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3d scrip writing
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Encyclopedia results for 3d scrip writing

3d scrip writing

Encyclopedia results for 3d scrip writing

  1. Scrip

    File Capitol Hill Babysitting Coop scrip.jpg thumb Scrip issued by the Capitol Hill Babysitting Co op , worth hour of babysitting time. Scrip is an American English American term for any substitute for currency ... time. Other forms of scrip include subway tokens, arcade tokens and tickets, and points on some ... due to their wide variety and recurring use. Scrip behaves similarly to a currency, and as such can ... Company scrip was a credit against the accrued wages of employee s. In the United States , where everything in a mining or logging camp was run, created and owned by a company, scrip provided the worker ... employees could exchange scrip for cash, it was rarely done at face value. Scrip in this context ... could accept the scrip as currency, they rarely provided a 1 for 1 exchange. This was to avoid ... issued his Specie Circular of 1836 due to credit shortages, Virginia Scrip was accepted as payments ... grant s called scrip. Notes in the form of money scrip valued at 160 or 240 or land scrip, valued ... the Great Depression , many local governments were forced to pay employees in scrip at the height of the crisis. ref Chatters, Charles H. Is Municipal Scrip a Panacea? Public Management , March 1933 ref Scrip as a de facto form of currency within the setting of the mining or logging industry was discontinued around 1952. Scrip is also related to the stock market where companies pay dividend s in the form of scrip rather than paying actual currency. Citation needed date November 2008 It is also a written document that acknowledges debt. After World War I and the World War II , scrip was used ... during the Korean War , U.S. soldiers were sent on leave with a scrip marked with expiration dates ... their scrip on leave to exhange their scrip with other soldiers heading out to leave for fresher scrip or hard cash, often at an exchange rate that rather favored the outgoing soldiers. Citation needed ... village Chipshop . Modern usage Scrip survives in modern times in various forms. Community issued ...   more details

  1. Scrip Range

    Geobox Range name Scrip Range image image caption country Canada region type Province region British Columbia parent Monashee Mountains highest highest elevation highest lat d highest lat m highest lat s highest lat NS N highest long d highest long m highest long s highest long EW W map map caption The Scrip Range is a subrange of the Monashee Mountains of the Columbia Mountains , located on the west side of Lake Revelstoke and north of Hoskins Creek in British Columbia , Canada . References BCGNIS 18056 Scrip Range http ArxPg.asp?ArxId 1594 Scrip Range in the Canadian Mountain Encyclopedia Interior Ranges of British Columbia coord missing British Columbia Category Monashee Mountains BritishColumbiaInterior geo stub ...   more details

  1. Scrip issue

    Multiple issues orphan July 2008 unreferenced July 2007 A scrip issue is a form of secondary issue. In the United Kingdom , Public limited company public limited companies , those listed on the London Stock Exchange , have a number of ways to create new shares. A scrip issue is the process of creating new shares which are given free of charge to existing shareholder s. To the individual investor, this is known as a scrip dividend . This would normally be done in place of paying a dividend . The issue would be calculated relative to existing holdings. This means that, for example, one new scrip share may be issued for every ten shares currently owned. The company issuing the scrip shares has now expanded the number of shares in existence but not increased the value of the company. This means that the relative value of each pre existing share has been reduced slightly. The investor has the right to sell the new scrip shares in the market. This can have the effect of reducing the income tax Legal liability liability to the investor . By selling the issue, the investor is making a capital gain rather than receiving income . Since a very low percentage of United Kingdom UK resident investors ever pay capital gains tax , this is often a very tax efficient means of distributing wealth from a company to shareholders. The UK Society of Investment Professionals UKSIP training manual for the Investment Management Certificate, describes the calculation required to predict the ex scrip price as Ordinary shares held multiplied by the Original share price divided by the Total Number of New Shares held Citation needed date July 2008 . DEFAULTSORT Scrip Issue Category Stock market Category Dividends es Dividendo en acciones ...   more details

  1. Company scrip

    Refimprove date June 2008 Image Coal scrip.jpg left thumb Scrip minted by Olga Coal Company, Coalwood, WV Numismatics Company scrip is currency issued in certain industries to pay worker s. Such scrip can only be exchanged by wage earners in truck system company stores owned by their employers and often charging inflated prices. In the United Kingdom UK , such systems have been formally outlawed under Truck Act s. In the United States , mining and logging resources camp camp s were typically created, owned and operated by a single company. These remote locations were cash poor and workers had very little choice but to purchase goods at a company store. With this economic monopoly , the employer could place enormous Markup business markup s on goods, making workers completely dependent on the company, thus enforcing employee loyalty . The practice continues today. On September 4, 2008, the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice ruled that Wal Mart de Mexico, the Mexican subsidiary of Wal Mart , must cease paying its employees in vouchers redeemable only at Wal Mart stores. ref cite web url http paperchase 2008 09 mexico supreme court orders wal mart to.php title Mexico Supreme Court orders Wal Mart to stop paying workers in store vouchers first Joe last Shaulis date 2008 09 05 work Jurist accessdate 2011 06 10 ref See also Truck system References reflist Category Exonumia Money stub business stub humanrights stub ...   more details

  1. Scrip bid

    unreferenced date January 2009 Scrip bid is an Australian term used to describe a takeover offer where share finance shares are offered partly or wholly in place of cash . This means that if a take over bid is accepted, shareholders in the target company will receive shares in the new merged entity. This has advantageous tax implications for investors as gains on the sale of shares acquired on or after 19 September 1985 are subject to capital gains tax . By receiving shares instead of cash the realisation of the capital asset can be delayed to take better advantage of capital loss offsets. Additionally, tax payers are only taxed on half the capital gain if they hold the asset for more than 12 months. Category Economy of Australia Australia stub Finance stub ...   more details

  1. Scrip Lee

    Infobox baseball biography name Scrip Lee image image size position Pitcher birth date Birth date 1899 1 29 mf y br Washington, D.C. death date death date and age 1974 2 13 1899 1 29 mf y br Washington, D.C. bats Right throws Right debutleague Negro league baseball debutdate debutyear 1921 debutteam Bacharach Giants finaldate finalyear 1934 finalteam Cleveland Red Sox statyear statleague stat1label stat1value stat2label stat2value stat3label stat3value teams nowiki nowiki Bacharach Giants 1921, 1933 Baltimore Black Sox 1922, 1929 1931, 1933 Hilldale Club 1923 1927, 1930 Philadelphia Stars 1933 Cleveland Red Sox 1934 highlights nowiki nowiki Holsey Scranton Scriptus Lee, Sr. January 29, 1899 February 13, 1974 was an African American baseball pitcher in the Negro League baseball Negro Leagues . He played from 1921 to 1934 with several teams. He was nicknamed both Scrip and Script . ref name Riley Cite book last Riley first James A. title The Biographical Encyclopedia of the Negro Baseball Leagues place New York publisher Carroll & Graf year 1994 isbn 0 7867 0959 6 postscript None ref References reflist External links Negro league stats lg ne id 467 brn lee 000scr http nlbemuseum history players lees.html NLB museum Persondata Metadata see Wikipedia Persondata . NAME Lee, Scrip ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION Negro League Baseball player DATE OF BIRTH January 29, 1899 PLACE OF BIRTH Washington, D.C. DATE OF DEATH February 13, 1974 PLACE OF DEATH Washington, D.C. DEFAULTSORT Lee, Scrip Category 1899 births Category 1974 deaths Category Negro league baseball players Category Cleveland Red Sox players Category Baltimore Black Sox players Category Bacharach Giants players Category Philadelphia Stars players Category Hilldale Club players Category Baseball players from Alabama baseball pitcher stub negro league baseball stub ...   more details

  1. 3D

    Wiktionary 3D three dimensional 3D or 3 D may refer to Three dimensional space , the physical universe Stereoscopy , any technique capable of recording three dimensional visual information or creating the illusion of depth in an image Music 3D The Three Degrees album 3D Three Degrees album 3 D band , a U.S. rock band of the early 1980s 3D TLC album 3 D TLC album 3 D SPC ECO album 3 D SPC ECO album 3 D I See Stars album 3 D I See Stars album Robert Del Naja , an English artist and musician in the band Massive Attack The 3Ds , a rock band Other uses Biela s Comet , a lost periodic comet discovered in 1826 3D Long Island bus British Rail Class 207 sometimes known as 3Ds 3 D Secure , a secure protocol for online credit and debit card transactions Threepence British coin 3D computer graphics 3D film 3D modeling 3D printing 3D television See also D3 disambiguation Letter NumberCombDisambig da 3 D de 3D Begriffskl rung et 3D es 3D desambiguaci n fa fr 3D homonymie ko 3D it 3D nl 3D ja 3D no 3D pl 3D pt 3D ru 3D sv 3D tr 3D zh 3D ...   more details

  1. On Writing

    about the Stephen King memoir the Hemingway short story On Writing Hemingway Infobox book name On Writing ... Lisa Litwak country flag United States language English language English subject Autobiography , Writing ... by Secret Windows On Writing A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King , published in 2000, is a memoir ... to enter the craft. In 2008, Entertainment Weekly listed On Writing 21st on their list of The New ... list from Stephen King. Synopsis The first section of On Writing is an Autobiography mainly about King s early exposure to writing, and his childhood attempts at writing. King talks about his early ... of his mother and his history of drug and alcohol abuse. The second section is practical advice on writing ... struggle to start writing again. King includes part of a rough draft and an edited draft of his own ... of the On Writing competition. Reception Wikify section date February 2012 Awards Horror Guild Nonfiction ... written books on writing, but his insights are always worth reading. http writing reviews on writing Elsa Neal from BellaOnline says, Stephen King admits that his memory is flawed ... he doesn t remember writing much of Cujo . I wish he d remember more of his early life, because ... 10569.On Writing Long live the King hailed Entertainment Weekly upon the publication of Stephen King s On Writing. Part memoir, part master class by one of the bestselling authors of all time, this superb ... in 1999 and how the inextricable link between writing and living spurred his recovery. Brilliantly structured, friendly and inspiring, On Writing will empower and entertain everyone who reads ... Journal The best book on writing. Ever. The Cleveland Plain Dealer http Topics ... not be taken seriously. But after finding that his book On Writing had more useful and observant ... 2FREVIEWS 2F403120306 2F1023 Secret Window . March 12, 2004. ref Edward Bryant characterized On Writing as graceful and lucid, diverting and useful, saying When King addresses the processes of writing ...   more details

  1. 3D&T

    3D&T , formerly known as Defensores de T quio , is a Brazil ian tabletop role playing game , created by Marcelo Cassaro . It is designed to be a very simple, beginner friendly game system. Infobox RPG title Defensores de T quio subtitle image File Cover art 3D&T Alpha.png 256px thumb 3D&T Alpha caption ... de T quio or 3D&T 2006 4D&T 2008 3D&T Alpha genre Superhero , Universal system Custom footnotes ... Advanced Dungeons & Dragons AD&D . Finally, 3D&T means Defenders of Tokyo 3rd edition . The major change ... roleplayers. An even simpler version, 3D&T Fastplay , was made freely available online. ref http web 20080731015325 http 3d&t fastplay.htm ref A revision, 3D ... 3D&T, despite not having the rights to do so. ref http noticias 3d&t bastidores.php ... their doors. 4D&T As a successor to 3D&T, published in 2006 by Editora JBC Brazilian publisher of manga , 4D&T. It completely dropped 3D&T s own fast, simple system in favor of the Open Game License . Although it has succeeded on its own, it has been poorly received by 3D&T players, given the original purpose of the system was to be as simple as possible. 3D&T Alpha In May 2008, Cassaro was told by Guilherme Dei Svaldi, editor in chief at Jamb Editora, that he found 3D&T to remain very popular ... Cassaro, and gave him the idea of bringing 3D&T back it was released again in September 2008, under the name 3D&T Alpha the new name inspired by Street Fighter Alpha 3 , which Cassaro and Erica Awano ... produtos 3d&t.htm ref In this new version, the combat rules remain basically ... was completely revamped. ref http noticias 3d&t anuncio.php ref Also, now the book is printed in Page orientation landscape format. Overview A game aimed at beginners, 3D&T focus ... produtos 3d&t.htm 3D&T Alpha at Jamb Editora in Portuguese RPG systems DEFAULTSORT 3d ... 3D&T ...   more details

  1. Scrip World Pharmaceutical News

    Scrip Intelligence Scrip is an English language international pharmaceutical news, analysis and data service. First published as a weekly print newsletter in March 1972, Scrip included articles on side effects, regulatory changes and mergers and acquisitions . Scrip has now developed into an online ... & development , generic drug generics , drug delivery , and clinical trials . Scrip is part ... locations accessdate 2006 01 01 format work ref Scrip subscriber base Scrip readership has grown to over 100,000 worldwide ref cite web url http advertise title Scrip s readership .... Scrip is read by managers and executives working across all disciplines in pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. ref cite web url http advertise title Scrip s readers ... 2007 2010 Mike Ward 2010 present Scrip editorial team Scrip has a large independent editorial ... to ensure a global emphasis to the latest news stories. Deleted image removed Image Scrip ... ref Europe coverage Scrip s Europe based desk covers all the political and regulatory developments ... Federation . US coverage Scrip s United States US team details the political developments from ... work ref World coverage Scrip s locally based world coverage focuses on Japan and other Pacific Rim markets, Asia and Latin America . Business news Scrip s global reporters bring the latest ... ref Analyst team Scrip s analysts offer an insight into the industry s more significant ... home analysis title Scrip s analysis team accessdate 2008 08 04 format work ref External links http homepage of Scrip Intelligence http .... http Scrip The Annual Scrip Awards References reflist 2 Informa Category ...   more details

  1. Scrip of Edo period Japan

    feudal domains of Japan issued scrip called nihongo hansatsu for use within the domain. This paper currency supplemented the coinage of the Tokugawa shogunate . Most scrip carried a face value in silver coinage, but gold and copper scrip also circulated. In addition, some scrip was marked for exchange ... of amounts of rice subdivisions of koku owned by the scrip holder and held in the Osaka or Edo ... issued in England around 1640. ref name JCM An early issue of domain scrip took place in the Fukui domain ... on construction projects. Domains issued scrip to supplement coins in times of shortage and to adjust the amount in circulation. They also exchanged scrip for coins to improve the financial situation ... sho and hatamoto . Accepting scrip always carried the risk of forfeiture. During the Edo period ... the old scrip. Following the condemnation and death of the daimyo Asano Naganori , for example ... seven Ronin , ordered the redemption of scrip at 60 of face value. In addition, in times of financial difficulty, the domain might simply declare scrip void. Early in the period, domains printed their own scrip later, they operated through prominent merchants, whose credibility was important to the acceptance of the currency. The shogunate prohibited the use of scrip in 1707. In 1730, however ... son Tokugawa Ieshige Ieshige prohibited new issue of scrip, and restricted the circulation of scrip ... straits occasionally issued paper money. Each domain formulated its own rules about its scrip. While there were some that forbade the shogunate s coinage, many allowed both coins and scrip to circulate. As a rule, scrip circulated only within the domain that issued it, but there were exceptions ... of all scrip for the national currency. Exchange continued until 1879. In the interim, some scrip carried ... Edo period scrip. Left to right Silver, gold, coin http explore highlights ... Bank of Canada review http rwise countries japan.html Purdue site including scans of scrip ...   more details

  1. Scrip cash dispenser

    lead too short date February 2011 one source date February 2011 A scrip cash dispenser is a computerized telecommunications device that allows a financial institution s customer s a secure method of receiving cash in a retail location with the assistance of a cashier . Usage With a scrip cash dispenser, the customer identifies themselves by inserting a plastic card with a magnetic stripe or a plastic smartcard with a chip, that contains his or her account number. The customer then verifies their identity by entering a passcode , often referred to as a PIN P ersonal I dentification N umber of four or more digits. Upon successful entry of the PIN, the customer may perform a cash withdrawal transaction. If the cash withdrawal transaction is approved the machine prints a receipt, which is known as scrip . The customer then takes this scrip to a nearby sales clerk, who then exchanges it for cash from the cash register s cash drawer . ref http what is scrip.html What is Scrip? ref Regulatory view Some national banking regulators, such as the US Federal Reserve , defines ATM transactions simply as electronic access to one s checking account and makes no distinction or mention of the location of the vault or cash drawer. Citation needed date February 2007 Financial networks and Scrip Cash Dispenser In order to allow a more diverse range of devices to attach to their networks, some interbank networks have passed rules expanding the definition of an ATM to be a terminal that either has the vault within its footprint or utilizes the vault or cash drawer within the merchant establishment. Citation needed date February 2007 This allows for the use of a scrip cash dispenser transactions to be conducted in a similar manner to ATMs. Hardware Scrip cash dispensers may share many of the same components as an automatic teller machine , but lacks the ability to dispense physical ... References references DEFAULTSORT Scrip Cash Dispenser Category Commercial machines ...   more details

  1. Detroit Community Scrip

    infobox currency currency name in local image 1 Detroit cheer.jpg image title 1 Detroit Community Scrip, 3 Cheers. iso code issuing authority Detroit Cheers Governing Board issuing authority website date of introduction date of introduction source using countries Businesses in Detroit, Michigan inflation rate inflation source date https library publications the world factbook fields 2092.html The World Factbook , 2010 est. pegged by US Dollar subunit ratio 1 subunit name 1 symbol symbol subunit 1 nickname Detroit Cheer nickname subunit 1 plural plural subunit 1 frequently used coins rarely used coins frequently used banknotes 3 rarely used banknotes Detroit Community Scrip , also called Detroit Cheers , is a local currency in Detroit , Michigan . ref cite news last Bello first Marisol title Communities print their own currency to keep cash flowing url http money economy 2009 04 05 scrip N.htm?loc interstitialskip accessdate 16 February 2012 newspaper USA Today date 4 10 2009 ref Modeled upon the local scrip that were used during the Great Depression, it is being used to restore local economic confidence. The Cheers are backed by US currency and are fully exchangeable for an equal amount of U.S. dollar s, backed by several Detroit businesses. There are currently 4,500 worth of cheers in circulation. ref name mdm cite news last Kavanaugh first Kelli B. title 3 Cheers for Detroit s Local Currency url http features detroitcheers18809.aspx accessdate 16 February 2012 newspaper Model D Media date April 21, 2009 ref Businesses can sign up to be issuers and print scrip after depositing a matching amount in U.S. dollars and then be entitled to print Cheers. ref name nei cite web title Active Local Currencies url http content active local currencies work Local Currencies publisher New Economics Institute accessdate 16 February 2012 date July 2009 ref More than 25 businesses have signed up to accept Cheers ...   more details

  1. Writing center

    ref maintain a writing center that provides students with free assistance on their papers ... writing center is helping writers to learn. Typical services include help with the purpose, structure, function of writing, and are geared toward writers of all levels and fields of study. Writing centers ... explanation of why a piece of writing may fail to fulfill the writer s aims. The goal is to help a writer learn to address the various exigences that she may encounter with the realization that no writing is decontextualized and has specific audiences. A writing center usually offers individualized conferencing whereby the writing tutor offers his or her feedback on the piece of writing at hand a writing tutor s main function is to discuss how the piece of writing might be revised. However, the tutor ..., discussing principles and processes of writing, modeling rhetorical and syntactical moves for the student ... writing. Historically, writing centers in American universities began appearing as writing labs in the early 20th century ref cite journal last North first Stephen title The Idea of a Writing Center ... stable 377047?&Search yes&searchText 22the idea of a writing center 22&list hide&searchUri 2Faction 2FdoAdvancedSearch 3Fq0 3D 2522the 2Bidea 2Bof 2Ba 2Bwriting 2Bcenter 2522 26f0 3Dall 26c1 3DAND 26q1 3D 26f1 3Dall 26acc 3Don 26wc 3Don 26Search 3DSearch 26sd 3D 26ed 3D 26la 3D 26jo 3D&prevSearch ... to the origins of the writing laboratory as first a method, not a place, where the key characteristic ... Boquet first Elizabeth title Our Little Secret A History of Writing Centers, Pre to Post Admissions ... sizes and universities grew, Writing Centers began to develop as university institutions, often ... of a Writing Center journal College English year 1984 month September volume 46 series 5 pages 433 446 url http stable 377047?&Search yes&searchText 22the idea of a writing center 22&list hide&searchUri 2Faction 2FdoAdvancedSearch 3Fq0 3D 2522the 2Bidea 2Bof 2Ba 2Bwriting 2Bcenter ...   more details

  1. Real 3D

    Real 3D may refer to Real3D , a former graphics processor chip developer. Real 3D, now known as Realsoft 3D , 3D modeling software RealD Cinema RealD 3D , a brand name for technology used in 3D films disambig ...   more details

  1. 3d studio

    3d studio can refer to A studio location where 3D work is created 3ds Max , an animation software package previously named 3D Studio Max Any 3D computer graphics software disambig ru 3D Studio ...   more details

  1. 3D Rad

    orphan date April 2010 advert date July 2011 3D Rad is a freeware development tool used to create 3D games, interactive 3D applications and physics based simulations for Microsoft Windows XP Vista 7. Works created with 3D Rad can be delivered to the final user as stand alone applications or web based applets. Specifically designed with computer graphics artists and non coders in mind, 3D Rad aims to provide the simplest developing workflow possible, without sacrificing flexibility. The editor is based on a collection of components called objects that can be combined and configured to interact in various ways. Without writing any code, goals like opening a door when a character approaches or avoiding obstacles with a car while following a race track can be easily achieved. By supporting physics ... conditional and or interactive behavior without having to learn a programming language, 3D Rad ... design, 3D Rad supports scripting via AngelScript . User created scripts can be handled as re ... supported for certain event objects, tracing detection zones for example. 3D File Format 3D Rad supports 3D models in DirectX file format .x file extension . Supported texture formats are BMP, JPG, DDS, PNG, TGA. 3D animations can be bone skeletal based or frame by frame based. Multiple animation sets are supported. Rendering The object type SkinMesh is the primary means by which user created 3D ... complex artificial intelligence behavior, scripting is advisable. Network and Multiplayer 3D Rad supports .... Sound Effects and Music Sound files in .wav or .ogg format can be either used as 3D sound emitters .... Addons 3D Rad features a powerful addon system that allows combinations of objects to be exported as ready ... or Ragdoll physics ragdolls without creating them from scratch. Updates A new version of 3D Rad is released ... External links http Official website DEFAULTSORT 3d Rad Category Freeware 3D graphics software Category Video game creation software es 3D Rad ...   more details

  1. Gothic writing

    Gothic writing may refer to Writing in a Gothic language Writing using a Greek and runic based Gothic alphabet Writing using a Blackletter Gothic script for Latin based alphabets 18th century and later Gothic fiction combining horror and romance disambig ...   more details

  1. Informal writing

    orphan date March 2010 unreferenced date March 2010 Merge Writing style date January 2010 Informal writing could be called rough draft writing, discovery writing, or exploratory writing. Everyone who writes does it, but few are aware of what they are doing or the value of it, and still fewer are aware of how important it is for student s learning to write. Informal writing is the tentative writing we do in order to discover what we know and what we can express on our first try. Category Written communication ...   more details

  1. Iridion 3D

    by writing that if you re looking for some classic shooter action on your new GBA, Iridion 3D will fit ...Infobox VG title Iridion 3D image Image Iridion.jpg 250px Iridion 3D cover art developer Shin en publisher ... 0 title Iridion 3D info publisher Gamespot accessdate 2007 05 03 archiveurl http ... input Iridion 3D is a quasi 3D computer graphics 3D Shoot em up Tube and rail shooters rail ... iridion3d news.html?sid 2673383&mode news title Iridion 3D GBA Update publisher Gamespot accessdate ..., Iridion was the first game by the developer to appear on the system. Though billed as a 3D game ... a true 3D environment. More room on the game cartridge was available for graphics due to the game ... to the title upon release, Iridion 3D influenced future Shin en shooters such as Iridion II and Nanostray ... cg agg.dll?p agg&sql 1 31373 T2 title Iridion 3D Controls accessdate 2007 04 02 publisher Allgame archiveurl ... level bosses. ref cite book year 2001 author Shin en title Iridion 3D Instruction Manual ... level of the player s craft. ref cite book year 2001 author Shin en title Iridion 3D Instruction ... thresholds. ref cite book year 2001 author Shin en title Iridion 3D Instruction Manual series Hints and Tips publisher Nintendo page 28 ref Iridion 3D features five types of weapons, with three levels ... s shields. ref cite book year 2001 author Shin en title Iridion 3D Instruction Manual series Powerups publisher Nintendo page 5 ref Plot In the opening cinematic of Iridion 3D Earth is attacked without ... Earth from the Iridion. ref cite book year 2001 author Shin en title Iridion 3D Instruction Manual series .... ref cite book year 2001 editor Shin en title Iridion 3D Instruction Manual series Iridion Strongholds ...?id 31373&tab credits year 2007 title Iridion 3D Credits publisher Allgame accessdate 2007 04 02 archiveurl ... . Iridion 3D was Shin en s first product to utilize the GAX Sound Engine, which allowed real time computing ... 5srgqf9u7 archivedate 2010 09 19 ref Although advertised as a 3D computer graphics ...   more details

  1. Writing fellow

    A Writing Fellow or Fellow in Writing is a tutor or consultant who assists with college and university writing instruction in specific courses or academic fields. Whereas most Writing Center tutors are generalists, ready to work with writing from any course or field, Writing Fellows are specialists. Often working within a Writing Center or Writing Across a Curriculum program, they are typically assigned to provide oral and or written feedback on papers to students in an upper division writing class. A Writing Fellow is most often a peer tutor however, the term Writing Fellow is also sometimes used for faculty members who advise others on teaching, assigning and responding to student writing in their specific disciplines. See also Writing Center Composition studies External links http atd fellows index.cfm Special issue of Across the Disciplines on Rewriting Across the Curriculum Writing Fellows as Agents of Change in WAC http writing writingcenter.html Barnard College Writing Fellows Program http Student Services Writing Fellows Brown University Writing Fellows http wac The City College Writing Fellows Program http index.php?option com content&task view&id 304&Itemid 142 University College Falmouth Writing Fellows http fellows Writing Across the Curriculum Clearinghouse List of Writing Fellows Programs http writing wf main.html University of Wisconsin Madison Undergraduate Writing Fellows Program http writing fellows index.html University of Rochester Writing Fellows Program Category Consulting occupations Category Academia Edu stub ...   more details

  1. Shark 3D

    unreferenced date January 2009 Shark 3D is a Game engine Middleware middleware from Spinor Company Spinor for computer games computer , video games and realtime 3D applications. Description Shark 3D is a Game engine Middleware middleware for 3D computer graphics 3D applications and is mainly used in computer games , broadcasting , and industrial simulation . Shark 3D is developed by Spinor Company Spinor . Shark 3D is a complete suite of a tool pipeline , 3D computer graphics renderer , sound system, physics engine and scripting language . These components can be also used separately. The 3D computer graphics renderer is a central component. Typically an application is based on the complete Shark 3D package. Alternatively, applications that have their own game engine code use the Shark 3D 3D computer graphics renderer only. Shark 3D is available for use in Microsoft Windows Windows and Linux based Personal computer PC applications, and consoles such as PlayStation 2 , Xbox , and Xbox 360 . Industry support Companies using Shark 3D include Funcom for Dreamfall Siemens AG Siemens for industrial applications ARD TV ARD ZDF for broadcasting See also Renderware Gamebryo External links http Shark 3D http articles 515 515389p1.html IGN article about the Shark 3D based game Dreamfall Videogame software stub Category Video game engines de Shark 3D ru Shark 3D ...   more details

  1. Writing desk

    confused Writing table Image writing desk IMG 1520 c.JPG thumb Old writing desk Image particle board writing desk IMG 1489 c.JPG thumb Minimal modern writing desk A writing desk or bureau acts as a kind of compact office . Traditionally, a writing desk is for writing Letter message letters by hand. It usually has a top that closes to hide current work, which makes the room containing it look tidy, maintains privacy, and protects the work. The closing top may contain several joints so that it can roll closed, or may simply fold closed. The writing surface or place for lap top typically folds down perhaps being the lid or slides out, to preserve the compact size when closed. They often have small drawers or pigeon holes . Modern writing desks are designed for laptop computer s. They are typically too small for most desktop computer s. Category Desks furniture stub gd B rd sgr obhaidh ...   more details

  1. Writing motivation

    Cleanup date May 2008 Writing motivation is one s activation or energizing to give more effort to writing activity. It focuses on one s appraisal of the relationship between writing activity and writing outcome. Like reading motivation Writing motivation is said to be intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic writing motivation comes from within. It includes one s desire to make archive documentation , to express ... over writing achievement . Extrinsic writing motivation is for satisfying others. It includes one s desire .... Writing activity includes memory retrieval, goal setting, planning, problem solving and evaluation ... between goal setting and writing sentences Intermediate level focusing on the processes between goal setting and writing scenes General level focusing on overall structure of a piece of writing Strategies Improve eye hand coordination Improve eye hand coordination in writing following writing skills, e.g. , clockwise and anti clockwise circling, angular writing, keeping symmetry and inter word spacing. Improve key processes Improve key processes of writing as Planning Generate ideas and organize them into writing plan to satisfy writer s goals Sentence generation process Turning the writing plan into the actual writing of sentences Revision process Evaluating what has been written In the planning stage, the writer organizes main goals and sub goals of writing to form a coherent writing plan. A good writer uses strategic knowledge in a flexible way. The structure of writing plan often changes during the writing period as new ideas come to the writer, or dissatisfaction grows with the original writing plan. If the plan proves inadequate, then the writing process grinds to a halt ... strategy writing down everything he or she knows about a topic and the knowledge transferring strategy asking questions about the writing goals, e.g., can the main ideas be expressed more simply ? . Writers ... problems in a text than did non experts. Change from extrinsic to intrinsic writing motivation Avoid ...   more details

  1. 3D EP

    Unreferenced date December 2009 Infobox album Name 3D EP Type EP Cover XTC 3D EP.jpg Artist XTC Released October 7, 1977 Recorded Genre New Wave music New Wave Length 9 24 Writer Andy Partridge Producer John Leckie Label Virgin Records Virgin small United Kingdom UK small Last album This album 3D EP br 1977 Next album White Music br 1978 XTC s 3D EP was the band s vinyl debut. It was released on October 7, 1977 on Virgin Records. It was a 12 single and was initially proposed with a 7 single known as the 3D Single . However instead of issuing both Virgin recalled the 7 at the very last minute however a few singles did escape . The singles that do exist have been known to fetch upwards of 1,000. The songs were recorded and mixed at Abbey Road Studios, London, April 28 30, 1977. The sessions were produced and engineered by John Leckie. I m Bugged and New Town Animal in a Furnished Cage were also recorded at these sessions and these versions later appeared on their debut album White Music . Promotional videos were made for Science Friction , She s So Square and Dance Band . These same songs appeared on the White Music CD as bonus tracks. Goodnight Sucker is an unlisted bonus track. It has yet to make an appearance on any CD. Track listing UK EP VS 188 12 Tracklist collapsed no headline Side A all writing Andy Partridge , except where noted title1 Science Friction length1 3 12 Tracklist collapsed no headline Side B title1 She s So Square length1 3 06 title2 Dance Band note2 Colin Moulding length2 2 40 title3 Goodnight Sucker note3 Terry Chambers Barry Andrews length3 0 20 Personnel Andy Partridge   Guitar and Vocals Barry Andrews musician Barry Andrews   Steam Piano, Clapped out Organs Colin Moulding   Bass and Vocals Terry Chambers   Drums and Vocals XTC DEFAULTSORT 3d Ep Category 1977 EPs Category Debut EPs Category XTC EPs 1970s album stub ...   more details

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