and SR 381 meet ... U.S. Route 11 in Virginia US 11 on eastbound Euclid Avenue. US 421 turns west onto four lane divided ... Devault Memorial Stadium , home of the Bristol White Sox . US 11W and US 421 diverge an at intersection ... as State Street while US 421 heads northwest on Gate City Highway. The U.S. Highway passes the Bristol ... US 58 exits I 81 and joins US 421 in a concurrency. ref name VDOT Traffic Data ref name Google Maps US 421 VA US 421 and US 58 exit the city of Bristol and enter Washington County, Virginia Washington ... Scott county line, US 421 and US 58 veer northwest again and follow a curvaceous path through Shelly ... 421 VA US 421, US 23, and US 58 run concurrently with the Appalachia Division rail line through Moccasin ... of the U.S. Highways follows the flank of Clinch Mountain to the south of town. US 421, US 23 ... Stock Creek. US 421, US 23, and US 58 pass by Glenita, Virginia Glenita , where the railroad ...   more details

  1. U.S. Route 421

    Infobox road country USA type US route 421 alternate name map US 421 map.png length mi 941 length ref ... City, Indiana spur of 21 spur type US U.S. Route 421 is a spur route of U.S. Route 21 U.S. ..., North Carolina and ends in Wilmington, North Carolina . Route description U.S. Route 421 ..., Kentucky , and Indianapolis, Indiana . North Carolina Main U.S. Route 421 in North Carolina US 421 ... 221 and U.S. Route 321 US  321 . US  421 continues westerly into Tennessee towards Mountain City, Tennessee . US 421 is a limited access freeway through Siler City northward. US  421 is a divided ... 421 is a limited access freeway from this point all of the way to Wilkesboro, North Carolina Wilkesboro . Image Highway 104 N.jpg thumb left US 421 South near the Red White and Blue Road exit 276 in eastern Wilkes County, NC 2007 07 14 . Tennessee US Highway 421 enters Tennessee from North ... Holston River heading towards Bristol, Tennessee Bristol . US  421 enters Virginia on the Old Dominion ... State Route 394 SR 394 , and U.S. Route 11E US  11E . Image 421 2.jpg thumb U.S. 421 near Bristol 2006 06 11 . Virginia Main U.S. Route 421 in Virginia US 421 enters from Tennessee in Bristol ... and Powell Mountains, and goes by Natural Tunnel State Park near Duffield. Kentucky US 421 enters ... after the Virginia line, through Harlan and along U.S. Route 119 US  119 . US  421 ..., but the number was abandoned, perhaps at the time it was made part of US  421. citation needed date September 2011 U.S. Route 62 US  62 runs briefly with US  421 in this section. Interstate ... and Frankfort, but US  421 still provides the most direct route. In Frankfort, US 421 runs with US ... 127 US  127 . In this section, which runs generally east&ndash west, northbound US  421 runs with southbound US  127 and vice versa. Northbound US  421 traverses the very hilly area ... Route 421 in Indiana US 421 winds through the southern part of Indiana as it runs from Madison, in the southeastern ...   more details

  1. Ohio State Route 421

    Infobox road state OH type SR route 421 length mi 3.37 length round 2 length ref ref name sld cite web url http techservapps SLD default.htm title Technical Services Straight Line Diagrams author Ohio Department of Transportation accessdate 2010 04 22 ref established 1959 direction a West terminus a Image US 42.svg 20px Image US 224.svg 25px U.S. Route 42 US 42 U.S. Route 224 US 224 near Lodi, Ohio Lodi junction direction b East terminus b Image US 42.svg 20px Image US 224.svg 25px U.S. Route 42 US 42 U.S. Route 224 US 224 near Lodi, Ohio Lodi counties Medina County, Ohio Medina previous type SR previous route 420 next type US next route 422 State Route 421 SR 421 is a two ... County, Ohio Medina County , State Route 421 s endpoints are at opposite ends of the duplex of U.S. ... bypass of Lodi, Ohio Lodi . State Route 421 serves both as a de facto business route for U.S. Route ... Route 83 State Route 83 , which State Route 421 intersects in downtown Lodi. Route description State Route 421 begins at a four ramp parclo interchange in Medina County, Ohio Medina County s Harrisville ... of State Route 421 is predominantly rural, amidst a mixed landscape of farmland and woods. In this stretch ... crosses the East Fork of the Black River Ohio Black River through this area. At State Route 421 ... to the east northeast, State Route 421 crossing a second set of railroad tracks, then passes ... here, State Route 421 turns to the northeast, and continues through a residential area where it passes ... 421 soon arrives at its endpoint at an interchange that doubles as the eastern split of the U.S. Route ... title Overview Map of State Route 421 accessdate 2010 04 23 ref No portion of State Route 421 is included ... four lane expressway. The State Route 421 designation came into being that year, being applied ... Route 421 since its debut. ref name ODOT1958 map cite map title Ohio State Map year 1958 publisher ... oh 421 State Route 421 Endpoint Photos Category State highways in Ohio 421 ...   more details

  1. Agricola (consul 421)

    Date of death unknown AncientRome politician stub bg 421 . fr Agricola consul en 421 it Agricola console 421 ru ...   more details

  1. South Carolina Highway 421

    Infobox road state SC type SC route 421 maint South Carolina Department of Transportation SCDOT alternate name Augusta Road length mi 10.5 length round 1 length ref ref name google cite map title Jefferson Davis Hwy US 1 N US 278 E US 78 E to Augusta Rd url http maps?f d&source s d&saddr Jefferson Davis Hwy 2FUS 1 N 2FUS 278 E 2FUS 78 E&daddr S Carolina 421 N 2FPoplar St to Augusta Rd 2FSC 421 to Augusta Rd 2FSC 421 to 33.562154, 81.77565&geocode FQr8 gEd7O4d w 3BFZAo wEdhIAe w 3BFf6C wEdBk4f w 3BFcoVAAIdWC0g w 3B&hl en&mra dme&mrcr 0&mrsp 4&sz 19&via 1,2,3&sll 33.562205, 81.775446&sspn 0.000865,0.002401&ie UTF8&ll 33.528803, 81.835098&spn 0.110758,0.307274&t h&z 12 publisher Google Maps cartography Google year 2010 ref established 1952 direction a South direction b North terminus a jct state SC US 1 US 78 US 278 near North Augusta, South Carolina North Augusta junction Jct state SC SC 126 in Clearwater, South Carolina Clearwater br Jct state SC SC 191 in Warrenville, South Carolina Warrenvile br Jct state SC SC 118 near Aiken, South Carolina Aiken terminus b jct state SC US 1 US 78 near Aiken, South Carolina Aiken previous type SC previous route 420 next type SC next route 430 South Carolina Highway 421 SC 421 is a highway in Aiken County, South Carolina . It runs convert 10.5 mi km in length. Route description SC 421 begins where it splits off from the Jefferson Davis Highway U.S. Route 1 South Carolina U.S. Route 1 U.S. Route 78 South Carolina U.S. Route 78 near the city of North Augusta, South Carolina North Augusta , just south of an interchange with U.S. Route 278 South Carolina U.S. Route 278 and South Carolina Highway 125 SC 125 . The highway then heads northeast, paralleling the Jefferson Davis Highway, before intersecting South Carolina Highway ... Carolina Warrenville , SC 421 intersects South Carolina Highway 191 SC 191 , then it turns more easterly ... Category State highways in South Carolina 421 ...   more details

  1. CIE 421 Class

    Infobox Locomotive name C ras Iompair ireann E Class br later 421 class powertype Diesel hydraulic image CIE E421 432.jpg caption gauge RailGauge 1600 builder CI , Inchicore Works buildmodel railroad C ras Iompair ireann builddate 1962 firstrundate 1962 63 numinclass 14 roadnumber E421 E434 length convert 9.56 m ftin abbr on locoweight convert 43.5 t LT poweroutput convert 420 hp kW abbr on cylindercount primemover Maybach MD220 enginetype disposition 422, 423, 424, 426, 427, 430, 431, 433 & 444 scrapped between 1984 and 1988 tractiveeffort Starting convert 26700 lbf kN abbr on transmission Mekydro KL64U torque converter multipleworking Yes uicclass C topspeed convert 40 km h abbr on FAIR USE of CIE E432.gif see image description page at http wiki Image CIE B113.jpg for rationale The C ras Iompair ireann 421 Class was a railway locomotive , built by the CI at Inchicore Works between 1962 1963 and designed for branch line traffic use and shunting. The 421 Class was a larger development of the earlier CIE 401 Class 401 Class , and were fitted with a Maybach MD220 engine of convert 420 hp with diesel hydraulic transmission via a Mekydro KL64U torque converter. Unlike the earlier E401 class, these locomotives were fitted for multiple operation. They were of C UIC classification wheel arrangement . The first of the class made its debut in early October 1962 on pilot duties in the Dublin area and although they had a design maximum speed of 100 km h 60 mph , experience notably the derailment of a trial train hauled by E421 showed that they did not ride well when travelling at speeds over 40 km h 25 mph and so henceforth were limited to that speed and used simply for shunting duties instead. They were numbered E421 E434, and were withdrawn from service between 1979 and 1983. Three of these locomotives have been preserved, as follows E421 and E432 Owned by and based ... Inchicore Works to Dunsandle, Co. Galway under private ownership. Model The 421 was available as a resin ...   more details

  1. Garuda Indonesia Flight 421

    accidents and incidents Flight 421 Category Accidents and incidents involving the Boeing 737 Indonesia transport stub id Garuda Indonesia Penerbangan 421 ...   more details

  1. Northwest Airlines Flight 421

    Infobox Aircraft accident name Northwest Airlines br Flight 421 occurrence type Accident date 29 August 1948 type Structural failure site Fountain City, Wisconsin , convert 4.1 mi abbr on NW of Winona, Minnesota coordinates aircraft type Martin 2 0 2 operator Northwest Airlines tail number NC93044 origin Chicago, Illinois destination Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport , Minnesota passengers 33 crew 4 fatalities 37 survivors 0 Northwest Airlines Flight 421 was a domestic scheduled passenger flight from Chicago, Illinois to Minneapolis, Minnesota that crashed on 29 August 1948. The Martin 2 0 2 aircraft, operated by Northwest Airlines , suffered structural failure in its left wing and crashed approximately convert 4.1 mi sp us northwest of Winona, Minnesota , approximately convert 95 mi southeast of Minneapolis. A Civil Aeronautics Board investigation determined that the crash was caused by fatigue material fatigue cracks in the wings of the aircraft, and recommended lower speeds and frequent inspections of all Martin 2 0 2 aircraft. All 33 passengers and four crewmembers on board were killed. The crash was the first loss of a Martin 2 0 2, and remains the worst accident involving a Martin 2 0 2. Flight Flight 421 was served by a Martin 2 0 2 aircraft was operated by Northwest Airlines . It was just under a year old, and had accumulated a total airtime of 1321 hours starting in 1947. ref name asn The flight was piloted by Captain Robert L. Johnson, 30, who had 5,502 hours of flying time. The copilot was David F. Brenner, 27, with 2,380 hours of flight time. ref name cab The aircraft departed Chicago at 3 50 PM, Central Standard Time CST , carrying 33 passengers, four ... that flew the same flight path through the same storm shortly after Flight 421. ref name cab October ... lost in Flight 421. Glenn Martin, president of the aircraft manufacturing corporation, dismissed the lawsuit ... Flight 421 was the first hull loss of a Martin 2 0 2. It remains the deadliest accident involving ...   more details

  1. British Rail Class 421

    Refimprove date February 2010 Infobox EMU name British Rail Class 421 image 1498 at Lymington Pier.JPG imagesize 300px caption Class 421 7 no. 1498 Farringford at Lymington Pier railway station Lymington ... thumb right Class 421 3, no. 1717, at Clapham Junction on 20 August 2004. This was one of the final ... at London Waterloo.JPG thumb right Class 421 5, no. 1313, at Waterloo station London Waterloo on 19 ... since been withdrawn and scrapped. The British Rail Class 421 or British Rail unit designations 4Cig ... 76570 62277 62286 69330 69339 76571 76580 Image 1908 at London Victoria.JPG thumb right Class 421 ... center 2001 align center 1802 Image 1410 at Clapham Junction.jpg thumb right Class 421 7, no. 1410 ..., which was renumbered to 1802. Image 1879 at London Charing Cross.jpg thumb right Class 421 4, no. 1879 ... 421 4, no. 1861, at Clapham Junction on 19 July 2003, on the rear of a service to Brighton railway ... out, and the buffet carriages withdrawn. The modified units were reclassified as Class 421 7 and renumbered ... 1396 at Clapham Junction.jpg thumb right Class 421 8, no. 1396, at Clapham Junction on 19 July 2003 ... 421 8 , and renumbered in the range 1392 1399. The modifications included the removal of the buffet ... 421 7 , renumbered 1499, and dedicated to the Lymington Branch Line service, where it replaced the previous ... center 7049 7058 align center 1988 Facelifted 1986 88, and renumbered 2201 2210. rowspan 2 Class 421 ... and 13xx range. Class 421 8Mig align center 2 align center 1983 align center 2601 2602 align ... 2 Class 421 3 rowspan 2 4Cig rowspan 2 align center 53 rowspan 2 align center 1986 93 rowspan 2 ... 421 4 rowspan 3 4Cig rowspan 3 align center 87 rowspan 3 align center 1987 93 rowspan 3 align center ... SWT small 1880 1891 align center 05 2005 Class 421 5 4Cig align center 22 align center 1990 92 align ... 421 6 4Cig align center 8 align center 1994 align center 1901 1908 align left Southern align left small 1901 1908 align center 01 2005 align center rowspan 2 Class 421 7 3Cop align center 11 align ...   more details

  1. United Nations Security Council Resolution 421

    Infobox UN resolution number 421 organ SC date 9 December year 1977 meeting 2,052 code S RES 421 document http daccess dds doc RESOLUTION GEN NR0 297 04 IMG NR029704.pdf?OpenElement for 15 abstention 0 against 0 subject South Africa result Adopted image DurbanSign1989.jpg caption Apartheid era sign on a South African beach United Nations List of UN Security Council Resolutions Security Council Resolution 421 , adopted unanimously on December 9, 1977, after recalling United Nations Security Council Resolution 418 Resolution 418 , the Council decided to establish a committee to oversee the implementation of that resolution. It tasked the committee to report back on its observations and recommendations regarding ways in which the arms embargo could be made more effective against South Africa and to ask Member States as to how they are implementing the resolution. Resolution 421 went on to call on all Member States to cooperate fully with the committee in the above respects, and to the Secretary General of the United Nations Secretary General to make appropriate arrangements to allow the committee to function. See also List of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 401 to 500 1976 &ndash 1982 South Africa under apartheid References http daccess dds doc RESOLUTION GEN NR0 297 04 IMG NR029704.pdf?OpenElement Text of Resolution at PDF wikisource UNSCR 1977 Category 1977 United Nations Security Council resolutions 0421 Category 20th century in South Africa Category 1977 in South Africa United Nations Security Council Resolution 421 Category International opposition to apartheid in South Africa Category United Nations Security Council resolutions concerning South Africa Category United Nations Security Council sanctions regimes fa nl Resolutie 421 Veiligheidsraad Verenigde Naties ...   more details

  1. New York State Route 421

    Infobox road state NY type NY route 421 map NY Route 421 map.svg map notes Map of the Tupper Lake area with NY  421 highlighted in red length mi 5.70 length ref ref name 2008tdr established circa 1931 ... 422 New York State Route  421 NY  421 is a short state highway located within Adirondack ... of Piercefield, New York Piercefield , although that name is not posted on NY  421. The route offers access to several picnic and snowmobile areas. The eastern portion of NY  421 was built ... NY  30 north to Warren Point. NY  421 was assigned to the entirety of the north south ... part of NY  421 by 1968. NY  421 s former routing to Warren Point remained a state highway up ... of the highway to another entity. Route description File NY 421 at northern terminus.jpg left thumb Sign assembly along NY  421 eastbound near the Veterans Mountain Camp NY  421 begins at an intersection ... the western edge of Tupper Lake New York Tupper Lake . After convert 1.6 mi 1 , NY  421 comes ... while NY  421 heads north to a cluster of buildings at a junction with Warren Point Road. Here, NY  421 turns to head westward into the wilderness of the park. ref name google Google maps url ... Rd 4044.120120, 74.539520 to RT 421 4044.124800, 74.626497&um 1&sa N&tab wl title overview map of NY 421 accessdate April 10, 2008 ref It proceeds west for roughly convert 2 mi 1 before curving to the southwest ... was once a grade crossing railroad crossing , where NY  421 comes to an end. The roadway also ends here, as only dirt trails exist beyond this point. ref name google History File NY 421 western terminus.jpg upright thumb Signage at NY  421 s western terminus, a dead end in Piercefield ... was designated as NY  421 by the following year. ref name 1930map cite map title Road Map of New ... ref A highway leading westward from NY  421 southwest of Warren Point to Horseshoe Lake ... 421 by 1968. DOT inventory has a different SH number on file for the Mountain Camp&ndash Horseshoe ...   more details

  1. New Mexico State Road 421

    Infobox road state NM type SR route 421 map length mi 8.101 length round 3 length ref ref name nmdot log cite web url http upload images CHDB State 20Routes.pdf title State Routes publisher New Mexico Department of Transportation page 21 accessdate December 1, 2010 ref established 1988 ref name NM 421 cite web url http www.steve nmhighways NM401 450.htm 421 title Details of New Mexico State Routes 401 450 first Steve last Riner date November 2, 2009 work http www.steve nmhighways nmhome.htm The Unofficial New Mexico Highways Page accessdate 2010 12 04 Verify credibility failed y date December 2010 ref direction a West direction b East terminus a jct state NM NM 402 near Sedan, New Mexico Sedan terminus b Image Texas 102.svg 20px link alt Texas State Highway 102 TX 102 at the Texas state line previous type SR previous route 420 next type SR next route 423 counties Union County, New Mexico Union State Road 421 , or NM 421 , is a state highway in the U.S. state of New Mexico maintained by the New Mexico Department of Transportation New Mexico Department of Transportation NMDOT . The road, located in southeastern Union County, New Mexico Union County , begins at roadlink state NM NM 402 between Amistad, New Mexico Amistad and Clayton, New Mexico Clayton and passes eastward through the town of Sedan, New Mexico Sedan to the Texas state line ... NM 102 N 2FNM 421 E&daddr NM 102 N 2FNM 421 E&hl en&geocode FayEJwIdWoLZ Q 3BFdiFJwIdIrPb Q&gl ...&spn 0.082625,0.220757&z 12 title NM 421 accessdate December 1, 2010 ref History Image New Mexico 102.svg 50px left alt NM 421 was originally designated as NM 102 between the current NM 402 ... 4 ref Both NM 421 and NM 402 received their current designations during the 1988 renumbering of the New Mexico highway system. ref name NM 421 ref name NM 402 cite web url http www.steve nmhighways ... Mexico 421 Category Transportation in Union County, New Mexico ...   more details

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